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Better Business Bureausudden link tv cable and internet service

I was a customer of sudden link while a resident in Forney Texas. My wife and I were relocation to Tyler area due to work location. We closed our account last week of feburary, verified the final bill amount and how to ship equipment back. We boxed and shipped equipment back using the local UPS store750E US Hwy 80 Unit 200 Forney Texas 75126. We then contacted sudden link after we closed March 1st in Chandler, TX about new service at our new address. Then the problems started. They were not able to set up service on 1st trip out delaying our service another week. They came back set up our TV and internet, however the TV would not stay connected long enough to complete a program, it would continually state signal lost. We called repeatedly, and they made 7 plus service calls and were not able to correct the program. During this time We received April bill which had charges for Forney address included, called and notified that acount was closed and that we did not have the service any more we did not live there. Was told it was taken care off. May, same thing. Called again and the next bill instead of fees being removed, they added them on calling it a transfer fee. again called. We are also at this time still trying to get working TV service. The last service call was in June my husband was very ill and told them if they could not fix it we would just close the service. A manager called and said let us come back one more time we will wash out all amount owed and provide service for the next 3 months no charge. Since they had not been able to provide service since installation, there was no hope that anything would be different the next time. I explained I was going in for major surgery and was not up to the constant problems and for now just close the account. We did tell them after my husband returned from the hospital we might consider but nothing would be decided before surgery. The supervisior said he had to know by Friday. We said we cant do it. Now we have a bill with a missed apointment, the same day my husband had to be at UTSW to see the surgeon. I Dont know who made that appointment but I can assure you we did not. They also put a charge on there $595.00 equipment fee. All equipment is boxed and ready to send in. Trying to find a way to get a label to send it back. The web site takes you to a third party with security warnings. My husband had surgery the 28th day of June, we did not get home till after 7PM on Thursday July 1st. At the time of this writting, I have decided to take the equipment to address on Broadway in Tyler and attempt to return equipment there. Respectfully Sheryl and Norman Aderholt, PO Box 6838 Chandler, TX 75758

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    Better Business BureauWrong Rx on New Glasses

    Went to Stanton to get new glasses as my eyesight seemed to get worse after having the COVID virus. Order was complete April, upon trying on Glasses, I immediately noticed the Rx was Extremely strong. Staff stated that is would take up to 7 days to adjust. I attempted to Try them daily and at night of which seemed to make vision Worse. I called and Spoke with Male May 13th-stating that if it doesn't get any better to call to set a new appt and come back for a recheck. I call 18 days later and spoke with a Female of which stated that if you don't wear them daily you wont get used to them; I replied they just seem to be not my Rx too Strong and makes my vision seem worse. I started wearing my old Glasses and called to set an appt for a recheck. Called back May 19th and a appt wasn't available until Friday June 4- went in checked my Glasses and asked a few questions and set another appt for the next day June 5, to see on screen TeleHealth Eye Dr on TV screen for a recheck. I waited then they gave me a new Rx of Which Was Quit Different From he One Issued less that 45 prior. Picked Out new Glassed and Was Charged 130- I Questioned why would i be charged for a Mistake on they End. She Stated that Warranty for Change is only 30 days of which O replied but I called several times with this concern and was the appt set what Stanton had available, which was out of my control. I paid The Charge but was very uneasy about the whole ordeal and will never ever use this company AGAIN! Not to mention the First Pair purchased Broke less that 4 months After Purchase and I continued to Use them- Never Again will this happen. Please Help

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      Feb 16, 2021

      Better Business Bureau — hello movers of orlando fl. - local moving company

      I contracted with Hello Movers of Orlando Fl to do a local move from St. cloud fl. to Kissimmee fl about 15...

      Nov 28, 2019

      Better Business Bureau — I asked for briefs and a winter coat

      When I received the items the briefs are ok but the winter coat isn't.No have any quality.Supposed to have...

      Oct 10, 2019

      Better Business Bureau — looking for biological siblings on paternal side (requested a death certificate)

      On February 20, 2018 I contacted Backgrounds and requested a death certificate and also a marriage...

