McDonalds - Canadawhy are your ordering diet coke?


I went to a McDonalds tonight... I am soo upset. I ordered a double big mac combo, supersized it and got a mcchiken sandwich. I then said I wanted Diet coke. The guy says why are you ordering diet coke, that makes no sense... I was silent and felt so embarrassed... he waited my answer. So I said I like the taste better. Then he said well that makes no sense. I had to wait for him to give me a lecture on how bad diet coke is and that I should be ordering water. The whole time im holding my money ready to pay. Finally I say, can I just pay for my meal and he told me the total. I don't need a lecture from Mcdonalds employees implying that I am overweight and shouldn't be drinking pop. How dare he tell me I should order water instead. What can I do to get some justice? This isn't my first complaint with McDonalds because of service. Just a few days ago I paid with a $20 bill and she got upset saying that she didnt have the change for a $20... Shes like dont you have a $10... I can't take $20 bills. I responded by being upset and saying is this not a food chain, how can I not pay with a $20 bill... I get upset when my order is wrong, but I can see that happens... But honestly these things I will not keep dealing with. Oh and ask for the manager and she says I am the manager, what do you want me to do? The same "manager told me she was so upset that wendys was closed because then she has too much business and just wants to go home. Telling me I shouldn't go there because she has to work harder. Why am I expected to deal with this when I order a burger and fries???


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    Steve Hopper Oct 16, 2007

    I know how you feel... there is a McDonalds on my way home from work. Occasionally I will stop and get something for my 12 year old son and I as we are pressed for time on our way to a sporting event. I have yet to get an order correct... or have to wait for a significant amount of time at the drive through.

    Yesterday was the final straw... I ordered 10 pieces chicken nuggets, fries and drink for my son, quarter pounder with cheese for me and a chicken sandwich for my wife. After waiting for 18 minutes, I finally got to the window, gave the girl my debit card and informed me the debit machine was broke. I just happened to have cash, almost exactly enough to pay. Then when I got home, my order was wrong... I am so sick of the their incompetence. I know they are only students but I am paying for their "I don't care" attitude.

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    Zanee Antoinette Oliver Jun 14, 2017

    @Steve Hopper And that's exactly why their [censor] don't need to make 15.00 an hour! These kids today are so freakin rude! Who' s raising these callous, selfish, insensitive brats? I totally concur!!!

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    darkeegan Jan 31, 2008

    You could lose weight... i bet a good way to do that is to stop eating their ### food!!!

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    cynkatt Mar 12, 2008

    hey, i noticed mcdonalds doesn't have a feedback email on their website...i can only imagine that it's becuase of an overwhelming amount of complaints, they certainly wouldn't be hiding their email for compliments!!

    First off, I have actually heard of the comment 'why are you ordering diet coke that doesn't make sense' over the years numerous times, this isn't an isolated comment made by one employee, numerous employees all across canada have done this to people. They see you ordering the juicy high calorie burgers and fried french fries so they figure why bother reducing the 100 and something calories of the drink...well frankly it's non of their damn business why. They are the ones working for an industry that millions of people are addicted to their food, if someone wants to cut out the sugar or those few added calories it's their business and shoudl never ever be questioned.

    I came across this msg board when I was looking for an email tonight, I wanted to email and tell the head office about a particular location I know of. It's always a disgusting mess and wait times is 20 minutes plus even if there is not a single person in front of me in line. I have never seen more then two people workign there at any one time. I think this is grossly unfair to the employees aswell as the customers.
    First off, employees can no where near meet the standards that should be expected or serve in a timely manor when they are so severely understaffed. What an injustice to these kids, they work there becuase they need the job, they are run ragged, treated like crap and blamed for not being able to serve faster or keep things clean when they couldn't possibly do so with so few of them there,they ofcourse become over wehlemed and cranky, turn over rates are higher as a result aswell, thus meaning more trainees are there that you deal with, they become incompetent and grow to hate their jobs...who does that then get taken out on? the customers! so both employees and customers loose severly becuase the greedy franchiser thinks his employees are a dime a dozen and can always be replaced and why should he hire more people when that cuts into his profit margin?...
    Ironically the only time I go to a Mcdonalds is when I am hurried and need the easy meal for the family on occasion due to the working family's with kids typical busy lifestyle...If I didn't have kids I wouldn't even go atall. I go becuase I don't have time to cook that particular occasion that I end up there, and it takes so long to get the order, half the time they get it wrong too so you have to eat something you don't want, take it back or een throw it out wasting your money. All the time and effort that ends up going into it gives me regret for even going, becuase I spent just as much energy and time that I would have if I had stopped everything and cooked the meal I didn't have time to cook in the first place.

