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Service — Fitting clothes

Good day i went to truworths sasolburg on the 19 march 2020 to purchase a few clothing items. Once i have decided what i liked i went to the fitting rooms only to be told that i was not allowed to try the white item (top) on. The other items were light grey and pink but thats not a problem to fit. I feel this is the first i have heard this and i am a loyal customer to truworths. No boards were in the store stating you cant fit white items. I am not happy with this neither the service i received. I left all items in the store and walked out. Thank you Cindy


I complaining about service I received at Grahamstown truworths Men. I wanted to do a return and they said it was too long after I bought them. It was 11 days late. I refuse to shop anymore at if they are going to have this ridiculous rule. The manager said she remembered me doing this before. And that she had allowed me before. So this time she wasn't going to. Because it's not fair on other people. There was no one else in the shop to even know that had even happened. Anyway I am definitely never going back to shop at truworths men.

Broken I'd

M having a problem trying to activate my truworths account at hammanskraal jubilee mall, my I'd is broken into two but info is clear an a teller told me to do a new I'd card ti a activate my account.i even took my old green book id but cant receive help

Cantct number [protected]

Broken I'd

Account Payment

My name is kgaugelo Tloubatla, I paid my truworths account an amount off R1000 on the 22nd February at earthchild hazyview using my bank card and the payment was approved and as the machine was about to print out the receipt for me the power went off due to load shedding. I got a message from my bank notifying me of the payment money going out but my account is still in areas up to this day. I went back to the store with my bank statement to show them that the money was taken out and they said they will investigate but up to now I am still waiting for their reply on this matter.

Account Payment

I have ordered a belt in store

I have odered a belt in store with the sale items I was not intending to take it back so I did not save the order slip when I wanted to wear it for the first time it broke instantly and I still had the tag on it... Im fusriou because they cannot return because I do not have the order slip where should I get the order slip if I was not intending to return the item.. I must now pay for something that was damaged and just loose money over this... I want a refund beacuse this was a damaged item..

Bad Service and UNPROFESSIONAL Manager

Truworth Zevenwatch: Bad service and Manager unprofessional make situation worse don't want to take a blame. Last year went to buy dress for my daughter have tag R50 off let it go after they explain log story doesn't make sense. I gain 28/02/2020 went with my colleague to buy dress was on SALE rally with normal price R575.00 I ask the sale lady to get price since dress is on sale rally came back to me say is R329 was happy. Then problem come when the CASHIER scan the dress I ask how much is the dress he say R575 I was shock how come course is not the only dress on the sale rally look the same .He call the manager same story was last year someone put there by mistake we have old stock n new stock even look the same no apology need you to understand can some from truworths send me message how do you normally solve the problem like this still need the dress.


The time was 16:45:32- Transaction No:1124351 Store 246 Employee no: 2033040 I went to a truworths store to buy my favorite perfume and the ladies there were laughing and forcing...


Order no: o78985036

Dear Sir/Madam

I'd like to bring to your attention that I have placed an order more than 2 weeks ago and my order has not been delivered to my cresta truworths branch as yet!

Overtime I call in, all they can tell me is that my items are with the courier and that they are searching for 1 more item and nobody ever gets back to me when they say they will!

If you say you will call back, please call back otherwise what type of customer service do you provide!?

I received an sms that you are experiencing severe delays and that I will get a discounted voucher on my next purchase and I have not even received that!

I am a regular purchase and am really disgusted by your pathetic service!

I need an exact answer about this order by tomorrow morning!


Truworths Online Shoppingdelivery times

On the online shopping website they offer a standard delivery of 3-5 working days. I have been waiting 8 days and decided to phone Online Shopping. The lady informed me that delivery will only take place at the end of the week, then it will be 10 days. She informed me that they have a back log of orders. Why was I not informed and I must phone them after 8 days. This is not acceptable.

false online shopping

I bought a Dress ONLINE 02 February for the next two reasons. I need the dress for a wedding I'm attending TOMORROW. And the promise on the website when you do an online purchase is the delivery will be 3-5 working days. Since now i didn't get any tracking number. Eventually I phone head office online and were told that there is a backlog on their orders and that is why my order is in a delay. Although it's is with the courier. Well Truworths NO ONE told any customer that if you make an online purchase please be aware of the backlog delay. Not my problem. I specifically bought the dress so that it's in time for the wedding I'm attending. I'm highly upset! If I do not get my dress today i will go to social media and name and shame. This is totally unacceptable. I f there is backlog on your orders then CLOSE the option for online shopping!

