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Hi i am writing about the service i had at Mcdonalds Coffs Harbour South this afternoon.
I had ordered 1 happy meal with 6 nuggets, 1 medium quarter pounder meal and 1 large cheeseburger meal with a extra cheeseburger we then got to the next counter an ordered another extra cheeseburger.
We then left the drive through and realised that we did not recieve our toy for the happy meal and we had to go back and get the toy my partner was in the franchise getting the toy and i realised we had a cheeseburger in the happy meal and not nuggets and also instead of a small fries i had 6 single chips in the bottom of the box with the paper bag just sitting there on top of the burger so i went in and told them and they gave me the nuggets and the small fries.
Then i went home and realised that we only had one quarter pounder meal which the burger was dry with hardly no sauce and a cheeseburger meal which the fries for that meal were very low the box was half full so we had accually not recieved our 2 extra cheeseburgers we then rang the manager and told him of this poor service and he told us to come get the other cheeseburgers and that was it my partner went and picket them up.
In my opinion it wasnt the poor management of the situatuation because when my partner went out and picket them up the manager seemed very annoyed at his staff for such a terrible mistake so i think it was the staff that were preparing the order that mixed it up so terribly. Also i think that instead of us having to waste petrol coming out again we should have atleast got the cheeseburgers for free we were quite angry that a place could make such a large mistake if it hadnt of been the whole meal been stuffed up we would not of been so angry but they ruined our dinner and for that i will not be returning to that paticular franchise for any meal ever again.
Thankyou for your time and for listening to my complaint.
have a lovely day
Yours Sincerely Jessica Norman


  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Jul 07, 2008

    I f you weren't so lazy none of this would have happened. Next time cook some real food at home.

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  • Ri
    Rizb Aug 13, 2008

    have you ever thought mcdonalds is a very hard place to work and do you know how many people get abused cause they work cause i work there myself in Qld and i'm sure they didn't mean to stuff up your we do try our best cause it was probably busy and we are only human we don't get every thing right so when you get some order that is stuffed just think we are trying our hardest to give you, your food. just think then beening mean to our company!!!


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  • St
    Stevie_h Oct 13, 2018

    @Rizb Only problem is I watch people standing around doing nothing or fooling around and not working and orders are wrong 3 to 4 times out off 5, its called laziness, not caring and lack off training. Only go there for coffee now as they are useless.

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  • Ge
    Georgia Sep 01, 2008

    I hope very much that you DIDN'T actually send the letter in such a terrible state of grammatical errors and spelling mishaps. "Hardly no sauce.." eh? Double negative? This is the worst complaint letter I've ever read.
    Majority of people are capable of making mistakes- especially when they are in a high stress occupation such as fast food.
    As for "I'm never going back to that franchise ever again" I highly doubt any manager really is concerned about one less customer- seeing as the McDonalds Mc-Op Co is a multi billion dollar bussiness. Just one less rude, nasty, pessimistic customer to worry about. If you quite honestly believe that we purpously mess up orders, because we're all out to get you- well, your letter simply doesn't do you justice. You're even more self righteous than first implied.
    Next time you exit a drive through- I suggest you use your slowly disappearing initiative, pull over in a parked bay, and check your order.

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  • Co
    coolio:) Mar 30, 2009

    i worked in fast food in nsw, and found it a really hard and difficult job also. i work as a teacher now and it is surprisingly easier. i think its not a very good quality for people to complain: if you order fast food there are some risks associated with it: but as an employee people swear at you when the meals go up 10c, in mcdonalds in particular workers are supposed to get customers in and out of the drive-thru in less than two minutes. Of course we all make mistakes. i mean if you step into reality for just one minute please remember that one child dies every three seconds from hunger. it sounds as though you dont need fast food, as you were wasting petrol by going through the drive-thru again- instead of parking and walking. and fast food franchises don't just give away food for through so please get that into perspective you silly woman and instead of complaining about the mistakes remember that some of the workers you insulted probably are on eight hour shifts and you won't be the first person to complain about something so inconsequential, menial and absolutely frivolous.

