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no focus on prevention

First off, I was trying to get a preventative cleaning, they wanted to do everything else but. On the day I came back for my cleaning they conveniently said the dental hygienist was behind but I could get my other work done.

The dentist was abrupt, filled one filling to my knowledge but I was told by billing I had had 5 fillings...there is no way that 5 fillings can be completed in 15 minutes. They also said I needed a crown replaced when I had no symtpoms at all of problems. Then the girl doing the xrays was not even a hygienist. When I finally got my cleaning it was the worse one I have every had in my life, and I am 57, it was painful, and they didn't even floss at the end.
But the biggest red flag was when I noticed that for an office of 5 dentists, they only had 2 hygienists but 5 persons doing billing. Hello??????????????

we know what the focus is factory style care, move them in and out, and rack up as many 'procedures as possible'

Will not go back... calling for my records today.

service and billing

Aspen in Scranton/Dickson City is just a big rip-off dentist supermarket. Don’t go! I went in there for just a routine check-up and cleaning and they sold me on this High-Teac periodontal deep cleaning and added if I don’t do this I’ll lose my teeth at 65. Plus They graded me on a point system that made me a less then middle of the road candidate so my teath were not that bad. I ended up having them do the High-teac cleaning that cost me over $1200 and my insurance would only pay $300 of it because most of the services that they did was not recognized medically necessary. Now with billing, I been fighting back and forth with them of a over payment of a special electric tooth brush that they billed me for but felt my Oral-B was good enough. . So my service was in January of 2009 and here it is April and I sill and requesting for a refund for the brush. I just moved here from NY and always my old dentist and others told me my teeth are good. I never have any pain in my mouth. I feel I ended up getting burned for a $900 from Aspen for a teeth-cleaning job that would have gotten paid by my insurance if it was just that. I’m also out $160 of over billing for the darn brush. I would not recommend going to Aspen dental if you don’t want to get into high-pressured sales of stuff you don’t need. Aspen to me is just a supermarket franchise of product that probably you don’t need but pressured to get because they get perks on selling them. Your first time visit with them you will feel you are at a time share seminar.

charging for services not rendered

I went to Aspen Dental to have a cracked tooth repaired in December of 2008. After x-rays, and a dental...

overcharge, unnecessary extractions

Do NOT go! I went to Aspen Dental in Wausau, WI due to there advertising prices for dentures. I have had...

shady billing practices

avatar kandi200 Posted the following Complaint March 15, 2009 06:43:02 I went to Aspen Dental 11/26/08 and...

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Went to Aspen Dental to get full upper and lower dentures. There estimate was just about $9000.00 for...

dont waste money or risk your teeth!

I went to aspen dental in Richmond, Indiana... I wish I had checked out their reviews before I went there...

unneeded procedures / hidden charges

The following takes place after just one visit to Aspen Dental: After using the same dentist for 15+ year...

temp crowns

Aspen Dental made my teeth worst than when I started. They mislead me on what I was to recieve. But what I...

rude staff

I was seen in the office for a first time patient visit. I scheduled the appointment online. NO WHERE does it say that you will not get a cleaning on the first visit. I have never heard of such a thing. Anyway, I was taken back for my visit (late of course) and a person did x-rays. Not once did she state her name or what she did there. It took her and her co-worker 25 minutes to do a full set of x-rays. My mouth was all cut up and they didn't ask if I was ok. They then escorted me to the exam room. I waited for 30 minutes. No one came by to let me know the dr. was running behind. No one checked on me to see if I needed anything or needed to reschedule. NOTHING. An elderly gentleman came into the exam room next to me and waited. The dr. came in and looked at my chart and then looked at him and said "who was here first". I said "me, but go ahead and see him". She finished with him, looked at my chart, saw I was a first time patient and said "let me look at your x-rays" she did that then came over to me and said "Open up" NOT ONCE did she say who she was. She finished her 30 second exam and told me I had a cavity and says "did you know that"...well duh, no I didn't know that...that's why I'm here. Then she tells me to go make an appointment with the office manager. I asked about the cleaning and was told the hygeinist wasn't in that day. I didn't make a follow up appointment but told the office manager that the online scheduling didn't say anything about not getting a cleaning on the first visit. She then says "Well it's your first visit, why would you expect a cleaning?" I DON'T KNOW, CALL ME CRAZY BUT THAT'S WHAT YOUR PRACTICE DOES!!!

