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McDonald's  -  made my 15 year old daughter afraid of work

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My 15 year old daughter had got her first job at mcdonalds. They say they work around the kids schedule. That was a lie. They scheduled her to work a closing shift 2 to 3 times a week on a school night. She was told if she didn't work them she would be let go. So they let here go after working there a year. They said she didn't show for a couple of shifts, but we always watched our daughters shifts. Mcdonalds lies. Now my daughter is having a hard time finding a job. Now she's afraid of work. Thanks a lot mcdonalds.

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Oct 10, 2018 11:34 am

Do Mc'donalds (or any of the other companies mentioned on this site) actually respond to any of the comments? Has anyone ever got an answer to their complaint?

Oct 23, 2018 1:10 am

No, it is just an open to the public rant website. No one cares.

Oct 09, 2018 7:09 pm

I recently visited a McDonalds in the UK. I bought a burger, got my correct order and then ate it. During this visit I witnessed no bad management, rude staff or racism. I am therefore disgusted that I have nothing I can complain about.
In this day and age it is outrageous that I can not come home and write a bad review.
Come on McDonalds - get it together!

Oct 10, 2018 11:20 am
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@paradeadsads If you read this post properly then you will see that it is obviously a "joke" post. The author is saying that they experienced NO racism and NO rude staff and so they want to complain but they couldn't.

@Bastillian I have read your posts on other threads and you are normally very amusing but I think that this time you may have missed the point.

I found the post funny but then I'm British too so maybe that's why, lol!

Oct 10, 2018 6:06 pm
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Ah OK I get it now. Sorry.

Yeah, I don't think they were actually playing the race card I think it was a joke. I saw some other posts by the same user (on the cheesecake factory thread) and I think they are just trolling the site. Although I did find it quite funny tbh.

Oct 10, 2018 6:29 pm
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Yeah @paradeadsadsms seems cool and I agree with a lot of the comments. I actually meant the original poster @beckywiththegoodhair. Seems like a troll but a funny troll.

Oct 11, 2018 3:44 pm
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The race card? Is that the one I need to have to win at poker?

Oct 09, 2018 1:42 am
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My brother's first job was at a brand new McDonalds. He started off at the lowest position, worked his way up to shift leader, assistant manager. He credits this first job for helping him overcome his fear of talking to people at the counter. Also for learning responsibility, being to work on time, attention to detail, working with other people, being in charge of them and so much more. Making him the working success he is today.

Reading all these "Whining complaints" it is clear to me some people lack responsibility, fail to do their job to standard, make up much of their complaints.

Nothing is perfect. If you never went or bought anything with complaints, your life would be very boring and incomplete. Understand some people just have to find something wrong and blow it out of proportion to make themselves look good.

For all those who say they will not eat at McDonalds, thank you. I do not like sharing a restaurant with whiners.

For all those who work at McDonalds, are on time, work well, are pleasant, treat everyone with respect and courtesy, ensure they have the right order, I thank you. Especially for putting up with all the whiners and cheaters who try to pull fast ones on you. Sad to say these "Special People" have some real problems. Children in an adult world.

I will not be following this post or do any replies. I'm done with this thread.

Apr 29, 2018 4:58 am

macdonalds excellent service at castleford uk polite staff and very helpful thank you macdonalds

Aug 23, 2012 10:46 am
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Has been seen by the history of the Worst McD hamburger. When ordering breakfast set of Sausage McMuffin in this morning 13th ard 11am. Over cooked does not even have to replace? Service attitude really bad enough slightly! The supervisor also said that the other is the same, it was not! The two still quite standard which New chicken McMuffin. . .
Would like to see any improvement... Thanks

Sep 10, 2008 3:25 pm

Hi, Ordered 3 chicken and bacon legends with mayo. when order arrived one burger missing from order, got home the legends had no bacon and had salsa on them not mayo.

Jun 26, 2017 9:46 pm

Aw. So sad.

we had to go thru drive thru and all entrance doors were blocked off, operator got both our orders wrong, we finally got our orders and i asked for a receipt, 1st operator said she would print one out we could pick it up with our orders, when we got our orders no receipt, and not only that the supervisor comes over and says all our registers are offline could we please park and came back later? how the hell did they collect our money and give change, and how can i park and collect receipt as both doors were blocked? we feel we were blown off as soon as we bought the food is this too be expected because the operators are 16yo's and supervisors are 20yo's? everything nowadays is fast, fast, fast, no customer service.i have no photos for proof.

Jun 02, 2010 9:15 pm

As a friend and I enterned Mcdonalds a employee was putting away trays, She greeted us ( as if we mattered )By the time we were ready to order- she was behind the counter to help with the order. I told her that she was like a good will ambassador- she thanked us again.
We received our food and sat down. Other people came in - she greeded everyone with a smile and a hello, or Hi ! my ~ my, what a good idea.
I did notice that when she was working around other employees that they too were
more polite. Maybe it is contagious. Don't know her name, her name tag just said Cindy. We need more people ( and Employees) with such a pleasant and positive attitude. Thanks Cindy, Thanks Mcdonalds.