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  • Ha
    haha May 11, 2009

    Are you people forgetting that when you pay for something doesnt matter what it is you expect to get what you have paid for, if you brought an electrical item and when you got home it wasnt working or there was a fault would you take it back or would you throw it away and forget about it. well i reckon 99% of people of not 100% would take it back, so it doesnt matter what it is, they ordered and were charged for it @ the displayed prices, and they went back through the drive thru as walking in after you already been through it once kinda defeats the purpose of originally using that facility.

    "you won't be the first person to complain about something so inconsequential, menial and absolutely frivolous." lol you just dont get it, its not all those things. Yes i agree that mistakes can be made but people are entitled to what they paid for, you cant tell me honestly that if you were in the same situation u would accept basicly being ripped off and going home with half your order whilst paying the full cost. lol

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  • Al
    Aleisha May 23, 2009

    I live in Coffs Harbour and that McDonalds is NOTORIOUS! I worked at McDonald for 5 years when I was younger (about 8 years ago) and know exactly what it's like to work there ... We visit about once a fortnight, and every single time there have been multiple issues! I can't believe it has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME!! We've just stopped going now, which is a real shame as I really love the chicken salads. The staff are never polite and I can tell you if we treated our customers like that where I worked we would have been fired immediately!! Get your act together Coffs McDonalds! Being a 'hard place to work' is no excuse, its a job, and used to have amazing training that taught you discipline and good customer service ... now it's a joke!

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  • Mc
    McDonalds NSW Jul 12, 2009

    I am currently working at a McDonalds store, It is recently new (Just over a month or two old). I understand that the customer deserves what they pay for and all but you have to understand the majority of the staff that are on-duty try there very best to satisfy the customer. It is not the kitchen hands fault that you received the wrong order, It is the staff on the cash register. I don't exactly agree that your sauce statement is worth complaining about, When the staff is busy and is under stress you don't take notice of the exact MLs that are meant to go on a particular burger. I am sorry on behalf of McDonalds for the major inconvenience caused to you and your family, I also agree you need to be a bit more understanding.


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  • Mc
    Mcd Employee Oct 01, 2009

    Haha u got cheeseburger in first place means u didnt missed 2 cheeseburgers..u complaining to get thing is crew persons read screen that u placed in drive thru and pack the bag..the presenter window is for serving food..they dont have register near them to take if u ordered at that window then its your responsibility to confirm that u got everything that u paid for...

    Saying the least was u who started messing up orders..u can check screen when u D/T there is screen for u to check..when u are being too demanding at the presenter window then its likely to get messed up since crew persons are in stress to pass your car within 2 minutes..if u are not sorted out in 2 minutes another car will complain about slow service..

    so if u r in D/T next time then check urs order at screen and dont try to order at every accuracy there is time limit as well for mcd staff.

    If you require special attention then go from counter where people can listen and sort you out...

    So I suggest u go from counter next tym...take extra time..explain what u need and check your bag before u leave...not trying to be rude but u r not worth a drive thru customer..Thanks

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  • Ge
    georgezoid428 Oct 04, 2009

    i agree thats it was pretty bad service and i understand your fustrastion but please you have no idea about the pressure placed on adolencences working at mc donalds and the abusement and treatment of not only from customers, crew trainers, managers, graders, mystery shoppers. The corruption of managerers and unfair treatment and special priverlages and attention given to some crew more than other.
    You try walking into work at mc donalds while dealing with school family and friend issues at the age of 14, 15, 16 and so on. Customers can be just as rude too, theirs nothing i hate more than unnapreciation.
    Little things that people do could mean alot if they werent done and i dont think understand.
    were you speaking clearly or was it a muddle of umms and arrr and changes to the order constantly while a manager is assessing the crews performance while you mucked around.
    Suggestion for next time

    1. CHECK your order, see if its right on the screen its not to difficult its right next to the speaker
    2. CHECK your food to see if its correct in the bag before you leave
    3. FOOD from mc donalds is only good within 10 minutes of purchasing so dnt bother to wait till you got home
    4. GET a recipt if its not to difficult to check if its right
    5. IF theirs not enough fries ASK for more! the crew get in trouble and u just look like a ### customer so it wouldnt hurt your rep.
    5. STAY away from mcdonalds then it makes u fat anyways

