Spirit Halloween Complaints & Reviews

Spirit Halloween / Customer service is horrible

Oct 14, 2019

I was just in store returning a costume in the Mays Landing store because it was too small for my son! The cashier was very Rude to me. I literally just bought the costume a few days ago for my child, it was a Skull trooper. The Man that checked me out looks at the costume and says it...

Spirit Halloween / manager behavior, online harassment and bullying

Oct 08, 2019

Spirit HalloweenHeather Simpson aka Heather West who is a manager at your Colonial Park store was found harassing me online. This is the store I shop at, well did... she has threatened me on numerous occasions telling me to come see her, using very awful language towards me that caused me to have people...

Spirit Halloween / spirit in general

Oct 07, 2019

What has become of this company? They used to be a good source for anything Halloween but in the past two seasons, they have gone down hill FAST. The quality of the products they sell amounts to nothing more than crap. All you need to do is go to utube, search in Spirit and you'll get...

Spirit Halloween / online order

Oct 05, 2019

So, I ordered an expensive animatronic online on the 30th, got my conformation number everything was great. On the 1st I got my shipping notification with tracking number. Checked it a couple of days later to see when it would arrive and it said it still was pending pickup. So, I called...

Spirit Of Halloween / unethical behavior

Oct 04, 2019

Hello, My daughter submitted an application for employment for the Spirit Of Halloween store, located in Deptford New Jersey. ( Across from the Deptford Mall) She didn't hear anything back so, we went to the store. When my daughter asked if they received her application, the...

Spirit Halloween / halloween costume

Oct 04, 2019

My name is Rachael [protected] email [protected] I ordered a wig online on 9/20 it said it was going to be shipped after 9/25. It is now 10/4 and it has not been and I can not get any informaton on when it will be shipped. When I try and contact spirit they DO NOT care at all...

Spirit Halloween / 6 foot animatronic

Oct 04, 2019

So, We are having a Halloween Party on Friday night. I ordered this 6 foot Animatronic butler. I paid $72 for overnight shipping. I ordered it on Tuesday. Should arrive Wednesday since I paid the ridiculous amount of $72 overnight shipping. Nothing arrived. I finally got an email saying it...

Spirit Halloween / no way to return an item I don't want and can't contact any customer service people

Oct 02, 2019

Spirit HalloweenBecause I am considered a "VIP" customer, I got a large discount to buy an a $249 animatronic Towering Reaper in May of 2019 for $151. I put it away and go it out on 9/27 to assemble it. I realized then that it was too large for the space I had for it. I took it to Spirit Halloween since...

Spirit Halloween / my complaint isn't so much about the store but the customer service and warehouse not shipping orders and repeated lies

Oct 01, 2019

Ordered product in store on line. It was a sunday so they said it would not process until monday... Tuesday I went into their chat portal and she said it would ship within 24 hours. Friday came around and my order still said processing. Called them and demanded overnight shipping. They...

Spirit Halloween / service there is horrible!!!

Sep 28, 2019

Today i went to the spirit store in the pacifuic commons shopping center in Fremont, CA. I had the worst experience i will not shop spirit Halloween stores again. I went to purchase my items the Girl at the register Jocelyn was very rude after she ran my card and gave me my receipt i wa...

Spirit Halloween / the overall store

Sep 27, 2019

I swear I travel all over checking out Spirit stores and this is the worse one I have ever seen. It's not ever October and 75 percent of the animation decor don't even work. Nothing is plug in on the ship, the aquarium is also a total mess. I always look forward to this store but I gue...

Spirit Halloween / website layout and format

Sep 21, 2019

Spirit HalloweenThe website provided does not work. The format is all over the place and when you click on the links to take you to the different areas within the website, they don't work. I want to purchase some items in time for Halloween but currently unable to see what is available as none of the...

Spirit Halloween / manager

Sep 04, 2019

I do not know who hired the woman named Stephanie at the Port Charlotte store. This woman has Never been on time once. She doesn't know how to run the register, she doesn't know how to do a schedule, it is on a day to day basis. She will tell employees not to come in on a certain day and...