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      Better Business Bureauharassment

      Bell Canada keeps calling my house for their business even after I told them about 3 times already that I do not want their business, and I told them I will making a harassment complaint against them. They stopped for about 2 weeks and now they are calling again. Is there anyway of getting them to stop calling my home. My phone # is [protected] . my e-mail address is [protected]

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        Jul 21, 2019

        Better Business Bureau — lost my shipment on the way back to ontario

        I was living in Stony Plain Alberta for over a year.i decide to move back to Ont. I paid over $1900, 00 for...


        Better Business Bureaua loan

        I went online to get a loan and somehow got to Spring Financial.

        They talked really fast and I signed online to get a loan for $2300.00

        They said I should increase my credit rating and got to another person.

        They said that a loan for $2300.00 would cost $550.00 for a set up fee.

        The next day I called expecting the amount of $1750.00 in my account and they said

        that I am paying the $104.55 per mth for the next 3 years and then I will get the $1750.00.

        I was floored and checked it again. Then I did the math and I would have to pay a total of $4313.80 to get my $1750.00 after 3 years.

        I called them and said to cancel it...It's totally unexceptable and they said they cant unless I pay $2300.00.

        They should have a buyers remorse for the next couple of days. This is CRAP!!

        I can't get out of this and I don't want it...IT IS SUCH A SCAM!!!

        I have put a stop payment at the bank...but I don't know under what name it is coming out because I have emails from them with 3 different names.

        I don't want to pay $12.50 a mth to stop payments and don't know what to do to get our of this!!! HELP!!!

        My name is Ineke and my phone number is [protected]

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          • Ca
            canadadrivessucks Apr 27, 2019

            I am literally in the exact same situation right now. I applied through Fresh Start Finance, they transferred me to another representative after telling me I was approved for a $2300 but when he answered he identified himself as "Alex, a credit advisor from Canada Drives". I asked what happened to Fresh Start and he said they're affiliated with one another.

            Alex spoke very, very quickly. He said I would be receiving a $2300 but that after a $550 service fee, I would have $1750 deposited into my account. I asked for some time to read over the contract and said that I would call back. He proceeded to belittle me and say that anyone could read this contract over in less than 10 minutes and that I could do it after. He said multiple times while I was trying to skim through the contract, "Just sign here by clicking the yellow box in DocuSign", trying to rush me through it so I would not be able to grasp the details. He also used scare tactics to tell me that if I end the call with him now, it would only negatively affect my credit, and then he assured me that he would go over the details with me. I agreed to have him walk me through it but he continued speaking very quickly. In the end, I felt he had delivered the necessary information to me so I signed the paperwork. Then I started receiving emails and texts from both "Spring Financial" and "Trans Global Insurance". None of this information about me moving around to different companies was ever conveyed to me. I would just be transferred over or receive information from another company randomly.

            The next morning I wanted to add them as a payee to my online banking and asked them what information I would need for that. They told me that they would be debiting it from my account bi-weekly for the next 3 years. I then asked when I would be receiving the $1750, and the lady told me that the principal amount of $2300 was being "held in trust" as a "secured loan" because I did not have good enough credit to be approved for a personal loan. When I had spoken with Alex the day before, he told me that I had good credit, but that I just didn't have enough and led me to believe without using the proper terminology that I was, in fact, receiving a personal loan and not a secured one.

            I asked to cancel the loan and they told me the same thing they told you, that I would have to pay them $2300 in order to get this loan closed out. At this point, I do not believe that if I pay them the $2300 they would even follow through with paying me back the $1750 because I was misled into getting the loan in the first place. I have spoken to two different people in the meantime and they have said the same things. That I cannot cancel the contract with them unless I pay the principal amount. I calculated what this will cost me over the 3 years and it is around the same, roughly $4200 in order to receive $1750 back to "help" build my credit.

            They told me they often see buyers remorse and that it was understandable why I am upset about it.

            I called my bank and put a stop payment on my account. They charge a one time fee of $12.50 to do this, not multiple fees. Double check with your bank about this and make sure that it's not the same. Also, file a complaint with the BBB. They have an online form you can submit, however calling them would probably be better. I plan to call them on Monday morning. They sometimes resolve people issues through arbitration. BBB will send the information to Fresh Start/Canada Drives/Spring Financial/Trans Global Insurance and ensure that they see the complaint, give them a chance to respond within 2 weeks of the issuance of the complaint and then take further action depending on the result.

