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Complaints & Reviews

Audi A4 2005

To Audi of America. I purchased my Audi A 4 used at a BMW dealership in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. From day one, it became a routine to taking the car in for service about engine light on, Some of the services were done at Audi at Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, and some private service centers.
Every time the outcome was the same, the next day the engine light will be back on. this car frustrated me, wasted my money, and always late for my annual Tag and registration. This has been a six years nightmare.
I cannot morally, sell the car because I owe the Bank which financed the car $2, 000.00 and pleading to Audi cooperation to assist remedy this ordeal. I looking forward to donating the car to the Society For The Blind in my area and walk away.
Your assistance will be appreciated
Brandford Lakumi

Audi A4 2005


I got this email today .. and I was wanting to know how I go about claiming my car and money Differently .. I just don't feel safe putting any kind of personal information on the internet withOut completely knowing who or where or why .. I would love to win this no doubt but I also don't wanna just be giving my info out to random people..please enlighten me about this matter thank you 😊


bad car service


A week ago, I have taken my brand new Audi S5 to it's first service (11500km), by midday, I was called to pick-up my car, only to discover-after a short drive- that the engine light was on. Next day, I took it back to service, when they told me that the waterpump was faulty! Coincidental they said! It has been 8 days and my car is still not fixed, plus I cannot trust them, as I don't believe they told me the truth or they have competent technicians to Audi standards. I am very upset and disappointed, as I am a devoted Audi lover.

Please note that soon after I bought the car -brand new- it had a problem in the engine, which was fixed, but again no one told me what it was or why a brand new car had it in the first place.
I am writing to you with a hope to have a better response than the ones I had here!

Sufyan Alshehab

faulty brake pads and clips in q7

Hi, we have 2018 Audi Q7 and spent almost $85000 by trusting that we get good quality vehicle . From last few months I'm experiencing squeaking noise from brakes when in reverse . Initially I didn't take it seriously because I thought it's because of rainy season . Last month I did my research online and I found out that this is a manufactured problem in q7 and now in USA few class action lawsuits also going on . Today I went to Audi dealership in Langley bc . I was informed that there is "tsb" on this problem and solution is to replace faulty brake clips and pads . But I've to pay $830.00 because it's only covered for 2 years and 38000km. I've fairly new vehicle only 23000km mileage and brake pads still at .8 which I was told fairly new . Also for the same problem Audi USA is covering for 5 years and 48000 miles I'm very disappointed with this because because of faulty part I'm having this problem and going through this stress. Please put yourselves in my shoes and provide me honest answer that do I deserve this ?

fraudulent email chain to gain access to personal information

I recently received this message Dec 4, 2019, 11:04 PM from AISCSL β€’ [protected]@q.com it says to [protected]@sr.ez

You may want to look into it if it is a fraudulent claim to steal people's identity or information.
If not and it is a legitimate contest please email me and I will send you my information immediately. Regardless I feel it is my responsibility as a loyal Audi automobile lover to inform you of this as they are using your good name to not only break the law but also sully your good name. Thank you for making some of the greatest vehicles on the market today.

Best regards,
Chef Kristoffer J. Martin
@ [protected]@gmail.com
Winter Garden Fl 34787

fraudulent email chain to gain access to personal information

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car keys

For more than a week now I have been waiting for the keys that I asked to order in Germany (unfortunately the...

car repairs audi a5 2.0t (2012)

My car was towed into Audi Northcliff fater it failed to start. A couple of days later I received a call and...

a6 ultra s-trnc gearbox fails weeks out of warranty

https://vv2u.co/5mxveM Audi ULTRA S-TRNC Gearbox FAILS weeks out of warranty on 38 month old A6 Bought an...

won $900, 000.00 and audi q7 sponsored by germany audi automobile company

Email dated 9/6/2019 3:30 pm from Audi Automobile Int'l Promotions by Promotion Manager Douglas Ludwig: PDF...

automotive and cash prize

I never sent requested info, the obvious red flag is an international airport company does not use...

audi a5 2013

I've been struggling for more than 4 years now about water level decrease, and followed all AUDI local service center recommendations and changed all the parts and paid all the expenses.
After multiple visits and thousands of pounds paid and leaving the car for months at the service center, still the same issue is there.
Tried to send a complain the AUDI, but they failed me and directed me again and again to the same incompetent local service center that failed AUDI by not able to identifying the issue and putting pressure on me to change multiple parts in vain.