CL Shamblin, Muskogee, Oklahoma

Apr 29, 2009 5:44 pm

i have 2 disabled grandaughters they r 4 . alisha is deaf and ellie is unable 2 walk. i have 2 use a large double buggy 4 them. today i took them 2 mcdonalds the electric doors would not work. these r there 2 help wheelchair users, i had 2 struggle . then i wanted 2 use the high chairs .ellie is unable 2 sit on ordinary chairs she has 2 b supported .and her legs r stiff .i was unable 2 put her in one as the trays donot lift up she had 2 sit on my lap. while her sister sat in the highchair, this upset ellie . i thought mcdonalds catered 4 families that should include families with disabilities so they can enjoy eating out and being able 2 fit in. i also have a son and grandaughter who have ceoliac disease they cannot eat wheat or gluten maybe u should look at catering for people with dietry needs.

Jul 31, 2011 1:00 pm

This is a Bloody complaint to Mc Donalds.On Sunday evening the 31st of July about eight pm, I wanted to treat my family for desert with some sundaes.Which we ordered three large sundaes in the drive threw, that took ages cause they must have [email protected]#% someone else, s order up.Then I was handed a half melted [email protected]#%en sundae with a drink top where a straw goes in, instead of the real deal.I complained to the staff about the drink tops they had used, one had no lid at all so I asked for a cup holder which the [email protected]#%en minda staff said ''we have none of those either'' At this point, I was [email protected]#%en pissed, lost for words.Thinking what would RAMBO do in this situation, [email protected]#%en blow the place up like that service station.I then snapped out of my pissed of state and asked for the manager.She comes over with the attitude like she doesn, t give a [email protected]#%.I, m saying, ''this shouldn, t happen at all, you should make sure there, s plenty in stock always''She comes up with some ### like, '' the truck driver slept in and couldn, t make it up''.To my surprise, She then walked away not even apologizing, I couldn, t believe the customer service.I served my country in IRAQ and Afganistan as a decorated SAS which now I suffer with a disability.Thinking how the [email protected]#% I, m I going to carry these three sundaes up the stairs when I reach home.By the time my family recieved the sundaes it looked like a busy day at the sperm bank. Anyway, I won, t go back there unless Ronald Mc Donald blows me off to make it even.

May 29, 2014 9:21 am

I've witness one of the managers acidently spill orange juice Inan employee's eye while the manager was changing theirOrange juice machine. When the employee brought It to the shift manager attention the manager said I don't care. All I seen was the main manager run up behind this young Employee which name tag said jacquelyn and said go ahead and clock out. Your not cussing at my managers meanwhile this lady didt say a thing. As the employee punch out and walk out the mangers both started laughing at this employee while they had me wait 5 minutes to order. I did notice the name tags on the mangers and they were sylvia And the other manager was a tall Indian. Its bad enough this location has bad service but I really thought anything was
NOT funny and unprofessional.

May 11, 2011 2:46 am

i went through the drive through and ordered my wrap, i asked for big mac sauce, was greeted by a nice lady. got the wrap and drove away to find they forgot the sauce. i decided that i would drive back to get it right, i'm going to skip the drama, but you need to address the cook, she was very nasty to your help. I saw 2 of your employees upset. I was upset. I backed up the line because i waited for the wrap, they gave out 2 order by hand, and then I got my wrap. I waited with the car running 7 minutes. GASOLINE! and guess what, there was no sauce.

I don't need an attitude at that place its bad enough I have to have it for my dinner. LOL


Once again I foolishly tried to get a meal at McDonalds, I ordered a fish sandwich with extra onions, I told the girl taking my order three to four times, I did not want the slivered onions, but the diced dehydrated onions used on the hamburgers. Of coure that was wrong, in the seven years that I have lived in Mt. Airy I have yet to have a drive through order from McDonalds in Mt. Airy or New Market to be correct. The clerks look at you and then ignore what you are saying. Honest, I looked right at this girl and said "you understand I want the diced onions, right", she looked right at me and said not a word. She honestly barely spoke English and was unable to count my change back to me, she just rather threw it my direction. I have given her a twenty and the correct change and it took her ten minutes, while taking other orders to hand me a five dollar bill back. When reading all these remarks from other individuals who have had horrible experiences with McDonalds, I guess it is time to give up on eating there any more, Burger King and Wendys can handle extra onions on a sandwich, why McDonalds refuses to serve an order correctly is beyond me. Remember back in the 1970's when you could actually get what you ordered from McDonalds? Not any more. It is sad to realize we won't eat McDonalds again, but as someone else wrote, McDonalds will not care if this one family refuses to eat at their resturant ever again. Maybe Wendys or Burger King or Arbys will be happy to have our business.

