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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 31 310 8000(Corporate) 83 72
+27 31 310 8000(Mr Price) 83 72
+27 31 310 8809(Mr Price Home) 18 31
+27 31 310 8545(Mr Price Sport) 18 17
+27 31 313 5500(Miladys) 9 5
+27 31 310 8300(Sheet Street) 1 7
+27 31 367 3311(Financial Services) 9 9
+27 31 310 8242(RedCap Foundation) 1 3
+27 31 367 9570(RedCap Sport) 1 3
+27 31 310 8038(Mr Price International) 6 3
+27 80 021 2535(Customer Service) 31 27
+27 86 000 5111(Whistle Blowers) 16 6

Mr Price Group / MRP Complaints & Reviews

Mr Price Group / MRP / security guard at entrance of shop

Jun 07, 2019

I must say I was quite disappointed visiting you Whale Coast Mall store in Hermanus today. As I was entering the store I went to the security to have the bags sealed that I couldn't seal myself. After asking the lady guard to seal only the ones that have not been closed, she insisted on...

Mr Price / reversal of money that was debited

Jun 07, 2019

Good day We place an order online on Saturday, it gave us an error saying the transaction didnt go through and we then did it again but it gave me the same error.. I then refreshed and and tried for about 3 times (This was done on my wife's profile which she used when she had an account...

Mr Price Group / MRP / service received from store manager jafil at your canal walk branch

May 25, 2019

Good day. I was at your canal walk branch to exchange an online purchase today 25/05/2019 @ 14:40. Your store manager JAFIL was not only rude but sarcastic as well. According to her the store policy to exchange if you buy online with your card you must have your card with you. No where in...

Mr Price Group / MRP / customer service

May 25, 2019

Good day I walked into MrP Sport Argyle road, Durban to purchase a few items. When I got to the till I was told there was no credit despite me making a payment of R900 on 23/05/2019 via EFT which I emailed through to I decided to make a further payment of R900 at the...

Mr Price Group / MRP / mr price mobile contract cancelation

May 15, 2019

I have been trying to get my contract terminated for the past 11 months with failure ID number 8502150949086 cell phone number 0617197797 this contract was supposed to be terminated last year July but it did not happen that way, please Mr price mobile can you attend to this matter I no...

Mr Price Group / MRP / mr price not allocating payment made via eft

May 15, 2019

Hi, I made a payment of R360 via eft on my Mr Price Account on 2 May 2019. To this day, they have not allocated it. I called them on 10 May, they said I must send Proof of Payment which I did. Monday night I got a call, saying my account is in arrears! I have put up the concern on Twitter a...

Mr Price Group / MRP / unacceptable poor service on an online order - 107160278119

May 14, 2019

Unacceptable poor service on an online order. I placed an order on the 26 March and 28th I received an email confirming that my order is being shipped to N1 City Store. From the beginning of April to now I've been following up with the store and online with no success, the online agent...

Mr Price Group / MRP / safety at your stores

May 14, 2019

On saturday, 27th of april 2019, my bag with all of its contents was stolen from my baby's pram in mr price galleria, amanzimtoti. As soon as I noticed it was missing, I immediately told the security at mr price. With no care at all, she told me to tell the manager. Mr musa ngubelanga, the...

Mr Price Group / MRP / a bag

May 08, 2019

Hi I really hope you can assist my sister bought me a bag as a gift for my birthday on March 30 th in N1 city Mr Price i only had used bag a month and strap just broke off from its stiching i love this bag i have receipt can i please have bag exchanged for the exact same one . I really...

Mr Price Group / MRP / service

May 07, 2019

Good Day I was at Mr Price Wynberg earlier today. I stood in a line for at 10 minutes waiting for the cashier to finish up with the transaction. It seems she needed the manager who just left. There were alot of people in the quere and Im sure everyone left after me. All I wanted to do is to...

Mr Price Group / MRP / customer service and fraudn

May 03, 2019

Hi I have had 3 fraudulent online purchases go through on my account. I have notified the contact centre regarding this and was told that they are aware of the issue and would contact me back. After 24 hours I heard nothing from Mr Price and therefore sent an email to follow up. I have also...

Mr Price Group / MRP / camera footage for bag being stolen

Apr 27, 2019

I am utterly disappointed and disgusted with Mr Price Galleria Mall, my bag was stolen while I was shopping, when I asked for help the risk manager went in for about half hour looking for camera footage and came back with some pathetic excuse that the cameras are blurry.The security guard...

