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deceptive business practices

I went to Aspen Dental for a free examination. I went because my wife had some work done and was very uncomfortable with the business practices involving upselling, bait and switch and general unethical treatment. I was also motivated to go as my insurance changed and I was forced to find a new dentist. I got my free examination and was told I needed a deep cleaning, 4 cavities repaired, 2 fillings removed that were failing, a bridge removed that was old with one supporting tooth was weak. I was also told I had bleeding gums in which I do not. The dentist then proceeded to agressively dig at my gums and then with a swab show me blood as proof of the bleeding gums. It was clear to me I was being played as a sucker.

I asked the business person to provide me with a detailed statement of the work I needed. He agreed and then never gave it to me. Rather he gave me an estimate for about $1400 for the cavities and a deep cleaning. He marked it down to ~$700 because he claimed I had a "good insurance plan". In fact, I had no insurance rather I had a plan that if participating members subscribed to the plan they charged published set rates for different services. I wasn't going to let these people to anything to me.

I then went to the dentist that has cared for me for 20+ years. I was told I had no tooth decay, gums were fine, bridge is fine, bones are strong. It's clear to me that I was being set up for treatment I didn't need, upselling, bait and switch. I recommend to stay around from these clowns. They are potentially dangerous to your health. If our state cared they would close these people down. Its very clear to me that a few simple visits by people from the state would see the practices. I have to wonder why this hasn't been done yet. Then again its Ma. government...

  • Je
    Jenn Jan 31, 2009

    So you have enough time to go to the dentist your wife had a horrible experience at and then, you had even more time to go back to your old dentist to have him say your teeth are healthy?

    Massachusetts government is what it is because people vote Deval Patrick into office. Every election is the same democratic junk, nothing new!

    Lastly, don't you think the BBB and Ag's office has most likely already done an investigation and found nothing?

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  • Mo
    Mohammad shakil Ahmad Jan 02, 2013

    Hi my name is Mohammad shakil Ahmad, I am visiting Aspen dental, Brockton MA since last 2 years.But I am fully unsatisfied with theree work.Several time they send me wrong bill and I have to argue to correct it.The recent complaint is the above all my complaint .On january 1st 2013 the make my appointment six months ago and on 27th dec 2013, I got an e-mail for my appointment confirmation, I confirmed on line.I want to let you very clear when the was making appointment, I asked the secretary that are you open on that day she told me they are closed only 2 days in a year on thanksgiving and x-mas.I went to aspen dental on my scheduled time and date but there was a notice on the door that we are closed today no body gave me a call for the closure.The wasted all my celebrations and I also took day off for that.When today I went to Aspen dental to ask about the happening the manager Jenifer told me that i am lying but when I showed the appointment card issued by aspen dental then she told me she does not know any thing about it.She even don't said sorry and went back in her office.I want some solution otherewise I will go furthere.She is very uncurtious, She is stupid and manner less.My e-mail is [email protected] My phone # is 5088181929

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ripped off on dentures

I had 100% coverage on new dentures up to $1500.00, so I decided to get new dentures, I went to Aspen and the woman that handles the billing and ordering of the dentures, did not even ask me which ones I wanted, she automatically set me up for the top of the line dentures, which cost $2000.00, knowing that I would still have to pay the remainder, I was approved for a GM card which allowed me to make payments. After months and months of trying to get the dentures at a proper fit, I went to get my new dentures, when they put them in my mouth, they looked terrible, and they didn't fit right, I couldn't talk, nor wear them, after months and months of trying again to get them to fit, a new dentist from Easton, decided to "help" me and make me new bottom dentures, they fit wore than the other ones, and when I told him just this, he took the attitude that he was not making me another set, nor giving me my money back, but I could have the first ones back...why would I want another set that didn't fit?...I decided to try and wear them, but when I compared the top dentures to the bottom dentures, the bottom dentures were not the same quality, the teeth were yellow, they were the low grade teeth put in a $ 1000.00 price tag...I am contacting consumer affairs and the BBB to get my money back...I have to past the uppers in once a day, and the bottoms in 4-5 times a day...

  • Te
    teeth still killing me Jul 31, 2009

    Just visited a new aspen dental office that opened in West Burlington. My appointment was at 8:00, left the office at 11:00. Nothing more than an exam and x-rays were done. I went to get a price on a set of dentures (full upper and lower) and was quoted 7, 500 including extractions, my insurance covers 1500 for dentures and some of the extractions. My estimate was 5, 564 after insurance. Thought that this was a little high so I searched for average cost of full dentures in Iowa. Came back with results stating that the average cost of dentures in Iowa were ~$2, 500. After a little more searching found info stating that premium dentures could range from $1000-5000 (for top of the line), funny because even their lowest option was still quoted as 4200 after insurance. The office manager "didn't have time to break-down the costs for me as they were double-booked and needed to get to other patients".