Spirit Halloween / management

Aug 31, 2019

Spirit HalloweenYour gm of your store have made advances to my wife and he is a married man this is unacceptable, about two weeks ago she fell and broke both of her feet at your harrisonburg location. When she should have been in the Waynesboro area he is picking her up and taken her to other area to work...

Spirit Halloween / toddler little chief native american costume; western native american headdress

Aug 10, 2019

Spirit HalloweenTo Spirit Halloween, Though this petition is only signed by a hundred or so concerned citizens, the petition only reached a small number of people - through my facebook and that of my friends, and one activism account on Instagram. I believe that for such a large proportion of those exposed to...

Spirit Halloween / I am complaining about the online ordering

Nov 01, 2018

I ordered my son a costume didn't like it too much so I returned it in store and was told I'd get my refund in 3-5 business days two weeks later no then I order an entirely different costume for him wait an entire week and get a completely different costume an adult costume at...

Spirit Halloween / rude and unprofessional

Oct 31, 2018

I was at the Eastside Spirit Store in El Paso, TX. this morning making last minute purchases. I had different coupons and I asked the young lady at the counter if I would be able to do separate transactions, she told me I would as long as it was not the same coupon. While she was scanning...

Spirit Halloween / shipping fiasco

Oct 30, 2018

Ordered a Batman costume for my 20-month old grandson and a Batman treat bucket on October 19th. The treat bucket arrives, but the FedEx shipping info for the costume kept changing. On the 30th of October the shipping status was that the costume would be delivered by the end of the day. By that evening, delivery status was undetermined. Never again

Spirit Halloween / girls leggings

Oct 29, 2018

I will never go back to Spirit Halloween store here in Fairbanks Alaska. worst customer service ever! I spent around $130 for my daughter's costume. I purchased her costume on October 21st, I went today October 29 to return the leggings ($12.99) because they fit weird. The manager said...

Spirit Halloween / customer service

Oct 28, 2018

I went to spirit halloween on Friday October 26th 2018 to try on a few halloween costumes, the complaint I have is that when I went back to the dressing room the attendant saw me waiting at the door expecting some type of direction or even to check what I was taking back to the dressing...

Spirit Halloween / rude staff

Oct 27, 2018

I asked nicely about return on a mask and was told in a meanful way no exchange after i just bought it an hour ago. I was fine with an even exchange and the staff was being very rude while checking me out with just an even exchange shes talking to another worker about another costumer...

Spirit Halloween / the "manager" at your canton, ma location

Oct 26, 2018

Good evening, I had my spookiest costumer experience tonight 10/26/2018 at your Canton, MA location. I went for a costume exchange and I wanted to buy two items, so I asked if I could get the 20% discount in both. The employee told me I could only use it for one. I went to my car to get...

Spirit Halloween / a fall my 65 yr old husband was involved in last week.. thursday

Oct 21, 2018

The dispaly they had up was done horrible I have pics too.. He went to walk around the corner to see what the girl on the swing did an the corner of the cardboard display caught his foot an the rentire thing fell on him.. He now has bruises an a jammed thumb.. He didnt wanna make a big...

Spirit Halloween / extremely disappointed

Oct 21, 2018

I placed a $300 order back in September. After almost a month, I got everything except my costume, some spray body glitter, and red lipstick, which I had kept in touch with the representatives weekly who assured me everything was fine. Well, when I contacted them to inquire where the red...

Spirit Halloween / employer... assistant manager

Oct 20, 2018

Oct. 19, 2017. Spirit Halloween. Morgantown WV. Extremely disturbing behavior by assistant manager, a female, early 30's. It was directed at a new female employee, Kaelin. Employee requested info regarding fitting room procedures. She had not been trained. There were several customer...

Spirit Halloween / misinformed by cashier about coupon

Oct 19, 2018

Upon my first visit to Spirit Halloween I had purchased a costume for my son, totalling approximately $124. I had a coupin for 20% off to put towards my purchase. However I couldnt get my email to open inside the store, and told the cashier I would step outside to get it to pull up. She...

Spirit Halloween / lack of customer service skills

Oct 16, 2018

There were 3 young ladies huddle by the register. A customer just left and I stepped closer, but not to the register, politely waiting until acknowledged. They remained huddled, using profanity, discussing how they don't need this job, they're only working there for extra income. One of...

