Truworths Complaints & Reviews

Truworths / jeans

Oct 16, 2019

I bought a ladies Jean in Trueworths Waterfall mall in rustenburg last month towards month end while I was traveling and we go the right size but the made is too small and I lost a proof of purchase but the product is still in a good condition and it has a price tag on it which it can be...

Truworths / horrible service truworths randburg square

Oct 15, 2019

On the 09 Oct 2019 I bought a dress cash using my bank card at Truworths Creste, it turns out it's not the right friend went to Cresta on Friday the 11 Oct 2019 to do an exchange however there was no fit size, she then requested a refund however she didn't have my bank card as per...

Truworths / harassment by the security guard

Oct 09, 2019

Yesterday I was harassed by your security guard I was getting in you new store looking for things I may like since I have an account at you store, I was holding a plastic then I passed the security guard at your door he called like saying yey buyala yey yelling and answered asking him do...

Truworths / clothing return

Oct 08, 2019

TruworthsI wanted to return a white dress. I had almost R2500 worth of new clothing that I wanted to buy, however, after this unfortunate incident I left it at the counter and returned to my vehicle with my white dress that the lady, Mabuni, working at the counter decided not to exchange for me...

Truworths / getting sms, s for an account I do not have,

Oct 04, 2019

Dear Madam or Sir, We that is my husband and I have been receiving messages to pay an account. First my husband, then I phoned and explained that we do not have an account with you and never had, they started to send me the smsses. I phoned again apparently this person Letchela must have...

Truworths / sizes

Oct 03, 2019

Hi I bought my wife a set of underwears at your branch in Jubilee Mall on Wednesday the 2nd of October, bras and panties but when I surprised her with them in the evening the bras were fine but she realized the underwears are bigger although the tag is her size, a medium. I went to exchange...

Truworths / customer service and relations

Sep 30, 2019

TruworthsI am really so disappointed in Truworths. Usually they are my first choice of shopping because of the quality products, but their service is totally unacceptable. In the future I will reconsider shopping at them at all. Even online. Firstly I emailed a complaint on 24 Sep 2019, 12:27 in...

Truworths / looking for the same size dresses

Sep 27, 2019

I do not want to complain, but I want to thanx an excellent staff member for an extra mile she walked today to find me the correct sizes of a spesific dress. Contance you are an awesome person and an excellent worker. All the effort you put in to help me, was amazing!!! What a wonderful...

Truworths / product

Sep 25, 2019

I bought a green top and matching green pants. I have worn them both only 3 times. They have faced in colour and now the two greens are two different shades. I am wanting to return them please. I feel like I am dressed in rags when I wear the outfit. I am very disappointed in the quality...

Truworths / shoes

Sep 23, 2019

Good Day My name is Ms. S Khumalo and I have store card with you, I bought shoes for my sister as a gift at Truworths Southgate Mall -store no 126 bronze liquid tubular [protected]= R525.00 on the 06.09.2019 @10:17:38 UNFORTUNATELY, the shoes are hurting her feet as she wore them for a...

Truworths / return of a present

Sep 22, 2019

I received a gift from my partner, an Uzzi shoe which cost 650. Unfortunately it was a size smaller. On the day of purchase it was raining and the box with the slip was damaged. The following day I took the shoe to return and the manager Shalya was very unhelpful. This girl does not know...

Truworths / the service

Sep 21, 2019

I walked in the store to make purchase of a headset the service consultant was speaking in Zulu and I could not understand her as she was talking fast and was inpatient to repeat. I then asked her if we can both try to communicate in a business language as she was impatient to repeat her...

Truworths / cellphones

Sep 21, 2019

I have been to Truworths store Ngebs Mall Mthatha purchasing a cellphone worth 3400. I was told I will be checked if I qualify and they say I do. They asked for proof of residence or Bank Statement which I brought. Everything is done I sign and then they say my account has not been paid for 2...