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  • Br
    Brock11 Oct 22, 2009

    I just read your complaint and i cant even work out what you ordered, let alone the poor Mickey-D's staff who were probably run off their feet. the only thing i can see thats worth complaining about is the chips in the happy meal but im sure you exaggerated that point. I cant see how anyone can complain about the quality of mcdonalds food anyway, helooooooo... its mcdonalds your talking about. You did have every right to complain to the manager because you didn't get what you paid for but you gotta understand you confused the hell out of the staff, and everyone automatically stops caring about if your happy with their service when your confusing and annoying.

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  • Ni
    Nikolle Dec 07, 2009

    I was told I was banned from my local mcdonalds! Mcdonalds! I'm a 36 year old retail manager with excellent manners and customer service. Last week I went through the drivethrough and didn't have time to wait as my son was sick and asked for a refund or alternate burger (politely). The fellow got annoyed and told me not to come back. I just put it down to him being a rude person and maybe having a bad day . But no.. Just went to get my breakfast and apparently I'm not welcome at that store anymore. I'm so mad I'm shaking. Never been so appalled and humiliated by service in my life.

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  • He
    healthy Dec 28, 2009

    once again the mcdonalds food court at East Maitland has an appaling front bench of customer service.

    the dress code-
    pants low on hips,
    shirts too small & too tight, - stomach & sides showing
    undergarments showing at the back when staff bend over

    hygeine presentation
    messed up hair atire
    hair pulled to one side & hanging fringe in faces-(this is a member of management)

    front service area dominated by one male who is rude,
    male service is un-professional like
    the same male is supposed to be dominant/ persuasive to all workers/management-why?
    his mother has approached the store & terrified the workers/management.
    come on mcdonalds get it right.

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  • As
    astroboy Jan 20, 2010

    I took my son into McDonalds at Caringbah today and we needed to use the bathroom first. The smell that was coming from those toilets was absolutly disgusting and my son who is only 8 started to retch from it. I walked out of the toilet and approached 2 young girls who were standing at the Mc cafe. I told them about the problem and they laughed and walked away!! I them took my son by the hand and left the store without even buying his lunch. There attitude was more then enough for me to vow never to return to that store. I worked for McDonalds for 4 years and i know the standards expected by the McDonalds name and caringbah failed to meet those standards today!!

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  • Ja
    Jaymort Feb 28, 2010

    If you found one mistake with your order, would you not think to check the entirety of your order to make sure there is no other mistakes? It seems like common sense to do that to avoid having to repeatedly go back to the counter. Now, why is it, that you are so arrogant that you assume that you do not have to check things for yourself? While it's quite correct to expect to get what you paid for, mistakes can happen and sometimes something is left out. So just check every time. Failure to do this results in you being branded an idiot. Justifiably so too.

    Now, there are many other irregularities in your complaint that I could address, but others have covered them. But one point I do want to raise is that you think it's 'unfair' that you have to use petrol to get back to McDonalds. Listen up, there is no-one forcing you to get in your car. Use public transport, your bicycle or better yet, walk. I don't care if the McDonalds restaurant is several kilometres away, you have options available to you, but you choose to get in your car. Cars run on petrol, deal with it. McDonalds is not at all obliged to reimburse you for your laziness.

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  • Mr
    mrs grumpy Apr 02, 2010

    well, i too have had problems with macdonalds in my town of Mildura. we currently have 3 macdonalds stores, and 2 of them are not very good at all. the one on the main road, the staff are extremely rude, espically at the cash window, they don't even say hello, one girl just stuck her hand out and sighed.
    also, i have had to ring up nearly every time cause i come home with either a burger without the meat, or the fries are half filled. i do check my bag now when i go into maccas, but the point is i shouldnt have to check my order all the time as a paying customer.
    i understand that it can get insane busy at times, and mistakes happen. but the times i go to the store is at the very quiet times and i still get not-so-good service and food.
    this evening i asked the girl at the window to fill my fries as they were virtually empty, the girl serving the fries gave me a filthy look through the window, needless to say i'll be putting in a complaint.
    i have worked in fast food for many years, and i know a thing or two about the hospitality industry.
    they need to make sure the manager is actually SUPERVISING the staff while they work, i have NEVER seen a staff member go around and check his workers to see if they are coping or not struggling with thier tasks at the stores in my town. seriously something has to be done.
    although one time i went to maccas a lovely boy served me at the window, i made sure the manager was told that he was a lovely boy and his service was fantastic. i hope they employ more people like that young man.