UNTIL today February 10 NO delivery! I WANT A REFUND! Never will I ever buy from Truworths again!

exchange of items

I am utterly disgusted in the manner how I was treated today. I went to exchange my clothes but was told that we cannot exchange the items with other items. Instead I was told by...


My fiance 's purse was stolen inside the Truworths store and we weren't able to get assistance as the store has no cameras. We also didn't get assistance from management. to help us pursue the possible suspects. The management. didn't even help us to get assistance from the centre management. The management didn't even request us to furnish our contact details

Nathi Nsimbini

  • Updated by Nkosinathi Nsimbini · Feb 04, 2020

    The above took place on 03/01/2020 at approximately 16h55

credit application

Good day,

Your call centre agent called me with regards to increasing my credit limit.
I asked them if they will checking my credit profile or if this will affect my profile, he said NO as this is just an increase from Truworths.

i then received an sms from transunion stating that a credit enquiry was done under my name which I didnt authorise.

Will truworths rectify this as this has affected my credit score and i am in a processing of purchasing a house this will ruin my chances of getting an approval

poor customer service at truworths bochum. limpopo

247921 I waited for 1 hour 8 minutes just to pay account.. Out of 5 tills only one working, with the q starting at the entrance door.. The cashier working prisca I felt sorry to her I...


At approximately 14h00 on 29/01/2020 my wife was returning some items. Yvonne at the cahier was very friendly and helpfull but the supervisor or manager that needed to do...

Truworths Clearwater — customer service

I never really shop at Truworths, mostly Edgars or Foschini but the store looked nice. I went in and smelt the new colon I was interested in. The floor assistant was very help...


Hi, It was 11th of January 2020, the time was 16:54 and noticed that the doors were already closed for business, trading hours of the store clearly indicate that it closes at...


247921 I am very disappointed in Truworths as I have been a customer of theirs for a few years and I opened myself a account not for long though then I closed my account again. Every...


I wanted to purchase underwear by Truworths Festivall Mall, I wasn't sure about the sizes because in the packet it looks very small, I was busy taking out one of the...


I called the Brits mall store at 6:30pm on 10-01-2020 to ask what time they close I was informed they close at 7pm .I rushed off to the store to collect my online order parcel...

hand over notification

My name is mapule mokoena, i was supposed to pay R436 but i only managed to pay R300. now i recieve messages as if i said i dont want to pay what i owe i have sent 3 different messages that i received and i dnt know why am i treted this way.I will pay R850 month end why am i being handed over? is this how customers are treated? as for the sms from ndc i asked the lady which account she was talking about and she didnt tell me, did she really expect me to confirm my date of birth when she wont tell me which account she was calling in connection with? please clearify this matter

hand over notification
hand over notification
hand over notification


I visited Sandton Square Truworths yesterday to purchase cell phones for my kids. The store didn't have the phones in stock and called Cresta branch who confirmed that they had it. I then drove to the store only to find that we were misinformed and the phones were not in stock there either. The gentleman apologised profusely and called Clearwater to confirm if they had the phones in stock, specifically mentioning that we wanted 3 blue Hisense Infinity E30. The lady at Clearwater confirmed that they had it in stock and we travelled there to purchase. Upon our arrival, the lady with whom the gentleman from Cresta spoke to first misrepresented herself and then when we informed her that we were the customers who called about the 3 phones she then said she was joking and that she is the lady the gentleman spoke to. We brushed it off and asked her to get the phones. She then came out saying that they do not have the colours we want and that the gentleman did not specify the colours we wanted. We then bluntly told her that we were right there when he spoke to her and we witnessed the conversation with her confirming possession of stock. Only then she apologised and left it at that. I then asked if she could call Westgate Truworths to confirm if they have stock, which they then did. I am appalled at her lies in the first place. We literally had to drive to 4 different stores and were ill-informed because people could not carry out their duties thoroughly and double check before confirming possession of stock. My complaint is thus against the lady who represented herself as Neo at Clearwater Mall, blatantly lying to our faces and then not bothering to go the extra mile to fix her mistake. This was a total inconvenience as I had no fuel in my car to make all these trips and no money in my account to fill fuel. My husband and I literally road and prayed that Gods grace would carry us to the next mall as it is my sons birthday today and all we wanted was to give him his desire for his birthday. I am at least grateful that we managed to purchase the phones at Westgate Mall but I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth for the service received at Clearwater Mall. Also important for me to note that a very similar experience occurred just last year at the same store when trying to purchase a phone for my daughters birthday. I need to mention as well that the advertisement for the cell phone includes a free screen protector which has not come with the phone and noboby can give an account as to why it is not included even though it's been advertised. I tried including a picture of the add but it is too large to attached. I confirm that I have not received a screen protector and would like to receive this as it was advertised.

