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Mr Price Group / MRP reviews & complaints

Mr Price Group / MRP complaints 584

Mr Price Group / MRP - Bad service at till point

Visited Mr Price in Diepriver (Cape Town) at 09h00, and there was only one till/cashier (including a person in-training) serving. Given the long customer queue to pay, I reported it to a Manager. He indicated additional cashiers will only start at 10h00. Further than that, he did nothing and told me I can go ahead if I want to complain on-line. After waiting another 10 minutes, a few customers (including me) left their goods and left the shop. I don't intend to shop at this branch again.

Mr Price Group / MRP - A job vacancy

Hi my name is Dieketseng Molefe, I am not sure if this is the right platform to complain or ask help regarding a job. I am aware that the jumpstart foundation does not offer jobs nor guarantee one but help you gain skills and I have completed my courses and passed with the in-store training. I have worked as a casual and not as a permanent worker. I am pleading with Mr Price Group to alert me when there is a job post anywhere please. Thank you

Desired outcome: To get a job soon

Jan 17, 2022

Mr Price Group / MRP - Factory default sundress

Good day
On 12th January 2022 my sister bought me a sundress as a gift from your store in Shelly Centre on the South Coast. When I received it I tried it on and found that there was a factory defect on the strap on one side of the shoulder. It was stitched with the strap twisted. There was no way of me straightening out a strap that's stitched the wrong way. However when I took it to the Pavilion branch in Westville today (17/01/2022)to exchange for the same dress with correctly stitched straps, they refused to do the exchange as I did not have the till slip. However the price tag is still on the garment. Please assist with exchange as quality control/checks on garments is not customers problem but yours. Would be ridiculous to wear a sundress with a twisted strap.
Kindly assist.
Awaiting your speedy response.
Thank you
Selvie Daniels

Desired outcome: Exchange for another medium


Mr Price Group / MRP - MRP could not prove their policy

Good day I went to MRP retail store in Westgate mall on the 10 January 2022 at around 2pm. I went there to exchange some items that were bought for me as gifts by my mother. When I got to the till I...

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Mr Price Group / MRP - An exchange without receipt - all tags in place

I purchased shorts at Mrp Jozini on the 08-01-2022 and was refused to be assisted by Employee Mduduzi surname unknown - the store supervisor was not present when the item of clothing was returned for...

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Mr Price Group / MRP - Returning clothes for an exchange

Went to Mr Price corner von Brandis and Albertina Sisulu to return an item of clothing that was small to exchange for something else when I was refused to be assisted by store manager Mampe Molokwane due to a policy placed due to looting. This I understand but my items had tags which when scanned can reflect when and were the items left the shop which will prove that this happened after the looting. I feel my rights according to the customer protection act are being violated and I refuse to accept this. The item where bought in Mr Price even if im in Cape Town I should be assisted that's proper customer service. I did not get customer service at this store I am highly disappointed and I need to return those item as there is nothing I can do with them.

Desired outcome: Get to exchange the clothes for something else

Mr Price Group / MRP - Product

I bought a bag at KwaMnyandu shopping center on the 29th of December, I didn't open the bag until the 31st of December and I couldn't go back to KwaMnyandu to return it because I'm not at UMlazi at the moment. The bag is torn by the zip. This bag is a reject. I'm honestly disappointed. This is the first time I'm experiencing this issue with Mr price. I would really like my issue to be resolved ASAP!

Desired outcome: Shop 334-342, KwaMnyandu Shopping Centre, 341 Griffiths Mxenge Hwy, Umlazi, 4066

Mr Price Group / MRP - Laybye collection

I had a very unpleasant experience on 16th December 2021 at Mnr Price Somerset Mall. I went to collect my Laybye, time of payment was 10:09 I got my laybye on 12:39, after several questions where is my laybye, why is it taking so long every time the answers on my questions was their can't find my laybye.. I am very disappointed in Mnr Price Somerset Mall and after hearing that it is not the first time something like that happened, it happens most of the time at the Somerset Mall branch.

Desired outcome: Efficience services

Good day

I went to MRP retail store in Westgate mall on the 10 January 2022 at around 2pm. I went there to exchange some items that were bought for me as gifts by my mother. When I got to the till I was told that I cannot exchange the items without the account holder as they will need her card and need her present to sign the receipt. I told them but according to the policy on their slip all I need was to come to any store to exchange the items within 30 days, the items need to be in resalable condition, the tags should still be on the items and I must have the receipt. I fitted the criteria for their above policy as stated on their website as well as behind all their slips.

As a normal consumer I didn’t expect this because I had the receipt what more could they want. The problem started when I asked her(the store manager who is named Portia) to show me this policy that she is telling me about but she could not. She then called their head office and spoke to someone who spoke to their supervisor and still could not present or take me to a policy where it states that the account holder needs to be present when exchanging items. She also advised me that according to their supervisor the store manager should be able to somehow assist me but the store manager insisted that she cant.