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  • Ma
    Maccas Employee Jun 19, 2010

    I currently owrk at McDonalds and we do try to make very minimal mistakes and as read above we are only human and we do make mistakes. But it is very hard for us as we have do deal with IDIOT customers which makes us annoyed which we dont work to our full potential an we all so get long shifts so we get VERY tired. And last we get yelled at if we are going slow so we go very fast so that we dont have to listen to YOU VERY ANNOYING customers and so we dont get yelled at.

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  • To
    tooly Jul 10, 2010

    went to maccas in hobart saturday the 3rd at 10pm the place was discusting and i couldnt even eat there worst macdonalds ive seen.the tables were full of rubbish .counter discusting covered in liquid. icecream machine was everywhere and the toppings were a real mess. and the floor was like walking in a rubbish tip i was disapointed big time staff didnt care when i made a point of it.

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  • Mi
    MIB Jul 12, 2010

    I agree working at mcdonalds is very stressful however if you cant work under pressure get a job else where and stop complaining about the customers when they have concerns, if you didnt have paying customers you wouldnt have a job in the first place.real nice getting on here and reading what mcdonalds employees have to say about customers.Listen to what people are ordering and there wont be a problem with missed items etc.

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  • Mi
    MIB Jul 19, 2010

    Omg maccas your getting worse found hairs in two of my burgers recently bloody disgusting.

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  • Ka
    Kayteabee23 Jul 20, 2010

    Mother F***ing Coffs Harbour McDonalds you are so so disgusting. Your store opposite the plaza is a dirty hell hole which I avoid like the plague due to fear of my children catching a deadly disease. So dirty. So sticky. Stumbling across a drunken elderly homeless guy in the playground area on the slide is not my idea of a fun-filled friday morning with the kids. Really bad service too.

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  • Be
    beckak7 Jul 25, 2010

    i currently work at a macdonals and the staff are put under alot of pressure mostly on wkends. there is not enough people on (there saving money i take it) and they have unrealistic goals set. the manger is expected to go from each place back area front drive thru cafe and help out. ( because its possible to do all these things at once. there is supposed to be 2 people on mccafe, it has just been one quite alot. you might have someone call in sick and they cant get someone to replace a shift so basically the extra pressure goes to you and there is noone to help. i get how people get frusterated at waiting ages for a coffee or an order but if you see the place is packed, and you dont have time to wait go somewhere else. the staff are doing the best they can with what they have got, its not there fualt that the company does not put on a reasonable amount of people on! i have gone thru drive thru before at other mcdonalds and they have made a mistake, just check the order before you leave, im sure its not intentional.

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  • Re
    red_merlot Jul 29, 2010

    I have to say that some Mcdonalds are realy good, and others are just bad! My sister orderd a happy meal for her son a few weeks back at the Mermaid waters store, on the gold coast QLD. She went through the drive through and ordered the cheeseburger happy meal.
    When she came out of the drive through she pulled over to one side to give her son his lunch. She was shocked on finding that the cheese burger had ONLY BACON IN IT????? and only a few chips in the bottom of the box.
    Now you cant tell me this is an innocent mistake made by stressed out teenagers.
    It was 1 oçlock in the afternoon during the week.
    When she went back in to complain (rightly so) the manager didnt apologies just said oh, I'll get you another. When my sister said "im sorry but this isnt good enough...somone needs to be accountable" they just said, " one knows anything about it".
    It kinda makes you wonder what goes on behind the scenes when you get this kind of also question their hygene practises if their customer service is this lax.

