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Red Lobster reviews & complaints

Red Lobster complaints 348

Red Lobster - Hair on crab legs

I ordered crab legs on Postmates it took an hour to arrive, food was, and there was hair on my food. I also ordered 2 orders of crab legs and they only gave me one. Crab legs had no taste it was absolutely disgusting. Red lobster needs there employees to wear hair nets. I threw out the crab leg that had employees hair, and decided to taste 1 because I spent $40 on 2 orders of crab legs which like I said 1 of the orders didn't come.

Desired outcome: Refund.

Red Lobster - The Quality of The Food

I visit the Red Lobster in my area weekly, an traditionally the quality of the food, an the presentation leaving the kitchen to the customer is normally very efficient.

Tonight on the other hand was no where near the food quality that Red Lobster is known for.

The alarming part, was the oysters tonight, they were not within a chilled setting when they reached me, and I had to stop eating them because of the rotten taste that the oysters had.

Finally I was done for the night when the fried shrimp and fish were very dry, and a darkish burnt hint. With nothing being noticed by the manager or server. I had to finally put aside the fried food and just pay to get out.

Normally it is not like this, and I enjoy the food, but tonight it was not only poorly managed but was on a boundary of being a health risk with the way those oysters tasted.

Desired outcome: I would like a refund at least, and a commitment to have the kitchen challenged when they’re not delivering quality food

Red Lobster - Food

My husband and I have dined at Store #0271 in Dothan, Alabama since it opened and we have never had any complaints. However we dined there on August 6, 2021 for lunch and things changed. The service was great, but the food left something to be desired. My husband ordered a hamburger and the bun was so hard he had to remove the heat patty and eat it alone. Also the croutons on my salad were so hard, they could have broken a tooth. Thank you. June Winkler, Blakely, Georgia.

Red Lobster - Food and server

3/13/2021 we went to red lobster to have dinner we were there at 3:00 pm we were seated and the servers name was Jordyn N. She took our order brought us bread but no napkins pr silverware she took...

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Red Lobster - Bad

On Friday, Feb 26th, 2021, I placed an order, Order # [protected] at the 10325 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030 location. I've placed orders here in the past with excellent quality and service. On thi...

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Red Lobster - The entire night and staff

My son and I took his sister last night to red lobster in Florence SC my cousin was at the mall and asked what was I doing I told her going out to dinner so her and her daughter joined us I mainly...

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Red Lobster - Food

There was 4 of us having dinner, 1 dinner was ok fettuccine alfredo. I got lobster/salmon/shrimp, lobster was good salmon was so dry is was crunchy, I even poured the butter served with meal to try...

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Red Lobster - Customer service

While driving into parking lot to pick up delivery, a delivery guy, Bernardo Vasquez, was quick to come out and swipe side of my car. Have picture to show damage on my car was more extensive than...

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Red Lobster - Online order/ app

I am a frequent customer of RL and a Marketing Professor as well. Thus, I would like to share my recent experience of ordering food via RL website and app. This morning (Nov 14), I tried to use...

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Red Lobster - Unethical behavior

I order from red lobster mayfair wauwatosa on 8/26/20 I order $26 food and I ask for curlside. When I got their and call for my food to be brough out for curbside I was told no one was their to b...

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Red Lobster - Steve Wegs deserved to die for his wrongfulness in lady lake, Florida

Steve Wegs was not a good manager at Red Lobster in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. Steve Wegs was ungrateful, selfish and did not care about nobody!!! He was the manager at Red Lobster until he got fired by...

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Red Lobster - Service

Due to the pandemic we have not been going out but placing to go orders... to support various businesses. We tried Red Lobsters Gateway Brooklyn. We ordered several meals appetizers and entree via the app. After getting home many of the items were missing. Instead of going back as the line to pick up food was around the corner we called. The manager, I guess was busy and didn't answer the phone. 48 hours after leaving a message on the app and complaining still no response. This is my last time visiting Red Lobster. The food we did receive was very salty.

Red Lobster - Skimpy salad and menu

The wife and I went to red Lobster in Fort Smith, Ar on 6/27/2020. We live 70 miles away and always look forward to dining at this location every month or so .The last visit on 6/27 20 was the worst we've had there. The salad we had was lettuce only and a choice of 2 salad dressings. They took away the lunch menu and only conveniently offered the regular menu with raised prices because of the corona pandemic .Food was lousy for the hiked up prices.

Red Lobster - Food that I ordered

This was eat in. 6/24/2020 the first time my wife and I have came out ! The food was not good at all. I got the Admirals feast, Mozzarella Cheese sticks. My wife ate my salad. Everything and I mean...

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Red Lobster - Melinda Vander Vieran; She caused red lobster co-workers to hit rock bottom

Melinda Vander Vieran caused Red Lobster co-workers to hit rock bottom by causing co-workers to walk out and quit on their jobs!!! Melinda is racist and prejudice against black people and black...

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Red Lobster - Refund for cancellation of order

On Mother's Day 2020, I waited almost 4 hours for an online order to be completed. I decided to cancel the order and I was told by the cashier that it would take about 3 days for the refund. To date...

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Red Lobster - Charged for product, but did not receive it

Very disappointed in Red Lobster in Orland Park, IL My husband ordered our meal in Orland Park, IL on May 10th. He went at designated time for pick up. They were not prepared for the onslaught of...

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Red Lobster - Pick up service was horrible

My wife and I ordered online mother's day dinner after church at 1130 with a pickup time of 5:45pm. We waited unrmtil 7:45pm and still no food. I finally got the manager and told him my name, he...

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Red Lobster - service/ missing food

I took my mother to this location, and once again they didnt have the raw oysters that we tried to order this is the 2nd time we wentin there to order this item, when I ask the mgr. why he could not...

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Red Lobster - Seating method low quality crab legs and biscuits

We use to love red lobster but the last three out of four visits have been very disappointing upon ordering they come out with crab legs which is what l always order they obviously old leftovers and...

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