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Mcdonalds / shamrockless!

1 6111 132a stSurrey, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

My partner, 6 year old son and myself live a few blocks away from the King George Hwy and 64th Street McDonalds and often frequent that restaurant as well as the one at King George and 72nd Street. In my experiences i have found staff for the most part pleasant mannered but on occasion noticeably annoyed at there job, rude towards customers and just plain lost on what the heck there doing. In the past, presents and am sure future experiences with both restaurants I have left many many times with missing food itemsnot to mention strawless, toyless, ketchupless even after a request. I can say the few times I have gone home and called regarding my order being wrong they have been apologetic and given me more than enough back with a free meal or two the next time i come in but could I really call and get free food everytime? I doubt it, I would eat free everyday with the amount of missing fries and burgers i have had. However this is not the reason for my email today. Today I went for lunch with my partner and son and while eating a meal in the restaurant we noticed many bold signs for the Shamrock Shake all over the place.This made my boys very happy knowing next time we come they could get there all time favorite shake, yes they are big fans. Well it turned out later in the evening we decided to take a stroll down to the McDonald for a special treat. This is something we had done many evenings for years but this time to get a Shamrock Shake. So after a 15 minute walk we get to the King and 64th location. Well to our surprise after waiting in the line for 5 minutes they informed us they had no Shakes. Ya try and look at your 6 year old after walking 15 minutes to get something they really really want and telling them it ain't happening. Not to mention my partners disappointment. Well anyhow we walked home and decided to hop in the truck and drive over to the 72nd and King location. We use this location as our backup as we have many times encountered issues like this with things unavailable. Well we waited again inline and can you believe there shake machine was down. All of my previous bad experiences came rushing threw my head and I was mad. Come on what luck... or completely unacceptable service. Now after clearing my head I started to look around, and not anywhere in site nor at the 1st location did I see one out of order/stock/service sign near any of these (I swear hundreds of) advertisements about the Shamrock Shake. Now why should a customer stand in line for so long (twice) to get an answer like "Sorry we don't have any" accompanied with an annoyed look. Was there no thought a tall in either location to put a sign up, especially because all the complaining on this product? I am now left with many frustrations, I have been very patient and understanding with all the errors over the years, I understand fast food and that things happen but I am at the point of saying I quit. My family and I have a tradition of going in the evenings and have many fun memories involving these outings, but its getting so bad I cant depend on anything being correct. I started as precaution a good while ago staying at the drive-thru window until I have checked everything in the bag and I can say everytime now there is some type of error. The worst part is... why should my family get a dirty looks, snarky under the breath comments, giggling behind the window, made to feel really uncomfortable or rudely being stared at because I haven't moved along for the next person to come thru. All because why, I want to double check something that is usually wrong by no fault of my own? Great customer service skills. It is now late Sunday night and we are at home with no Shamrock Shake and debating whether or not to give yet one more chance to this place.

A very Shamrockless Family!

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  • Mr
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    What kind of person often frequents McDonald's? Do you not care about the crap you are putting into your body? You are going to get even FATTER if you keep going to McDonald's. I bet you throw your empty McDonald's food containers on the ground when you are done. and then have a smoke.

  • Ad
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    does the baby want a bottle? it's a freakin' shake!!! get over it and go to sonic or something! I've had things thrown at me and cursed at because we didn't have something!! it's not the staff's fault when the shake machine is on the fritz or when we run out of something!

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