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CarMax - Sales staff at Carmax Plano, TX

I ordered a BMW M3 to be delivered to the Plano Carmax store after receiving a loan approval. During my first encounter with the sales department, I was told how when they get a sporty car in, it usually ends up a demo for a few months. Well, you will never guess, the car arrived at the Plano store, I was told it wasn't ready. The next day, not ready. The next day, they told me they never received the title and offered to give back the shipping fee. I contacted the shipper and the Fort Bend Store where it was located; the title was sent with the car, and the guys at the Plano store were lying about not receiving it. I contacted consumer relations at Carmax, and the car magically became available.

I booked a 24-hour test drive, got there, and they only gave me 20 minutes and demanded I bring it back. Once again, I spoke to headquarters, and they gave me a 24-hour test drive. When picking it up, AJ AWAD informs me that the car couldn't be taken; he claimed it was leaking fuel. He poured fuel on the ground then called me back to see it. It is all a ruse. Once again lying, the manager even tells me "it poured all of the fuel on the ground." I go back and look at the car; it's got a full tank, no leak. It takes them two weeks and several hundred miles to fix this alleged leak (I took a photo of the mileage). Now a month has passed.

To get to the point: Upon purchasing the car, I was treated like a thief. They demanded to log into my bank, and if I didn't, they wouldn't sell the car. I brought a check for $13,500. I was called a liar, a thief, insulted, cussed at, and challenged to a fight and extorted by salesman AJ AWAD and the manager. They said my income wasn't valid. I was told that if I had some cash (for their pocket) to put down in addition to the $13,500 check, they would waive my income verification and credit check. If not, I could #^& off! CARMAX, I know this is not policy. You get one opportunity to fix this a lawsuit and criminal charges will ensue if not.

Desired outcome: Sell the car as promised and throw in gap and 125,000 mile warranty free of charge.

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8:32 pm EDT
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CarMax - terrible service!

I would not recommend Carmax of Plano, TX to anyone. Their website claims that they do a 125 point inspection and spend an average of 12 hours going over each car before they put it on their lot for sale. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I bought a 2008 Pontiac G6 from Carmax Plano and my experience with them turned into a nightmare. After I purchased the car, I started hearing noises from the front of the car and noticed the car wobbled when I applied the brakes. I took the car to Christian Brothers Automotive and the mechanic said that the car needed these items repaired.

All brake pads replaced
Both tie rods replaced (part of the steering linkage)
All four rotors needed to be replaced as they were warped beyond repair
Transmission fluid was dirty and needed to be changed
Brake fluid was very dirty and needed to be changed

I took the car back to Carmax Plano and left the car with them along with the list of the repairs needed. My service advisor, James, called me later that day and said that the car was unsafe to drive because of the tie rods (which are part of the steering linkage) were bad and needed to be replaced. He also agreed that the brakes were bad and all four rotors were bad.

James refused to change the transmission fluid and brake fluid and would only resurface the rotors, not replace them as the mechanic said is what needed to be done. So they put a car that was unsafe to drive on their lot for sale. What about their so-called “125 point inspection” that they claim is done on every car?

They gave me a loaner car to drive for about five days while my was being repaired. When I finally got the car back, I noticed a rattling noise coming from under the car. I took it back to them and they had to take it to a GM dealer to find out that a brake cable had come loose.

Got the car back and there was another rattling noise. Took it back to Carmax and they found that a heat shield by the muffler was loose. This was repaired.

Got the car back and noticed another rattling noise that I could hear when the windows were down. Again, I took the car back to Carmax Plano and they could not find anything wrong with it. I took it to a GM dealer myself and they found out that Carmax had replaced the brake pads with the wrong ones. The dealer installed the correct brake pads.

James had promised me he would order a replacement remote control as one was broken. On one of my numerous trips to Carmax Plano, I asked if it had arrived yet, only to find out James had never ordered it.

I had enough at this point and asked to speak to the manager, Nate. I asked Nate him for his assistance to help me get the remote. Much to my astonishment, he said “I have 180 employees and over 3000 customers per month and I don’t have time”. He said I would have to deal with the service advisor, James, to which I replied that was the reason I was talking him, because I was not having much luck with James.

I asked Nate that if I could not get this small issue resolved with James, would he step in to help. He flat out said “no”. I could not believe a manager had this type of attitude problem and wondered how someone with his personality became a manager.

I called the Carmax corporate office and spoke with a lady in customer service about everything that had happened. She said she was taking notes and would get back with me. Never heard from her but was not surprised at this point.

So with was my experience with Carmax Plano and if you don’t want to possibly go through what I went through, buy your car from somewhere else.

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9:22 am EDT
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CarMax - rip off

I almost got ripped off by Carmax of Plano. They offered me 6500 for my 2005 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner SR5. Told me that they could only get that if they bought or sold it. Well I found on the Carmax site a 2005 strip model PreRunner for 12, 998. I complained to the corporate office in Virgina, and when I went back to the site the car had been removed? Well I kept a copy of the site knowing they may do that. I wouldn't buy a thing from these people. It looks like they are corrupt all the way to the top.

Detailed at

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Ling Chi
, US
May 24, 2010 8:50 pm EDT
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I highly doubt the vehicle you found on the site disappeared just because you found a pricing "discrepancy" - the vehicles actually disappear the next day if someone has sold them. Carmax uses an automated inventory system that only displays vehicles available for sale, and the vehicle is deleted if purchased.

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