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Mcdonald's / purchase two gift cards that were not activated

United States Review updated:
I purchased two McDonald's gift cards for $5 on each. The employee who activated them did it incorrectly and I did not find out until 3 weeks later when the two individuals tried to use them that they were never activated. I no longer have the receipt, I went to the original store and did not get any help. I called customer service and was told that they would not honor the 2 $5 cards. So, I spent $10 at McDonald's and received no product due to employee error. If this is how McDonald's does business then I plan to never doing business with them again. I plan on telling whoever will listen not to do business with them. Sincerely submitted, Lynise Keller


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  5th of May, 2009
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wow! you must not be too bright. ther is really no way to activate a card wrong if you would have checked the receipt BEFORE you left it will clearly say that the card is activated and the amount that is on the card. whoever was receiving the gift card probably did not the whole FIVE DOLLARS yo were going to spend on them anyway. get a clue!
  14th of Feb, 2010
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Same things happened to us. My sister sent us three $5 McDonald's gifts cards for our three children, and another three $5 gift cards to our other sister. None of the cards were activated. That is $30 added to your $10, six more disapointed children, and four more parents that basically paid double for Happy Meals. I hope as the previously respondant suggests that my sister was not actually charged $30 for the unusable gift cards. Better that than employee error.
  14th of Feb, 2010
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Follow up: I did find that my thre McDonald's gift cards were "not found" when I called the toll free number. Using the Web site, all three gift cards were registered as still having $5 each. I wonder which the store uses? Guess I'll have to bring my mobile phone with Internet access with me to the store.
  6th of Jan, 2016
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I got a McDonald's gift card I didn't get a receipt from the person who got it, but women I went to check my balance it said that it wasn't found or not activated. I have no idea if it would work and that person that posted the first comment mut have the biggest head to thank that because I and others have jade the same problem so you can go reevaluate what you stupid head just said.
  3rd of Feb, 2016
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I bought one yesterday(or so I thought)They sure charged my debit card anyway, I spent 25.00 on a worthless piece of plastic!!! I checked it before sending it in a birthday card to a mentally handicapped relative who doesn't drive, actually has to take a bus to get to her nearest mcdonalds but is what she enjoys on her way home from seeing her counselor every week. How glad I am I did't have to put her through the disappointment, embarrassment and hunger after her all say excursion resulting from this worthless card!!! Equally bad -i myself am not working at this time and it was difficult to even afford this, much less to get ripped off and now have to drive over to the thieves who did this and go through hell trying to get my money back and not lose my temper!!!~Too late!!!BTW, I do have my receipt and it still is an unactivated card!!!
  3rd of Feb, 2016
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It won't let me edit. I was in a hurry so I don't want to hear from any fools thinking I don't know about it already!!!DIDN'T. ALL DAY. I. There, Happy?I
  7th of Jul, 2016
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I'd be a little reluctant to purchase an Arch Card from McDonald's. Their website seems to have a few glitches. I can't login to check my card balance or reload it. Thank God, the cashier knew how to activate it, and it was loaded with the right amount $5.00. I would advise anyone purchasing an Arch card, that they buy one, and load with the minimum amount $5.00.

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