So the next day I went back to claim my dental records because no way was I going to continue going to this establishment. I asked to speak with the office manager again. I told her I was bothered by the unprofessionalism in her office the day prior. She was very hostile and told me "well if you were concerned about who the dr may or may not have been you should have asked". Then she apparently got up and asked the dr. if this was true. She came back and proceeded to tell me that the dr remembered me...(HOW COULD SHE...SHE ONLY SAW ME FOR 30 SECONDS...THERE WAS NOTHING TO REMEMBER!) and said she absolutely introduced herself. i said "ok, fine. that's not what happened." the office manager then said..."well I'm not going to take your word for it...I have to go with what my dr. said" She also told me that it isn't necessary for her staff, other than the dr., to introduce themselves.

I'm a nurse and my boyfriend is a physician and if either of us EVER treated a patient in this manner we would be in a world of trouble.

Shame on Aspen Dental in Camillus, NY for having absolutely NO CLASS. Shame on Melanie the office manager for having no manners whatsoever...and shame on Dr. Vincent for not coming out and rectifying the situation with a patient (if she was even notified). I wouldn't recommed my dog to your office.

  • Te
    terese Jun 16, 2009

    I was a patient at Aspen dental in Auburn this afternoon. I am in my late 20's and have never had a cavity in my life. Today I went in and they informed me I had a "tiny" cavity that needed to be filled, which they did immediately. I must say that the x-ray tech and hygenist were both friendly and professional. The dentist and assistant however, were very standoffish and it was extremely painful. They were not sympathetic at all, even after I made them aware from the start that I am extremely anxious about being at the dentist. I've never had a filling before, so I do not know what is normal but the entire side of my face hurts now. This is a lot of pain for something that didn't bother me before. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it goes. I am not very nervous after reading all of the complaints.

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  • Mi
    Mindy73 Jun 15, 2011

    I also went to Aspen Dental in Camillus NY for a routine cleaning. I was told that they accepted my insurance and would schedule me for a consultation. I arrived on time and waited for 20 minutes before being seen. The x-ray tech was rude and cut the inside of my mouth with the equipment. Then I was put in a exam area where again I waited an excessive amount of time. I was seen by a (so called) dentist for about 30 seconds and was told I had periodontal disease and 4 cavities (two of which were cosmetic and needed white filling). What... I have not had a cavity in my entire life, until now? No cleaning was done. Staff did not intruduce themselves. Then I was escorted out to the financial person who proceded to tell me I needed to buy toothbrushes and cleaners etc. I said no. She said that I needed a special antibiotic that my Ins did not cover so the Scaling (deep cleaning) would cost $300 more than my Ins would pay. I felt pressured and unhappy but I scheduled the cleaning because I was a year over due.
    I went back 6 weeks later for my cleaning and waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes until being seen by the hygenist. She tells me that she is going to do another (painful) exam to determine how much antibiotic I will need for the scaling. I state that I already know that the antibiotic will be needed and will be paying $300 for it. "Oh... thats not right" she says. She spends another 20 minutes with the manager and returns with a quote for... ready for this...$1985. That is out of my pocket after they get reimbursment from my Ins. I told her that there was no way that my teeth got that bad in 1 year, wouldn't my other dentist had said something? She then tells me that my teeth look good but my other dentist (who had been a dentist for >30 years) must not have done a full exam. I walked out!
    Now just so you know, I checked with a non-participating (real) dentist and a scaling at his office (without ins) would be $600. I found another (real) paticipating dentist and the scaling will be $0, covered in full by my ins. I strongly recommend avoiding Aspen Dental.