wrongly marked item

I'm Delase Tshabalala, went with my mom Susan Tshabalala to the above mentioned store. She asked the teller if a skirt was on on sale as there were marked items on sale and...

online order

My first online order (Order #o25457158) from Truworths will be my last!
I only placed this order due to the banner in the header,
(Screenshot included below)
My order, which contained the majority of the Christmas gifts for my family was placed on: 13/12/2019 08:37 AM
In terms of the received Confirmation email: "Standard delivery (3 - 5 working days)"
Due to my work schedule being from 6 PM to 5 AM (and coincidentally my sleep hours being during the day) I thought, even if my order arrives on the 24th, that's okay, because I will have been saved the hassle of braving the malls.
Well, my order did not arrive within 3-5 business days, nor did it arrive 'in time for the 25th'.
In fact, on Monday 23/12, after contacting customer service to find out what the situation was and explaining that the items in my order were all Christmas gifts, I was met with the response "your parcel should be delivered within this week before close of business."
After much back-and-forth, eventually I received the response that,
"I have requested R50 delivery reversal as we can confirm that your parcel will be delayed."
Disregard the fact that the total of my order was R 4, 204.00, the most important factor was that this order consisted of Christmas gifts... For my family... Resulting in me giving them NOTHING on Christmas day.
How is this okay? How do you justify removing the R50 delivery charge as an appropriate measure to rectify the situation caused by your lack of service delivery?
It is now the 27 December, the tracking information remains unchanged from Monday and the previously promised delivery date of 'by the end of the week' will soon be an impossibility.
This entire process has been a complete and utter failure with your 'customer service' adding insult to injury!

online order

[Resolved] daniel klein watch

Good day My name is Nadia Sulliman . I was buying a Daniel Klein watch at truworths on 24 Dec 2019. The two ladies at the counter were first of all slow to assist us and they...


I went in the store to exchange sad part about it I lost the sales records, they had to call the forest hill to get the slip number. For some reason they couldn't get my...

[Resolved] fitting room

Good day I support you store in the highveld Mall Witbank I do really like the Ginger Marry cut so i went to the fitting room and the lady count my items so i need to leaf the...


My name is Kgosietsile Segopolo, an account was opened in my name, as to how that still remain mystery and only known to Truworths.

I have been to their branch and lodge a fraud complain not only against the account opened on my name, but wanted to open a fraud case against the consultant and manager who opened the account under my name without my signature, my ID, my payslip and proof of address (i think that is worst of all desperation I have ever seen in my life)

I have been to the Simmons branch and was given a phone to talk to fraud, which I did and was promised the accounts was closed, but to my surprise the account was instead handed over to MBD lawayers and giving me threats, I have called in several occasion and im promise action will be taken but the consultant cant even trace the previous communication.

I dont have any clothing account and i will never have one with truworths NEVER, i dont know what I should do against Truworth to clear my name, Im spending money chasing after them to clear my name over the own mistakes.