Sep 01, 2016 1:06 am

I bought a coke from Mcdonalds and when I drank something chunky went into my mouth I didn't think much of it as I thought it was a small ice cube that went throught my straw, when I finished the drink I took off the cap of my Large coke and there were two dead bugs that looked like small cockroaches inside it. I took it back to them, got two new large drinks.

Aug 31, 2016 5:28 am

for this complaint..i was assaulted at the drive thru by a crazy filthy black [censored] that works there...the police will be contacted..and this is criminal...beware allows their employees to assault customers for fun...and this is a criminal act...

Please BEWARE of this crazy horrible mcdonalds run by abusive psychopaths...this is the LAST STRAW seriously...because now I am going to go to a lawyer and file a lawsuit against these awful animals and psychos that work there.. i go to this mcdonalds a lot...and for YEARS it has been run by heathens that work there at night-- animals rejects psychopaths...rude obnoxious losers...freaks name it. Any low class filthy person to exist works there and is abusive crazy and insane.
even for a year I stopped going to that place because the people that worked there at night were abusive mean sick and crazy and years later---this hasn't changed. I'm sure they rotate workers all the time...but something is wrong with their hiring practices---they hire the most abusive uncivil sick people to exist. I began going there again when there was some semblance of normal people that began working there---SOME normal people. still, at night---there is always the typical garbage person working there...some obese angry bitter rude evil mean crazy female white or black who is rude/mean/obnoxious. Still, so far it's been tolerable and not that bad though ive still had many bad experiences there. There is a rude fat white girl who is nasty and rude and calls herself a 'manager' it's scary. there is a fat black rude girl who calls itself a manager too...recently, I went there...and there was a new rude insane black [censored] working at the cashier station---she was so MEAN to me that i complained to the [censored] at the 2nd window...i explained that she was really rude and mean...(i cant remember what the psychotic n*gger did but im sure it was bad)...this worthless black wh*re IS a n*gger in every way possible and a totally worthless person...there are soulless freaks out souls no decency morals mind or manners...just trash filth and ### existing in a body..this n*gger looks and acts lik ea juvenile delinquent type and should be put in jail where this deranged wh*re belongs...(sorry insults to wh*res for comparing them to this filthy n*gger piece of sh*t)... this black n*gger [censored] that works at this the drive thru taking money is just what this is...worthless soulless psychopath...
what surprises me is how this demonic pile of crap even GETS a job at mcdonalds...yes we know that mostly losers work in fast food...or angry high school or college students or idiots...(not all of course) but im talking about THIS mcdonalds in particular. i go to MANY mcdonalds and the people are usually pretty nice and decent...NOTHING compared to the crap and trash at the UCF mcdonalds nothing even close...and during the day the people that work at this place also arent bad or anything...

so this horrid crazy n*gger [censored] that works as a cashier is some angry maniac who shouldnt even be around the public or work with them. so I went recently, through the drive thru. and of course it was the angry crazy psychopathic n*gger [censored] working at the window...she angrily and painfully SNATCHED my credit card from me...and i was about to tell her...hey you better STOP SNATCHING my card from me...before i could tell this worthless pile of sh*t that...she looked at me angrily and then THREW MY CREDIT CARD AT ME IN MY CAR...WTF? THIS IS ASSAULT TECHNICALLY? a mcdonalds psychopath THROWING a CREDIT CARD AT A CUSTOMER? EVIL SICK CRAZY...this is totally UNACCEPTABLE and this maniacal demon should have been FIRED on the spot...can you imagine ANY company tolerating ABUSE of customers...PHYSICAL ABUSE of customers by deranged evil and psychotic employees...and for NO reason? this is just a mentally ill angry vicious psychopath n*gger working at a mcdonalds...she is able to harass and assault customers as she wants with no repercussions? i flipped this ugly filthy wh*re the bird...again sorry insult to wh*res for comparing this ugly worthless thing to them...i was FURIOUS...i went to the 2nd ask for a manager...first a white girl came and i said are you the manager and she said yes...BULLSH*T? lying... its just crazy...i told her how her EMPLOYEE threw a credit card MY credit card at me...i said this is totally UNACCEPTABLE...? what are you going to do about it? she didnt seem to care and just said she'd talk to her...i said NO? you cant just talk to her...this is ASSAULT?i could file a lawsuit against MCDONALDS for some ### employee THROWING something at me? then i asked for another MANAGER and i think all these pathetic psychos were just bringing different employees and lying and saying they were managers...i think they avoided the ACTUAL manager...

