Mobicel Complaints & Reviews

Mobicel / complaint - space and sd card on mobicel astro

Sep 30, 2019

I am a fist time user and very disappointed, I was gifted a brand spanking new Mobicel astro a few weeks and have had issues with the sd card, the issue has been resolved but it does not allow me to move apps onto the SD card.i have switched my phone off and on again to no avail?? and i...

Mobicel / echo tab

Sep 29, 2019

Hi i just wanted to submit this complaint i bought a mobicell 10.1 intch tablet earlier on this year from game store, i spent r1300.00 as it was on thw paper on special but now my tablet refuses to charge and it keeps rebooting on and of this problem is going on for two day and all my...

Mobicel / mobicel r8

Sep 11, 2019

Hi Can you please assist, everytime I try to upload documents from drive or any downloaded documents it takes me to the camera app, please help as this is a problem in applying or filling applications. Also once the app has been downloaded from Google play Store it won't allow me to...

[Resolved] Mobicel / phone freezing/cant excess work emails/cant answer calls

Jul 15, 2019

Good Morning, My Phone keeps freezing. Cant accept calls due to the swiping key not working. Use this for business and cant open phone and have missed so many calls. Always need to restart phone. Cant handle this anymore. My number is [protected]. Phone is 1 month old. Make R1...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel r1

Jul 13, 2019

This phone is good at first. Now I realize it was a waste of my hard earned money. Its not even 3 months and its giving me issues. I hate to resort to this type of complaining but when u get NO Response from the manufacturer then you must realize that they have NO INTEREST in helping you...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel v1 front camera

Jul 09, 2019

My phone's front camera stopped working, out of the blue. I don't know what happened, I've tried rebooting the phone, pulling out the battery but still it won't work. I've tried to clear data and reboot the phone nothing changes. The icon to flip the camera is the but it remains in the...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel r1

May 08, 2019

I bought this phone last year December at Mr Price in Empangeni at first it worked perfectly than the next few weeks it started deleting things automatically it really bothers me My number is. [protected] my brother also has the same phone and his too also deletes things automatically it...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel r9 lite

Apr 29, 2019

My phone refuses to charge. My brother also has a mobicel R9 lite. I now use his phone to charge my battery and the pop it back in my phone and my phone works well. if i try to plug the charger in while it's on. It just doesn't detect that the charger is plugged in. I did use my charger to...

Mobicel / mobicel phone

Apr 28, 2019

Ohk so my phone went in on 5 March 2019, same problem for the past three times, and on both previous occasions mobicel had the phone for almost a month. I bought the phone CASH end of September at American Swiss, now I have been without a phone for more than 3months, I really would never...

[Resolved] Mobicel / poor service

Apr 18, 2019

2 mobicell cellphones purchased at jet vangate mall cape town one of the phones whent in for repairs twice same problem it is the mobicell R6 got sms frommobicell 3 weeks ago saying they replacing R6 with R1 went to jet store ti collect R1 they gave me a kot of greef they say I must go to...

[Resolved] Mobicel / my phone repair process is taking more than the 4 weeks indicated on the form

Mar 14, 2019

Good Day Sir/Madam I am very dissapointed in your service. On the 5th of February 2019 I gave my phone in at Pep stores in Klapmuts. They should have by now send your company my phone. My phone is now at the 28th of March 2019 6 months old. On the form it listed that the repair process only...

Mobicel / mobicel echo 10.1

Feb 22, 2019

Good day I bought my device from Game in Cape Town CBD on the 17th of January. I have had endless problems with the keyboard then it works then it does not. I was not told on purchase of device that it does not accept just any SIM I then contacted mobicel in and they insisted that I return the...

[Resolved] Mobicel / Mobicel v4 &x4

Feb 21, 2019

Good day I have purchased a new phone at Markham's, Cape Town, Kenelworth Center, last year September, the phone was Faulty"could not answer a incoming call, returned within 7 days of purchase, the next phone had the same problem was sent in for repairs when returned the problem was not...