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  • Iz
    izzy15 Aug 03, 2010

    One time at McDonald in Glenorchy, Hobart, Tasmania my mother had a burger. And the next thing you know she had Gastroenteritis all weekend. And she called up to tell them that there food made her very sick and they did not do anything. And know i do not eat at any takeaway places now. Because they are all not clean. And it is hard having a OCD. And fearing germs as it is.

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  • Ni
    nicholas248 Aug 18, 2010

    They are clean, what would you know, idiot!

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  • Re
    red_merlot Aug 18, 2010

    Mayby the fact her mother got food poisening is a good indication of uncleanliness & bad food handling. Think about it.

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  • Ni
    nicholas248 Aug 21, 2010

    so stupid..

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  • Fa
    FairGo Dec 03, 2010

    I have all the understanding in the world for the anxiety and stress anybody feels when under pressure as the employee's of Mc'Donalds at times would...
    As well as i have understanding for the people whom decide to allow themselves off the hook to cook for a night and treat themselves to the conveniance of Mc'Donalds expecting with our valued dollar that they would be provided a professional, fast, efficient service... only to have there time delayed and complicated and at times wasted money!
    Now i know there are good Mc'Donalds STMARY'S is 1 of the best i have come across there system that they have is managed well, i think it comes down to the MANAGMENT and SUPERVISION the food is fresh presented well you can see there cooking with care order and organization the employee's service is professional and moral where as compared to EMERTON i have felt like I'm up against a pack of wild teenagers running free range sloppily slapping our food together to the point of where they're hardley together they swear at each other they loudly muck around, openly have there private conversations reguardless of children being visible showing constant lack of care and professionalism.
    So you've got some that dont care and some that do but i think its easy for these young 1's these days to get blahzay
    i think its up to the Employer to make sure the employee's have the initiative and moral that is to be expected and that they give them the support and supervision they need!!!

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  • Te
    Tell me about it Dec 07, 2010

    I'm amazed at all the people making excuses for the "poor overworked teenagers". Come on Australia! Stop acting like victims and get on delivering decent service, no matter who you work for. The lady was right to complain. She got totally crap service and paid her money. The manager playing hell with his staff doesn't have much of a clue either. Unless Coffs is a really backward place (maybe? lol) he and the franchisee need to work on their recruitment and training methods.

    I went to a Maccas at Reedy Creek on the highway at the Gold Coast yesterday and received totally crap service: just rude, careless people with no idea of a service ethic or how to listen to customers' concerns. The manager was positively aggressive when I very mildly suggested the serving size was was very small compared to the Maccas up the highway. I shan't be back there -- and what's more i'll be telling plenty of others to stay away.

    Fifteen years ago I sent my daughter to work in Maccas and learn a good work and service ethic. It worked too. McDonalds staff training used to be legendary, but those days seem long gone. I'm sure the manuals etc are all still there, but the execution has gone down the toilet through POOR MANAGEMENT and supervision skills. Fifteen years of enormous prosperity have left Australia in poor shape in ways that really count. When tough times come again (they always do) people will vote with their feet when they get crap service for their hard-earned dollar.

    Personally I think McDonalds senior management in Australia need to take a good look at themselves and/or have their collective [censor] kicked by their US counterparts. I lived in the US for 11 years and although I wasn't a big frequenter of Maccas, I never had one single incident of crap service -- and when a mis-step was made, the "service recovery" kicked in and we ended up with a win-win. Top execs at Maccas need to get out of bean-counting/margin protection/ supply chain optimisation mode, and reconnect with the frontline reality: get onto some of these laggard stores and hold people accountable. They are dragging your brand down badly. And the teenage "victims" that work there aren't learning much of value, it seems.