then a fat BLACK [censored] came...anyone that lives in the orlando area...knows these types of fat obese evil nasty soulless brainless rejects...its full of them...ignorant arrogant crap and trash people...with no soul or morals...they are butt ugly...stupid mean rude...literally they have NO GOOD qualities in them...theyre like spawns of satan somehow reproduced on this planet and walking around polluting the earth with their ugly filthy sick presence...that's this ugly fat n*gger and the other even worse n*gger who I think came from hell because not only was she the ugliest person and [censored] to exist, it was the meanest and most rotten sickest filthiest of crap to exist...of course the rude fat black [censored] wasnt going to do anything and probably even side with the ape/gorilla who throws things at customers... ANY manager or company would have either FIRED the girl on the spot or did something RIGHT away...also this fat black girl seemed like shes a HS student or some college reject...working as a pseudo manager at mcdonalds...i told her what happened...she had NO rseponse to an employee THROWING a customers credit card at them... the black [censored] then said...oh i talked to her last time...i said this isnt about TALKING to her...she is THROWING THINGS AT PEOPLE? this is ASSAULT and i can FILE a lawsuit about this...i said i work for a company and how on earth can you even just stand there and do NOTHING about this...this ugly crazy black wh*re then said "well shes the only person there...and im talking to YOU now"...she obviously didn't care...i said I NEVER want to deal with her again? she said "well if shes the only one there then oh well"...basically...she obviously only didnt care...but was CONDONING this sick crazy behavior...sick [censored]...i told her EMPLOYEE here is THROWING something at customers...she said "well youre the only person who's complained about her"...i said SO WHAT? if she did this to ONE PERSON EVEN that is ENOUGH...of course these maniacs didn't them it's a pretty girl so their insane jealousy and sickness or who knows what...push them through wth their warped and evil actions...they not only could care less but will BACK each other up in abusing customers in this way...i said...why is she even DOING this to me? what did i DO TO HER that shes so angry and throwing things at me? the fat ugly nasty pathetic gorilla #2 didn't care and i was still SO upset...i even tried grabbing another 'manager' standing there who didn't really care...they all seemed to be discussing it and really didn't care...i think they were lying and making up lies about me and saying "oh its the girl who complains"...the ugly gorilla #2 wh*re then said well we have a line so you need to PULL up..i said GIVE ME MY ORDER? ie stupid [censored]? first your crazy abusive mental psychotic employee THROWS something at me and you havent even given me my order and could care less about her insane abusive actions?

the ugly gorilla #2 gave me my order then i was stil upset and as i was driving off ugly gorilla #2 said "well you complain all the time anyway"...really? i COMPLAIN all the time? yes because your crazy sick nutjob employees are mean rude and abusive at least 70% of the time...and now some psychotic black wench THREW my credit card at me? i wanted to smack the crap out of this worthless piece of sh*t...BOTH of them...horrible sick evil demented people...sorry thats an insult to PEOPLE too...tehse sickos have NO souls and are total garbage rejects...and they are WORKING amongst PEOPLE being such filthy EVIl vile people who allow each other to commit ASSAULT towards customers in drive thrus? then after i left i called and a white guy answered and i said are you the manager? he said YES and acted as if he didnt know the not sure if he was lying or not...he said all he could do was remove her from the place she was at now and send her home...i hope he did but i doubt it...then i felt bad but honestly...i was like no...this crazy crazy sick evil deranged ugly black wh*re was SO OUT OF CONTROL...she SHOULD BE SENT HOME AND FIRED FOR GOOD? i even told them..she needs to be FIRED...shes THROWING things at customers...this is going to file a LAWSUIT against you people... then he said i could contact the general manager...that's it...and he semi apologized...

i cant say dont go to this mcdonalds...its RIGHT in front of UCF and convenient...but the people working there need to STOP HIRING THESE DERANGED ANIMALS TO WORK has been YEARS OF sick people workign there and they only keep hiring more and more psychopaths abusers and just psychos...and trash ### like that filthy n*gger that threw that card at me...she should be put in jail or fired for assault on a customer...this worthless pile of sh*t has a JOB while there are INTELLIGENT GOOD people out there with NO JOBS? why is MCDONALDS HIRING ASSAULTERS AND PSYCHOS AND CRIMINALS LIKE THIS FILTHY UGLY N*GGER TO WORK THERE AND TERRORIZE CUSTOMERS rather than hire DECENT NORMAL PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO NEED JOBS? i go to at least 10 mcdonalds in the area...even DAILY...i have NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEM WITH ANY OTHER MCDONALDS THAN THIS HORRIBLE ONE RUN BY HEATHENS ABUSERS AND SOCIOPATHS...