At this point I have been in the store for almost 1.5 hours with no help. I went over to the store manager and said to her that I refuse to leave the store until she helps me and she just simply said that she cant. I said to her that I can prove my rights as per the slip but she cant prove her spoken or verbal policy to me? All she kept saying was that she cant help me, there is no way she can help me. I was in the store with my 1 year old baby who at this point was very miserable and crying and I am standing there for almost 2 hours only to leave the store with no help.

As a consumer I felt that I had a right to see the policy that she was telling me about and no one not even their head office could show the policy to me. I checked on their website as well and the website only says the following:

“Due to theft and looting that has taken place, no items will be exchanged or refunded without an original till slip or e-docket as proof of purchase.”

Nowhere does it state, even in fine print that for any exchange regardless of the payment method that the card holder or account holder needs to be present when exchanging items and this is my problem. To me, I had all the right to exchange the goods as per what my slip told me my right was as a consumer. They could not prove me otherwise in black and white.


a) Right to information in plain and understandable language.

· Consumers have the right to demand agreement, contracts and other documents in a plain and understanding language.

My complaint is because they could not show me as above any contract, agreement or any other document of their claimed policy, I want to take this further. My time, energy and money was wasted. I was humiliated infront of many other customers for 2 hours only to leave the store not being helped at all. I hope that the outcome for this will be fair because this has been a huge problem since the looting which is now long gone, but consumers still have to struggle like this because of looting which no longer exists. This is going to be an ongoing issue for retailers because we are human, we lose slips, we buy gifts for people and don’t give them the receipts, it happens. I was merely exchanging apples for apples but they still could not assist me.

I will not leave this matter, I will even sue you if I have to. It is already logged with the CPA as well as SA Consumer board and Hello Peter.


Mr Price Group / MRP - Lay - Bye Gone Missing

In September I opened a lay-bye at Cape Gate Mr. Price in Cape Town . Every month I went to pay for my lay-bye. Stood in long lines to pay it. Today, 17 December, 2022 after standing in a long queue, I had to wait for an hour for them to look for my package . The cashier, Nashipi Matuse, who was very nonchanlent and helped everyone except me, eventually came to me (after I had to get upset first) to tell me they can't find it, and I should give them a few hours to find this package. I couldn't wait any longer because I had people waiting in the car for me as we are on our way on holiday (suppose to be a quick stop for my clothing). The other option they gave me was to try and see if they had the items in store, which they obviously didn't. (which I had to wait another 20 minutes for, while the cashier helped other people) I then wanted to speak to the manager, but she was apparently too busy, so I had to go to her. She then said that they can only give me a refund. I was very upset, because I wasted TIME to come to this specific Mr price. Stood in lines for four months and this is what I got. Eventually, I took the refund and asked the cashier for the name of the manager, and according to the cashier, Keith Naicker, was the manager who wasn't even the manager I spoke to previously, turns out I spoke to the assistant manager, and the cashier lied about it. I took my money and left. I'm extremely disappointed in my FIRST lay-bye at Mr. Price. I have another one and will cancel it and demand a refund. Now I have to go look for clothes in very busy shopping centres, in the midst of Covid, and do what I tried to prevent 4 months ago.

Bad bad service MR PRICE! I'm done supporting you.

Desired outcome: I desired better service and at least a proper way of showing that they apologize for my time wasted.

Mr Price Group / MRP - Absolutely appalling service - 22 days and I still don't have my order

It's been 22 days since I place my order for our babies cot and we still don't have it. I placed an online order in the 25th of November and after several emails to advise my order was ready and a...

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Mr Price Group / MRP - Account bill

I have a Mr price account and when I opened it they gave me a Sim card for R49 per month, they stated that if I don't want it I can cancel it once the account is active. I then called on the first month to cancel it which was in July however they did not cancel it. I have been billed for it ever since and it was only canceled on the 4th of December when I called and spoke to a team leader by the name of krishnie naidoo. I requested a refund for the months I was charged and krishnie naidoo said she would listen to the call and call me back on the 4th of December krishnie has not called me back ever since and I have not received my refund. Whenever I call the Mr price money number the agents disconnect my calls. My cellphone number is [protected] my name is Sizwe Ndlovu.