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    dana Mar 16, 2008

    I went to every Mcdonalds in Burlington, Ontario tonight. You have a promotion for the shamrock shake right now, its one of my very favorite things. I wait for it. Not one frachise had it. They were all either out of it or their machine was broken. There was also one that doesnt even sell them. I cant understand how this could happen. Please understand I would never have said anything if I had to go to one or two different places to find it. But EVERY ONE???
    Please tell me where I can get my shamrock shake

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    P'edin nb Mar 24, 2008

    I will never ever in 100 years go back into a McDonalds rest. They are nothing but buttheads. I feel like Im in High school again. They must have a questionaire of how %$#@ing stupid a kid can be, and if ur stupid enough u can work for McDonalds. Everyone should go see for them selves, go to the McDonalds in Woodstock New Brunswick. It really should be a tourist attraction. You will be amazed at how stupid or stoned kids are there. Even the manager (or the one with a different shirt then the rest) was quite proud of being brain dead, but man she was cute and she knew it by the way she played with her hair and bounced across the floor, like, aaaaaaa yes someone at a high school dance. We stood inline for over 20 mins, that I said is ok there busy. Then my wife fooked everything up by asking for only ketchup on a cheese burger, ( I knew it right then)we are fooked now. Yup 10 mins later and 1 burger short of our order of 3 burgers u guessed it, just ketchup on everything. Long story short, It took the one kid that was on break, he got out of the line where he was waiting to order his break time snack, he went back in the kitchen and made my 2 burgers himself. And the manager sased him for doing it. I am done with McDonalds, I would sooner burn my money them give it to them! ###s

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    garrett george Apr 28, 2008

    you guys suck so hard its unbelievable you guys suck loooooooossssseeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    Grossed Out Apr 30, 2008

    Many years ago I went into McDonalds and the cook was in the back picking his nose! I watched him pick it and then wipe it on the inside of his shirt! I started screaming for the manager and she was embarrassed, but I don't think she did anything about it. From then on, it was known as Booger-Donald's. That was the last time I EVER went to that McDonalds! As a matter of fact, I have only been to McDonalds a handful of times at best since then and not in the past 5-7 years.

    McDonald's is gross! The food makes you sick, the employees don't care or are too stupid to care and they are too expensive.


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    ticked off May 18, 2008

    I just came from a totally different restaurant where a McDonalds employee came up to the counter to order. I wouldn't have even noticed it was a McDonalds employee except he was wearing the uniform of a shift supervisor. I noted the irony to my son, at which point he spouted off in an angry tiraid.

    Doesn't McDonalds have a policy in place to prevent this kind of anti-advertisment? Shouldn't they think to at least remove thir name tags before comitting to a swearing streak in front of minors?

    I've recieved so much crappy service and worse food from them, this just cinches it. No more McDonalds for me or my family.

    I'll be calling in the name tag info on Tuesday when the office is open. I hope he's rich, he'll be without a job soon. His biggest mistake? I know the owner of his franchise location.

    About the service? I agree. It sucks. Never had a correct order, and don't expect to with under paid kids behind the counter. They need to stay in school and quit ASAP. Most of them should stay permanently out of the restaurant business.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Orville Zander Jun 03, 2008

    I live in Vernon B.C. We have 4 McDonalds restaurants. They were excellent. The owner left and the four outlets are now without an owner. The service is now almost impossible. I hope that it is possible to get these four outlets back to the good stads of McDonalds

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  • Do
    Donnie Smith Jun 20, 2008

    I will never eat at mcdonalds again, or even lend someone money to eat there. Yesterday at the burnaby metrotown location, a new sushi kiosk rest was opening and giving free samples to would be customers. Mcdicks went to the line up to give free chicken sandwich samples, then they thought it would be funny if they gave free ice crap drinks as well. I can somewhat understand the 40 year old illiterate tits being so ignorant, but the manager (still not much better) come on, show some class and embrace competition for what it is HEALTHY!! I still dont understand why they would interfere with a small business that caters to a completely different customer, if you want gut rot & the Mcsquirts it's a solid lock choice. Now in trying to steal customers from a family owned shop, they lost a longtime sucker(i mean customer) . Perhaps i should be writing a thank you rant, instead of this. these are my 2 cents, and the last 2 cents these mongering society killers will see!!