the psychopaths they hire at this place are the WORST kind of ghetto reject filthy ###ed useless things you can imagine...they are BENEATH GHETTO again sorry insult to GHETTOS...these psychopaths working here are BENEATH THE GHETTOS they are SUB GHETTO LUNATICS...the kind of worthless soulless crap people you find esp these days and in this city...evil immoral pitiful nobody low class no quality rejects...they are ANGRY bitter deranged...criminals that work here and they ABUSE customers for fun and back each other up---they even ASSAULT customers...i told the ugly n*gger #2 gorilla...that im going to VIDEO TAPE THE ABUSE NEXT TIME and im going to FILE A LAWSUIT...she said "well she could sue you then're TAPING her without her consent"...excuse me you worhtless maniac? oh you're an expert on criminal law now you ugly deranged pile of rejected sh*thole turdface that works at mcdonalds? you worthless piece of sh*t...rather than any kind of an apology or action taken for this crimnal assault...the rude crazy n*gger #2 wh*re is sitting here trying to police the VICTIM customer on video taping laws...really ALL of these worthless ###s should be fired and let go...useless pieces of ### crap...let DECENT people TAKE THESE JOBS AND GIVE THESE LOW LIFES NOTHING...BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO PLACE WORKING WITH THE PUBLIC...

AND YOU CAN SEE THAT YES IM VERY UPSET AT ALL OF THIS a pretty nice girl...basically...these animals/monsters heathen think they can mistreat and abuse me b/c i look young and im pretty/ makes no sense but this is the thinking here amongst soulless trash like this...they see a pretty girl and they get angry mad and jealous and all gang up and are mean and abusive and find it funny to bully and pick on people... they feel ENTITLED to being abusive towards women like me b/c they are so jealous of us...well i hope their jealousy gets them a lawsuit this time...because i am NOT going to let this situation just go by and say oh taking this to upper management, corporate...and making sure that these pitiful filthy criminal n*ggers working NOT HAVE THE PLACE to be able to ASSAULT CUSTOMERS FOR NO REASON AND FOR FUN BULLY AND PICK ON THEM...also any complaint i have is going to result in these soulless crazies to say "oh she complains all the time" just minimize and deny it...and not care...not treat me with any respect or care...think they can get away with just abusing and even throwing things at me abusing attacking... i hope thier manager has fun when a lawsuit is going ot be filed againts this store for the things their crazy n*gger animal employees are doing to people...and even white trash low life filthy cracker employees do to customers...they shoudlnt hire these malicious vicious psychos to work at this place and abuse people like this...

oh and no racism toawrds black people...these animals here are being called n*ggers because they ARE N*GGERS in every sense of the word...and no wait...they are an INSULT to N*GGERS...they are beneath the lowest form of crap to exist...
beware of this for this ugly filthy rotten troll and devil finds it fun to assault and attack and bully customers coming through the drive thru

Aug 16, 2016 3:36 am
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Today was the last day I am going to McDonalds. Ever! Two nights ago I went there, ordered 2 cheseburgers, small french fries and a small soft drink. Then I wanted 2 dressings - mustard and barbeque sause. All was OK.
Today I went at the same location in Billerica, MA, the female employee from Hispanic origin who was taking the orders was absolutely rude and obnoxious. She quickly said "thank you" before I was done with my order. Then I went there and wanted 2 dressings (a mustard and a barbeque sause), the same as the previous night. She told me that just one of the dressings is for free - I should pay for the other 11 cents. WTF ?!?!? 11 cents? How come?! I asked her why the previous night they were for free and now I should pay 11 cents? Ridiculous! I am not for the money, but what are those double standarts?! Later, when she understood that I am tough customer she just threw the dressing and said "thank you" with an absolute ignore. That was the most disgusting "thank you" I have ever heard.
Sorry McDonalds, I'll never enter your restaurants anymore !

Aug 16, 2016 3:24 am

A friend and I decide to go to mc donalds for a quick burger after a fun night of drinking. (her, not me I was the disignated driver) We pull up, and no one answers us through the speaker. We figure it was broken, and proceed to pull up to the window. there is another customer in front of us, so after a few minutes of waiting the suv in front of us pulls out with his food, so we go to the window, expecting to be helped. after several minutes of knocking on the window and honking the horn, we decide to give up. As i was about to pull out, I changed my mind and went back through the drive through. no answer at the speaker, and no answer at the window, but there open. i even 411'ed the number, and got no answer when i called. WTF!?!?

Jul 15, 2016 7:43 am

Last night I purchased 4 fish fillets from this macDonals. They are having a sale on them 2 fish fillets for $3.33 which with tax should cost bout $3.53 times 2 equals $7.06 total. Heres the part that absolutly floors me. I asked for extra tarter sauce on all for sandwiches. And the teller says that will be $9.55 total sir... thats a $2.49 charge for extra sauce. Thats .62 cents charge for adding extra sauce per sandwich. That is insane and downright outrageous that they charge that amount for 1 extra pump of tarter. Its not like i was asken for extra cheese or lettuce or onions etc..! I refused to pay that and told them to make me 4 more without extra sauce. You would think in this economy the way it is they would not charge such an amount like that. So be ware fellow MacDonalds lovers make sure you ask b4 you order. The manager told me all Macdonalds charges for extra sauce, but I dont by it at all...!

