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Complaints & Reviews

Online order 107110333538 — Fraud

ordered 4 chairs online on Sunday 22 March ( Order #[protected]). The total amount due of R4799.98 was debited twice from my bank account. Thereafter the order shows canceled but you never refunded my money back.
I have logged this issue with your company since Sunday and all I got was request for proof which I emailed. I was given this reference number CRSB116A9 but nothing has been done. Today when I try to follow up I'm told order will be processed after the country's 21days lockdown period. Nothing is being said about my money which was debited twice, when I ask about refund they say I must wait for the lockdown period. In essence this company fraudulently took my money which I now desperately need to buy essentials for my family needed during the lockdown period but they are refusing to reimburse me. Buying from your company has now put my family in a very difficult position as we must go without essentials while it fraudulently keeps our main. This is very cruel and insensitive


Put a complaint in on the 26 feb 2020 about Crystal at Mr Price greenacres still have not heard anything about this pathetic rude unprofessional service this lady gave me, you...

Bad service

First of all paid my account last month R1000 & this month received a statement not reflecting payment send an the following email addresses and to date no reply [protected]; [protected]; [protected] further to that went to go & pay my account at Mr Price Clothing the queue was long & only 2 tellers I would assume the 3rd person is the manager as she only did authorisations. A 4th employee comes from the floor not asking us as clients if she can be assisted for a exchange. I complained and not one of these ladies apologies for jumping the queue or being so unprofessional!


Mr PriceSim card cancelation

Good day, I have talked to someone online about canceling my mr price sim card which I haven't even used once I didn't even open it for that matter.. The assistant online provided me with an email address with whom I can communicate with in order to cancel my mr price sim card completely.. I did exactly as she told me I emailed them twice or three times to please cancel it because I do not want it not now and not ever again. I provided them with my Id number like they have asked twice, I could not provide the sim cards details since I did not even open it.. And I had to find out if I buy something they charge me more then instead of R120 a month they want me to pay R195 a month just because I purchased something. As far as I can remember it was not even mentioned to me, but I do remember they only told my installment will be R120.. I did not think that mr price would be so sneaky I would expect you can trust what the people tell you.. I had to pay R195 this month I only paid R120 since I did try to cancel it before end of February 2020 but no respond.. I just want the sim card stop completely cancelled it is really not that difficult even a cat can do it in their sleep.. There is nothing difficult to understand about it.. They told me I can cancel it I just need to email them at the email they gave me when I spoke with an assistant.. I do not want the sim card I will sent it back to them if I have to its really not that difficult to understand I had enough if this I am done I want the sim card gone I don't even want it on my account I thought I could trust them but it looks like you can't.. I even said please I just do not want the sim card and I do not want it on my account anymore.. Plus the sim card is in its package at home being useless I do not want it PLEASE CANCEL THE SIM CARD I CAN'T PAY FOR SOMETHING I HAVE NO VALUE FOR..

Kind regards

Dress bought from Mr Price baywest that had marks and stains bought on Feb 22 2020 only saw stains feb 23 2020 .

Went to exchange at greenacres Mr price was told by Chrystal terblachce I can't exchange without slip after telling her I was unaware of stains on dress Chrystal Terblanch...

FEE'S on my account

ACCOUNT NR: [protected] NAME M Almendro

in October 2018 i took a voluntary early retirement at my work and submitted a claim as per you information page, they came back and said i do not qualify and then suspended my account so i could not use it. i send them a mail and explained that i am getting a fixed pension but were told to give proof off income i said leave it i will pay account and close it. but i also asked them to take the following off this account as i could not make use off it, they do not even answer my emails at ALL;
customer protection plan opt 1 and the lost card protection i wanted them to cld this as i could not even use this account so why would i pay for this.
this is from November 2018 i almost paid the account in full now and still not taken off so i want backdated credits for this as i will close this account within 2 months from now. Please i want to settle and close this account and get done with Mr Price for good so attend to this so i can close by end of March -Magda [protected]

Gift registry

My fiance and I went to Mr Price Home at Centurion Mall on the 8th or 9th of February to make a gift registry for our wedding . He wanted to go with @home but I insisted we choose...

mobile fraud

I discovered recently that there is a MrPrice mobile account in my name that I did not authorize and am being billed for. I got a call from some debt recovery company telling me my account was in arrears. I went to a store in Matlosana mall where they connected me to a call centre where I spoke to Zama. She refused to help me out in that she said she was not allowed to tell me when or where the account IN MY NAME was opened, nor where a handset or sim card were delivered.
Mr Price is practicing bad business ethics and I will be reporting the matter to the Consumer council, over and above opening a fraud case.
I have since submitted an affidavit to Mr Price but as yet no feedback has been forthcoming.