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deceptive pricing

I wish I had gotten the prices upfront. These people spend your money like politicians and banks. My cleaning alone was $800, and the "free" toothbrush (which stopped functioning within 4 months), was $135. I spoke with a specialist for less than 5 minutes, and this cost me $95. A tube of toothpaste was $24. Add about 12 shots of arrestin (which what they should be doing to these crooks!), and the total cost comes to over 1, 900 dollars. I was in the chair for 2 hrs at the most. I have no dental insurance, and my teeth hurt worse now than before I started treatment.
Mere words cannot express my outrage and disgust.
I wish I had never gone to Aspen Dental, and wouldn't step foot in their office again, even on a bet.
Aspen Dental truly sucks!!!

  • Ny
    nykirose Apr 07, 2009

    They tried to push the toothbrush on me too. it was free with a $159 cleaning!!! FREE?!?! Keep the toothbrush!!

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terrible place

I went to Aspen Dental in the summer of 2008 because I knew I needed expensive work done and they offered free X-Rays. I only get 1500 from my insurance so I figured this would save me some money. After going to my first appointment I was told that I needed a root canal re done and three wisdom teeth surgically removed. I asked the office manager for my out of pocket costs up front as I was on a tight budget. After calling every other day for weeks because 'the computers were down', I was finally told that my out of pocket costs were around 300. I verified this numerous times with her.

The day I arrived for my root canal the receptionist told ME that I had canceled my appointment. Obviously, this was not true. I work in healthcare and it is very hard to take time off. I had to find coverage 3 weeks in advance! I informed her that she was mistaken and I would not reschedule as I already waited 3 weeks! She then told me to sit down and wait for the endodontist who was not expected there for an hour. I sat down and met another man who told me he had the same conversation with the receptionist 30 min ago. So the Dr finally arrived and we are both taken into the back at the same time. I found this odd as root canals take awhile. I heard her say something to the other man in the next cubical about tooth removal and he left. She then came into see me and without looking at me (Just the x rays) told me as well that my tooth had to come out. At this point I figured she didn't want to come in that day hence my 'canceled' appointment. Also, what are the chances of two people canceling appointments, forgetting they canceled, showing up and having teeth that cant be fixed?

So, I made her do the root canal. A few min into it she informed me that my tooth broke into the gums and it had to be surgically removed. I am not a dentist so I cant really question her but, I feel as if the damage was done out of spite.

Since I was now in horrible pain I could not cancel my operation. I came in and had in done the following week and was sent home with my husband. As soon as my anestesia wore off I was in incredible pain. (I had to have teeth drilled out of my jaw) My husband looked at the RX I was given and realized it was for minor pain (he is a nurse)

He called Aspen dental (at 9am) to ask for a more appropriate rx and was told the DR wouldn't be approached until after his lunch! I was left in horrible pain until around 2pm!

Then my husband was banned from the office for being 'rude' to the office manager.

Now, to my billing fun. As you may remember I was told my out of pocket would be 300. After I had my operation I was sent a bill for 1600! After I already paid around 200! This is not including the 1000 my insurance company paid! I have had to do all of the talking between my insurance company and Aspen dental. I just got the last 500 of my 2008 benefits paid to Aspen dental since they just gave me the documents my insurance company has been requesting for 6 months!

Now, I have to pay over 1000 in consult fees and god knows what else they did to change my 300.00 out of picket to over 1200!

Stay far away from Aspen dental!

