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It was Saturday night (actually… it was technically very early Sunday morning, but I digress). I am with a dear friend of mine, who is drunk and therefore feels the need to poison his body via copious amounts of fast food. I oblige his drunken request, because I was too tired to deal with the wrath of drunk hungry people, and take him through the McDonalds drive-through located on Elizabeth Street (note: for those of you who do not live in Fort Collins, this is in the midst of Campus West, a part of the city entirely populated by off-campus students). Given that it’s about 1:30 a.m. in a college town, most of the other people in line are, much like my friend, either very inebriated or very high, or most likely a combination of both, so the drive-through is absolutely swamped.
I order him his poison, and when he states that he has forgotten his money, I put it on my debit card, assuming that he’ll eventually pay me back. When we get to the second window, they inform me that they accidentally charged somebody else’s $50 order to my debit card (what’s stunning to me is how they actually managed to spend $50 at McDonalds, holy ###!). They tell me that they’ve refunded it, and that it’s all good. I think nothing of it until the following day, when I look at my bank statement and see that rather than refunding the order, they had rather charged me for it twice.
That’s right; exercising, health freak me has a $100 McDonalds charge on my bank account.
Keep this in mind, I’m in college. A $100 is A LOT of frickin’ money, and I definitely do not have that kind of cash just laying around in my bank account. I had two bills in the mail, and assuming that they went through, it was very likely that I would get an overdraft fee.
But, I’ve also worked in customer service for three years, so I was more than willing to cut them some slack. It was busy, and the cashier was obviously a new employee. I called the store and asked to speak to the manager, and the manager informed me that there was nothing that could be done, given that a third party company handled their credit card transactions, and it occurred on a different business day, so it wouldn’t be in their system.
Right away, I knew that this was a lie. The transaction occurred on Sunday morning, and I spoke to her later on Sunday morning. If this is the case, then the transaction should still be in their system. So, I went into the store, armed with my receipt and a copy of my bank statement, and asked her to resolve this. Another thing to point out; being charged twice, with a charge in excess of $100, obviously serves as a flag to anyone who is keeping a tally of the money available in McDonald’s safe, so they had to have known something about how eff’d up this transaction was. The only explanation is that they mixed up my debit card with somebody else’s in line, and whoever was working didn’t want to deal with it. I’ve seen people do that before at my jobs, and although it’s certainly not a good thing, it’s understandable, and certainly something that management should be able to deal with.
She reiterated what she had told me, and said that it wasn’t her problem. Obviously, it was her problem, given that it occurred at her store, and being overcharged $100 is definitely a big problem. It wasn’t busy, so she couldn’t use that as an excuse. I was polite up until this point, but I became very frustrated with her customer service skills, so I asked for her name. Keep this in mind, she was wearing a NAMETAG, and she nevertheless gave me the wrong name.
I called the McDonalds corporate offices, and they put me on hold for 30 minutes. So, I called again, and then I decided that I would wait until Monday, because it’s a business day. I called the number for the third party that they use for their credit card transactions, and left four messages over two days. Absolutely nothing. I then call McDonalds corporate, and they say that they’ll have someone else resolve the issue.
Absolutely nothing.

So basically, because of a drunk, ###ed friend of mine, I’m out $100 to a company that I neither support nor like.

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Aug 02, 2019 1:58 pm

Today I go to McDonald and I tell the cashier that I want 10 micchicken and a happy meal that is 6 nugget and 2 drink after the payment she went to get the item and when I look at the receipt I see that it got charged wrong so when the lady come back I tell her it’s wrong I say it’s 10 micchicken and a happy meal and 2 drink she was rude and say this “I’m not gonna give return or refund” and I was hella pissed never see a store that don’t do return or refund then I tell her that I already tell her that 10 micchicken and a happy meal she was annoyed and make a annoyed face and then she come back with the item I want but then I want her to fix the receipt but she was rude and say this “it’s more than it” I think what she mean was that the item that she give me was costly than the receipt that she charged me. I am really pissed she disrespect me and make me feel as if I’m a beggar. If she want to be treat good she should treat people how she wanted to be treat”.

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I had a similar expierence with only a 12 buck meal but we got a 20 price nugget and two large fries on a Thursday. We brought it back because the chicken nuggets were soggy and they were super rude to us. The manager refuse d to do anything till I became visibly upset and finally refunded it I have both the charge and the refund but still have not received my refund and the charge is still pending its not Monday after business close

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Jul 19, 2016 1:58 pm

Hello my name is bhavin ahirekar i just purchased poutine from macdonalds on baseline line station, navaho drive Ottawa. I wait almost 10 min for my poutine they made gravy infront of me was really watery. The gravy was not even hot i make order for take-out so i get really bad food, i live only min walk distance from it. I through i just waste my ~$5 please if possible refund me back. You can contact me at [email protected] or text me at- [protected].

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Jan 03, 2011 1:58 pm

That sucks they made a mistake - it happens. Why didn't you get a receipt showing the refund to your credit card? You also made a stupid mistake.

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