Truworths / service

Sep 21, 2019

I have been shopping at Truworths Constantia in the Western Cape, South Africa, for the last 4/5 years. My details are on the system, my fingerprints are on the system and staff at the beauty products know my by face and name. Today I visited the store but forgot my bag at home. I wanted...

Truworths / credit limit

Sep 18, 2019

Name: Sumaya Abrahams - [protected] Once again i have received an sms to increase my credit limit to R4150. Once again i never requested the increase. I have this account now for 2 years, have not once failed in paying monthly installments. Why must they keep doing an affordability check...

Truworths / itc update of my account.. id [protected]

Sep 14, 2019

I have opened up an account on the 20 August 2019. Paid R200 before 30th of the same month and settled the account on 13th of September 2019. Please updated my account as is fully settled paid, since last month my acount was not updated at itc even though its fully paid. By opening thi...

Truworths / cell phone problem

Sep 09, 2019

I bought a movie cell phone at springs mall in June the phone worked for a week. Then I went to the close branch south gate mall were they took the phone 3 months past in August I then went back and got the phone but still it's not working what should I do. I want a new cell phone cause...

Truworths / debit order

Sep 06, 2019

Truworths has been debiting me over the years and almost a thousand every month. I have paid over R30 000 for half a year and I feel its fraud. Yes I will find an attorney to look into my books cause truworths has been taking more than I can afford. It hadn't debited this month because I...

Truworths / staff member at till point busy with personal conversion while people queuing up

Sep 05, 2019

Staff member at till point was busy with a personal conversion with someone about cellphon contracts an nework changing while people were queuing up at till point. Only one cashier is open at the store, at fitting rooms the attended also instructs you to count your own items an take a...

Truworths / no help order sizes from other outlets.

Sep 03, 2019

I am a regular cash customer of truworths. Today 02/09/2019 I ask for assistant of 2 tops I wanted from ginger mary range and hey betty range. The shop did not have my size available. Asked the cashier (got employee no) if she can look for me at other outlets for my size to order for me...

Truworths / Service - exchange of an item

Sep 02, 2019

i bought my bf a jean from the tygervalley branch in july 2019. on saturday 31 august i went to the parow branch to exchange the product for something else as the jean did not fit, only to be told truworths does not exchange after 30 days. i had the slip, the tag was still on the garment...

Truworths / service complaint

Sep 01, 2019

On the 31/08/19 my fiancé and I had visited truworths is gateway, we are frequent customers to the store so my fiancé had decided to open up an account with them. A friendly sales consultant had assisted us with the approval. It took a few mins to receive the sms so we had gone for dinner...

Truworths / service from store supervisor and manager

Aug 31, 2019

It seems to be hassle to exchange a pair of jeans that I bought and realized they were torn before I could wear them. The jeans were purchased on a friend's account and now I'm being accuses of tearing the pants myself. Now I'm waiting to speak to the store manager and it seems no one...

Truworths / Interest charge on account [protected] not overdue

Aug 29, 2019

Good day Truworths team, I have noticed that there is an interest charge on my account on 10 August 2019. According to my records and as per the July and August statements I have made payments in advance as follow: Amount Due date as per statement Payment date Amount Paid 1 130, 00 03/07/2019...

Truworths / I am complaining about service of lichtenberg truworths

Aug 26, 2019

I bought tshirt n find out that tshirt is small, they said I can't exchange because they don't have size n the tshirt that I wanted to exchange with was lesser than the one I bought. Store manager refused to talk to me I had to come back with it . Tshirt still have a price tag on it n I...

Truworths / Legal dept unwilling to resolve my issue

Aug 26, 2019

My account no is Truworths Account: [protected] I have been communicating with serveral consultants at the legal dept and till this today no sastifactory investigation has been put into my query Every time they decide to respond to one of my 2000 emails it's always very vague with the...