    This is when I got online and looked up reviews of aspen. Let me tell you what: I have seen child molesters get better reviews from the public. I've been searching for an hour now and have yet to come across ONE review that wasn't horrible (besides on their website). Anybody reading reviews of this company would be well advised to stay away.

    On a side note:
    While waiting for my exam a lady came in for her appointment and when asked for her insurance she gave them a title 19 card and was told that they don't accept title 19. This made me suspicious from the start. What kind of company will not accept a government paid health care service? answer: One that is out to over bill, over charge, and provide shady service.

    A V O I D A S P E N D E N T A L

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  • Sj
    SJ40 Apr 29, 2011

    The fact that they don't accept title 19, doesn't mean anything. Nobody is obligated to accept goverment insurance. And a lot of dentists don't accept it, so there is nothing to be suspicious about. As far as the cst of dentures go, it included your extractions. Did the price for dentures that you fund during your research include that? I can assure you, it did not. And before you ask -- no, I don't work for Aspen, although I am a dentist.

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dishonest, poor work and customer service

I totally agree with all the complaints on this forum. I started my nightmare with them last Feb. and it...

they lied about their services!

I was told that $10, 300.00 would cover everything from my initial consultation through surgery and up to...

awful company

I too am a very dissatisfied patient ('customer') of Aspen Dental. Have been going thru heck with these people for almost a year. Too many problems to list here, still haven't gotten the money back I deserve, and they are refusing at this point to reimburse my insurance co. and I never accepted their crummy ill fitting dentures or partials. Still have their crummy ill fitting 'temporary' teeth, only because I cannot afford to go elsewhere until I get my problems resolved with my insurance co. They are thieves who only care about the 'bottom line' like most corporations. PLEASE if you are having problems with them, do what I have done and contact your state's Attorney General. Let them know what a scam this place is and then maybe someone will do something about them! I live in Ohio and would like very much to take them to court, but cannot afford an attorney right now. Anyone know about a class action suit going on? I would certainly join in!!!

  • Je
    jennifer Dec 02, 2008

    I too have become another victim of Aspen Dental. I live in South Portland, Me. They told me I needed a special cleaning and Ihave the begining stages of gum disease, at the end of my exspensive cleaning I got a stupid toothbrush and a rinse..WOW! They acted like they were doing me a favor when they signed me up with care credit. Now when they were selling me on this wonderful card they made it sound like it was a credit card.What gets me is they billed the whole amount of suggested work all at once even though I hadn't had it done yet.What is that all about? So I refused some of there sugestions and the financial lady was so rude to me when I told her I wasn't getting things done and gave me attitude because now she had to adjust my total amount owed. I feel like I am getting ripped off because I have to pay finance charges on money I am not using and will not be using. I am interested in this class action law-suit for many more reasons then what I have stated and will be in contact with the Attorney General for my state. LETS DO IT!!!

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  • Ga
    Ganelle Feb 20, 2009

    After reading all these complaints I have decided I WILL NOT being going to Aspen Dental as I had planned. I wondered why they were only advertised on TV for two days and I have not seen their comercial since.

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  • Ru
    Ruth Pierson Jun 17, 2009

    I drove my sisters to the office in Springfield, Il. WOW that is a scam.
    They advertise full set of replacement dentures for $1899.00 and then they give you this discount. The initial cost before the discount is higher and the price after the discount is higher than they advertise.
    Arrived at 3:00 p.m. left at 6:10 p.m. Found a place right here in Peoria, IL. that will give the same quality dentures, and do the extractions for $869.00. for upper denture only.
    I would advise anyone to stay very far away from Aspen Dental!
    I would advise anyone that has gone, to file a complaint with the better business bureau, as this stays on their record.
    I understand one man owns this operation with investors, so we all need to send him a message that he is out of business...

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  • Ya
    yaknowit Sep 16, 2010

    I went for the free exray and consult advertised, was going to get a cleaning and instead the dentist said I had gum disease and needed a expensive deep cleaning proceedure. The exray tech did not know what she was doing at all. Took exray after exray with a outdated device that fit my mouth very uncomfortably.
    I was offered to sign up for the payment plan, a loan more or less, I had no job at the time so not sure how she thought I could qualify. I left to think about it...
    I called another dentist and got quoted half the price of Aspen's price for same thing and so I went to the other dentist and the exrays there only took a sec. and got a deep clean for half the price.
    Will never go to Aspen Dental and am glad they did not get any credit card info on me that day.

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  • Lo
    Lori_T Apr 11, 2011

    So this is very interesting. I needed a cleaning, had to go to though a massive amount of xrays, even though I had recent one from a my previous dentist. They took my Blood pressure and told me my blood pressure was high. A follow up with my GP proved they were wrong. SO after my cleaning they told me I had gum disease and and need the deep cleaning. I seemed fishy, so I called my previous dentist from where I used to live. He said well you xrays are about 6 month old but he didn't' see where deep cleaning was necessary.