594680 I bought various items from the store on the 8th of February. The items was placed in a plastic bag at the cashier. The bag was busy tearing, I asked for another bag. This bag too...

account payment

I am not happy that I am being harassed with telephone calls just because once last month I paid my account late. The reason for paying late is that I usually pay a lumpsum on my account which means I do not pay installments for the next few months. This time around I was on leave and had no access to my emails to see that there was an amount due. I received a call on the 10th of January and I made the payment the very next day via FET (since I was in hospital )and it was to reflect on the 15th, between those days I was receiving numerous calls from the head office. Then after I think the payment reflected I received another call on the 27th before even the month ended & I was asked when I will be making payment. I asked if I was a bad payer that I am being called before the end of the month. I was told that its because I paid late. I am now treated as a bad payer, why cant you flag customers that only missed 1 month instead of grouping them with the rest of bad payers? I am now receiving calls every day which I will not answer as I have no time for such gobbledygook. I will pay my account STOP CALLING ME, I still have until the 7th to pay.

careless cashier

Good day On Sunday, 26th January 2019 11.01am I purchased a hand bag and white vest t-shirt from mr. Price Cleary park. I was asked to give my email for my receipt like always. My...

quality of furniture

We bought a beautiful 3 seater couch from Mr price online in December 2019, now its mid January 2020 and its already broken!!! It has collapsed in the middle and makes horrible sounds. One can't sit on the middle seat at all. Spent R5000 for nothing. The quality is absolutely horrible! Got rid of our old couch which lasted more than 10 years, now stuck with this mess.

mobile app

I made an order on the MRP I proceeded to the payment option and selected the instant EFT option and than the payment went through and my account was debited but no order was made.

I called the contact center and apparently they can't trace anything yet I have the proof that my account was debited and there is a reference.
Please do something about the matter.


Yesterday I visited the mr price at the chatsworth centre. I had the worst service ever and when I got to the counter I was disgusted that they did not have packs and wanted me to...

sim card

Hi there. Mr Price mobile has offered me a SIM card 2 years ago the lady told me all the advantages, unfortunately I agree and she mentioned a long list rules which I hardly...


I came to return a Christmas gift i received and did not want to purchase anything immediately. The you male "so called manager of the store" said I need to take an item...

lack of delivery

Re my order number : [protected]

Kindly note that I placed the above order on 3 December 2019 and to date am still waiting for delivery to my nearest branch. it is now over 4 weeks!!

I have been into my nearest branch twice and both times it hasnt arrived and the staff there are unable to assist me, other than say that there is a lot of very unhappy customers in the same situation!

The most annoying thing about this is there is a maternity dress amongst the order for my daughter who will end up having her baby before she gets to even wear this dress.

The other annoying thing is part of this order was for Christmas gifts which I had to rush out to replace with something else.

I am a very unnoyed and unhappy customer of Mr Price and have been supporting them for many years, but am not sure I am wanting to continue to do so and considering closing my account with you.

bad service

My credit available on my account is not correct

I made a payment last month and this month i have R100 available

So yesterday i contacted the customer service department and she said that she would send in a request so that the can fix it untill now nothing has happened

So i contacted them again now and talked to a lady that was cheecky towards me and said that the people that should handle the request is not at work today and that i should wait

So i also qualify for a credit increase so i sended in the sms and still nothing has come from that also

This is not the first time that this have happened, and when i asked the lady why this is happening
All she could say is that she does not know it is a system error

I am very disapointed

online orders

Good Morning

Mr Price had a promotion last week until December 17th. It said if you order by the 17th you would be getting your orders before christmas. So please tell me why my email from mr rpice said it will be delivered on the 27th?? I have just called city couriers who confirmed it will only be next week sometime...

The whole point of ordering on the 17th for me was to get my order before christmas.