            I am sorry you fell for this, as I did. It SUCKS. I wish I could get out of it, but looks like this is going to sit on my credit score because they said it will go to collections.

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          Jan 12, 2019

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Better Business Bureau — books

          Bottom Line Books sent me a publication i did not request, they sent me a mailing label to return and it wa...

          Better Business Bureau — whynotleaseit

          I went to sears and purchased a refrigerator, a washer and a dryer. We leased the items and were told it wa...


          Better Business Bureaueven with your bs new promotion your products are over priced...

          Corporate needs to get their heads out of the clouds and pay attention to the customers, not some lame brain marketing group.

          We made a special trip to a local SubWay only to get screwed into only being able to choose from 4 sandwiches, non of which were to our liking. Your promotion department is not doing your company any good limiting customers to only 4 different sandwiches. Who was the brain child that came up with that lame brain deal? People go to your stores to make a choice of what they want not what you want them to have. Adding insult to injury, your sandwiches are over priced and present no value compared to the market place.

          What happened to the Week End after 4PM and All Day Sunday Special of any sub for $5, even then they are over priced, but at least it was an offer recognizing the real value was at the lower price.
          SubWay corporate has gotten really greedy and it's going to effect the bottom line. Maybe when the public stops wasting their hard earned money in your store you'll get the message, we deserve lower prices everyday on all the sandwiches not just 4 you think we would like...

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            Better Business Bureau — purchase of yorkie puppy and then shipping company requiring 1455.00 for special crate demanding cash

            I thought I was purchasing a yorkie puppy from and Angela Marlone in Norfolk Va. for 530.00 on Dec. 8th 2017...

            Better Business Bureau — frontier communications

            Frontier makes a lot of promises and keeps none. They promised a $300 Amazon gift card, free Stars and a...

            Better Business Bureaubbb cover ups and diversion tactics (washington d. c. and chicago)

            The Better Business Bureau (BBB in Washington, D.C.) allowed me (the consumer) only half an hour to respond online to a business’s response to my written complaint. BBB gave no warning beforehand of this time limit. BBB neither publicly posted nor acknowledged (in the “negative review” category) either of my submitted letters on the AME company. BBB also subsequently removed most of the public content of another consumer’s “negative review” of the AME business yet still publicly posted AME’s response to that consumer. BBB stated “complaint details [were] unavailable” with that consumer’s complaint as well as with mine. I would be curious to know how BBB justifies its A+ business rating for the AME business.

            In handling another related case, the Washington, D.C. office seemed a little rude. The BBB said they couldn't help with my complaint against AAD because no financial transaction took place. The BBB website states, however, that the BBB addresses service complaints that focus on misrepresentation or violation of business policy.

            When I sent my same review to a different BBB regarding this same AAD organization in its other business location of Chicago, BBB stated it couldn’t process my AAD complaint for completely different reasons than what the Washington D.C. BBB stated. The Chicago BBB gave such reasons as 1) I'm requesting some sort of "disclosure of practices." [I don't know what BBB even meant by that.] BBB also twice wrongly told me 2) that I was filing a complaint with them against a doctor's office, which they don't handle, so I wrote back each time stating that no, this complaint was against the AAD. The Chicago BBB also said 3) they couldn’t act as my lawyer or cop. I did not expect them to. They said other nonsensical things, such as 4) how I'm writing to them with a personal complaint, which they stated they can't handle. But they also said that I was 5) writing this complaint on behalf of other people, so they couldn’t deal with that, either. They said several other things that also didn’t make sense or didn’t apply.

            In response to the Washington D.C. BBB's response to me on google: I did try repeatedly to contact AAD and got no response from the organization (as I already showed BBB), and I did already try filing the complaint with BBB but to no avail. The BBB provided examples of complaint cases they wouldn’t handle, cases that were not similar to mine. I was asking the BBB to direct the AAD to act on its avowed principles to serve patients and honor social responsibility, rigorous inquiry, professionalism, and lifelong learning.