Mobicel / complaint imei: [protected] model r6 mobicel

Feb 19, 2019

Kindly please assist on the above cell number, I will like to lodge a formal complaint due to the fact that am not happy with feedback received that on the phone the is no fault. When charging this phone it does not charge it gives us black screen, whenever we charge the phone it does not...

Mobicell R1 / complaint

Feb 12, 2019

Ibought my phone in 2018 at Ackermans. Im so dissapointed in Mobicell. The phone is in good condition. My phone is charging as it should be. My phone is making funny movements and its swith on by itself when I have put it off as it dials numbers without me knowing about it. This phone I...

Mobicel / mobicel r9 light

Feb 07, 2019

I bought my the phone at Totalsports in May 2018, and recently had i problem the phone doesn't charge i took it back to the store on 20/01/2019. I forgot to take my sim card out. it was sent for repairs after back and forth with Mobicel i was told that there is nothing wrong with the...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel

Jan 17, 2019

I bought my mobi v1 in june/july 2018 I cant hear my phone when receiving messages or calls Volume is on loudest Can you please assist me on this matter, nothing wrong with hearing someone on the line, but when I talk back the sound is noisy on their side. Loud speaker seems to be broken...

Mobicel Astro / mobicel astro factory defect/sd card reader malfunction

Jan 03, 2019

I have bought a new Mobicel astro a few weeks and a new micro sd card but the phone does pick up or read the sd card i have switched my phone off and on again to no avail?? and i don't know what to do anymore i need to move some of my app for space on the phone, if this is a factory defect...

[Resolved] Mobicel / r6

Dec 17, 2018

Hi, I bought a Mobicelc R6 at Pep at Pretoria Central in September 2018. The phone was working all well until just recently when it cannot charge or transfer files to PC. When you connect on a charger, it gets hot it ends up restarting. This week it is refusing to charge at all. I either...

Mobicel Astro / 4" device; the storage

Dec 14, 2018

The mobicel device with me has an error when it comes to storage. My device has a 2GB internal storage because of it I had to delete important documents in favour of new important documents. I decided to buy a 16GB SanDisk to compensate for the lost documents and try increasing the space...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel switch

Nov 26, 2018

i purchase a mobicel switch from jet store westgate on the 22/09/2018.the salesman said that it is a good phone a you wont have any problems.already two months now and i am really frustrated with this is very slow, take long to respond when your want to read emails and opening...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel candy

Nov 21, 2018

I purchased a Mobicel Candy recently. The internal memory is over 95% full before I downloaded any apps. Since downloading the FNB and Wats up app, the phone Internal memory is almost full (3.93GB). I cannot open pics, audio, videos ever since. The phone is now too slow. I called helpdesk...

Mobicel Berry / too much lag

Nov 19, 2018

I bought a new mobicel berry from pep store but whenever I play games it starts lagging too much, freezing, not responding until the game crashes.Am sorry to say this but this phone is not worth its price .This phone does not support gravity now I wonder why does it has a screen rotation...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel neo 7 tab

Nov 19, 2018

I purchased the mobicell neo 7 on the 25/11/17 from an Edgar's in midlands mall Pietermaritzburg. For the past month I am experiencing that the tab constantly freezes and starts to reboot by itself . the problem seems to be getting worse as it happens more often. Also when you try to...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicell

Nov 18, 2018

Hi. I bought a mobicell r6 at Ackerman's a while ago, after using the phone for some time I realised that the camera isn't functioning well therefore not allowing me to open it unless I switch the phone off and then on again, which is very frustrating when I wanting to take a pic isn't...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel pure plus

Nov 16, 2018

MobicelThe phone is android 7.0 but it still doesn't support other apks, you should really make a software update for the phone. The phone has a lag when ever I use the internet and when I play online gaming too. So please make a software update for the Mobicel Pure Plus .I don't want to buy...

Mobicel / mobicel v4

Nov 15, 2018

Hi i recently brought a mobicel v4 phone on the 8th month of 2018 now all of a sudden its my whatsapp is noting working so i deleted stuff on my phone thinking its the space but it turns out i was wrong now its not allowing to download whatsapp or share it, i thought i was the only going...