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  • Oh
    Oh Well Jun 20, 2008

    We got to deal with some pretty ridiculous ### from customers too. Most of you guys need to get off your high horse and learn to roll with the punches. ### happens.

    Cause you know when you leave the store were all laughing at you behind your back.

    Besides, you got to remember, you better be nice to us. We make your food =)

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    gar Aug 13, 2008

    one thing is for sure: if you're nice to the employees and have a little bit of patience, they'll be nice with you...that's for sure, and for the fat guy: you should thank this guy for the recommendation!!! why are you doing this harm to your body!!! dring water and go on a diet!!!

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    Jonathan Robichaud Sep 27, 2008

    I cannot belive this ###! You've done it again! Everytime I go to the goddamn drive thru, I get ripped off! Way to go McDonalds! Keep messing up orders, you're doing every other restaraunts in the market a huge favor. Because, I for one, take a vow to never EVER, drop a goddamn cent in one of your restaurant ever. How complicated is it to follow a freaking list and make sure everything is there?

    Sounds pretty damn simple to me! I mean, we're not talking about rocket science here...or surgery...or even programming the clock on a freaking microwave oven.

    A&W forever! Or Wendy's forever! As far as I'm concerned any ###ing place is good as long as it's not your ###ing rip-off of a restaurant!

    ### you!

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    Pepperanne Oct 10, 2008

    Hey...if you live in Winnipeg...don't eat at the McDonalds in the Wal-mart on're gonna get food poisoning...dirty dirty place...gross ...

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    hotmama Oct 25, 2008

    I agree that service at mcdonald's could be better, but i just want to say something from the mcdonald's worker point of view.
    When people go into mcdonald's, they dont even realize that most of the time the people serving them are teenagers, and criminals, and mental patients. They have such a hard time finding decent workers that they have no choice but to take absolutely everyone. I actually remember hiring a guy who put his reason for leaving his last job as "because i went to jail". You can only do so much with what you have.
    The main reason that they are so understaffed is that it is pretty much a joke for any respectable adult to even consider working there. Everyone has this problem with their service, but no one thinks about why there is a problem.
    When i was over-night manager at McDonald's in North Battleford, I couldnt believe how badly the general public actually treats the people who work there. Grown men yelling at 15 year old girls so bad that they cried, people being called stupid, idiot, ###, etc., etc., purposely messing up the place, spitting on them, throwing food and pop on them, and just on my shift alone i've had people urinate on the drivethru window, been threatened more than a few times, attacked, and the list goes on. Bottom line, maybe if all of you just didnt treat mcdonalds workers like crap they might be a little nicer. Not saying that there arent a lot of problems with their service, because there are, it goes both ways though too. It doesnt matter if you are spending your money there when it comes to common decency. Then maybe they'd be able to hang on to the better workers, and be able to get rid of the bad ones.

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  • M0
    M'alee Oct 26, 2008

    First of all wether or not its McDonalds, Wendy's or any other "fast food" resturaunt, You get what you pay for.

    The food is cheap for you to buy only because the resturaunt general managers or CEO of these chains think that because the food is cheap, we should only hire cheap employees.. Making them a hell of alot of profit. Thats all its about people. Profit!

    Good, respectible employess will not be applying to Mcdonalds (or any other fast food chain) because they only pay the employees minimum wage for them to bust there ### making a mob full of people there food for 8 hours a day. Now considering no reasonable person, or one trying to support a family will ever want to work there, these chains recruit the teenagers, slackers, druggies, elderly, handicapped, and the desperate.