This is very inconvenient and putting time and financial pressure on me which is unacceptable
My number is+[protected]
Email is [protected]@yahoo.com

routine maintenance

I dropped my car off at 8:30 am Saturday 7/27/19. For my routine maintenance an was told later on that day...

scam of lottery from audi

I received email stating I won lottery of 900, 000 and new Audi Q7. It had a Mr. Ludwig as Executive of the...

poor service

I have been having issues with my Audi A1. Gear grinding. This vehicle has been to the dealership. The...

audi a3

I bought my brand new 2014 A-3 on January 2014. Today, April 2019, the car has less than 40, 000 kms.

The car has been maintained by the book. All its scheduled maintenance has been done at the authorized dealer that sold me the car. Yet I have had a multitude of problems: a faulty transmission was changed; a leaking radiator had to be changed, and a whirring noise has been my constant companion for the last year and a half.

I have taken the car almost every other month to the dealer to have this whirring noise, (which I can describe as if a fan belt was slipping). I recorded the noise and shared it with the dealer. The mechanics said it was not clear enough. And despite having the recordings and my complaints nothing was solved. On two occasions the dealer kept the car for close to a month as needed parts had to be especially imported. Every time they said the issue was solved. Yet the noise continued. Since January 2019 the car has spent more time at the dealer than in the streets.

I even sent a recording of the noise. But it was not considered "clear"enough. No follow up with the factory took place. When this last January the engine failure light came on, the technician sent by AUDI to my house to verify if my car was road worthy checked the car and told me there was an issue with some sensors. Regarding the whirring noise he diagnosed an issue with the double clutch. I passed on that information to the dealer. (apparently, the mechanics at the dealer's shop do not follow up with the diagnostics technicians, even though they all work for the same dealer/distributor).

The car was in the dealer's garage for about two weeks. Finally, some parts I cannot describe were changed to eliminate a "clacking" noise. The very day I received the car back from the dealer I took it for a short drive: the whirring noise was still there, and the engine failure light still turned on. Despite all parts changes and work on the car none of the problems had been solved. It seems no effort had been made to check the clutch as the source of the whirring noise as the technician had suggested. So, I find myself one more time without a car, waiting to have the issue repaired, which I assume (and hope) this time will be addressed.

So, the very same day I received the car back from the dealer I was in the same place I had been in January having spent U$400 in repairs: with a whirring noise and lighting sensor showing engine malfunction. That very afternoon yet another technician came to my house to diagnose the car. He diagnosed exactly the same problems as in January: the same sensors failing and, just like the first technician in January, that the whirring noise was a double clutch issue. He even shared with me sound recordings he had from other Audi A3 with exactly the same noise and which the dealer had repaired. The car has been taken to the dealer once again.

Having so many problems from day 1 shows to me, a shoddy manufacturing and poor quality control, both in manufacturing and servicing for a high value brand, that purports to be a "luxury", technically on the leading edge automobile. The inability of the dealer to solve the problem, the fact that it did not follow up and ignored its own technicians' assessment of the problem (an issue with the double clutch) makes me wonder about AUDI's reliability and support for its brand reputation. (throughout all the process there was constant consultation with Audi's factory).

My wife's car, on the other hand, is a 2012 Subaru XV (Crosstrek in the US). The purchase price was roughly 2/3rds of the price of the Audi A3. In all these years we have had only one minor problem: a short circuit in one of the brake lights, solved in a 15 minute visit to the dealer. In short, we get far more reliability and better service from Subaru than Audi.