Mr Price Group / MRP / constant call from mr price

Mar 28, 2019

For some reason i did not get my monthly statements. I then paid the amount via eft which i do every month. What annoys me is that I have been a client with Mr Price for almost 18 years. Never in that period did i skip a payment. At months i even paid more than what my instalments was then...

Mr Price / bad service

Mar 28, 2019

This afternoon I went shopping at Mr Price in Cavendish Claremont Cape Town. The sales associate a tall, dark skinned and big lady with her natural hair relaxed in the RT side was very rude and she gave me attitude when I asked her to assist me when looking for something. While I was browsing...

Mr Price Group / MRP / account facilities

Mar 10, 2019

I would like to know how do you deduct money off a persons mr price account for lost or stolen card, system interest that is r105 and more. This is suppose to get added on to what you pay on a monthly base so basically the credit available is not thw credit available because I only used...

Mr Price Group / MRP / mobicel tab ime no.: 354450080351710

Feb 21, 2019

1) the tab is talking for each and every button you press. 2) the tab is very slow, you can go to the kitchen and come back it is still thinking. 3) now I am a bad father cos I promised my daughter a phone that is working. 4) the has been used for less that a day and we are already thinking...

Mr Price Group / MRP / poor customer service from some staff members at mrp liberty midlands mall

Feb 19, 2019

Yesterday 18/02/2019 I was at Mr Price at Liberty Midlands Mall, Pietermaritzburg around 5:30 (cant remember exact time but was after 5pm). I needed assistance at the cellphone display department as I wanted to buy Bluetooth Headphones. I asked the African dark-skinned lady who was on the...

Mr Price Group / MRP / poor service - false accusation - unethical behaviour - racism

Feb 15, 2019

Good day. On 8 February 2019, I was at the Mr. Price clothing store in the Highveld Mall Witbank. The way we were treated was by far the most terrible ever. First of all, the water bottles in the fridge was packed under the wrong type as well as prices, when the cashier scanned the...

Mr Price Sport / my account

Feb 14, 2019

On the 17 January 2019 I went to mr price sport potchefstroom to buy shoes I realized that I don't have my account card with me so I politely asked the cashier if it's possible to use my identity documents and she said yes, she my account later she said it's not possible to use my identity...

Mr Price Group / MRP / product and service

Feb 04, 2019

I went to buy clothes there last week Friday. Saturday my bf went into the store to go and just get me the right sizes of the clothes I bought and he waited half an hour for assistance and when they helped him eventually the person was rude and not helpful at all. When i got home yesterday...

[Resolved] Mr Price Group / MRP / contract cancellation

Jan 31, 2019

I had a contract with mrp mobile which I settled last year September on the 28th, I called in to let them know that it has been paid off, I wanted to cancel it and I told them to please send me a letter for cancellation, the lady I spoke to said I'd be cleared and will receive that letter...

Mr Price Group / MRP / clothing and accessories

Jan 30, 2019

I understand that Mr Price is not a clothing company that produces good quality clothing. Because the prices are (relatively) cheaper than good quality clothing stores. But serioisly. The quality of clothing produced at Mr Price these days is almost always at 'reject' standard. Mismatched...

Mr Price Group / MRP / clothing

Jan 29, 2019

I went into a Mr Price store at Mamelodi Denlyn store, I went with my bank card and store card and receipt i printed on my emails.I told them i need a cash refund for the item bought as i no longer need it, I was told they can only refund my store card and not my bank card or give me my...

Mr Price Group / MRP / service at mr price sport rosebank

Jan 18, 2019

I went to your Mr Price Sport Rosebank store today, 18 January 2018, at around midday. I was one of three customers in the store. The store had about 6 employees in it. There were many items on sale and I was eager to find things in my size. I am an XS and usually it's relatively difficult...

MRP Mobile / phone mint leo

Jan 17, 2019

I got a contract phone from mrp mobile it was in the box for a month then when I used it, it only worked for 2 weeks then when u put in the charger it switches off so I send it for repairs mrp send ram to come collect it thay had it for 21days then I got it back it was in the box when I...

Mr Price Group / MRP / sofas and chair

Jan 17, 2019

After waiting two weeks for our products to arrive, we ended up at the store only to find out that half of our R15000 order has not been delivered after complaining various times about it. Our one chair didn't even have a bracket for assembly. We are still awaiting the rest of our order...