Desired outcome: I want a Refund for the months I was charged for a Sim card that I never used

Mr Price Group / MRP - Fraud on my account no [protected]

To whom it may concern


Yesterday I received an sms : PLEASE CONFIRM PURCHASE @ MR PRICE SOWETO DIEPKLOOF SQUARE ON 14/12/2021 @ 4:54 REPLY YES/NO. I obviously responded NO as I have never been to Soweto and nor have I ever shopped there. If you look at my transactions they have always been in Edenvale (Greenstone), now I have a transaction of R4408.03 on my account. I have my Mr Price card in front of me as well as my ID document so how is this possible. Please contact me URGENTLY with regards to this. I would also like to cancel my card and close this account. I cannot be associated with an organisation that allows fraudulent activity without verifying if that is in fact the CORRECT person, how is it even possible that this transaction could take place. I am annoyed and totally disgusted.

Yours sincerely

Desired outcome: URGENT RESPONSE

Please contact me urgently


Mr Price Group / MRP - Online purchases

I bought a product online for an in-store collection and I was told it would be delivered within 1-3 working days. They don't specify that it will only be delivered from their warehouse to the store within that period. You can only collect it thereafter, which is ridiculous! Especially if you need it immediately for a gift. I had to cancel that order once I received confirmation that my payment was revue, which was a few seconds after paying (they only specify the above in that email confirmation).

I tried calling Mr Price Home in Hillcrest and the staff are quite unfriendly (if they answer their phone at all)! I requested the same products and asked when I could collect the product and they informed me writhing 48 hours. Once I completed the payment and made sure it would reflect immediately, I had to call and confirm. They told me that their finance department would have to clear the payment and this would take 1-3 days. I am so infuriated because I enquired specifically about the gift as I needed it urgently.

The only way to have a relatively pleasant experience with the Mr Price Group would be to go in store and purchase. Nothing else!

Desired outcome: Inform their managers of the poor service received!

Dec 08, 2021

Mr Price Group / MRP - Online order

My online order n is [protected]. I order 3 king size inners but I only received one item... I what's upp I call no response. Please assist me in regards. And I phone call center nothing... It was my first time order at mr price home online... I didn't sign anything when they deliver. Please check for me by your warehouse in this regards.

Mr Price Group / MRP - Bad service at canal walk branch

am disgusted by the service I just received. 3 cashiers on till and I was helped by Bongile. He refused to print my till slip. The more I say the other cashiers are printing he blatantly refused. I had to wait for a manager that never came. After some time a guy came and said but I do have a option to email or print. Still he did not want to print the slip. He says he will email it to the office and then "they" can print it for me. This is just wrong. I did not even leave and he still went on about he not wanting to print the slip in front if me and I assume the supervisor. This is not how customers are supposed to be treated. Speaking in Xhosa in front of me while I am still standing there is just rude. I will definitely not be coming back to your store. I want a apology from him.
Pricilla Pietersen

Desired outcome: He must apologize to us. And I will return all my goods I bought.

Mr Price Group / MRP - Told to pay more for an exchange item

Over the weekend I had purchased 2 dresses and paid R100 each as per the 2 for R200 promotion at Mr Price. I purchased 2 different colors and sizes as gifts and unfortunately one of them had a...

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Mr Price Group / MRP - Online Gift Card

I purchased Gift card on the 16th of November as a wedding present for my friend, it was delivered on the 22nd on Monday, today 25th of November she went to the shop only to be asked of references that was never provided to me or to her . I know shops operate differently but the inconvenience we now have that we need to call and retrieve a reference number which was never provided to us or to our friend is very disappointing for a big company.

Mr Price Group / MRP - Unnecessary airtime purchases

Good morning

I have a query here, on my every month statement there is a lot of airtime purchases which I do not even know about. Please investigate and come back to me. Can you also please check the phone or whatever used to purchase these multiple purchases because I have my phone with me and I am not the one who bought these airtimes but every month my statement comes with a lot of airtime purchases on it.

Matome Letageng
Acc. number: [protected]

Mr Price Group / MRP - Mr Price Mobile

I have an airtime on credit through Mr Price mobile since October had to make numerous calls as my data package and airtime is not been allocated correctly. I have made numerous calls and the outcome is the same they will escalate and no feedback thereafter. The supervisory level does not even take calls to assist as if they are in hiding.
The staff are incompetent and i even had one consultant cut the call.
I am still waiting on feedback going second month.
Worst service ever...dont recommend

Desired outcome: That my query is resolved once off so that i dont have to call monthly. My airtime and data due to me is given monthly

Mr Price Group / MRP - Account


I was struggling to pay for my mrp account so in September 2021 they called me to make a payment arrangement of R500 a month, which was bellow my installment. I agreed and did that from then on. Today, 09 Nov 2021, I call them to find out how much I can pay to get my account up to date and I find out they handed my account over in September, right after making an arrangement with me. I don't understand why this was not communicated with me as I would've made a plan, instead I was told to pay R500. They made an arrangement with me only to hand over my account on the same day? I don't think that is how it works.

Desired outcome: I would like not to be handed over and continue with my account.

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