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

I purchased four big mc with fries a large strawberry milk shake an 3 kids meals then left the drive thru
WE parked up to eat the food 3 out of four of the big mc s were cold the milk shake was only half full an white in colour
an like water an i would like something done about it

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

I am very upset and irritated at the fact that I had arrived with my son and my husband at about 927pm and stood on line until 1010. The line never moved, I thought of maybe going through the drive thru, but there was a line there as well. There was a customer that got very angry at one of the guys taking the orders at the register that she decided to go in the back into the kitchen and told him that she would wait for him after work and that she would woop his behind and no one said anything I don't know if there was a manager on site, but it was a horrible experience for my family and I. This was the first time we have entered to the McDonalds and decided not to keep standing on line because my son was shivering from the site that he had seen and heard from that other customer. There was also another customer that was waiting for a hamburger for 30mins and she also got upset and requested her money back and left. The was a horrible experience for all of us, and we were very hungry, so we left being that it was already 1010. As we proceeded to exit the restaurant we acknowledged that the line for the drive thru was empty so we ordered from there because again we were very hungry and nothing was open at that time. Here is what says on the receipt 14 KS#13 S#1 Store #5978 Jul. 05, '08 (Sat) 22:19
our subtotal was 14.97 plus the take out tax 1.05 total wa 16.02, I would like a response back please.

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

their delivery is like ###. Hours late and never call people in the house if the order is paid already,

Fk Mcdonalds

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

I took my grandsons to McDonald's todat, June 16, 2008 at this location. After several attempts to get order straight, we consumed our meal, afterwhich my grandsons, ages 9 & 6, decided that they wanted to play @ their playstation for a while. After being out there less than 5 minutes they both ran back inside yelling and screaming after being stung by bees. No-one in the store offered any assistance, so I asked if they had first aid kits. I was told no, and was still offered no assistance from staff, several customers on break for lunch came to my aid, one had bee sting kits, which I immediately applied to each child. Even though Manager was there, she still made no attempt to come to my aid. After attending to children I approached Manager regarding situation. Her response was that there was a sign on the door saying that the playstation was closed. I asked if she thought that children were going to read the sign before they went out to play, and I suggested that maybe the door to the play area should have been locked, she defensively remarked that it's locked now, which to me was no consolation for my childrens pain and suffering. I remarked about the fact that they were running a public facility with no first aid in place, she walked away in total disregard for me. I think that McDonalds was totally irresponsible, to say the least, and you have not heard the last from me regarding this situation.

can anyone suggest what I might do about my local Mc Donalds ? I go there for conveneince. I order a quarter pounder with MEAT and CHEESE only, half the time they add sauce etc etc. But at the same time I am discriminated against. I have "Chronic Fatiguie Syndrome " which causes many symptoms. One is a type of "Stare" which only last for a few seconds but Mc Donalds staff accuse me of glaring at them and called the police.(The Police wern't interested as they could tell I had a slight disibility) But this is esculating to where I am being treated unfairly, laughed at by Mc Donald workers, including managers. I have tried to reason with them but nothing works. I am generally a nice person, but I'm always walking out crying, because I feel treated in a bad way. I am made to wait before others when I was in line, then laughed at the counter, I am offered no tray, while others are which means to carry my burger and hot choclate is difficult. What hurts is the attitude. I know I could go elsewhere but the location is easier for me. I could give it up but physically I am addicted to the burger and hot choclate (Somthing I'm working on my Dr with) but I'm just a laughing stock to Mc Donalds. Also I have to eat in other people's left over food as they cleaning is usually every two hours, so there is a build up of two hour food. What can I do. Appreciated if anyone could help.

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

Lots of times i have been to mc d's and got home after walking 15 mins with 2 kids to find they have missed out fries, or burgers, or even my children's drinks, but on this occasion, wede gone to the drive through, and ordered around £20 pounds worth of food then gone to wait at the next window, only to be told half the food we ordered, we couldn't have as the didn't have enough food, this was a saturday at around 1 pm, so what was the point in getting the mc d's for 1 person when the other 5 have to go with out, so we just asked for a refund, ridiculous, this isn't the first time.

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

I bought a Big Mac Meal today and the tea tasted and smelled just like coffee. I tried to call the McDonalds but nobody would answer twice.I call the ###'t manager of Walmart to complain and she said she would tell them, which i doubt they will.I cannot stand Coffeeeeeeeee that really made me mad I had no other beverage with me. My receipt # is 398 Fri.7, 2008 11:56

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

I'm tired of getting a little chicken strip on my Southern Style Chicken sandwich! The picture of the sandwich shows meat sticking out all the way around the bun. Someone told me the breakfast sandwiches use a small piece of chicken. I think they are using leftover breakfast chicken on the lunch sandwiches. The breakfast chicken patties are about 1/2 the size. I'm paying for the lunch patty and getting the breakfast leftovers. I refuse to buy the Southern Style Chicken sandwich anymore. I believe I should get refunded for the switch. I don't take the time to check the sandwiches because I'm on the way to work at the time.YOU SHOULD GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