From my experience and standpoint, Audi's brand value for money is highly overrated. Owning and Audi is not worth the trouble and cost. I will sell the A3 as soon as it is returned to me (at a loss given its history of unreliability and unresolved problem) and I vow not to own, buy, accept as a loaner or rent an Audi ever again, and endeavor to make sure other people do not fall into the Audi trap, sharing my experience of shoddy manufacturing quality and poor service through my social networks.

intl online promotion

I received a email that said I won 9, 000, 000.00 us dollars and a new Audi Q7. Why is this? Is it real. Must know please contact me. [protected]. Leave a voicemail or best yet text message. Please and thank you. Or you can email me back angela.[protected]@gmail.com. I truely thank you for your time and efforts to help me figure out this matter.
Sincerely, Angela Hitsman

intl online promotion

audi care contract

I purchased my Audi A4 in February/March of 2014. My vehicle was actually a 2013 model that had been used by the dealership as a service vehicle since its in-service date at the beginning of 2013.
The salesman handling my transaction suggested I purchase an Audi Care contract under which I would prepay for regular services up to and including the 45, 000 mile service. I proceeded to do so. According to the paperwork I was given, the contract would expire at 5 years or 45, 000 miles, whichever came sooner. At the end of 2018 I presented my vehicle for its 45, 000 mile service expecting it to be covered under my contract.
I was told that the contract had expired and was charged $150. The service manager did point out that the agreement had been dated for the in service date of the vehicle and not for the date on which I purchased it. None of the paperwork I signed under the agreement indicated this and I appealed my case to Audi Customer Service. Some weeks went by and my appeal was refused.
Apparently, it indicates this on the Audi Care website but who consults a website when being sold an Audi Care contract? I am publishing this to alert other customers that might be tempted to buy an Audi Care contract on a used vehicle to beware.

repeated problems because of fault design

I am the owner of an AUDI A6 car (production date 14.07.2007, no: WAUZZZ4F08N024651). In the last 1.5 year...

Thessaloniki Cars, Parts & Vehicles

service center - audi kuwait


I'm contacting you to complaint about Audi Kuwait Service center.
I have a Q5 model 2014. Regardless that the majority of my experience with the service center is bad what happened this year is not acceptable. They are not honest, not giving a real advice rather they r searching for a financial gain regardless the safety of the client. Last week i sent my car for my last free service with Audi, the agent who was handling my car service is Jason. I shared with him my concerns about the car which was mainly the sound of the breaks. The next day he highlighted that the thermostat is leaking and the fuel hose is cracked which will be fixed and i have to pay around 400 kuwaiti dinars which is a very big amount. I was wondering how i have 2 serious problems in the car and I didn't even get 1 automatic notification that there's a problem, then i sent my father to check and they convinced him that this is serious and affects my safety and we gave to fix them.
Based on this advice we gave them the ho sign to do the needful. when we were receiving the car my father asked them for the damaged parts, Surprisingly the fuel hose was not cracked and the thermostat was like a brand new!!
In addition, the invoice was very high due to labour cost which includes around 70 Kuwaiti Dinars just to check for one part which I didn't ask them to check but they said that they need to check it for my safety!!
What they have done to me is considered cheating the client for financial gain.
I need to be contacted by one of the managers ASAP to share with them my serious complaint.
I was thinking to change my car and get the newer model but now I'll definitely ignore this idea and I'm advising all my circle of friends not to buy Audi.
The service center in Kuwait is really ruining the reputation of Audi international.
Finally, they said that the breaks ate good though it still having the same sound after receiving the car which clearly shows that they didn't take care of my concerns instead they were focusing on the commercial gain
What happened with me is unprofessional and I really need your help

q7 windshield damage

The windshield on my Q7 has been damaged and in need of replacement for 5 months. My Audi dealer says they...

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