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Reviews and Complaints

Aspen Dentalroot canal/ cap gone wrong

I went into my new dentist to get a cleaning. Upon xrays we found that the cap they did was wrong and that it would have to be redone. When they took the cap off they found out that the root canal I had done was not sealed properly and the new cap not installed properly. I lost three teeth, have to go through bone grafting and get a permanent bridge put in now. I'm a teacher and this has been the most humiliating thing. I've lost three teeth as a result of this procedure and am very embarrassed. In addition, the place where another tooth was removed has closed due to the tooth above it falling down to the jaw below. My mouth is screwed up and I'm mortified.

root canal/ cap gone wrong
root canal/ cap gone wrong

Aspen Dental - Merritt Island FLoral suregon, dentist and staff

I went in because I needed my wisdom teeth pulled, x-ray in hand. They said they needed more x-pays for the oral suregon b/c the ones I already had weren't up to par for them. I made an appt and still waited 30min in the waiting area, another 45 min in the back for the dentis to tell me "ok" look in my mouth and say, wait to be called to the front. As I was waiting, I decided to walk to the front and ask when exactly would the oral suregon be in (the whole point I was there) The dentist, receptionist and the manager informed me on May 13. They inform me he only comes once amonth and always comes- I pay ahead b/c you have to, make the appt and wait till May 13. They call me back Mon, when my surgery is on Fri and tell me the suregon is not coming in. I reschedule for June. They tell me he's over booked in June at other places and he won't be in till Aug- but there not sure. This place really sucks!! Don not go here unless you want to be run around in circles. Here's the best part, they offer to send me to another Aspen dental- with my x-rays but I have to make my own appt and still pay for the office visit ( that's if my insurence with let me) and maybe pay for new x-rays... They just want an office visit to make money off of you. I suggest you go to another place. Any place but here.

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    Elementofchange Oct 31, 2011

    My parents went to aspen dental in Merritt island. My mother went to have her bottom teeth cleaned . She has a false set of teeth on the upper. She was told she had periodontal disease. And required treatment. Her teeth needed to be cleaned. They then told her and my aging father it was a necessity. I saw her teeth and I took a picture of her teeth. She spent 45 min total on this office and was talked into treatment at the cost of 987.00 with an assured discount of 25% which ended up in costing them 740.25. This was on two quadrants. The cost should have been half of that and truly the only thing that she needed was cleaned.
    My father fearing they were telling the truth and she would surely die losing her teeth was eminent conceeded to the treatment.
    This is totally unexceptable. They don't have money to throw away. They recently charged my father 2200. For his teeth.
    This is robbery. They prey on the elderly.
    Her teeth were not in need of that kind of treatment.
    How do places like aspen dental remain open. There should be a way to stop this.

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    privateyegirl Jan 10, 2012

    PLEASE HELP us with a class action lawsuit. Your contact info would be helpful which I will forward to the attorney filing the case. Your help would be appreciated. Please forward to [email protected]

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