Spirit Halloween / customer service

Oct 13, 2018

Hi I just want to let you know your customer service is horrible. I placed an order yesterday and called today to cancel it. The girl I talked to said she would cancel it. I receive an email 1 hr later stating it was shipped out. I called the customer service number and they told me my...

Spirit Halloween / customer service and harassment

Oct 13, 2018

On October 12 my gifriend visited the store in Attleboro ma on 287 washington st. She was with a group of friends when she was separated to go look for decorations. This is when an employee who worked at around 3 o clock approached her and started harassing her. He kept talking about the...

[Resolved] Spirit Halloween / unethical behaviour

Oct 10, 2018

Spirit HalloweenOn October 9, 2018 around 1:30 PM my son and I visited you store in Reno, NV on Kietzke Lane. My son went in first because we had his dog with us. He cam out and told me what he wanted me to look at. When I attempted to enter a person whom I assume was the manager met me at the door and...

Spirit Halloween / distric manager

Oct 08, 2018

Today at one of your store in san Diego 8745 Broadway, La Mesa, CA 91941, I had a very bad customer service experience with a women named Elizabeth which she claims she's district manager . her way of customer service is not a way I would like to be welcomed into a store, it very unprofessional, Also...

Spirit Halloween / illegal pricing

Oct 05, 2018

I purchased an item that was clearly marked $4.99. I paid for the item and as I walked out of the store I noticed I was charged $5.99. I walked back to the cashier and told her I was charged incorrectly. She said it was ringing up in their system at $5.99. I told her that the price wa...

Spirit Halloween / employee

Oct 01, 2018

My daughters were trying on costumes and a worker came back scolding me that I didn't ring the bell. I apologized because I didn't see it. and she went on and on like I was 5 years old. I brought both costumes out so she could go through them the whole while she continued to scold me. I...

Spirit Halloween / pop sarah sanderson

Sep 27, 2018

Ok so every day I get a notice to order her and she is not available. I have the other 2 in the set she is the only one I need. You say get then at the store. But all 3 stores here in Raleigh NC has not gotten her in. Now it say hey ord er r the set of 3 to get her. Why would i order the 3...

Spirit Halloween / sexual harassment

Sep 20, 2018

My daughter is working at the Spirit Halloween store on George dieter in El Paso, Texas. She was promoted to assistant manager on 09/05/2018. As of today her pay is still showing her making the $7.50 and has not been increased to the $13.00. She brought it to the attention of the district...

Spirit Halloween / western native american headdress, adult feathered chief native american costume, toddler little chief native american costume

Sep 19, 2018

To Spirit Halloween, Though this petition is only signed by a hundred or so concerned citizens, the petition only reached a small number of people - through my facebook and that of my friends, and one activism account on Instagram. I believe that for such a large proportion of those exposed to...

Spirit Halloween / this is terrible

Nov 01, 2017

I wonder how you're still operating treating customers that way. I ordered several items 1, 5 month before Halloween and haven't received anything anyway! It's unbelievable. I desperately needed those unique decorations as every year we have a contest in the neighborhood. Thanks to you I...

Spirit Halloween / customer service via 3 phone conversations, which got me nowhere.

Oct 29, 2017

Called # on website, to get # for local store, to be sure of local store closing time, due to another customer's complaint that they closed later than web read. 1st call, I was spoken to by a woman whom sounded as if she would rather be anywhere else. She gave me # for local store. I...

Spirit Halloween / return of item / and very rude managers

Oct 25, 2017

My husband went in to get me and item while I was at work and he got the wrong item while he was there the cashier asked would you like the receipt yes he should've taken one but he said no I went today to exchange it and I told the manager what happen she practically called me a liar on...

Spirit Halloween / trick or treat bucket

Oct 25, 2017

i ordered my grandson a PJ Masks trick or treat bucket from SPIRIT HALLOWEEN, and the estimated delivery day at the time of order was for today, Oct.25. i have received the confirmation email but no shipping email. when i track the order online, nothing shows up, and when i sign into my...