    After reading the reviews above all I can say is it Sounds like a pattern to rake in money to a big box corporation to me! a second opinion!

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charges for work not done

My husband broke a tooth and our new insurance wants us to use Aspen Dental.
He went for the first visit, an evaluation. They told him he needs 12 caps, and has
the beginning stages of gum disease.
Today, they worked on his broken tooth. It's dead, so instead of extracting it, he got a root canal and now we have to go back for a crown.
I don't have the kind of money they are charging. If you don 't do the work they recommend, they bill you astronomically for basic things. The x-rays are a joke, it took an hour for them to get a clear set, where have all the honest dentists gone????

  • Nu
    nuxen Feb 17, 2009

    Yes, the same here in Aspen Dental in Fairlawn, Ohio, 3737 W Market St, Fairlawn, OH 44333, (330) 668-8880

    We switched to it over an year ago.

    A few months after we switched, the manager began to cook the book, charging services never provided, cheating both the insurance and us, mostly on my wife since her English is limited.

    I confronted the manager several times, and she always blamed human error in book keeping

    Last Dec, I demanded the account ledger and caught all the charges on non-existing services, one was just two-day old!

    Dozen or so people also caught their cheating

    If you used this office before, make sure you ask for a detail account print-out and go through it thoroughly

    On top of the cheating, their works are terrible: Not only they chatted during cleaning, one time, when we took my girl home after cleaning, we notice a big chuck of deposit was not removed

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  • Allie at Aspen Dental Apr 10, 2009

    Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. We sincerely apologize if your husband's visit to our office was anything less. We advise all of our patients to first call the Aspen Dental office where they were treated and, if the issue is still not resolved, to call our Patient Satisfaction Hotline at 1-866-273-8606 or email us at [email protected] We promise to respond to you as quickly as possible, but no more than two business days from your initial contact with us. Aspen Dental is committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you for letting Aspen Dental serve you.

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rude, poor work you name it

At first I was oh so happy, But I switched from the head dentist, I could just not take the way she spoke too...

periodontal work

I went in to have a broken tooth fixed. They told me I needed periodontal work done before they would touch...

creative billing practices

When I first went to Aspen Dental, one of the dentists that happen to be there that day looked at my teeth...

upsell fraud

I brought my coupon for a "free exam and x-rays." After that exam, I was brought into an office where a...

possible scam / mistake

I went to Aspen dental for a consultation on a dental implant afer filling out the initial forms and giving...

just money!

wish I had seen this website and reviews before visiting aspen.
well, we had a bad experience and it was just waste of time.
they said that my husband has periodontal disease and will soon loose his teeth if not treated soon... when he questioned them more in detail about it they didnt have a right answer. at the end we were given an estimate with a huge amount to be paid. well, I decided to always check for some reviews before meeting any new doctor.

  • Ri
    Richard C.Marsh Dec 01, 2008

    Went to Aspen for dental work and was told I needed peridontal work after they had supposedly finished all other work.My wife and I asked to have our teeth cleaned and finally got an appointment. When we went they said we had to have x-rays then they said my wife had tto have a small ridge ground down. Low and behold when I got into the chair Ihad to have filling ground down just a little.We asked if we were having our teeth cleaned and they said they didn't have time and to make another appointment.In our opinion they are cheats and con artists and they suck!!!

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I met with a manager in the torrington, ct office-at least I think he was the manager-he seemed more like a...

dr shingala

This dentist first couldnt do the blue bit. It took five trys and then his asst had to do it. I was scared because this man was pulling all my teeth. Well I had right to be because he went in and just broke off the teeth he couldnt get out. Well they sent me home and I had to come back and he said oh there is a sharp piece breaks that off send me back home said it will heal. Well I am in pain and really dont want to go back but I have to and I was in luck he was on vac and this other dentist had to go in and open the botton gums and remove what he had left. She said I will have to charge you $500.00 for this. It would be more if she did the top were I am still having problems. This dentist doesnt care he is there for the money. oh I go back and he hears all what went on and said are you still mad at me. Keep my mouth shut but you can image what I really wanted to say. So I again I try to tell him that I have some tooth left in the top. I dont fell anything he said and had his asst to do the fitting. Well these dentures have sanding alot and he comes in and says what is taking so long is there a problem I need you in the next room. Well I new right then that was it he needs to be reported.
All I can say is stay away from this dentist.