  • Kp
    KP528 Jul 14, 2009

    I too went for services at Aspen Dental and was left feeling mortified humiliated and very unsatisfied with the care I was given. My Dentures never filt properly, I was left with teeth that were too big, sores throughout my mouth as I was trying to get used to them. My family and friends made comments that I looked like I had a horse or worse a donkeys mouth full of teeth. I watched all the ads on tv and truly believed they would give me my confidence back. I was left embarrased to speak in public. My temps took me over 6 months to get used to and I was told repeatively that the finished product would be worth all the pain. What a lie flat out horrible lie. I was told when I complained that I would simply have to get used to wearing the temps if I was unsatisfied with the finished product. I paid almost $3000. dollars between what the 1500. down payment, my Insurance paid some and I took out a loan for 1400. that I am still paying on. I am left with temps that do not fit and the finished permanents that sit in a cup.

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shoddy work/fraudulent billing

Aspen Dental is guilty of shoddy work, poor service and fraudulent billing. I know from experience. I think they build extended problems onto existing ones and create additional dental problems for patients.

My daughter is neither a middle-aged nor an elderly person. She visits the dentist regularly. She doesn't have the strongest teeth, however, almost every single filling that had been done has had to be replaced or fell out within weeks or a few months of being placed.

I have grave concerns over what they have done to my teenage daughter.

In addition, their billing practices are fraudulent and their extortive behaviour of using fear installation in patients to make them think they are ALL in dire dental health is not only questionable "ethics wise" but questionable on their expertise? And legally.

I have proof from their own hand that they don't mind at all trying to rebill for "old charges" that are paid in full and clear.

I have printouts from Aspen Dental in which they entered discount rates I was entitled to through careington 505, insurance payments from my one insurance at the time and personal payments that showed specific dates of service and procedures done including the codes for them.

Then, a year later, they took specific charges and rebilled them to a second INSURANCE I acquired. Never mind, they had been paid what they were allowed under their contract with Careington and BC/BS.

Not only is this illegal, it is fraudulent.

In other cases, they only filed on my secondary insurance initially. Put the remaining amounts on "my responsibility payment" part. Later collecting payment from my primary insurance, NOT CREDITING THESE PAYMENTS TO MY ACCOUNT and then posting as my having a balance due not crediting BC/BS payments to my account.

In other words, they probably owe me a little bit as I most likely overpaid them for services rendered in the end. It was not until the tailend of having had enough "shoddy and possibly malpractice work" done for my daughter that I realized what was going on.

I also am under the impression they charged for a couple of fillings they never did.

It amazes me the people who do the insurance billing work have the nerve to think No One Would catch this. And on top of it, knowing a majority of their dentists are not properly certified, let alone registered with a lot of the insurances.

Then, they go back and look at where they take big hits on discounts and I think they look for patients whose insurances have changed and try to bilk the insurance companies and if that doesn't work, take the denial of benefits letters and try to make the patients think these are charges that are simply not covered on the patients insurance, but that the patient is still responsible for, knowing that this is illegal.

What disgusts me is all the advertising they do on how non-judgmental they are and how they care. That alone is false advertisement. Their prices if you have no insurance are ludicrous and more than double what insurance companies allow, so those without insurance get screwed and are lured/forced into acquiring medium to high interest rate financial programs if they are to get treated for their dental problems.

Usually, Aspen Dental requires you to pay at least half up front and if you get approved by unicorn or care, then they place all the fees on the "financing" on these accounts upfront meaning they collect the entire payment before work is done! This also is questionable at least ethically.

Once, they collect the entire costs upfront, they don't care if the work done is satisfactory or appropriate. And, try getting refunded if you're not satisfied or the work is shoddy.

They can argue a lot, but to try billing insurances that were not in effect at time of services rendered and those services already having been paid in full is fraud. Fraud. There is no way they are unaware of what they did.

I have the printout from their own computer showing paid in full DOS and then they sent in claims a year and a half later to an insurance that was not in effect at the time.

She has had 5 fillings replaced either by them or a new dentist that were in her mouth anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to less than 2 years.

You tell I wrong to be pissed?

Going to file complaints with the ADA and Attorney Generals in Connecticut, Massachusetts. Offices in both these states in 3 locations are a part of this.

However, I will never step in the doorway of Aspen Dental again. Unless I am with a lawyer.