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  • Kt
    ktm300 Dec 07, 2010

    McDonalds south of Coffs Harbour get ur act together .. and who the bloody hell is responsible for running this rude fast food monstrosity' .. OMG' ..we visited 7pm' .. 9/11/10 .. the premises was actually quiet for that time of evening much to my surprise .. so the treatment we received was totally not acceptable .. hey everyone knows to check there order before leaving that is a well known fact and we take that as normal .. no problem ' .. touche' ..we understand you are over worked and understaffed but there is no need to take that out on the paying customer .. things are pretty bad when people have to revert to complaining online ' .. quite obviously there is a need for more training or someone to make sure everything is running smoothly .. i understand ppl can't be perfect 24/7 .. but when it comes too stuff up's all round and rude employee's there's a major problem .. and like i say it was fairly quiet .. we were shoved thro ' the order box .. when i stated we were still trying to work out our order and there was no ' car behind .. then pushed thro' and told to drive straight thro ' to the waiting bay as it was a larger order' .. (there were 2 customers inside ordering food ) after some time we were served fair enough ' .. now after that time one would think that someone would have checked the order to make sure the complete order was filled as 3 ppl walked it out ..with that many on the job come on' .. only one young man was polite' .. when i went back to get the rest of the order ..the other 2 young ladies just glared rudely' standing round gass bagging' not even interested in what i was there for after they just dropped it out to me .. i had to wait for another young lady to finally come over and serve ' who in return huffed at me and sorted the order and shut the window ' with a disturbed look of ignorance on her face .. is this what you call service ' .. i seriously think there needs to be a complaint box or some similar system .. as this treatment is absolutely apalling' .. if you can't deal with customers politely then what the hell are you doing in that franchise ' with those responsibilities for ... thanks guys (((( NOT' )))) !!! :( unhappy jan ...

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  • Fr
    FrustratedandConfused Dec 27, 2010

    When i arrived at window of drive thru to collect my order i was asked if i wanted a tray for the frozen cokes, i said yes and please put the sundaes in there as well. I was told that the sundaes had not been ordered or paid for. I insisted that they had as i have no reason to lie, I had a hand written letter from my kids of what they wanted. still do. I then asked if i could then just get them and pay, I was told that there is no till at that window and no i couldnt. I asked why, I was only given the reason that there is no till. I asked why it couldnt be put through another till. I was told that I could not get them and that now I was holding up everybody, (there was noone behind me) mind you it was ok that I had to wait after already placing my order when asked. I was told to wait and when I went to the window to pay was told that the till had frozen. The girl there seemed flustered by it all. Back at the food collection window and older staff member told me to move on and slammed the window shut. Very frustrated at the simple request to correct my order I beeped my car horn continually so that someone would come and talk to me, I was then threatened with the police so I told her to ring them she came out and took my rego number. After leaving without my sundaes I went home and rang the owner and left a message saying all of this on his message bank. I was told that it should have come up on the screen, it certainly wasnt coming up on the screen as I was ordering and then I was asked to move on so I did. I have dealt with a lot of strange situations but this is just so petty. Not being able to buy two sundaes at the window after receiving your order when you have already asked for it once. Its just so petty and very weird and then to be treated the way I was. I am now a hungry jacks customer whenever we decide to actually have take out again as we dont very often, it was supposed to be a treat for my kids and blew up into something ridiculous.

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  • Ja
    Jakki911 Jan 02, 2011

    I totally understand what your are talking about, i live in Qld and everytime without fail the same Mcdonalds stuffs up mine and everyone elses orders. Worst part is this particlar McDonalds trained all the staff for the a new resturant.
    It doesnt matter how busy they are they are trained in what they do and have no excuse. I am a mother of 5 so it cost's me alot of money when i do go and almost all meals meals ordered are wrong and makes it real stressful when you have 5 hungry kids.

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  • Ka
    Kath 76 Jan 27, 2011

    I have to start off by saying that i am not usually a person that complains and we don't go to mcdonalds very often but i feel that it is necessary to complain now. Mcdonalds at Menai in Sydney, NSW is disgraceful, most of the time it is dirty and they take too long to serve customers. They are always running out of stock whether it be lettuce or the gas for soft drinks!! I still would not have complained but then i visited the store with my husband and children on Australia day, it was atrocious!!! There was food everywhere, the bins were overflowing, serviettes and straws everywhere, food all over the floor, tables not wiped and flies all over the food in mccafe. I know that they were very busy, but they should have known this as it was Australia Day and there were rides and fireworks across the road. Surely it wouldn't have hurt them to put a couple of extra staff on just to clean the restaurant! There have been so many people that have complained about this restaurant and still nothing is done. If we ever do eat it is definitely not there unless there is no other option, such as Australia Day. Hopefully mcdonalds read these complaints and do something about it!

