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1300 Northwest 98th Court, Doral, FL, 33172, US
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CarMax - I hate carmax

My nightmare started on August of 2011 when I decided to buy a convertible Mercedes at Carmax. After only having the car for 2 weeks, I had a huge leak on the roof, engine problems and many other problems.
I brought the car to Carmax at least 10 times regarding this matter, since I live in South Florida and it rains a lot, I would come to work soak and wet due to the roof.
Finally, one day I got into a car accident because the roof was leaking, I was trying to dry myself and I didn't see the car behind me when I was backing off the parking lot.
I decided to exchange my car for a Mercedes truck in February of 2012 thinking that would resolve my problem... guess what? Less than 1 month after having the car I already had several problems with the trunk, airbag light, oil leak etc.
I think that overall I have been there over 20 times and I am so sick and tired of them.
To make matter worse, the manager and their representatives treats you like if you are doing you a favor. Please keep in mind that I paid over 4K for my warranty! THANK GOD!
What makes me sooooo mad is that they advertise that their used cars are CarMax Quality Certified, which means every vehicle on their lot must pass a 125+ point Certified Quality Inspection by one of their technicians. YES RIGHT! Their own mechanic told me that he didn't think my convertible was EVER inspected because I had so many problems.
I would love Carmax to take their CRAPPY car back and return my money but since I don't want to mess up my credit and I know darn well they wouldn't try to help me, I guess I am stuck with this piece of crap of car.

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8:33 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CarMax - crashed car

I purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 (55, 000 miles) from Carmax on May 5, 2009. Between that day and June 15, 2009 I have taken the car back to carmax 6 times (11 days total without a car) It took them 6 attempts to fix my steering and it was not until the 6th attempt that they finally decided to replace my rack and pinion along with a broken tierod end. My A/C makes a horrible hissing sound after it being on for more then 5 minutes to witch Carmax states its perfectly normal although a professional A/C mechanic explained to me that it was a bad expansion valve. My vehicle is covered with Maroone Collision Stickers on all the door panels. I noticed these when I first purchased the vehilce but I assumed they were there because the vehicle was originally sold by a Maroone dealership. After dealing with the faulty steering, bad brakes, and various instrument panel lights going out (headlamp switch, foglamp switch, radio power button) I began to wonder if this vehicle was in an accident originally. I called the Maroone collision center and sure enough they told me it was in deed in a crash but would not give me further details on it seeing as I was not the original owner of the vehicle at the time of repair. I had the vehicle expected by a friend who is an ex-employee from Kendall Collision and was a quality control manager (he would inspect cars after they were repaired to make sure they were up to industry standards) and he confirmed that the vehicle was crashed. My driver door was misaligned, the driver fender was misaligned. The driver side headlamp was misaligned, the driver side fog light was misaligned, the hood release cable was mis routed and binding, different bolts that hold the fender in place were in use vs the passenger side. Along with all the issues I have had earlier with the steering, brakes, and lights he said he was 110% confident it was in a crash. But the carfax report said it was clean and no accidents. I took it to carmax today because there I was tired of dealing with this nightmare and explained to them that I wanted a full refund or to swap out my car because of the fact that it was crashed. I spoke to Steven Wheeler (Operations Manager) and he told be flat out "We sell crashed cars here at carmax, but we dont sell cars with frame damage. Your car is a used car and you should expect it to have problems" I was astonished at this comment but more outraged at the fact that Steven just admited that carmax sales crashed vehicles. I told him that this was a deceptive sales tactic as they had a ford sedan parked in the showroom with a sign on it that says "we would never sell you a car like this, because it use to look like this" and under that it had a picture of the same vehicle crashed. I assumed that carmax does NOT sell crashed cars. In fact the entire reason I went and purchased a vehicle at carmax (for an outrageous price tag as well) was for the guarantee that these vehicles are not crashed and had a 125 point inspection. If I knew the vehicle was going to have so many problems and was crashed I wouldve paid thousands less then what I did for it. I might as well have just gone to any other dealership to purchase a vehicle. Mr. Wheeler explained to me that I should be grateful for the repairs they have made on my USED vehicle because its a USED vehilce and it will have its problems. I then told Mr. Wheeler that this company lacks proper business ethics practices deceptive sales tactics. They will be hearing from my attorney.

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Athens, US
Feb 20, 2011 1:55 pm EST

Well they didnt sell me a wrecked car, they did one better. Took my car to knoxville tn location to sell them my car. They took it out for a test drive. 45 Minutes later was brought back on a roll back as the driver crashed it into a curb bending the front left tire all the way back against the fender. Went to scene with the police (carmax refused to call police), could see 40 foot skid mark starting where he turned off the straight road and started aright around the circle and then another 100 foot skid mark after hit the curb. The skid marks were not from locking brakes but where front left tire outer edge was actually going sideways (could see it very clearly on the concrete right before hit curb). He was never on the brakes and was trying to drive through it. I have a 2008 mazdaspeed 3 that has very sticky tires and can take corner at high speeds. But the was circle and once leave straight road going on to circle was down hill. How fast was he going? If they do not buy it for full value i am going to have mazda pull the computer record which will show speed, which gear, if brakes were applied everything.

Ling Chi
, US
May 24, 2010 8:46 pm EDT
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Carmax literature does not state they sell accident free cars, but only that they will not sell frame or flood damaged cars. The display everyone seems to be confused about has a statement along the lines of "see sales consultant for details" - had you asked your SC, or your selective memory would not omit this fact, s/he would have explained the display to you. Unfortunately, many people do not have the patience to listen to the SC and want to jump right into finding a vehicle. Yes, the Carmax way is to explain everything that makes Carmax different, but not every consumer wants to sit through the spiel - who's to blame for this?

Additionally, when I was there, the policy for retail cars (

Consumer Law
Tampa, US
Jan 30, 2010 2:14 pm EST

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with CarMax. Unfortunately your experience is not an isolated incident. My firm has represented a number of consumers with identical issues issues. We are well aware of the lobby displays and assertions by CarMax that they do not sell wrecked vehicles. If you need assistance with this matter please feel free to contact my firm for free legal advice. In most instances we are able to represent individuals and collect any fees for legal services directly from the dealership. Regards; Aldo Bolliger, Esq., Mitchell & Bolliger, PLLC, [protected].

North Miami Beach, US
Jan 05, 2010 9:35 am EST

did they ever change the car?
I just purchase a car on sunday I already notice that the car was involve in some sort of accident, damage to the front bumber and rear bumper they tried to cover it up with some cheap paint that does not match and lot of over spray. I plan on returning the car today to get my full money back.
Fort lauderdale Car Max

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