    When i was a teenager i worked at a mcdonalds because my mother forced me to get a job there. Not only was i paid minimum wage to sweat bullets doing 6 areas at rush hour, I caught a fellow employee (who was cooking hamburgers) Put his boot on the grill to see if it would melt or not, then the idiot cooked right on top of it!! When i went to tell my manager about this I was sent home and later fired, for argueing with the manager on how it was not only unsanitary, but it was a health code violation aswell. They told me i was disobeying my duty as an employee for arguing with the manager.. But when all i was doing is letting him know his employee was poisoning everone! So to sum it all up..The good employees get shat on and fired for pointing out things that are wrong, while idiots who accept there ###ed ways and wages continue there employment. So all and all... you get what you pay for!

    As far as the Diet coke thing... this particular worker had a point. I like diet pepsi for the taste too.. so i understand that, But to order a heartattack with cheese, supersized thigh fries and then say.. oh and a DIET Coke.. Yeah .. i would have looked at you like an idiot too and in the mean time be laughing my ### off inside my head. lol But i would greatly take your fat ### money and watch you slowly die because your dumb ### was to lazy to cook a REAL meal at home for your family. As much time as it took for you to drive there, give the order, get the food, complain, drive back home, then write a damn blog about your experience, You could have showed your child how to make lazagna (its called family time) and had a nice meal with the rest of your family.. Drama free at that!

    Wise up people. Forreal

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  • Di
    Diceee Apr 28, 2009

    hahahhahaah try working there and dealing with some of the idiots we deal with, for a matter of fact I work at the McDonalds in Woodstock New Brunswick. And maybe if some people learned how to order right they'd get their food right.. just my two cents.

    And yes your right some of us are idiots, only because we deal with the idiots that come thru.!

    and why large size your meal and get diet coke, it is poinless.

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  • Wa
    Waffle Jul 04, 2009

    I know personally a whole resturant in Windsor Ontario and they never get their pay in time, they make them wait up to 6 weeks for thier pay for work done . Their atitude is if you dont like it, go on welfare, who cares, worse off is all them horror stories you hear about the well known hockey puck is TRUE - yuck and you people eat this, how about i serve you my garbage after it rots for 4 weeks in 110 outside, its more cleaner then that big whack you eating as you read this !! Come on down to my store, your sure to get a burger made rare, did you know the blood still drips on the bun, we hide it with the ketchup .

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  • Fu
    FumingCustomer Jul 04, 2009

    Your all idiots. Simply stop going to McDonlads. If you really want to stuff your face with fatty food GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. It's yet still ironic how all of you complain but McDonalds is the wealthiest fast food company in the WORLD.

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  • Co
    Corna Jul 09, 2009

    Hello everyone, just so you all know its been 6 weeks since i had my last pay from Mcdonalds Canada, i am going to quit my job today and go on welfare, why becuase my rent is past due and my employer doesnt want to pay me for wages owed for the last 6 weeks . In my opinion they are going under fast, everyone in my store is owed more then 6 weeks of pay, can you imagine what your eating ?

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  • timduncan86 Jul 09, 2009

    Uh...McDonalds is far from wealthy. They are actually on the brink of bankruptcy, which poses the question as to why they haven't stepped up their game and provide good customer service so that they actually can be around in 10 or 20 years?

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  • binder Jul 09, 2009

    If what you're saying is really true, that employee rocks.

    Also, Diet Coke tastes horrific.

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  • timduncan86 Jul 25, 2009

    i think you mean Diet Coke tastes terrific.

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  • Do
    Don Hagerty Oct 05, 2009

    Oct 03, 2009 @ 1800 hr. I purchased 2 kids meals and 2 #1 combos at Mcdonalds in St.Thomas ont. Once I returned home and openned one of the Big Mac container I found 2 bties had been eaten from the burger. upon returning to Mcdonalds, I showed the burger to the manager on duty. He looked at me as if to say whats wrong with the burger. I told him that when I openned the Bigmac container, the burger had been eaten by somebody w2orking in your kitchen. To which he replied " what do you want, another Bigmac" I replied " yes and what are you going to do about the eaten burger." The manager replied " I wuill give you 2 apple pies." The action and attitude of the manager on duty was vey unprofessional and undeserved. I am leaving this complaint with you to act upon in some way shape or form. I will follow up later to see if have done any about this incident.