  • Ch
    Champ321 Jun 25, 2009

    Just went to Aspen today 06/25/09 (Canton OH). I happen to have insurance that pays for an exam w/xrays and a cleaning two times a year. Aspen is in our 'network.' (lucky me) Three weeks prior my daughter and I had our exams with a panoramic x-ray and 18 in the mouth x-rays. I asked why they do two different x-rays. Iwas told that the ones in the mouth can see if you have any cavaties. okay. now the exam came. OMG I had 12 cavaties! When I asked why they couldn't see them on the xray they said the xray cannoth see cavaties on the top of the teeth. My daughter has 12 cavaties too. Insurance would pay for some I would have to pay $600 for each my daughter and myself. I was told that I may need a scaling (?) cleaning as well as my daughter that the insurance will not pay for. I refused and told them I just want the regular cleaning (this was three weeks ago) that my insurance will pay for. The girl was not sure the hygenist would do this. After all our appt was today. She wanted me to pay 37.00 for a flouride treatment (yea right...flouride is in our need for it. declined. Then my daughter came in and they wanted like 377.00 for her cleaning!!! I lost it. I waited for the girl to come back to the desk to see if the hygenist would just do a cleaning. More frustrated I got up and left and went to my old dentist who charges 80 for a cleaning no xrays if you don't want and honesty which is PRICELESS!

    I came home called my insurance company and filed a complaint for insurance fraud. They are requesting our xrays to see what is eally going on. The insurance lady told me they would never pay for that many cavaties with out seeing the xrays. (HMMM I wonder whose xrays they send to prove that many cavaties) I was told that none of my could be seen onthe xray.
    Needless to say, I threw in the towel on insurance and am paying a real dentist to clean my teeth. No hygenist.

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  • Sk
    SkepticalPatient Oct 12, 2009

    Very interesting. My husband and myself were both told we needed--wait for it--twelve fillings apiece.

    Went to another dentist (not in my network) and was told five, tops.

    We're getting mysterious charges and months after starting service we still can't get anyone to give us a breakdown of our fees by service.

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billing fraud

Under the advisement of my insurance company I switched dental offices. My insurance convinced me to go with...

shoddy work/fraud

I cannot put the city because there are two states and three cities involved in the total story. All 3 offices of course, Aspen Dental.

I have proof of their fraud. Not simply my word, but their print outs in combination with my EOB's from dental insurance with one company and am going to request 3 years of EOB copies from my other insurance.

In addition to that, almost every single filling that they did on my teenage daughter came out within weeks and months of the work being done. Not normal and I don't care what they say.

I think they have done damage to her longterm. This bothers me a great deal.

Their billing practices border on extortion in some instances, but definitely fraudulent.

I have kept an open line of communication with the NY office, however, recently realized that for almost two years they kept a running tab on charges that had been paid in full, filing on them with an insurance company whose coverage we later acquired. Never mind these DOS had been paid in full...per their own hand and printout.

In two instances, they did not file with my primary, only my secondary and then billed it out. I paid what they said I owed outside of insurance, knowing it did not sound right, then when they received funds from my primary...did not credit my account.

In the end, they probably owe me a little.

However, the repeat billing of different dates of service they had already been paid for, is not something that they could be unaware of.

They also use fear tactics with patients in regards to their dental care, which results in patients resorting to applying to dental financing and paying upfront for work that may or may not need to be done at overinflated prices.

Those who go to Aspen Dental without insurance get screwed in more ways than you can count.

In addition, Aspen Dental does not seem to think they have to follow the rules and guidelines of the insurances in which they are PDP on.

I am so outraged by the discoveries I have made I intend to contact the ADA and the Attorney Generals for Ct and Massachusetts...and maybe a lawyer as well and recover for all I paid them for work that was not properly done on my daughter.

