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Denny's Complaints & Reviews

Denny's / The food/waitress

Apr 19, 2019

Me and my husband and our3 boys went to have dinner. I ordered a bacon burger and let me say it was the worse terrible disgusting burger I ever had. It was an old patty and with a burn flavor. I was still in Denny's when I started feeling sick. I did not feel like complaining because there...

Denny's / employees

Apr 16, 2019

I visit your college park Maryland Dennys on numerous occasions i observe two employees smoking marijuana in the back of the building three or four times that night it appeared to be a manager and a dishwasher I was in the restaurant ask what the manager's name was I was told by a surfer...

Denny's / a waitress named abby harassing my wife

Apr 12, 2019

On 4-13-2018 my wife walked into a Denny's restaurant on 1st Avenue and 148th in Burien and a waitress that claims to be the manager there followed her into the bathroom and harassed her about buying something or she's calling the police on her for using the bathroom so Abby told her that...

Denny's / no service.

Mar 24, 2019

After I was seated, it took more than 10--15 minutes for anyone to even take my order or to get me a glass of water. On top of that, not one waiter stopped to check up on me for more than 2 hours. It was the first time I've left a Denny's without leaving a tip. I just didn't...

Denny's / gravy

Mar 7, 2019

The white gravy that is now being served tastes gross and is not white gravy. Bring back the old gravy that actually tasted like gravy! I have been coming here for years and I have never had gravy like this. When I asked about if the gravy had changed, I was told yes it had. They went from...

Denny's / food, service and lack of management

Feb 26, 2019

2/24/2019 @ 10pm pst. Restaurant Was empty. My friend and I another couple. They were sitting at another table. Two waitress and one manager. Order burger and then a nacho plate and one order to go when the food arrived my nachos were horrible they were not meat it was chili sauce and they...

Denny's / sanitation

Feb 22, 2019

The workers are dragging around a dish cart that has a horrible odor coming from it while people are eating and germs are flying around the whole restaurant and its a very unpleasant smell and none of the employees seem to think this is an issue, but I do. Also the tables are being wiped...

Denny's / service and food

Feb 10, 2019

We are touring the us for 3 weeks and could not wait to eat at dennys. Our last visit to a store was in orlando back in 2004 and it was great, sadly this visit was not The service we received was sloppy to say the least. The food was no better. Fries were full of oil and only warm. The...

Denny's / ua manager

Jan 8, 2019

Dorie yells at the employees when they do something wrong. She don't have no respect for her employee's. She does it right in front of customers. She should help her employees to do things correctly. If they mess up instead of getting upset and mad. She should talk to them and show them...

Denny's / delivery

Dec 30, 2018

I ordered delivery through the official online web page of denny's and filled in billing contact phone number and delivery contact phone number separately. The delivery used my billing phone number and couldn't reach me. I called the restaurant regarding redelivery. The waitress hanged up...

Denny's / food quality and delivery

Nov 24, 2018

I have been waiting since 11/17/2018 for store #8000 to refund my money back for order 1517039 and I spoke to the manager chuey who advised he would refund it after my online order was delivered missing half the order and the part that did arrive wasn't correct either and the delivery...

Denny's / online delivery

Nov 22, 2018

I placed an online order for delivery in hermitage pa and was never told they used a third party service to deliver. My order was placed at 2:37 on thanksgiving I have small children who were waiting to eat their holiday meal. I was told via confirmation the food would be there in 33min...

Denny's / food

Oct 29, 2018

My family and i went to denny's today 10/2 9/2018 for breakfast. The waitress took forever, the hash browns were over cooked, my husband ordered the double berry pancakes and they did not add the bananas, the ham tasted like it was spoiled, the coffee tasted old. Service today was not...

Denny's / food mistakes

Oct 13, 2018

Good services but the food is lacking. Very small portions for a large price and forgetting items. We ordered the turkey dinner last night and got no cranberry side or choice of bread. They just gave us garlic bread. Mash potatoes were a little on the cold side. We love eating there every...