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  • Va
    vanscott Oct 21, 2009

    Another story, i went to Mcdonalds and paid with ten dollars, but the worker who barely spoke English gave me change like a gave her five dollars.

    I tried to correct her, but she said I was wrong. She then went on to call me a liar. The strange part is that this woman could barely speak english, and i waited for her to figure out how to count the change.

    I was very late so i asked her to check quickly. She said I was wrong, and now it was the principle, not the five dollars. i asked her for the manager, who backed the worker up without hearing my side of the story. i asked her to check the camera. she refused. She then took the drawer into another room, and came back five minutes later and said i was lying.

    I was so angry that I called them a few names, but when I went to grab my coffee, I accifdently knocked it over. I apologized because it really was a mistake. I was angry and not thinking clearly when I went to grab the cup. The next thing I know they are all yelling at me and all the staff is escorting me out the door. I thought I was going to get hit.

    I was victimized by McDonalds, and the manager was the worst of the bunch. If anyone cares, it was October 21, 2009 at 8am in vancouver by Thurlow and Davie. Another thing, i had well over 300 dollars in my wallet, so this was not some lame attempt to eat for free.

    Shame on McDonalds!

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  • Po
    poppop Jan 07, 2010

    well was on my lunch break which last 30 mins and no longer. I ordered my cheeseburger and when I got back to work I opened my meal to see there was no meat on the burger. Just a Pickle and some cheese. Are you kidding me this is whaT i paid $6.00 for .
    Not even the first time this has happened.

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  • Jd
    JDucharme Jan 09, 2010

    I don't see the point to ask for a Diet coke while ordering a Supersized double big mac trio, but it is not the employee's job to bother you with his/her opinion. It is (badly) paid to take the order and put the food on the tray.

    I agree that McDonald's is disappointing me. Maybe as Subway when you always gotta beg for veggies in your sub, if you want something else than salad. McDonald's is overpriced, fatty and everything, but they seem to not able to follow the pace with competitors.

    Also, avoid the branch on Denison Street in Granby, QC. It is totally disgusting. The bathroom stinks and it is not clean. The manager is a total jerk and doesn't give a f*ck about anything, but her precious ***. I don't even want to see their kitchen. Even if I was stuck there and no other choice, but them, I walked out and waited a hour to eat elsewhere.

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  • St
    Straight Up Jan 15, 2010

    Oh man! I feel for you. Nothing worst then going to Mcdonalds and getting lectured by some person you don't even know. I don't think this person meant any harm, but he should watch what he/she says because they are still providing customer service. McDonalds' philosophy is, the customer is always right. If I were you, I would find that person's manager and complain. Then I would write a letter to the head office to tell them the nonsense that is going on within their business. On a more serious matter, that person is right, any diet drinks can be harmful to you because they contain aspartame. This may lead to cancer when excessively consumed. Another serious matter is... WHAT ARE YOU DOING ordering a double big mac combo, super-sized it and getting a Mcchiken sandwich as well. Are you crucifying yourself? Diet coke will not make you any more slimmer when you gorge that much calories in you mouth. It will be stored as fat if your body cannot get rid of it (i.e. exercise), especially if you have a low metabolic rate. It may also lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and low self esteem or depression, because people are constantly ridiculing you... The list goes on and on. But, it is up to you. If you keep it up, maybe you can apply to be a contestant in the BIGGEST LOSER and make some life changes. Good Luck.

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  • As
    as i see it Jan 18, 2010

    For those that complain about not getting paid for 6 weeks or longer have 2 options. One you can sit around and ### about it or you could file a complaint with Employment Standards.

    All businesses have to follow the same rules and can be severely penalized for breaking them and withholding pay by McDonald's wold not do them any favors.

    As far as "Diet" drinks go, you have to weigh the difference between diet and regular. Diet drinks usually have aspartame or some other man made sugar in them. Aspartame has been linked to Alzheimer's, so you may have a few less calories, but over time you will forget about it anyways. I personally know of a few people who are just over 50 and are already showing signs of Alzheimer's.

