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Steve Wegs deserved to die for his wrongfulness in lady lake, Florida

Steve Wegs was not a good manager at Red Lobster in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. Steve Wegs was ungrateful, selfish...


Due to the pandemic we have not been going out but placing to go orders... to support various businesses. We tried Red Lobsters Gateway Brooklyn. We ordered several meals appetizers and entree via the app. After getting home many of the items were missing. Instead of going back as the line to pick up food was around the corner we called. The manager, I guess was busy and didn't answer the phone. 48 hours after leaving a message on the app and complaining still no response. This is my last time visiting Red Lobster. The food we did receive was very salty.

Skimpy salad and menu

The wife and I went to red Lobster in Fort Smith, Ar on 6/27/2020. We live 70 miles away and always look forward to dining at this location every month or so .The last visit on 6/27 20 was the worst we've had there. The salad we had was lettuce only and a choice of 2 salad dressings. They took away the lunch menu and only conveniently offered the regular menu with raised prices because of the corona pandemic .Food was lousy for the hiked up prices.

Food that I ordered

This was eat in. 6/24/2020 the first time my wife and I have came out ! The food was not good at all. I got the Admirals feast, Mozzarella Cheese sticks. My wife ate my salad. Everything and I mean everything tasted the same. It must have all been cooked all together. We came home and both are not feeling to good. Could have got a better meal from a TV dinner. At least we would have had something that was eatable and the cost would have been a whole lot less. 4 different sea foods and all tasted the same. Very sad for this place. We are 72 and this is got to be one place that will not be going back to!!

Melinda Vander Vieran; She caused red lobster co-workers to hit rock bottom

Melinda Vander Vieran caused Red Lobster co-workers to hit rock bottom by causing co-workers to walk out and...

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Refund for cancellation of order

On Mother's Day 2020, I waited almost 4 hours for an online order to be completed. I decided to cancel...

Charged for product, but did not receive it

Very disappointed in Red Lobster in Orland Park, IL My husband ordered our meal in Orland Park, IL on May...

Pick up service was horrible

My wife and I ordered online mother's day dinner after church at 1130 with a pickup time of 5:45pm. We...

service/ missing food

I took my mother to this location, and once again they didnt have the raw oysters that we tried to order thi...

Seating method low quality crab legs and biscuits

We use to love red lobster but the last three out of four visits have been very disappointing upon ordering...

The wait and the food

Went to Red Lobster on New Years eve in Longview the wait was an hour to be seated then it took forever to...

Extremely rude waitress

My family and friends met here for dinner Sunday November 17. At around 5:45 p.m. we were seated. It wa...

service / manager improper procedure!!!

11/11/2019 approx. 3:30 pm... Horrible service, wrong side, no drink refill, right side delivered after...

Sue Stinefast hires bad managers who steal money and cost good kitchen co workers their jobs

Sue Stinefast hires bad managers who criticize kitchen co-workers, She hired manager Steve Wegs until he got fired, Manager Rick Page until he quit, Manager Justin Matherne got fired for not taking care of business, Manager Melinda Vander Vieran got fired for stealing money and Karen T until Red Lobster closed down. Red Lobster Assistant Managers Landa Carson picked Kevin Linden and gave him my work hours.Me and Kevin Linden never got along, I was about to quit Red Lobster until he got fired.I got my work hours back Assistant manager Landa Carson and Dining room manager Cathy Canteno left Red Lobster.Rick Page became the manager until he left and went to Rockford, Illinois. Justin Matherne became the restaurant manager until he got fired for not taking care of business. Dining Room Manager Elizabeth Behrens left Red Lobster, Assistant Manager Gerald Meredith left and went to Green Bay and Assistant Manager Dave Camp got fired for harassing the waitresses. Melinda Vander Vieran got fired for stealing money, Costing me my job and the other kitchen co-workers their jobs at Red Lobster. Assistant Manager Jim Lubinski left Red Lobster and Dining Room Manager Dawn got transferred to Red Lobster in Greendale, Wisconsin. Karen became the new manager of Red Lobster until they closed down.If you work at other Red Lobsters in the United States the managers will do the same thing to a good co-worker like they me and the other good food service workers. Stay away from Red Lobster in the future, because they will screw you like they did me!!!

Bad food, service, & cleanliness

Me & my husband came into the restaurant greeted by a young lady that obviously wasn't excited about...

Bad quality of service

Three of us, who are fairly regular customers, went in on October 6, 2019. After being seated, the Server...

Terrible manager & staff

About three weeks ago my mother attended the Red lobster in Peterborough Ontario along with her two sister...

Peterborough Restaurants & Bars

started with 2 servers but went to 1 server for a large party

On 9/22/2019 I was at the Red Lobster on Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge VA with 10 other girlfriend...

Portions and quality

Anytime I dine in I have no complaints. When I do carry out the food is not great. The salad I received was so little it wouldnt fill a child. When I dine in my salad is triple what I received. My chicken breast was not even big enough for a sandwich. I find this very disappointing especially for the prices. I received the smallest crablegs I've ever gotten from there. Even the portion of mashed potatoes were tiny.

staff and food

We haven't been to a Red Lobster in a long time. Because it was my husband's Birthday and he is retired military and the endless Shrimp special I wanted to treat him yesterday. Big Mistake. So dissatisfied and disappointed. First We ended up going thru 3 server's cause first one was so pushy hurting us up not explain the shrimp choice's at all, second one was better but took off on us to go on break and the next one didn't know what was going on. Then the food came and the scampi was over seasoned and not moist overcook and sauce burnt, the new sirachhi was supposed to leave honey drizzle off but didn't, and kept asking for for fresh hot bisquits that are soft and fresh took 3 time's to get that right at end of meal!!! The cod in fish and chips was okay once took all the batter soaking wet dripping in soggy grease off and put cod from inside on another plate!!! Paid at table and put our review in the computer and wrote a smaller complaint at that tablet at table!!! Dirty also cobweb's in lot's of places like haven't been dusted in long time Not Good To see that either!!! Burnsville MN on Hwy 42 location!!! Patrick and Lisa Thompson
15552 Float Ln
Apple Valley, MN.55124
Date of visit [protected]

  • SubSquirrel Sep 12, 2019
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    Verified customer

    “We ended up going thru 3 server's cause first one was so pushy hurting us up not explain the shrimp choice's at all, s” indicates that she physically hurt you by being pushy.

    The shrimp choices (note no apostrophe) weren’t listed on the menu or the specials board?

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