Mobicel Astro / actual product and customer service

Nov 13, 2018

Phone heats up and the phone is only 13 days old and already im having issues with it. Now Im told that I need to take it for repairs. Then I have to stay 6 weeks for without a phone that I paid for. R500 is alot of mine. I feel like the phone is a second hand phone. The guys are not even...

[Resolved] Mobicel / tablet 10.1

Nov 07, 2018

I purchased a 10.1 mobicel tablet on 6th November 2018 with 3 hours the device was almost destroyed. The cover provided with the device couldn't have been designed better as a booby trap for the slow of hand. The case is unable to retain the heavy construction of the tablet with the corner...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel astro

Nov 03, 2018

MobicelPurchased device few months back...device comes on but gets stuck on the logo screen... the top right hand side corner says fastboot mode... the device is stuck there and is not is still under warrantee ...however i do not have sales slip...i tried removing the battery...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel astro

Oct 22, 2018

Morning, I bought a Mobicell Astro, less than 2 months ago from PEP at Steeledale, my contact keep disappearing the phone tells me i have no contacts on my simcard and i have over 300. Then i can not even have 4 or 5 photos on then the phone tells me the storage is full. This is really...

[Resolved] Mobicel R9 / speakers and charging point dysfunctional

Oct 21, 2018

Dear sir or madam Speakers and charging point dysfunctional It is with great disappointment that few minutes after I bought my phone at Mr price in midrand gauteng, I have learnt that my speakers are not functional.but due to work commitments I couldn't return the device to dealer after seven...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel r9

Oct 12, 2018

Hi I bought Mobicel R9 at Mr Price 4 month ago, recently I realized that I am losing contacts, I can scroll through the whole phone book but when I dial the number the name appears and when I click on the contact, it says contact doesn't exist, this is very frustrating as this phone keeps on...

Mobicel / mobicel r1

Oct 01, 2018

Hello. My phone apps keep crashing. I initially thought it was storage, but i do have that both on the phone and the memory card. I tried uninstalling the apps, but then i cannot re install them. Also i am unable to install other applications. the phone says its up to date so i am not sure...

Mobicel / r9 plus

Sep 28, 2018

I sent my R9plus in for screen repair on the 30 august, i received a quote on 12th september and made payment same day because i was i told i will get it back in the next week. It's been 2 weeks now and im still waiting. I've been calling the store almost every 2nd day for an update and...

[Resolved] Mobicel / phone storage

Sep 27, 2018

good day. I've recently buy an mobicel pure mini at jet store in malmesbruy on account. But sadly the phone has a problem because my system storage takes up the whole space of my internal memory which is really annoying.I also do have a 16GB memory in and still its no use cause the phone...

Mobicel / mobicel r2

Sep 26, 2018

I bought a Mobicel R2 in Foschini Store Carletonville, the phone's been working well until last month mid August where now when its connected to the charger it continuously restarting, phones keeps on crashing apps, Freezes the entire time even when removed all passwords. I cannot make...

Mobicel / repair services and battery problem

Sep 25, 2018

My husband and I bought our R9 plus in January and the other February this year. Both phone were working perfectly and we really loved then. Until they started having charging problem mid July, mine was getting worse everyday and it would only charge till 30% even after being charged the...

[Resolved] Mobicel / default storage

Sep 19, 2018

Good Day. I recently purchased a Mobicel Mini from CNA at I'Langa Mall, and the 4GB Storage Space has benn nothing but a NIGHTMARE!!! I have now inserted a 32GB Memory Card into the handset, selected the "Default Write Disk" as SD Card and STILL THE HANDSET TELLS ME TO FREE UP SPACE!!...

[Resolved] Mobicel / mobicel echo tablet

Sep 13, 2018

My tablet has always battled to charge. Taken a long time compared to what I'm used to. The battery life is poor too. For the last week it shows it's charging, but the percentage doesn't pick up much, and never more than 72%. I'm disappointed, as this tablet is only 3 months old, and it'...