Sunday, January 6, 2008 my husband, my grandson and myself went to the McDonald's located at 5084 Summer Avenue to order breakfast for ourselves and to order two meals to go for grandparents. There were several people in line and only one girl on the register who obviously could have cared less about waiting on the customers. Some orders were finally brought out after a very long wait and those orders were burned and had to be cooked again. My order of the deluxe breakfast looked as if it had been in a war zone when I opened the food to eat. The eggs were literally thrown all over the pancakes and sausage and burned. I opened one of the sandwiches and it was not the bagel, egg and cheese biscuit that I ordered. I took it back to the counter where the girl argued with me that I had ordered something different. Other people were shaking their heads as they had heard me place the order. My husband had already finished eating when I finally got my sandwich. The girl was extremely rude to all customers. As we were leaving, one man finally received his food after standing in line for 15 minutes. As we were walking out the door, another customer came forward with her sandwich and told the girl the food was burned. The girl got a bad attitude with her. I thought you would like to check the situation out at this particular McDonald's. In my opinion, with this type treatment, the restaurant will not survive much longer.

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

McDonald's restaurant, beware when you get your money back always check because your money is less, the cashier will cheap you and the supervisor will cheat on the product you buy, will not give the right thing.check your food before leaving the restaurant Maybe the Owner of that McDonald's restaurant can't afford to pay them so there are making the money from customers and who knows the supervisor is making a cut from them. April 7 2013 Location in Toronto

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am
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I bought a Large Big Mac meal, when i got home i started to eat my food, then i got half way through my burger and my lettuce was crunchy, my bun was stale and the bottom beef patty had turned slightly white. the next day i woke up and vomited, and i didn't stop until late that night.

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

I was there for couple times, and all time new rules, make me angry..
first: was the restrooms close with code access,
second: crowded places, you may need to buy and go, no table available...
for kids: there is only a playground for 3-4 kids, but always is more than 10 and no less than 6-7 in the same time for very small playground..
is not safe and comfortable to go with kids, the kids stay in the line 15-30 min to have access 5 min on playground with other 12 kids in a space for 4 kids..
there is a big opportunity to open other 2 McDonalds close to this location..
I will set a movie on youtube with crowded McDonalds, around 40 kids for a playground for 3 kids, reason been, only one interior playground, one place free in Brasov dedicated to the kids under 8 ...

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

This Mcdonalds in the hunts points area is just nasty, you have to wait for more that 20 minutes for your food, i swear im not lying, and the worst part is that they take it easy. This girl saw me standing online and she asked a coworker that "what the hell is she doing standing there? what is she waiting on? My kids are all sick with diharrea and i know it was the food because my brother ate from there that same day and he also got sick.

Jun 07, 2016 5:00 am

Last Thursday at around 3:00 P.M, I went to the moline mcdonalds on 23rd Avenue to pick up food for my family. Everybody was just getting off of work and school so I could understand that the restaurant would be busy as always.

I ordered a five piece chicken selects with a mcchicken and a medium hi-ci for myself, a large big mac value meal for my husband, and two chicken nugget mighty kids meals for my son and daughter.

I was waiting for about three minutes when an angry caucasion male with a gun storms into the building demanding all the money the restaurant had (including the money in the safe) and he said if he didn't get at least $5, 000, he would kill one person for every $1, 000 that didn't meet his demands.

Well according to the man behind the register, it was a slow day and they only had about $2, 900 and he should'nt do anything rash.

The main pointed his gun at me when a two yound boys, Katlin and Kyle, jumped from behind the counter and wrestled the man to the ground. The manager then called the police and they were there in less than a minute.

The two boys saved my life, but my food was cold and they wouldn't give me a refund so I encourage everyone to boycott the moline mcdonalds on 23rd Avenue.

Jun 07, 2016 4:58 am

I went to my McD's to get a snack wrap. It was a new store, so I went there to try the food. I ordered 3 snack wraps. It took abnormally long. After I got it, I opened one and ate it. I found that the ranch was salty and sticky. I tried the other 3 wraps and the ranch was the same. I complained to the manager, and they said that they would make me a new one. While they were making the wraps again, I listened to what they were doing. You would not believe what I heard. I heard a guy moan, "Oh yeahhhh". I was disgusted by what I heard. I just left the restaurant. I'm switching to Burger King. I wonder what the white part of the McNuggets are made of...