Mr Price Group / MRP / bad service

Jan 05, 2019

Hi have a complaint went to your shops had a very bad service from a lady called Yolanda khumalo Mr.price Pretoria central, bought a reduced item at the till it showed a different amount to the slip asked her I pay for what I see she started swearing at me gave me a bad attitude and told...

Mr Price Group / MRP / online shopping; am so angry and disappointed

Dec 27, 2018

Morning Am cynthia manogo and I have a problem that I faced when I was trying to buy clothes from mrp online shop. I purchased clothes on the 20 dec 2018 at 13:01 it's when I finished processing the payment but I didn't get any order number and on the app it showed order numbers and the...

Mr Price Group / MRP / accounts

Dec 27, 2018

I went to Mr Price Sport in Carnival Mall on 27/12/18 at 14:00pm and requested them to call the accounts department.Zandile from the store called for us and spoke to Shastra (accounts department)explaining that I would like to do a payment plan as I am retrenched and unemployed.She then...

Mr Price Group / MRP / bad service and pathetic staff

Dec 27, 2018

Mr Price Hartbeespoort is a disaster. This staff have no idea what they are doing, the clothes are lying everywhere on the floor. Most of them don't even have price tags on. Nothing is hanging with matching compartments. The staff is unfriendly any unwilling to help you. There weren't any...

Mr Price Group / MRP / mr price online

Dec 22, 2018

I have ordered goods online on Tuesday the 18th of Dec 2018 to be delivered to Cape Gate Mr price clothing on the 21st of Dec 2018. Ive checked my order and saw the order was on hold on Thursday the 20th of Dec 2018. I have contacted the call centre immediately to rectify this nonsense...

Mr Price Group / MRP / incorrect items delivered

Dec 19, 2018

On Friday 14/12/2018, I went to collect my online order from a Mr Price Clothing outlet. They initially couldn't find my package and then gave a package from Mr Price Home. It had my name and order number on it but was not from the correct shop or the correct items. I ordered 5 x ladie...

Mr Price Group / MRP / serious infringement of my honour

Dec 19, 2018

On 11 December 2018 I visited the Miladys store in Brackenfell Hypermarket, where I purchased a blouse, pants as well as a pair of shoes. I paid with my purchase with my credit card, an amount of R756.00. On 14 December 2018 I visited the store in Cape Gate. On this particular day, I had the...

Mr Price Group / MRP / bad staff member with bad attitude

Dec 17, 2018

I was badly harassed by one of your staff members by the name xolani at fourways crossing i took 3 dresses for fiting and cause i was in a hurry I couldn't take them back where i got them so placed them on next to mens wear so xolani said thats not where you should put them I ignored him...

Mr Price Group / MRP / quality return policy on shoes

Dec 15, 2018

I bought a pair of leather sandles at your Blue Route store. I did not have a slip, I bought the sandles in July. Jason the person in charge told me that there is a 4month guarantee on your shoes. I asked him whether you can fix it then cause does it mean that I must buy a new pair of...

Mr Price Group / MRP / order delivery

Dec 13, 2018

Order information: # 107010328235 I ordered online and it says my parcel was delivered yesterday at crossings 79 nelspruit. I phoned with reference given by mr price oft1t * 8. Crossings received no parcel and apparently mr price said l. Lauren signed for it. So its on the dot courier and...

Mr Price Group / MRP / furniture

Dec 11, 2018

good day, I am very disappointed in how you guys have made me wait for my order. I ordered my Sofa on the 1st of December 2018, on a Sunday and i understand the exclusion of weekends and holidays. But it has been 7 long working days since. And when I call I'm told it has been shipped...

Mr Price Group / MRP / account application

Dec 11, 2018

I submitted my application form online on the Mr Price website. I also attached the accompanying documents of which afterwards I received 3 emails confirming receipt. After some silence of which their staff will confirm that application approval must tale 24 hrs to 48hrs so I decided to...

Mr Price Group / MRP / online order

Dec 10, 2018

I placed an order on the 4th of December online for store collection. I paid the express delivery fee to ensure the item would be received on the 7th of December as I needed it for the morning of the 8th. When I phoned on Friday morning I was told that the item was shipped but not at the...

Mr Price Group / MRP / call centre harassment

Dec 06, 2018

To whom it may concern, Firstly I admit wholeheartedly that my accounts is in arrears. I have acknowledged this on more than one occassion. However I have brought it to your attention on more than one occasion that only 10% of your calls are successful in terms of actual connection. The other...