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  • Ag
    agirlinatutu Jan 27, 2011

    FrustratedandConfused - As a McDonald's employee working in Drive Thru I have between 2min45sec and 3min30sec from the moment your car enters Drive Thru to when you car leaves the presenter window when you collect your order. There are 3 stages of Drive Thru - The COD where you place your order, the cashier window and the presenter window. The COD and cashier windows are the only two places in DT where you can add burgers and pay for your items. You cannot add items on at the presenter window, there is no register at that window because the window is purely to hand out your order, I have approximately 30secs to give you your order, otherwise my DT timer will 'beep' because you have exceeded the total experience time and I will get in trouble. By adding on at the last window, you hold the entire Drive Thru up, this causes delays with customers behind you who also will exceed their total experience time, and again I will get in trouble. You order should come up on the COD in front of you, it is YOUR responsibility to check that screen. You should also be handed a receipt at the cashiers window, it is YOUR responsibility to hold onto that receipt and take one when it is offered. I cannot add onto your order at the presenter window because I do not have a register, and under our cash policy I cannot use another person register. It would also be greatly unfair for you to push in front of the customers waiting on Front Counter to be served.
    Customers lie constantly about items they claim to have ordered, I have taken customers orders at the COD and when they drive down to the Presenter window try to complain that the Order Taker missed as item they never asked for and request a free item. It happens daily.
    Kath 76 - I worked Australia Day, and it was easily the hottest and busiest day I have worked in a long time. Do you know what else? Every crew person is being paid double time. So it essentially costs twice as much to put every crew on the floor but we don't do twice the sales, so no we cannot just put on a couple extra staff because the store cannot afford to. Every person on that floor was working for two people, and serving customers is our first priority. If there is 3 crew on the floor in Front Area running Drive Thru and Counter, who do you expect to have the time to wipe tables? Because I guarantee you if a crew person was in dining room and you had to wait longer to be served you would complain about that too. I know this isn't acceptable but if customers did the courteous thing of putting their rubbish IN THE BINS, and not spreading the straws and napkins all over the benches and floors it would automatically enhance the look of the store. You have to walk out the door to leave, and in most stores in means walking past at least one bin. It is not my job to put YOUR rubbish in the bins.

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  • Tr
    trevor browne Feb 21, 2011

    obviousely these complaints are not taken seriousely so why in hell is this site even here

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  • Di
    Disgusted - Morisset NSW Mar 05, 2011

    Its been a couple of times that we've gone to the McDonalds in Morisset, NSW and either they don't have icecream or they card machine doesn't work. There's never notices up to inform you, so while you're waiting in the drive through, you have to wait to order, only to ge told they don't have what you want. Sick of it. The service is not up to scratch and I do not recommend them.

    1 Votes
  • tlsome Jun 26, 2011

    You should get what you paid for, food should be checked before it leaves. Every time you go to maccas they are far from being run of their feet. Just lazy, not trained and too young to care.

    1 Votes
  • Li
    lisamariev Jul 07, 2011


    yes you may work there, her complaint is not specifically at you, therefore you should pay attention to what she is complaining about. HER SPELLING IS NOT AT QUESTION.

    i have found some major problems in a store in bankstown. it is 1. PATHETIC: serving workers while on their break behind the counter whilst customers have been waiting a good 15+ mins. SINCE WHEN IS IT OK TO PUSH IN BECAUSE YOU WORK IN THAT FACILITY??? OH RIGHT ITS NOT!
    think of the parents with children wanting their lunch or elderly peple who cant stand long. THIS WAS A FRONT END MANAGER WHO WAS SERVING THE WORKER... WRONG? IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE GET THE HELL OUT OF RETAIL AND IN A FACTORY.


