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Coffee and breakfast sausage with no egg.

A & W # 4636 on May 1, 2020 at 9:48 am Order # 442, Cashier # 300. Ordered 1 eng sausage cheddar and 1 leg coffee.
Sausage was so greasy that it had permeated 3 napkins and bag when I got home, 5 minutes away. Coffee was very bitter I had to water it down to be able to drink it.

In the past I always enjoyed the above breakfast selection, but today was not a good choice.

They were not clean, they did not serve me the way I want

The service was an ethical and practical they were not clean they did not serve me the way I want that person...

Ogallala Food

Managers unethical behavior

Good evening, first of all, consider the fact that the date and time provided above are just random because I am a frequent customer of your A&W restuarant but the facts that I am going to provide you are factual and real. My one of the close friends is working on 490 Bayfield Street, Barrie restuarant and I am feeling so obnoxious while sharing the experience with you and it is quite shameful as well. I am not supposed to do this because of my friend who is working in restuarant told me not to do anything but as a regular customer of your restuarant it is my duty to inform you that your Manager in that restaurant which is Mrs/Miss Varuna is completely an unethical, immoral, unprincipled, arrogant, commanding, corrupt, unscruplous and dishonorable person I ever have seen. She is so dominating on the staff member that she forcefully orders staff members to clock out and do overtime for free. She does not how to talk with team members. I think she must have a habit to hear the only word, Yes and word No does not exist in her dictionary. My friend literally is in depression now days just because of the attitude shown by the manager towards staff members. Every staff member is so scared from Varuna and they didn't even want to complain about rude, arrogant and bossy behavior towards them and even Varuna gave every one of them a warning that whoever complain against her will be kicked out from the job on the very next day Actually I was supposed to complain Labour Program Officer or to call them at [protected] but then results will be not good for you and for me as well because I have to a certain distance to buy your beyond meat burger. So, take this feedback as a warning or as a chance to improve working conditions for employees. Otherwise, I have to complain and have to involve labour ministry as well. I hope you should take strict action against Miss/Mrs. Varuna, I am keeping an eye on this situation so carefully and will not hesitate to go legal against you guys because I will not let your Manager Varuna pushing my friend down every time and even you can contact me anytime I will assist you further

wait time

I arrived at the 20th Avenue A&W on Friday December 27th 2019 and ordered sweet potato fries. I waited...

Prince George Food


Went on 11/15/19 for lunch and the cashier Mike was very rude Upon ordering my food he was not very friendly...

Buffalo Food

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manager and prices

My friend and I wanted to purchase a Gouda Mama Burger, she added on the price 25 cent for a slice of Tomato...

Brampton Food


I am currently employed at a&w in sturgeon falls ontario and first thing is new people are getting more hours then me when i was promised full time and those employees also try and act like my boss amd tell me to go do chores when their just standing around looking at their nails and then they go an initial every chore as if they did them when they have done nothing

ljs ayce fish and chicken.

LJS Was served 1piece at a time, each time another one was requested it took 10 minutes to get next...


being slandered

I was in the restaurant this morning and a gentleman came up to me and asked if I had a problem with one of...

rude & poor customer service

Dear Sir / Mdm, I m writing in to feedback about a negative experience in the Ang Mo Kio branch...


papa burger

I ordered a Papa Burger with light papa sauce. The cashier typed "add papa sauce"into the register. I...

extreme amount of margarine on my breakfast sandwich ruined my brand new top!

I am a regular customer if this A&W in Ancaster ON. I went there is morning to get breakfast for myself and friend.
I ordered 2 egg sandwich combos. I took my sandwich out of the main and when I sent to take the sandwich out of it paper wrapping the excess grease dripped all over my new top that I had been wearing all of 20 minutes!
I immediately called and spoke to the owner and told him my story. He acknowledge me being there and my order but said " the lady that made the sandwich is a long time employee of the store" I said that great but she over buttered our sandwiches and he his reply we " we use margarine"!
I said I wanted to be reimbursed for the cost of my top approx 35.00 and he sad no he couldn't do it. So now I'm out the cost of my top and the food I couldn't eat!
So what can be done about replacing my top?

Employees being mistreated

First off my wife works at aylmer store. The owner is so high-strung and will not listen to the staff for...

my boss has ruined a&w for me, and I am sorry.

In the last few months we got a new general manager. At first he seemed good, until I walked into work to...

burnt sausage

I ordered sausage, scrambled eggs and toast. I took my order to go. When I got to my location ready to eat I realized I was served severely and inedible sausage in my plate. How is this acceptable?! I understand food costs a lot of money but I don't believe it is acceptable to have customers pay money for food they cannot eat! I don't normally complain but this just pushed me over the edge so I felt I needed to say something.

burnt sausage
burnt sausage
burnt sausage


Bad service & business practice

My Name is Ramon, Really bad service and i ordered my food, waited and waited and Manager was only focusing...

extra charges

Hello, I work the same mall as the a&w and eat there a few times a week, recently they started charging for...


orange juice

on aug 8 at 1030 a.m. bout two canadian breakfast one with small apple juice one with small orange juice...

onion rings

I ordered 2 mozza combo meal And I substitute onion ring instead of fries for one of the meal, and it came to...


restaurant/fast food

One time I was at the Indianola, Iowa A&W location. The owner of the restaurant was yelling, screaming and...