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Party City - New return policy

I purchased a costume on the 31 around 1:50 in the afternoon and my daughter didn't wear it. I tried to return the item and they told me that I would have to had returned it on the 24th but I purchased in the 31st. They said because there is no other Halloween items in store I can't exchange.
When we arrive at the store it was stuff all over the place and the cashiers didn't even greet the customers let alone explain the "new" policy to customer. The manager tried to explain but I was asking questions as she was talking so of course she was rude. Her name is Crystal of the forest vile, MD location.
I also understand policy but employees are not informing customers nor are they explaining the information correctly.,

With respect, I would never assume a holiday product could be returned after the holiday.

Party City - Management has no accountability

I spoke to the manager at my local Party City yesterday. I was looking for a black cat costume for my daughter. Size medium teen. He said that the item was available, took my info, and said that it...

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Party City - Halloween item and customer service

I went to party city about 8 o'clock on Tuesday, October 26 and the last resort to find a mask to go with a costume I had purchased online and part of it was missing and this was for my son I brought it home it did not fit so Wednesday morning went to return it and they would not allow it saying no returns after the 24th. I was uninformed there are no advertisements about this anywhere and I asked for a store credit or if I could do an exchange and they were just very not understanding I understand company policies but I really wish Customer Service could be better and also inform customers because I would not have purchased this to begin with if that's were the case. I went back again today to speak to a manager and they were very unprofessional and I'm never going to shop at the store again I will contact better business Bureau and write some reviews on how you treat customers or don't work with customers unless a resolution can be made

Desired outcome: Refund / exchange

Party City - My order was cancelled

I received the below confirmation from Party City and after one and half hour got another email where my order was cancelled. Are you playing with the sentiments of people where you can confirm an order and cancel it anytime. I want an action be taken against the store and the manager. When I contacted the store they just hung up on me. Is this the way you do business.

ORDER # [protected]-B
Hi deepankar ramteke,
Thanks for shopping with us!
We've received your order. You'll get an email and a text as soon as your items are ready.

Pickup Location:
Party City Westland
35655 Warren Rd
Westland, MI 48185

Party City - Balloons

I needed balloons for a party. Called party city in advance to see if an order was needed, checked the website, listen to the voicemail and in all instances was told that no orders were needed in advance. The message stated that I could pick up balloons and they would be filled while I shop. When I got to party city today the manager told me this only applies on week days but orders are needed in advance on weekends I kindly request this information be made public on websites, voicemails, etc. ended up getting my balloons at dollar store.

Desired outcome: I kindly request this information be made public on websites, voicemails, etc. ended up getting my balloons at dollar store.

Party City - Employees

I purchased an item at your Clackamas, Oregon Store. While waiting in line, a customer was returning item with receipt. Because some of the items were broke, the cashier refused to accept her return...

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Party City - Customer service

Went to get balloons blown up the girl was rude as ever. Said they weren't accepting orders for today. She Threw my money at me and I told her she was rude and she said "period". What type of...

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Party City - Balloon delivery

Ordered balloons to be delivered a week in advance. Paid for all, balloons not delivered. Called Coral Springs store and was told they came and we weren't there. We were there since 9:30 am and no balloon delivery came. Spoke to a very unhelpful employee, asked for a manager, got Devon. Also unhelpful! Finally after me having to raise my voice, he called Uber again and sent them out. Balloons arrived after guests. We were then told by delivery driver that the first delivery was attempted at the wrong location. I gave park name, pavilion name and all other pertinent information. Devon told me it's a "third party" delivery so he couldn't help me. He couldn't call to locate delivery or get a status.
Do what you need to do to be sure your customers get what they paid for!!! Very poor customer service!!! Very embarrassing for us!

Desired outcome: reimbusement

Party City - Being racist towards a black employee I know

I walk into the party city in Chicago on 3417 n western ave and I see the manger yelling at a black employee for messing up one time. She then yells out this is why I never wanted to hire a black...