ORDER [protected]

mr p home online shopping

I made an instant EFT payment on an order on 16 December 2019. It was deducted from my bank account but I didn't receive an order number nor a confirmation email. The order included a collection fee of R35 as I would like to collect the order at the Cape Gate branch. When I went back into the app the items were still in my cart. I contacted MrP on via Facebook, sent them screenshots and they directed me to [protected] I sent an email with my proof of payment, my details and also the screenshots of my cart which was supposed to be an order. Nobody responded to me until I phoned the call center and the lady told me to send her the proof of payment again and she didn't pick up any emails I had sent her. She was being arrogant and snarky towards me when she kept on getting my email address wrong. Eventually she was able to send me a mail which I responded to. After that, because I still didn't get a response, I followed the same process and called again. I managed to speak to the same agent who again was rude to me and told me she escalated the matter and it would take 24-48 hours. Today (18 December 2019) I receive an email requesting all the information I already sent twice. Mr P Home currently has R1514.90 of mine which I have provided a proof pf payment for and I have still not even received an order number nor my money back. Why must customers pay for a system issue and deal with arrogant and impatient agents - to them this is is just a job. They don't care about customers at all. I feel like I am being sent from pillar to post and nobody is taking any ownership and I get the feeling the company does not want to pay my money back and also not give me my order. Completely unethical way of handling a customer case when it is related to a system issue and customer "care" does not even exist. Completely disgusting and unacceptable to have to run after my own money when nobody is willing to just take ownership and fix the issue.

mr p home online shopping

items not delivered/damaged in transit

I have just had the worst experience with Mr Price online. I ordered some items on 2/12/2019. And my confirmation email stated that the items will be delivered by no later than 11/12/2019. So on 12/12/2019, I called the contact centre and was advised that it is on it's way to the store. My husband also went in to the store to enquire. But there was no delivery. I called through again yesterday, 17/12/2019 and was told that the item was delivered to the store but the store has not checked it in yet, but I can still go to the store to collect. So I went after work and was told that there is no parcel for me there. the manager then attempted to call the contact centre and courier department. I waited in the store for close to 30 minutes while she was placed on hold and transferred from one department to another. I then left as I could not wait any longer. I called her today and she was told that the courier company will contact me today. I the called the contact centre once again, and was then told that the package was delivered on 11/12/2019 but because it was damaged and not in a good condition, the store controller sent the package back. No one at the courier company bothered to let Mr Price know that the package is sitting with them. Now Mr Price tells me that I have to wait another 5 to 7 working days to get my money back as they no longer have some of the items I ordered in stock. I was given the option of receiving a voucher but I do not want to shop at Mr Price online or in store ever again. Mr Price has no proper system for tracking orders. The app has an option to track but it always came up with an error message when I tried. Long story short, I want my money back ASAP!
My order number is [protected]. I know that the voucher has already been issued, but after this whole experience, I don't want to shop at Mr Price. And would just like my money back.

online shopping

Your online order status has changed to DELIVERED for Order [protected]
Good Day

Please can I have someone look into my enquiry. I have ordered a couple of things online but only one item was delivered today.

I have received the white and grey strip dress only and the receipt only shows the one item after I have paid everything.

I tried to track the rest of my order but it shows it was delivered. It seams that im going to have a problem eveytime with you guys now.

I am not going to phone after you, can I urgently get a response please!!!

Thank you

online shopping
online shopping
online shopping

online shopping

I ordered a pair of shoes online and paid express delivery to have them delivered within 3 days to a store close to me. 10 days later I still have not received my shoes. I have phoned the online number 6 times phoned the customer care line visited the store everyday since 20 November and have received empty promises of receiving a call with an explanation. Every possible excuse has been provided from blaming the courier company blaming the driver blaming the dispatching store! I am sick of excuses I want my shoes and a full refund for express delivery that never happened. This is unacceptable!

MRP Mobilefree sim card from mrp group

I got a call this afternoon that I will receive an mrp simcard that will be loaded with airtime they say its a free simcard this is in connection with my sheet street account. And they say its not a contract sim card. Well I am not interested in the sim card I don't anything to do with it.