  • Mm
    mmjax659 Aug 08, 2009

    That doctor apparently isn't the only one. I was treated for pain through my family doc and this Aspen dentist refused to provide any pain medications because he said I already had enough that I was already on for chronic pain. I understand pain management and even patients who are already on pain meds for chronic care need additional medication for new, more intense pain short-term. Because of his refusal I ended up in the ER of a major hospital and the infection was so bad that the antibiotics that the dentist prescribed had to be doubled and morphine administered to get my vital signs back to normal! I was in the hospital for almost a week to rule out cardiac problems only for the hospital docs to conclude that the whole ordeal came from being undermedicated for the infection in my teeth! If you value your life, do not go to these folks. At best the quality of care is inconsistant and at worst, it is severe and life-threatening malpractice.

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  • Mm
    mmjax659 Aug 08, 2009


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horrible dentist

I took my six year old son into Aspen for a cleaning and routine check-up. As he was getting his cleaning, one of his LOOSE baby teeth fell out. Dr. Chadha entered the room in a horrible manner; rushing around, not even introducing himself...making me feel like we were a waste of his time. VERY unprofessional since he was getting MY money. My son was very cooperative and for a dentist to be so unwelcoming made him very uncomfortable and he never wanted to see a dentist again. Thanks Dr. Chadha for your horrible manner in treating us like dirt. Oh, but that is not all. They charged me, out of pocket since we have no insurance, over $100 for an extraction that wasn't even done!!! His baby tooth fell out!! It's all a scam...He has no chairside manner and all he wants is your money!!!

  • Ny
    nykirose Apr 07, 2009

    When I first read about the baby tooth I was wondering if they charged you! They are such a scam!!

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rude people and shoddy work

Aspen dental is the worst place I have ever been to. I have been to a lot of dental offices and I must say this is the worst ever! They hid fees from you, they lie to you, and they do not deliver!! Now I know why they want all the money up-front, they stink and they know it. I went there about 1 yr. Ago to get some teeth pulled and a set of upper dentures. What a nightmare!! The very expensive top of the line dentures they sold me are the pits. They are big, I mean big!! I tried to work with these people to get the right fit, to no avail. Can't get a refund, you must turn over both sets, the temporary and the final product! What leave me out there with no teeth! Bs the manager kim sullivan is down right rude and worthless. I said just refund my money for the final product, I can't she says, I will have to call corporate and get a price! They lie and take your money. They will never help you find your smile. They will find your pockets, take your money, and leave you hanging... Go anywhere but do not go to aspen dental... They stink. I am sitting here with cheap plastic temporary teeth that are falling apart and they have my $2500.00 and my top of the line (Worthless) set of dentures.

thieves and liars

This place is full of liars and theives. The manage, kim sullivan, is full of bs and is very, very rude...

ripped off

I visited Aspen Dental shortly after being relocated for work. During my first visit I was told that a deep...

insurance rip off and shoddy work

i had ten teeth extracted and temporary denture made in april.i have two dental insurance policy's i wa...

manager cindy

When I went to their office as a new patient in january 2008 they did a set of x rays and billed my insurance for those. now I go in for my next cleaning this time with pain in my left side, teeth and jaw difficulty chewing now they tell me I need a panorex x ray which my insurance will not cover because they had already done the the regular x ray series because in january I had no concern and the insuraance will only pay for 1 set every three years they should have given me the option then before me having to have to pay for this x ray out of pocket. THEN IHAVE TO SEE AN ORAL SURGEON BECAUSE MY LEFT SIDE WISDOM TOOTH IS LIKE A ROCK IMPACTING MY SINUS CAVITY I AM ON ANTIBIOTICT AND PAIN MEDS AND THEY DID NOT EXPLAIN TO ME THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COVERAGE AND THE CONSULTATION AND SERVICES WHICH WERE COVERED BY MY INSURANCE THE MANAGER AT THIS OFFICE CINDY IS VERY RUDE I WAS IN A LOT OF PAIN CANCELED MY APPOINTMENT BECAUSE I THOUGHT MY INSURANCE DID NOT COVER THESE SERVICES SHE WAS NOT ABLE TO ACCOMODATE ME SO I HAD TO TRANSFER TO ANOTHER ASPEN DENTAL CLINIC MILES AWAY WHEN THIS ONE IS 2 BLOCKS AWAY AND THE APPOINTMENT IS IN MID SEPTEMPER BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY PROVIDERS FOR ORAL SURGEONS WHO TAKE MY INSURANCE.

  • Ir
    IRATE Aug 14, 2008

    SORRY about all your troubles. I have also had my share of BS from these people. I went to the Tarentum PA location and the manager there Kim Sullivan is rude also. It must be an ASPEN DENTAL QUALIFICATION, you must be RUDE TO BECOME A MANAGER. I think there is some type of scam going on there, esp. concerning monies, can't be sure, but you know what happens, they always get caught. I would rather pay twice the price and go elsewhere. PEOPLE DO NOT GO TO ANY ASPEN DENTAL LOCATION!!!

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