Denny's / take out order

Oct 6, 2018

On October 5, 20018 I placed a phone order per the attached receipt. While placing my order the person taking my order was very rude and did not know what was available on the menu. I inquired about what type of cheese I could select from for my burger, she said they only had American and...

Denny's / staff/service

Oct 5, 2018

Dennys bordentown nj food at dennys is fair...Not gourmet dining, we get that. Waitressing staff fair...Ok management...Rude and obnoxious to fellow employees and often customers, particularly the elderly. This makes for a very unpleasant experience and difficulty finishing and digesting...

Denny's / a/c

Sep 16, 2018

My wife and myself visited dennys on idrive and after we ordered our meals we realised that the air conditioning was off. We drank our coffee and started to heat up. The place was so hot. People were using the menus to try and cool themselves down. We waited roughly 10 minutes for our...

Denny's / lack of attention

Sep 12, 2018

We came to the restaurant where we usually dine every day, but today we had a bad experience: after sitting by the host, we waited for 15 minutes or more. While waiting, two waiters in the area looked at us and ignored us. Also one of the managers looked toward our table, we thought that...

Denny's / extremely dirty

Aug 13, 2018

Stopped for breakfast on the way to Monticello Aug 8, 2018 and on the way home Aug 10, 2018. We are seniors and breakfast is reasonable. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!! The place is so dirty!! The windows have never been cleaned, The floors and the bathroom disgraceful. We sat opposite the kitchen...

Dennys / kevin adams server

Jun 14, 2018

It's to my knowledge the Kevin is back working at dennys he went from turnersville to Borden town and get is the best server i have ever met in my life everytime he served me was great and he never forgot my name i was a regular of his his whole time in turnersville and id definitely...

Denny's / horrible

Aug 23, 2017

I was hoping to have a simple breakfast and entered this dirty store. I was a little shocked. The complete menu was expensive and most of the dishes were out, and those that were on the menu were huge. If you wanted to eat there, you had to order a huge breakfast and split it into a half...

Denny's / argument

Aug 18, 2017

I was a witness of a very heated argument between customers and the store manager. I think yelling at people so everyone could see and heard is at least unprofessional. The customers were right because they had to wait for their food for about 40 minutes and when they got it everything wa...

Denny's / dirty cup

Aug 17, 2017

A waitress brought me a dirty cup with a pink lipstick. I called her and showed this cup. She said, "but this lipstick is yours". I asked her to carefully look at me and understand that I wasn't wearing any lipstick. I said that I would like to get my tea in a clean cup for free because it...

Denny's / do not think we will be back to this denny's

Aug 16, 2017

Denny's in 150 Nassau St New York, it takes forever for an order to be taken. I waited for 50 minutes. And when they finally brought it the food was cold. Thank god they agreed to replace the order. But look into the matter from your customers' perspective. We had to wait for a long time...

Dennys / money network card

Jul 29, 2017

I've been working for Denys going on 4 weeks now n yet to get paid. They issue my money network card 5 days ago an it went let me activate my card I've tried call costumer service ever other hr for the last 4 days n only thing it says is call back in 24hrs. I have 3 girls an living in a...

Denny's / long wait, ice filled drinks and used children's menu.

Jul 3, 2017

Myself my wife, and my nine year old daughter went to Denny's.There it took a while to get seated.This was understandable because it was crowded. Our fault for going during dinner time. However though that is acceptable what happened next is not. My wife and I were given adult menu's and...

Denny's / dirty restaurant, nasty, cold food

Oct 20, 2014

This particular restaurant needs to be inspected and the manager needs to probably be replaced. Many customers have complained to him regarding bad food, dirty bathrooms with no toilet paper hand towels garbage pails and nothing is done. If the windows have cobb webs, bathrooms are dirty...