    Then there is regular pop. There is so much sugar in these (white sugar) it won't take long before you are taking a pill or pushing a needle because you now have diabetes. I was at a health seminar and a 3 piece KFC chicken meal with a 16oz fountain drink and a donut has so much fat they passed around a 12 oz cup full of butter as an example of what you are consuming. The pop alone has the equivalent of 1 cup(8 0z) of sugar in it.

    I don't know what it is like in other province, but in Alberta, there was a huge labor shortage and McDonalds suffered in retaining older employees, so they hired allot of teens to fill the position. Allot for of these teens, it is usually their first job and allot of them are very nervous and mistakes will happen. Everyone has the same amount of time in each day and how you choose to use it is your choice, but having a little patience and not making a young child feel worse off by yelling at them goes a long way.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you don't like being treated like dirt, don't treat other that way. Unfortunately, with "fast" food comes mistakes. If you can't handle mistakes, don't go to fast food restaurants. I can be assured, that when anyone on this forum, when they were a teen made many mistakes and could have been crapped on by adults as well given the same situation. I as an adult and father would be ashamed of myself if I were to yell at a teen employee for any reason as it doesn't do anyone justice.

    I believe children should respect their elders, but if their elders don't deserve it they should get it and it appears some of you have felt the consequences. Time to be an example to the kids, not a bully.

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  • Jo
    Jodene Bee c Feb 07, 2010

    McDonalds employs little ###in loser kids who like to ### with people's food...the amount of money I spend just to feed my little family is probably about 3 hours of what those little freaks call "work". I hate McDonalds and their garbage food!

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  • Jo
    Jodene Bee c Feb 07, 2010

    Went to McD's tonight and ordered a Southwest Chicken sandwhich, and it had ketchup all over it. I gave it back to the girl at the window and told her there's ketchup all over, so she took it. She told the guy bagging the food behind her and he said, "Well, too damn bad." I was so sick of having messed up orders...I just yelled at the guy and said, "I pay good money for this food, it should at least be made right." Then they gave me my kids Happy Meals, and they were all mangled like someone in the back just grabbed all their food and crushed it all up! Like WTF they wanna mess with kids food for!?!? And for the guy who says be nice because we make your food, trust'll get yours! I know this for a fact. Everything comes back on you, if not, it comes back on your children. Believe me, a girl I know bit another girl on the forehead above her eye...2 months later a dog attacked her little girl and bit her right on the same spot. Same night, the girls friend busted the victims window...early December over here, -52 with the windchill a drunk that they pissed off the night before came along and busted their huge living room window while their kids were home with a sitter.

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  • StolenSerenity Mar 04, 2010

    [concerning Diet Coke] Wow. As a current employee of a McDonald's, I can say I'm utterly shocked at his behavior.

    I'd say that you could complain to a manager, but said manager probably wouldn't care. But as for the healthy thing, he's right that Diet Coke isn't healthy, then again, why isn't he lecturing you on the health of the McDonald's food? And I'm sure you already know what's healthy; what isn't, and he doesn't have the right to tell you.

    As for the $20 incident: She has no right to refuse a $20 bill. It's her job to keep her till full of 5's, so that change can be made. I can understand if you tried paying with a 50 or something and she didn't have change for that in her till, but even then she could go to the safe and make change.

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  • Sa
    Sabrina30 Apr 06, 2010

    I found a fly in my salad two weeks ago and when I brought it to the manager, he told me that it wasn't there when they gave it to me.

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  • An
    anonymousmontreal Apr 07, 2010

    most of the Macdonalds' staffs are no class, rude and unpolite. I never enjoy working there but for some reason they have to work there!! So ridiculous----found a job there but not enjoyed working there! Dumb and stupid !

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  • Ro
    Ronald's Friend Apr 18, 2010

    As a MacDonald's Supervisor let me just say your complaints are way off the mark. We give good service, have excellent food, clean facilities, and support a large number of charities.

    The problem is with the customer who thinking just because they have a few dollars in their pockets can dictate the way we run our operations. Honestly, there is nothing worse than a customer with attitude. I know on more than a few occasions I have had to tell a patron just shut up, and leave... go try Burger King with that mouth.

    Your to blame.

