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3801 Bonney Rd, Virginia Beach, VA, 23452, US
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CarMax - Sales agreement

Purchased a vehicle at the Bonney Rd. location and was given a "guaranteed" trade amount of $16,000. however, upon arrival, three days later, they offered $15,000. When asked why the $1000. drop in value 3 days later, they advised "the market".

Proceeded to purchase my selected vehicle and was told they'll pay the balance on my trade $1600. and advised me to continue to make my scheduled payments until the loan payoff was complete.

They mailed a check to my lender however, shorted the payoff by $600. and when I asked about my payment reimbursement, I was told they'd overnight the payment to me.

That was a week ago. I was promised a tracking number however, they wouldnt/couldn't provide. Thieves.

Desired outcome: I'd like reimbursement of $371.45

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5:12 pm EDT

CarMax - Engine

I am reaching out due to my current grievance with my purchase at Carmax located at 3801 Bonney Rd, Virginia Beach VA 23452, Carmax sold me a 2017 Lincoln MKZ in April of 2022, not to mention I traded my cadillac cts coupe that I OWN for 7 years,and needed nothing but maintenance at 112,000 miles.

Since buying this lincoln MKZ "troubled" car, I have had nothing but problem after problem. First, the battery had to be replaced $300.00, then I had to replace ALL FOUR TIRES, $739.00, now, I need a whole new engine with a mileage of 76,000 miles! This has been estimated at $7000.00.

Per diagnostic $129.00, It states coolant has been leaking into the engine. Since buying this "horrible" vehicle, I have kept up with inspections, and oil changes. Doing my part. I have never had such issues with a vehicle before. I also never purchased a vehicle from Carmax.

Despite the negative reviews, I decided to see for myself and purchase with carmax.

This has been a nightmare!

Desired outcome: I am requesting any help and/or assistance with this matter to where I am not being financially strained. Permanent and total disable veteran that need reliable transportation. Do the right thing and replace the car!

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10:25 pm EDT

CarMax - Services trash

I first purchased a range rover evoque and I thought everything went well until I realized the vehicle didn't have features I wanted so I was told I could swap into the same vehicle with my features. Mind you now they never told me as they look to find the vehicle that fits my needs that they were also running my credit every single time. The vehicle was found and I was called to go in and sign and pay the transfer fees. I did, then was told it'll take a week for it to arrive in which was fine. The week pass and I get a call to pick up the new vehicle, get there and they had to run my credit again and it had been red so many time my apr went sky high and my payments changed and loaners were backing out on loans because it was starting to look as if I was thirsty for a car with all the runs they did without my consent. Again they weren't telling me what was going on they were trying to get me in the car the best way they could but destroying my credit as they did it. I was at carmax for like 6 hrs. And they told me they couldn't do anything for me I was furious and saw my credit score drop 57 points. I than became so angry and told them they had to figure it out and get me in a car. They put me back in the vehicle I had and the brakes were squealing so loud it was embarrassing. I had the service dept. "fix" the problem in which they said they put oil/spray or something on the brakes. By then I knew I didn't want to deal with carmax nor refer anyone. Its now 2 months later and the last 2 weeks the brakes has gotten worse and I called to have it looked at and service and was told my appt was 2 weeks out. Again i'm furious because who wants to drive in a nice car with brakes sound like a 18 wheeler stopping at the last min. I asked for a manager and joe was nice enough to have me drop my car off and put me in a loaner. I thought the loaner would be the exact vehicle or something that matches the class of car I have but the vehicle was a volkswagen and I thought it was a joke and I was being pranked and they were so serious. I wanted to cry because I paid so much money for them to degrade me due to them giving me a problems. I am here to say carmax gave me the worse experience as far as buying cars and I thought drivetime was trash years ago, carmax is worse than drivetime.

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