May 30, 2008 9:33 pm

i am a 40 yr old woman, i went to mcdonalds with my girl and a friend of hers. she is 14. i had a very very bad day and i wanted to get out. we had our dinner and sat for awhile tyring to figure soemthing to do i dint want to go home. I was deciding if i wanted ice creame i was still drinking my sada my girl and i shared. the manger came to our table and told my daughter and her friend had to leave they were not eatin, and looked at me and said you too. she just kicked out about 4 kids unserpervised. i left but very upset. i went back in and asked her why i had to leave. she replied too ma ny k ids sit around. if your done eatin get out. i said i wanst i had a soda. she said the kids were. i said ther were with me. i am there mother. she said, if your done they need to leave. too many kids come here and hang out. i said i dont understand. i am an a dult. the kids are at my table and i was drinking a soda and i was trying to talk them into have ice creame. i leift. i will never eat in there or there again .. who the hell are they, its a publice place and i paid for food. how could the owners want this to behappening in there store.

Oct 11, 2018 3:06 am

OH MY GOD... YOU BRED!? Are you REALLY a MOTHER, with Spelling and grammar like that? HOW do you help your kids with Homework?

Sep 04, 2013 12:39 pm

6:40 am (09/04/13) went to the MacDonalds, Dartmouth Crossing, 46 Kiltearn Row for my coffee. Went through the drive thru and requested a lge coffee two cream, $1.90 at this location. Note: All other MacDonalds locations in the area a lge coffee is $1.83.

I was using the MacDonalds coffee card plus 25 cents to cover the difference.
I gave the hostess the card plus 30 cents, she went to get the coffee but stopped and informed me that an upgarde was 35cents.
I replied really, as I had always given the card plus 25 cents, she rpeated that an upgrade is 35 cents.

Note: A medium coffee is $1.45 plus tax = $1.67 at his store, so Coffee card, whuch covers a medium, plus 25 cents gives you a surplus of .02 cents, . The hostess was asking for .35 cents, the coffee is $1.90? So you tell me what's happening here. Guess I'll just move on and get my coffee for $1.83 and give the staff the extra each and everyday.

Jul 29, 2009 7:10 pm

Less than a year ago Macdonalds served me a large hair ball which almost chocked me to death. For my unplesant visit they gave me coupons for three meals, which I gave away.
I had not eaten any fast food since then, until last week. After a busy work week my co-worker stopped at Macdonalds after check on a job and bought me a crispy chicken snack wrap. He thought I might need something to eat because we were working so much. I was surprised it tasted as good as it did being fast food. On the third bite I bit down and screamed "what the f___!" My poor coworker jumped and asked what happened? I pulled a large very sharp piece of bloody hard plastic. It was shaped like an arrow head and the razor sharp point had stuck me in the upper gum where I had had a tooth removed. It also felt like I had cracked the tooth next to my gum. I called the manager and complained . I called again a half hour later and was told he could find no other pieces in the prep area. I will never eat fast trash ever again even it is offered by a friend.

Jun 23, 2012 6:40 am
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To whom it may concern
I went to the McDonald's at Belden at 1230pm on the
23rd June 2012 with my Husband, son and grand-daughter well I bought 3 kids meals
And a cheeseburger on it's own and on arriving home I opened up the
Cheeseburger in the happy meal and it has mould all over the
Bun and went back to store and after being brushed off
By the duty manager plus laughed at by other staff members
You have left me no choice but to take the matter further
As this type of behavior and product should never be accepted
I await your response .Regards Tammy Grafham

May 05, 2011 7:58 pm
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my son and myself have been working on our new apartment, and realized we had nothing cold to drink so we decided to go to your mc donalds and get a few milk shakes. Well we didn't realize at the time that you changed your large shakes by putting whipped cream on them, my son always orders a large shake because you put any in it, so when they handed us our shakes, my son said to the cashier that he didn't want the cream and she said that's the way they come now. So instead of fixing it she went and got the manager for that night and she said that that's the way come now. he told her he didn't like whipped cream and she got a bad attatude and said wish we would have told them when we ordered it.So he said he would have if he would have known it was going to be that way she was so rude about it that we just took the shakes and I told her how rude she was and she just walked away. now I will never go back to that location again!

Sep 13, 2011 3:58 pm
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First of all it is a shame that Mc Donalds France does not have a direct e-mail address for customer complaints A couple months ago I visited Louvre museum in Paris and ate something in the Carrousel de Louvre Mc Donalds. Although The service was very slow and disordered, it was not a big problem. Lady from the staff gave our order and we asked her to change the fried potatoes as it was cold. Suddenly she threw it angrily and then gave a new one in a veryvery rude way. It is very suprising that such a big global restaurant chain does not train their personnel in one of the most touristic places in the world!

Oct 03, 2008 10:53 pm

First of all I never complain about anything but mcdonald at victoria pt needs complaining about. I have been there a number of time and found that you can not get an ice cream as the machine is either broken or just not available. it is not just once but it seems to be a permanent sign that they is up saying ice cream is unavailable. also today I had the new burger with bacon and seasoned avocado and guess what, they forgot the bacon. the lady behind me had the same order and they forgot the avocado.


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