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  • Gp
    GPS1 May 14, 2010

    Hi everyone, I have decided to stop eating any McDonald meal. This is due to the behavior of their store personnel. My recent experience with the McDonald store supervisor named Harjeet was very disappointing. This store is inside Walmart at Islington Ave. and Rexdale in Etobicoke area. Her attitude and rude behavior towards customers is quite common. Some other customers who were there ahead of me were also seen making complaints. For me, I have decided to boycott McDonald store as there are plenty of other stores who are really focusing on customer satisfaction.

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  • Yo
    yodabear Jun 04, 2010

    Have you heard the lastest, Mcdonalds Shrek glasses Canada & U.S are being recalled because they contain cadmium (toxic substance), if they would start having this stuff made in US or Canada this probably would not have been a problem, i don't think i will be buying toys or glasses from them anymore.

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  • Yo
    yodabear Jun 04, 2010

    Have you heard Mcdonalds in Canada have recalled the Shrek glasses they contain Cadmium (toxic substance), why doesn't Mcdonalds wise up and start having their stuff made in U.S and or Canada. I'm thinking twice now before i buy toys or glasses from them anymore

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  • Im
    im lovin it Jun 17, 2010

    Stumbled across this complaint forum. Im a current employee of a McDonalds in Canada and we go out of our way to ensure the best service possible and follow proper procedures. If your order is inaccurate it is likely because it was confused for another customers order.
    We run our $#$#$ off and at times are under staffed. We are more then just the people serving you...we are customers too and dont think for one minute that we dont have equally frustrating experiences on both sides of the counter. I regularily serve some very pleasant people but on occassion find myself dealing with someone who obviously has a chip on their shoulder. Dont let one rotten egg spoil the whole carton... by coming in with a negative attitude based on past experience.
    Furthermore if you find yourself having issues with a specific location, dont hesitate to call in with your complaints so they can be documented and resolved

    People have the right to eat and drink whatever they prefer, and are responsible for the health risks associated with their consumption...the employee has no right to express his oppinions or go as far as to question your choices. I prefer diet pepsi myself :)

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  • Sm
    SMY Aug 04, 2010

    On my way home from work tonight I stopped off at McDonalds to grab something quick to eat. My order was simple, one grilled cheese kids meal with a coke, a mc chicken and a large coke (as the $1 for every size deal is currently available). The employee who took my order was friendly and patient. He took my order, confirmed it with me and took my money at the first window. However, the second employee (Oh, he was a real treat) was extremely rude and obnoxious. He first handed me my kids meal coke and then went to hand me a regular sized coke which was not what I ordered and had confirmed. When i told him this he proceded to argue with me that I did not order a large and that I was mistaken(so much for the cutomers always right). I then told him about how I had ordered a large and had it confirmed which threw him into a tizzy( Even though THEY ARE THE SAME PRICE). He took the regular size pop and chucked it out the window at my front car tires saying that "the other guy obviously got it wrong then". This obviously upset me because under no circumstance ( I dont care how little you are paid or how badly you are stressed you DO NOT vandalize someones vehicle) should he have thrown it out the window when a garbage was RIGHT BESIDE HIM! Then he grabbed the new pop thrust it into my hand while leaning his whole body out the window and nearly into my car (yes, this sounds overdramatic but yet very true) and said there you go GOODBYE and slammed the window. At this point I did not have my food so I tried tapping on the window while he was looking right at me then when he turned around i honked my horn. Finally he came back to the window and I asked if I could see his supervisor and he replied " you could if I knew where the **** he was". In the end I got my food, parked my car and went to walk inside while the same employee yelled out to me " if you want to complain I found my supervisor come on in" all while he had a new customer at his window. Furthermore, when I talked to the supervisor all he could say was sorry and looked very embaressed (i felt bad for HIM) I serve him at my work (Starbucks) quite often. . At this point I realise I am rambling on but I have never been treated so poorly by any other employees at any other food location EVER.

    Clearly, Mc Donalds needs to take more care in their recruitment. Maybe people wouldn't have such a negative image of them and the" druggies, elderly and desperate" the hire if they actually gave a s*** who represented their name!!

    I AM NOT saying every mc donalds employee is bad because the are not but the male employee working at the Collingwood, ON location on August 4, 2010 certainly is and is in DESPERATE need of a reality check!!

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