    2: now this is just horrible and absolutely disgusting. i had purchased a small cheeseburger meal for my nephew, among other meals for my daughter, mother, and neice.

    now the meal that my mother had was absolutely under the standards of anything that should be for sale. the bun was rock hard and fell apart with the slightest touch AND the meat was dry as if it had sat there cooked since the night before. SAME THING with the cheeseburger, it fell apart, WHATS THAT TELLING YOU??? OLD BREAD THROW IT OUT!! why would you serve that to someone? pathetic.

    yes everyone makes mistakes, but to what extent are we going to let those mistakes go to? are we going to finally step up when food poisoning kills one of our children eating something that they love?


    i have worked in retail for such a long time, i know what bad customer service is and you know what??? i have my previous customers say hello to me in the street, ask me how im doing etc. you know why they would do this?? GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    1 Votes
  • Di
    Digusted Customer Jul 13, 2011

    Was holidaying in Townsville for the weekend (9-10th July 2011) and was heading to a Concert on Saturday night and as a treat we decided to head to Macca's for dinner for the kids. Heading through Drive through we started to place our order. The attendant asked us if there was more to order after we had ordered 2 happy meals. We stated that we were in a moment. A silent pause on his end and my partner and I quickly decided what we wanted before placing the next part of our order. Then through the intercom we hear..."well we dont sell Banana's" and a small cheeky giggle. My partner had just started placing his order when this comment came through. We turned to one another and didnt understand what the hell his was going on about. My partner turned to speak into the intercom and stated to the attendant that he was being a smart ### and then the attendant again with his smart ### attitude suddenly suggested that we ordered a third happy meal...what was he trying to imply? That we are monkey children????? Banana's? Another happy meal? Wen I had ordered a chicken twister and heard nothing from his end wen I stated my order throughout this chaotic time. After that BS I instructed him to cancel the order and we drove forward to the window to confront the culprit. He ran out of the booth as we drove forward and left another young man standing there to face us. We asked the young man what were with the comments and he threw his hands up in innocence stating to us it wasnt him. We demanded to speak to the manager and moments later she waltzed in guns blazing... we started to tell her our story and all she could say was ... "Do you swear at my staff?"...uhmmmm yeah we did we stated back. He was called a lil ### back at the intercom for being a rude smart ###. She didnt listen to our concerns, nor our side of the story. She growled that this is a family restaraunt blah blah blah and after alot of words were exchanged between us and the service mananger Emily Barra at the Cluden store. She slammed the window shut before stating that they can refuse apology...nothing...we were like WTF! Could not believe it. Never Ever in my life have I ever experienced the lack of professionalism in any store. She deserved the obescenities we stated as angry patrons and didnt expect a free meal or anything just to be listened to for a few seconds.. and as we drove off she shouted "###ing ###"...yes just lovely. My daughters in the back seat waiting for dinner and they have to deal with this crap. I had contacted the store later that night to confirm the Managers name and when she would on her shift next. The service manager who we had the altercation with earlier answered my call spoke to me in a decent manner as I with her but then commented she was going to get something and put the phone down and didnt return... I contacted the store yesterday and spoke to the Manager. Told her our side of the story and what do you know... absolutely different to what she was told. She was very friendly and could not apologise enough for her staff lack of professionalism and was disgusted with how they treated us. Apparently we are gettng an apology letter and a $25 this situation has left a bad taste in my mouth and will never set foot in another store again... the $25 voucher will be palmed off to a homeless shelter in my area... I have contacted the paper and will take my complaint further... just digusted

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jasminephan Aug 10, 2011

    Yesterday on the 09/08/2011 me and my group of friend go to our friend graduated at Rosehill gardern and we had going to the McDonalds near there is opposited the Mercure hotel at rosehill. i just want to ask how long it take for family dinner box...because we came there by 9:30pm and waiting until 10:20pm to have the food, the burger and chip was too cold and old as well. if you dont believe you can check your own camera for the time 9:30pm and 10:20pm. my friend had stand there and waited in front of the counter so im sure the camera had view him ...this is the fast food service not main to waiting for 1/2hrs to have the family dinner box...the McDonald are near the place of UWS paramatta campus area

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  • Ma
    marg80 Aug 23, 2011

    i have McDonalds in Wanneroo, WA on Thursday last week and had a chicken burger and got food poisoning any one know what i can do about it

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