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A&W Restaurants Complaints & Reviews

A&W Restaurants / poor service/rude staff

Silvia Taboada on Jan 2, 2019

I visited the Vaughan Mills food court on December 27th. I ordered for my kids 5 Buddy Burgers. Waited over 15 min for my order and when I told the staff why would it take so long, all the staff ( 2 girls that work there) just looked at me a laughed . They were too busy socializing rather...

A&W Restaurants / the mining store the whole thing.

Klecan on Jan 1, 2019

This is disgusting this is how your place looks everyday. Your manager is rude to customers and employees. Your food is cold there is whitish blond pink hair in your cold food and when it's brought to the manager she treats you like your a piece of shit and that's not right. Your manager...

A&W Restaurants / bugers

Jumpjack on Dec 5, 2018

My friend and I stopped at the A&W in the Abbotsford Mall, in B.C. Canada Dec. 4, 2018, to have your mushroom burger and I was so dissatisfied with how the burger was put together. The place was not busy at the time, when I opened the burger there was three thinly sliced mushrooms on the...

A&W Restaurants / pothole in driveway at 2200 dundas street, mississauga ontario

Dennis Thomson on Nov 30, 2018

I have asked that the pothole in the driveway at this Mississauga franchise be fixed for over 3 months. Nothing has been done and the hole continues to get bigger. This is a real hazard for people and their cars. Someone should sue the franchise owner and AW for the repairs to there car. I...

A&W Restaurants / preparing food no gloves

LR quebec on Oct 30, 2018

To whom it may concern - I have recently had a meal in one of your restaurants and was shocked that the staff doesnt wear GLOVES when putting burgers together. You know now that it doesnt matter how many times you wash your hands in a day. As a former hospitality worker for most of my life...

A&W Restaurants / order mix-up

Pamela Ann Skinberg on Oct 28, 2018

Hi there. I was driving between Edmonton, Alberta and my home in Kimberley BC yesterday October 27. I hadn't yet tried the Beyond Meat burger and was excited to pick one up somewhere along the way. Driving through Okotoks, I pulled into the A&W drive-thru and ordered my lunch (small frie...

A&W Restaurants / drive thru

Sean6940 on Oct 26, 2018

Been sitting, stuck in this a&w drive thru for 40 minutes. I have never waited this long in a drive thru in my entire life. Just got to the window and the employee didnt even say hi or anything. Location is mapleview/veterans in Barrie Ontario. I will never come here again. I waited 40...

A&W Restaurants / beyond me burger

Mr Avi on Oct 12, 2018

The pattie of the plant based beyond me burger I ate yesterday, on 11th Oct 2018, was not the same type of pattie in the Beyond me burger I ate in August 2018 that was made of various veggies in it. When this product was initially introduced on promotion in summer 2018, it tasted so good. I...

A&W Restaurants / bad service

Kung Man Ki on Oct 10, 2018

On night of Oct 10, 2018, 1 teen with 2 kids went to get some pies and drinks. Upon paying, one kid changed her mind and asked for a different pie. The cashier was getting frustrated and had a very bad attitude: "Oh my gosh, you guys are crazy, you guys can't even make your mind up". We...

A&W Restaurants / unethical behaviour

LC79 on Oct 3, 2018

Ordered the Beyond Burger, got home and found little shreds of bacon stashed in between the pickles - never would have noticed except I don't like pickles so I was taking them off! Looked like the bacon had been hidden there on purpose. Called the location, spoke to the Manager and wa...

A&W Restaurants / unable to make my order right

JamHell77 on Sep 23, 2018

Sunday Sept 23rd at 12:30am I went to the drive thru at 4130 Calgary trail in Edmonton Alberta and bought 2 Teen burgers and asked for no pickles or tomatoes on both, when I got home I found out both had tomatoes and pickles. I don't go to this location often but every time I do they me...

A&W Restaurants / service

Mweier on Sep 12, 2018

You really should check in on the Dodgeville Wi A&W. This years new owners/management is terrible. Slow service food is cold or they don't answer mic when pressed. Check out Facebook rants. I have personally seen videos of employees throwing ice cream at other employees. They have water...

A&w / combo overcharge

Wayne666 on Sep 10, 2018

I ordered a 3 piece combo with a chocolate milkshake at the drive thru window in Powell River. When I left order station I noticed that the combo price with drink had not changed and a combo price for chocolate shake was added. When I got to the pay/collect window I told lady that I would...

A&W Restaurants / horrible service

cristivoss on Aug 30, 2018

I'll never return and I'll be sure to spread the word around to others. Never will return back here. It was the worst so called customer service I have had in a very long time. Sickening how my son and I and other customer had been treated today. Downright disgusting unjustifiable no...

A&W Restaurants / no ice with meal..

gino colatosti on Aug 10, 2018

we went to Wilson and dufferin loacation ordered 4 papa burgers with 4 drinks in paper cup...but no ice on a HOT DAY...I finished one of my drink...when I finally got my burgers...asked the lady for refill...refused and told me no ice...poor slow service...with only one pickle...

A&w / customer service

Johnny Owen on Aug 8, 2018

I visited above captioned fast food located in Vancouver BC. Canada. Downtown 1158 alberin st. I confronted the most unpleasant with Manager woman name Doggie. Not to mention about her service attitude, her English-speaking ability is way beyond my comprehension. As a tourist of family of...

A&W Restaurants / onion rings

Daniel J Cassidy on Aug 1, 2018

As a previous employee, I have always enjoyed A&W the rings have always been the main attraction for me. On july 31 2018 at aprox. 430 pm @ the kildonan place Mall in Winnipeg Manitoba location I was served up the worst serving of onion rings ever no separation, way to much seasoning salt...

A&w / unethical behavior

positivelyelite on May 6, 2018

I am a former A&W worker of 3 years who has been out of a job because of unfit work behavior. The morning of April 24th A&W manager Jay who is also very flirtatious and inappropriate with employees and customers argued with the A&W cook Meng who is ignorant and stubborn won't listen to...

A&W Restaurants / breakfast burgers / very poor customer service

Romila Prasad on Apr 15, 2018

I ordered one bacon & egg combo, one bacon & egg sandwich and one cheese & egg. I paid for my food and was waiting for it, I went to the drive thru by the way. One of the girls open the back door with someone's order but there was no cars parked so she went back inside she came's up at the...

A&W Restaurants / burger

Rajinder madaan on Nov 24, 2017

This complaint refer to south albert A&W 4355 albert street Regina, SK. I ordered 2 spicy chicken combos with fries and coke...and I ordered one of the spicy chikken with no lettuce, no tomato with extra red onions..but they put lettuce on my burger..and they didn't put any napkins and...