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Party City - The delivery service

On 12/11/2020 I made an order for delivery on 12/13/2020 between 1:00-2:00 from Party city Kenilworth NJ. At 1:38 pm I called Kenilworth for the status of my delivery I was informed by Shelby that my order had not been picked up yet and she would call me when it left the store. Around 1:45 I called again because I wanted to let her know that I needed these items before 3:00. She said hold on let me check something out. After being on hold for awhile I was disconnected. I'm not sure if it was an accident or on purpose. I tried recalling and she never answered the phone again. I kept calling and the phone just rang. Finally at 2:34 my order was delivered. My problem is with the service I received from Shelby.

Party City - Customer service

Hi, Today I called Party city located in Alameda in the city of Huntington Park I'm not sure of the name of the daly who answer me but it was today at 5:34 and the lady who answer me wa...

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Party City - chafing fuel set

I went to the store for chafing fuel o found a set on the shelf it says $5 on the bottom I grab one, when I get to the register they said no it $35 which was 3 of them on the shelf. When the Manager...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Party City - return policy/balloon bouquet

I purchased New Years decorations and balloons on Saturday on Friday December 27th. I asked the cashier when I had to return items and she told me 7 days after purchase. I found out after my party that I purchased duplicate I that my friend purchased. When I returned the duplicate items, I was told it had to be returned 7 days prior to the holidays and could not return. I was very disappointed that the cashier told me incorrect information and unable to return unwanted items as I was told.

I also had an item with my balloon order. I gave instructions on what I wanted. The pack of balloons were to be divided into 2 bouquets. When my daughter picked up it was all one bouquet and difficult to separate so I had to go to the local grocery store and buy another bouquet which I had to spend extra money. Now out if money for return and extra balloons

Party City - management

I am an employee of Party City in Carbondale Illinois. On November 6th 2019 I submitted a request for time off form to Doug the gm and verbally told him that I could not work on November 12th and 13th 2019 due to working my other job. when I called in on November 11th 2019 to get my schedule for the week I was told that I was scheduled for the 13th only, I told the employee that I was not supposed to be scheduled for that day due to other obligations to my other job which Doug was informed of prior to the schedule being made. On the 11th I then texted him as I was told to do by Christia the mod and again told him I was not able to work that day due to the other job. I have not heard from him about it. this is the 4th time he has scheduled me to work when I have told him I have had other obligations.

Party City - incomplete costume not refundable

I bought a Mario Brothers costume on October 30th and when I opened it on the morning of the 31st, it was missing the hat, gloves, and mustache. I double checked the package and it said it wa...

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Party City - horrible corporate management

This company clearly only cares about the money they make but they give absolutely zero [censored]s about the employees. They expect staff to break there backs but will not give the hours or manpower needed. Corporate is a joke and quite frankly the customers are mostly [censored] too, they are animals who cant clean up after themselves. I do not blame the hard working staff for any of this. Just the bigwigs who run the show for being a bunch of greedy [censored]s. No wonder staff always seems like they hate there job. Cleaning up after animals and not getting the resources needed to keep the store in good shape.

Party City - balloons

I placed an online order on 11/1 to pick up 11/2 by noon. It was for a Rose Gold 34 in. #1 and #6 also (2) rose gold heart balloons and (20 pink sweet sixteen balloons. My order# [protected]-B...

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Party City - the staff being unprofessional

I purchased a Halloween items (costume) and the person whom checked me out was not welcoming, rushed through the process, DID NOT mention any exceptions to the return policy and failed to send me an...

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Party City - unethical behavior

(October 29, 2019) I was going to Party City for a last-minute Halloween costume as a last resort after everything else was out of stock. When I found the costume I wanted, I asked an employee if I...

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Party City - manger

A medal rod fell cut my nose store manager and district manager was there after them telling me the only way it could had fell was by it being temper with I ask what should I do they said leave name...

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