Denny's / ceiling fan

Aug 3, 2014

Went to above restuarant for breakfast on Thursday, July 30, 2014, at around 8:00 am. After waitress brought our drinks and took our order, When she brought our food, my husband asked if she could please turn the ceiling fan straight above us down just abit. She did say she would...

Denny's / refused to honor discount

Apr 24, 2014

The commercial says 2 for 1 Tuesdays. We went into the Toledo, Ohio Denny's two days ago (Tuesday) and when we were seated we asked the waitress if they still had the 2 for 1 Tuesday menu.; She said yes and then we ordered. Bill came and it was regular charge. We asked about 2 for 1...

Dennys / unfair treatment

Mar 9, 2014

The company dennys I work for has bad management. Only one out of three managers is willing to help his employees and bend over backwards for them. The General Manger completely disrespects her employees unless they are her daughters or go out drinking with them and dose not allow other...

Denny's Restaurants / remodelling didn't fix bad food/service

Dec 31, 2013

Denny's on Va. Beach Blvd was just remodeled, but it hasn't changed the way is operated before the face-lift. The place is always super cold and the staff says they cannot change the thermostat. The food seems to take forever to be cooked, then it's cold when served. Thirty...

Denny's Restaurant / employee

Jan 19, 2013

Employee Josefa Stevens has been harassing me from her work and different locations. we were married briefly when she decided to abandon me and my children that I have visitations with on the weekends. Her threats went as far as saying that if I do not pay for the divorce that she would...

dennys resturant / service

Oct 11, 2012

I ate at Dennys on 10-11-12 at about 5:00 PM. Never have I received such bad service. I ordered the senior starter, 1 egg overeasy, HB, toast. suasage, I received 1 egg hard, HB, pancakes, suasage, no silver ware. I told the waitress I ordered toast and I needed some silverware. She said...

Denny's Restaurants / terrible service!

Sep 30, 2012

Today was the worst experience I have ever had at a Denny's Restaurant before! When I came in the GM was taking a smoke break in the front right next to the door & followed us in only to begin yelling at the employees to take our orders. Every employee was new with exception to...

Denny's Restaurant in Augusta / vary bad food & customer service

Sep 21, 2012

RACIST/NEGLIGENT/INCOMPETENT COMPANIES LIKE: Denny's Restaurant in Augusta, GA | 3026 Washington Rd: One of the worst Restaurants to go to for quality Customer Service, the food is sometimes good, but the waitresses/managers are lazy, rude, and are often poorly trained for the food...

Dennys / really bad service

Jun 2, 2012

I've been going to this Dennys for about 13 years now because it's down the street from where I live. and every year it seems to get progressively worse in terms of both service and the over all professionalism of it's employees. They go through Managers like crazy. and they...

Denny's / food - service

May 1, 2012

we arive at denny's and walk into a line waiting to be seated.. got our name but was not called we waited for min. The manger finally sat us. I asked what her name was. We got our drinks and ordered food and we waited for 45mins for food i asked the server whats taking so long she...

Denny's / seventh complaint

May 1, 2012

Everytime I go nothing is right. I have to ask for certain stuff that should be automatically included in my order, my order is hardly ever right, the staff are trashy and rude, etc. This has been my experience at almost every Sonic I have ever gone too, so I can't pinpoint any exact...

Denny’s / we had the worst breakfast at the denny's in perinton ny

Apr 12, 2012

We had the worst breakfast at the Denny’s in Perinton NY (Route 31). The eggs were half done, The biscuit was a soggy mess, the pancakes tasted like they had been sitting on the floor, and the coffee was more water and grounds than taste. So we sit through the meal, and we really...

Denny's / terrible service; terrible food

Mar 18, 2012

There were 8 of us who went to Denny's yesterday. The restaurant was quiet at the time. We waited 45 minutes for our food - and it arrived cold. We complained and the manager (through the server) said he would take off 10%. She came back a few minutes later and said we could have 20%...