            In response to the Chicago BBB message to me on google: I wasn't asking for BBB or AAD to determine if another dermatology office had been careless. I was asking BBB for help in getting the AAD to stand by its promises to consumers.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Better Business Bureau NH — FRAUD / Deceptive Practice

              Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire BBB Better Business Bureau Under Investigation; Accusations of a pay...

              BBB.orgThis site is useless for judging a company's good standing in trade

              This site is useless for judging a company's good standing in trade - any company can go and pay them and they will give them an A- rating. I have had unpleasant surprises from purchasing from companies who supposedly have a "BBB" A rating.

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                • Fr
                  frustrated 21 Nov 24, 2012

                  I agree that the BBB is useless. Recent articles about the BBB in the London Free Press were followed by very many negative comments and no good ones. It seems the BBB does not do what it says as far as consumers or for businesses. They are interested in their own agenda - which is making money for the people in charge. It is a non profit organization that has no transparency or government affiliaction - it is a private company, like any other business. Just google "BBB useless" and see all the opinions - I will never trust a rating from a BBB again. The staff is uneducated in business and I am embarrassed to be a member. I will never renew again and encourge other business not to renew.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                BBBscam/ fraud

                The Better Business Bureau:
                It's not what you think!

                Living a dream, I recently filed a "Fictitious Business Name" with Riverside County in California. This is public information, much like getting a mortgage and transfer of property title. In one sense, this simply means that you get a lot of telemarketing calls. This is all fine and dandy – in fact, the fact that there is a wealth of public information out there is somewhat comforting.

                Enter The Better Business Bureau. Until last week, I thought that the BBB was a government-run organization, funded by my tax dollars. I thought that it was a neutral observer of business standards and practices, a place where one could get information on a legitimate business or where one could lodge a formal complaint against a shady one. Just about none of this is true.

                The BBB is not run by the government, but they do a lot of business with the FTC — at least that's what I hear. They are a non-profit, charity organization known as a 501(c)(3). This means that whatever money you donate to their cause is tax-deductible. The money that you donate is supposed to go into programs and charitable causes. The organization is supposed to report their income, report their board of directors, report about their programs, and so on. This information appears on IRS form 990.

                990s are public information. So, with my wife's help, I got hold of the 990 for our local BBB. Turns out, they report no income, no board of directors, no contractors who earn over $50, 000 per year, and they have no programs. All they appear to have is -$849 in assets. This is, to say the least, shady.

                You might ask, "Why is he so interested in the BBB?"

                They cold called me. Mind you, this was back when (last week) I thought that they were a legitimate organization. It went something like this:

                The "Guy" called and said that he was from the Better Business Bureau. My ears perked up: I thought either I have already done something wrong (!), or that they are a really conscientious organization interested in how I conduct my affairs. He said that he wanted to set up an appointment to visit my business. When I balked, he said that he could just ask me some questions over the phone. So I assented.

                He asked questions that were already answered on the county DBA filing, so I answered diligently, thinking that he was probably checking up on me to verify if I had been honest on the DBA application. He finished his simple questions (e.g., do you have employees? How long have you been in business? What is the nature of the business?), and told me:

                It costs $465 a year and that will carry you through June 2006. We take credit cards or check by phone.

                I was floored. The "Guy" cold-called me and thought that I'd start doling out credit card numbers? Insane. I asked him, "Excuse me, you can't bill?" He answered, "We do credit cards or check by phone." Wary of phishing schemes, I told him that I had no way to know that he was who he claimed to be and that he would have to give me his information and I would call back if I was interested.

                He gave me the information, and there started the investigation.

                There are a lot of problems, right from the start — even before you start reading the complaints against the BBB.

                Most importantly, there is the obvious conflict-of-interest problem. They take "subscription" or "membership" donations from businesses. This means that businesses are the BBB's source of income (even though they don't report income). But businesses are their object of complaint. So, if I as a consumer complain to the BBB, I'm complaining about one of their sources of income. Obviously, this is a problem.