Truworths / shoe broken underneath

Aug 25, 2019

TruworthsGood day can you please urgently assist in this matter, on the 10/05/2019 i bought my self a shoe of DH with item no *[protected] and the sole of the shoe is already broken in a bad way pictures of this shoe will be attached with the receipt of purchase. I. Realy not happy with this as a...

Truworths / information update on database

Aug 23, 2019

I was employed and my contract ended in 2016 and I asked the shop to update my information about my workplace.I sent them an email requesting them to update with all the attachments that needs to be updated but nothing has changed. My worries is that they keep on calling my former employer...

Truworths / lack of customer service

Aug 22, 2019

I hope someone can explain the below situation to me because I don't think what's happened is a coincidence. My application for a store credit card has been rejected twice. The first time, I was told it was because they were unable to get hold of me (they had the incorrect number). The lady...

Truworths / truworths online services

Aug 20, 2019

Official complaint: Online orders and delivery services. To whom it may concern Dear Sir/Madam I would hereby like to express my disappointment in your online services and the poor results in my recent order, reference/tracking number: o25450368. On 11-08-2019 I ordered 3 items valued at...

Truworths / service

Aug 17, 2019

TruworthsI have been a loyal customer for 14years and from last month all I have been receiving is the worse service. Last month my debit order that is set for the 25th of each month was debited on the 24th of which incurred me inconvenience of bank charges for a unsuccessful debit. I had gotten no...

Truworths / loss of a job in 2013

Aug 14, 2019

Hi my name is TJ Khabanyane I have an account with you and in 2013 I lost my job but two weeks ago I received a call from one of your consultant who said I must pay olmy account which I am not refusing. I want to understand its been six years now and why now and what are correct procedure...

[Resolved] Truworths / returning the jacket

Aug 13, 2019

TruworthsI bought a leather jacket at the store on 20/7/2019 I never waer it, then I went out of town when come back to town I realize that the jacket doesn't fit me well I took it back to the store for exchange on the 13/08/2019, they told me it's not in good condition it doesn't smell good.i wa...

Truworths / invasion of privacy & unsolicited marketing

Aug 05, 2019

I am a private individual, all of my purchases are always done by cash and credit cards are used only for online shopping. I have never shopped at this store and have in fact been living out of the country for the last 20 years. I have recently re-located back into S.A. and Truworths ha...

Truworths / cell phone [protected]

Aug 02, 2019

I took my phone back to truworths waterfront on the 16th June 2019 it didn't wanted to charge they then took it from me and booked it for repairs with mtn on the 01 August 2019 truworths phoned to say my phone was fixed I can come collect it they have it at store on arriving there the next...

Truworths / service

Aug 02, 2019

I have been with Truworths for years and have always paid my account in time. I slipped up end of June and since then I have been called asking me to pay . I have just been called now again to ask me when am I going to pay the R40. Your system is so bad . I paid the account in full...

Truworths / payment on my account

Aug 02, 2019

I was in store to settle my account. Clearly asked the cashier to phone head office first to make sure of my balance. Cashier was so irritated and told me to call them myself. Explained to her that i was in store around the 20th july and the consultant clearly asked me to pay in store. The...

Truworths / *[protected] ink tie waist dress

Jul 31, 2019

I bought the dress maked down from R550 to R320 but I was charged the same price of R550 when I returned it the manager was not interested and said it was not on sale but it was maked down she said there is nothing she can do but to return the amount into my account Lerato the manager did...

Truworths / prescription/closure letter

Jul 31, 2019

Good day, Ive been sending email but no response and this is getting annoying! I was told to speak to Amplisol and they advised that they do not issue prescription letters, only paid up letters. Truworths account is prescribed and no longer reflecting on my credit report. According to...

Truworths / account opened fraudulently on my name

Jul 26, 2019

I was registering myself on clearscore itc today when I saw that there is a truworths account opened on my name on the 21/07/2019. The transaction made in this account is for r9975. The credit that was given is r10 000. I never opened an account with truworths, this is identity theft. I...