  • Ga
    Gail Mar 23, 2009

    I went to Aspen Dental to initially have a cracked tooth fixed, was x-rayed and told I would have to have a root canal done and a crown placement-then was told that there were 2 more teeth that would have to have the same procedure, and I would have to have a bridge placed after all the procedures were done. They signed me up for CareCredit, which was supposed to help me pay the bill for all these procedures. I had the one root canal done, after which I received a bill for ALL the procedures-this totalled up to over $2700. I called Aspen Dental and cancelled the rest of the procedures, and asked them to contact CareCredit to eliminate the amount for the procedures I had not even had. They had billed me for procedures I hadn't even had yet! This was in January of this year, and I STILL have not had this matter cleared up yet! Aspen Dental's corporate office has stated that they refunded the money to CareCredit, butCareCredit has NO record of this, and it has been a month now since I contacted AspenDental. They now say they are going to send me a receipt of the electronic transaction to prove that they sent the refund to CareCredit. (Still waiting...) Aside from being overcharged for services, Aspen Dental charged for services that had not even been rendered yet! BEWARE!

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  • Bi
    bigcheese Jun 01, 2009

    call them again.

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the worst dental company

I met the worst dentist and the worst dental company in the world. They tried to charge me those services which I did not do, and also they extracted my 2 teeth. I called them when I felt the pain, they arranged the appointment in 1 month, can you believe that? I told them it was very painful, they asked me to take pain medicine. As you can guess, after 1 month, that tooth can not be saved any more (well, by their dentist, who knows it's true or not), and they extracted it right away. Now, I have to pay $2000 to get a new tooth, I was so upset... Never go to any Aspen dental, it is the worst in USA. I wonder when they are going to bankrupt.

  • Gb
    gbpatsfan Jun 10, 2009

    Seems to me that Aspen Dental is paying "Allie" to surf the internet and post this EVERYWHERE! Jesus...

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no medical ethics

They are sending my account to collection. I have requested itemized billing listing services rendered, out...


My experience is best described as like when you go into a quick oil change place and they try to sell you...

it felt like an auto repair shop

Aspen Dental in Danbury Ct. This place reminded me of one of those quick lube places where you come in for the $20 oil change special but they insist on adding on, adding on until you are convinced you need $300 worth of work done to your vehicle. Unfortunately, I should have listened to the warning I was given by my wife. I went into Aspen Dental on the first occasion to get a simple cleaning and check up. Well after an examination it was determined I had no major issues with my teeth but would require a good cleaning. Then it went to a good scaling. Then it went to a severe scaling. Well low and behold the bill for this 3 stage cleaning would be a close to $4, 000 which $1700 or so I would be responsible for. What I found very strange is that prior to them giving me the cost the person about to give me the information as to the cost, was in "conference" with the office manager on cost of this work. My 2nd visit was just worse. At my first visit my only issue was part of an old filling had come out. The Dentist only asked what color would I like the filling. Now keep in mind that I have never, never had any pain or issues with any of my teeth especially this tooth in question. Well he commenced to work on the tooth and unknown to me he filled the tooth with a "temporary" filling, not a permanent one. Why did he do this? This was his and the office excuse as to how they could tack on "extra" charges and then now say there was a problem with the tooth, because he "dug" out the old filling and stated I needed a root canal done now. So he fills the tooth with a temporary filling, I now need a root canal and since I left that office which was January 19th I have been in pain ever since. It seems when he dug out the old filling he hit a nerve on the tooth and that is why I now experience pain on a daily basis, when I had NO PAIN in anyway shape or form prior to entering this facility. I called the dentist that evening and advised him I was in pain. He stated he was going to call in a prescription for pain killers. Today is January 24th, and he still has not called in the prescription. When I finally called the corporate office to complain, he then called me back 2 days later to state that I gave him the wrong number. What BS. I have now taken the step of contacting, their corporate office, my insurance company, and I will contact whomever governs dentists in Connecticut. I am still waiting to hear back from the corporate office.

horrible!!! stay away!!!

Where do I even start? Unprofessional receptionist with no knowledge of forms available on the website, wa...

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