                The problems run deeper. An hour or so after they talked to me, my business appeared on their web site (if you're interested, find the Southern California BBB site and look for "Bluewood Designs"; I resist linking to them). The information on the site is the information that I told them over the phone.

                They never confirmed that information. Furthermore, they assigned me a "BB" rating. This means, paraphrased, that they have no reason to believe that anyone would have trouble doing business with me. This is true, to some extent — they have no reason to think much of anything about me because, well, they know virtually nothing about me.

                What's curious is that many other local businesses, who are members of the BBB, have "A" or higher ratings. Hmmm. I wonder what my rating would be if I paid for a "membership".

                More curious, and again I encourage anyone to look this stuff up, I checked out the local Wal-Mart: they are a "member" of the BBB. They have had one complaint against them, but it apparently was resolved. So, they have an "AA" rating. I checked out the local Lowe's. They have 14 unresolved complaints against them and have an "F" rating. They are not members of the BBB.

                What makes this case curious, in my estimation, is the number of lodged complaints. These stores are no more than a couple of miles from each other and so have basically the same customer base. I find it impossible to believe that the BBB has only received one complaint against Wal-Mart and 14 against Lowe's. This makes me suspect that a) the BBB is not recording complaints against their members; b) the BBB is not recording responses from non-members; c) the BBB might be "creating" complaints against non-members. Or some combination of these or others.

                That last point is one that I've now read about (check out for more). Somehow this doesn't seem unreasonable — I consider how much due diligence the BBB did to get my business information. I imagine that they do similar diligence on complaints that they receive.

                Speaking of how complaints go, a friend of mine, let's call him "Scott", lodged a complaint with the BBB against a local car dealership. The dealership had tried to make him replace a $500 part on his car when it was really just a fuse that had blown. That complaint, on the BBB web site, is listed as resolved. This is probably because "Scott" grew tired of the paperwork and didn't pursue the complaint further. The BBB let it end. The car dealership is a member of the BBB. They have a "B" rating and 14 complaints.

                But Scott felt that he had lodged a complaint with a reputable organization and that something might be done about their business practices. This is not the case, for the BBB has no authority over businesses and no significant legal influence with state or county authorities. Yet arguably, they market themselves as having that kind of authority.

                This succeeds to dupe consumers into thinking that their complaints will actually be heard by someone who can or will do something about it. In the case of my friend, this stopped him from taking the complaint to an authority, such as the state Attorney General.

                There are numerous other resources and anecdotes about the BBB out there on the web. This article aims only to raise a healthy suspicion about the organization and to encourage business owners and consumers to proceed with caution when doing business with the Better Business Bureau.
                One final irony: if you have a complaint against the Better Business Bureau, you can't file it with the Better Business Bureau. And just as Groucho Marx once quipped that he would never join a club that would have him as a member, the Better Business Bureau is not a member of its own organization.

                Maybe it's all a big joke?

                scam/ fraud

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                  • Mi
                    Midnight0162 Jun 25, 2010

                    Good thing that's not true! You probably have an unanswered complaints filed against you, don't you. The BBB doesn't give businesses F ratings because they don't join. They give then F ratings because the business is acts in a poor fashion. They don't take the side of the business, give member companies special treatment, or screw over any business that's not a member. Get the facts before bashing on the internet.

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                  • Bb
                    BBB May 07, 2009


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                  • Ca
                    captainjohann Jul 31, 2008
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    The aquaguard chaps took my complaint only after i approached their mumbai office and after lot of emails. they never replied though.INfact i am unable to register my product Aquaguard Integra 7 in their website.

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                  • Vi
                    vipin Jul 31, 2008
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    i have brought one Aqua sure water filter, now i am repending a lot by
                    doing that serice point the worst ... i have called the ureca frobs office
                    even to bombay head office nobody
                    botheres..really ###ers...

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  BBB — Fraud


                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Better Business Bureau — scam

                  "In 2010, 20/20, an ABC network news magazine, reported in a segment titled 'The Best Ratings Money Can...

                  Richmond Better Business Bureau — Horrible Service - BBB

                  The BBB of Central Virginia does not even look at complaints. Process of where their 'automated'...

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