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Reviews and Complaints

Aspen Dentalimplants

My 84 year old mother came to the Aspen Dental office in Henrietta for implants and had some teeth extracted. The implants are very painful and she had one visit and they told her she had to keep them in. Basically it's like getting a new pair of shoes that don't fit but you keep wearing them while in pain till they get comfortable. We are not satisfied so we tried to get in at an early date and the receptionist told me that the doctor is no longer here and that my mother can either come in as a walk in or try another aspen dental. So we came in as a walk in and the same girl I talked to that told me she can come in as a walk in on the phone told me she doesn't recall that we could come in as a walk in. Her name is Sara. Now the pathetic part of all this is that on the door it says walk ins welcome!!! Unbelievable!!! The whole procedure will cost over 2000.00 my phone cell phone number is [protected]