Legal route is costly but if need be then Im left with no choice by to go that route and Truworth will pay all the cost and pay for the harassment they have caused me and my family.

truworths online shopping

On 30/10, I made an online purchase of 6 items totaling R1393. On 01/11, I paid the total amount of the purchase & my balance would have been ‘NIL'. On 5/11, I called Truworths to check on the progress of my order; only then was I informed that 3 of the 6 items were unavailable. I went back online & saw that the items were still on sale but at an increased price. I was upset that I was being told that the items were unavailable. Nevertheless, I made another purchase to replace the items that were unavailable, within the refunded amount. The next morning, Tariq from Truworths informed me that the items that were unavailable, were located & I could have them delivered. By this time, I was liaising with the Supervisor, Robin Moodaley. I insisted that he cancel my replacement order & grant me access to the 3 items at the price I saw when I purchased it. The items were sent to me but the prices were not the sale prices of my order but ‘regular' prices with added ‘delivery' charges. Robin had the charges reversed & the sale prices requested, according to ‘his' communication. But now my statement indicates a Balance of R164 that I owe Truworths & while I can accept the annual service fee of R35, I cannot understand the balance after charging me the annual service fee. I bought online, I paid for the purchase, I eventually got all the items at the sale price & a reversal of additional delivery charges, as per Robin's claim. Why then do I owe Truworths anything? I believe that if I leave this matter, others who are less fortunate will someday pay a price. I want to know how Truworths could arrive at a balance if I got my 6 items at the prices in my order & I had paid that balance even before they proceeded with putting my order together.
I wonder if the handling of my situation reflects poor understanding or a poor accounting department?
Tilly Moodley


I received an sms from no - =[protected], today 18 November 2019 at 12.06

Dear Claudette, Obesession by Calvin Klein, the classic fragrance for women. Available at selected Truworths stores only R750 for 100ml.

1. Which are you selected Stores?
2. Both Canal Walk and Somerset Mall have stock but their price scans at R795.
3. Why this false advertising via SMS?

Claudette C Hendricks

order # o68608302 - paid and not received

Good day
Paid and promised my goods will arrive in PE Baywest Truworths Friday the 15th November and they wasted my time as I went to fetch it Saturday and it was not there. I got an e-mail from Tauriq and sent this person another e-mail this morning and it was totally ignored again.
Your cashier at Truworths Baywest was also so rude and dismissive and when I ask her about my goods ordered she started speaking to another staff member in Afrikaans but she refused to speak to me in Afrikaans and said to me it is okay, okay what??? I just about had it with this freaking bad service in South Africa. Cancel my order and refund my money now today. I will not support you any longer.
Mrs. Wait
Cell: [protected]

toilets in the store

On Thursday 14th November, I went to Truworths Mams Mall it was around 18H20, i was in a rush because the store was about to close, I was with my 5 years old from day school. I...


I bought a T-shirt from your branch in Chatsworth durban n I advised the Cashier that it's stretched he said that I should take it put it on my son and if it's stretched I should...


247921 I purchased two pair of shoes cash in June 01st in Westgate, the blue pair was worn out only after wearing it for the second time, the shoes has some silk garment on top which i...

accounts department

Please give me a call on [protected]. I would like to discuss the unprofessional service from your accounts department. It is extremely rude to put the phone down on customer when they are in mid sentence especially when they called me. I would appreciate if this complaint be taken seriously and the call recording get reviewed by your management and dealt with.

my shoe pins came out

the date of purchase was on the 5th of sept 2019 i purchased my shoe "rose gold blocked heel shoe" i loved the shoes, I used them for the function on the 6th of sept that was le...


Good day,
I got a pair of truworths heels as a gift, the shoes given to me by my sister who bought it at truworths (blue route branch) I could not return it as I don't know when it was purchased and I don't have a receipt either. The right shoe is different in size from the left shoe, the backings are also noticeably different from the other backing. I cannot wear the heels because of these reasons. It is still in the original packaging as it's never been worn. I find it very upsetting to receive these kinds of rejects from truworths who also produce quality products. Please advise what I should do,
Below are the details that are on the shoe box

Class. 050212
Style No. 83910
S17 201801
Barcode of the sticker on the shoe [protected]
Size 4

Please assist

Marwah Plato


Hi. I'm a truthworths customer and bought a cotton dress at loch Logan mall in Bloemfontein last month, but I'm staying in modimolle. Went for a visit. The dress is an earthchild...

customer service

Shop assistant ignored my call for assistance with my shopping and he chose to assist another customer who came after. Whereby I waited for him to finish with that customer and he...

debit order phone calls

I have never seen a company that does not listen to their customers like Truworths.

In the last two weeks I received three phone calls from truworths(2 From Bloemfontein Number & One from Joburg number) and all then were offering me debit order option which I clearly stated that I am not interested for now but yet they still call non stop, even though my account has never been in areas.

Please stop harrassing me your phone calls.