Please cancel it I dont want it to be delivered because I dont want any extra charges on my sheet street acount.

cellular phone nokia 5.1

Good day Sir/Madam. Hope this email finds you well. I have been trying to get my phone issue resolved for over two weeks. All I get is the run around. I had bought a phone for...

floral dress

594680 on Saturday 9 November 2019 I bought a few clothing items including a floral dress. Today, Monday 11 November 2019 I decided to wear thhe dress to work few hour later the...

account queries

I took over paying my mother's accounts as she is old now and cannot do it herself, I noticed that when I made a payment on the 7th of October the receipt indicated that the balance was R1650 and I received a statement that indicated that the balance is R930 and no one at the store could explain and we called the call centre where this rude lady just said why are you pretending to be someone your not, and I indicated that I told the staff that but she just hang up the phone . Without an explanation I'm still puzzled now to how much I owe, but now that you've just lost a customer, all pay it off then I'm done with MR Price thanks

poor quality pumps

594680 Hi I bought a pair of pumps from MR Price at Bluff Towers, 318 Tara Road Bluff Durban and after my 3rd use of these pumps the front stitching is starting to open up. Just by the...

money taken off twice still no refund done

Mr Price Home on the day of purchase, they took off twice the money for one item. Showed them my bank statement showing it has been taken off twice, but referred me to my own bank...

searching for a microfiber duvet inner

I just spoke to your Mr Price Home Store in the CapeGate Shopping Centre in Cape Town and their service is appalling. First they want to know by me what he code of the product i...

quality of product (towels)

Good day I bought a set of 4 towels from Mr Price Home at West Rand Retail Crossing, in May 2018. Due to renovations being done at our home, the towels were never used up and...

listed without an account with mrp???

I have been trying to sort my Mrp price account out since 2016!! I was retrenched and was informed my account will be written off. I found in in 2017 that Mr Price listed me. Since then I'm trying to find out what for, why and even try to make a payment, which I could not do, as I do not have an account with them. My emails have been ignored for 3 years now!!! And I"m still listed under clear score!!! They are to incapable or damn scared to call me and have it sorted! Pathetic, pathetic is all I can say about MRP!
CALL ME!!! [protected]

mrp mobile

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MRP mobile complaint

Khataza M | 01 Nov 2019, 06:27

Mrp mobile you're doing the most dangerous and foolish thing
How can you say I was told about the Sim card charges billed on my account I was made aware the agent confirmed from the audited records
My phone records every call I have recording myself the guy who called me said the sim card was free and that it was just a reward to all their loyal customers, the only money they'll charge is when the delivery never happen then I'll be charged R100 for that
I'm taking this matter with my lawyer because I can't pay for something I don't know will continue paying monthly installment I know then close the account
I'm not happy with MRP services you guys are tarnishing your business
People won't open account anymore and with your irratating calls reminding customers to pay on time whereas we did I'm fed up

I'm still waiting for someone superior to call me because yesterday I was told she was busy on the other phone

Stop ripping people off more esp those without access to their statements

mr price insurance

i submitted a claim on the 7th of October 2019 and received an email back on the 18th of october 2019 saying i will receive feedback on the 21st of October 2019. since then i have not received anything . I have been sending follow up emails and they being ignored. but if it was me ignoring them for payment, they will be threatning to blacklist me by now. i just want communication. i need to know the progress of the claim.

sales consultant

594680 I got a call from Mr Price consultant selling policies to me on the 28/10/2019.The lady explained about the policy on the call, i then turned that lady down saying I'm not...


Today I tried to go shopping after I had written my exam. I was stopped by the security at the door saying I could not go in and I thought maybe it's because I have a school bag...

unethical behaviour of u

Had the worst experience at Mr Prie clothing store at bayside mall in table view. Was on 26th October 2019 a Saturday morning when I was in the Mr Price clothing store asking for...

telesales - mobile sim scam

I received a phone call September 2019 from a Mr Price consultant thanking me for being a loyal Mr Price customer, telling me Mr Price is 'GIVING' all loyal customers a SIM card from them, giving the empression that the sim and first R100 airtime is free and that the delivery will be free. Being nice I complied and said that it was fine to send it, since I would not be paying anything for it, not even the delivery.
To my surprise they charged me R129 for the SIM card as well as R100 for airtime.
I only saw this on my October statement on and immediately called them telling them that I was not aware that I would be billed and did not want the sim as I have a full time cell contract. They were very annoyed and did not try to hide it. They told me it would take TWO days to get back to me after they have audited the initial phone call. I feel like I have been literally stolen from, as you use words so skelm that you are selling something to someone without them even knowing that you are selling it. I have asked them to cancel the sim as I have not used it at all. What a bad experience I want to close this account as soon as I can but I refuse to pay for something that was forced on me and to my knowledge was COMPLETELY free. I will no longer be a as you say 'LOYAL CUSTOMER' if this is how you try and cheat your loyel customers. Mr Price will not see me again and will no longer be receiveing any support from my family. Really Annoyed and mad ex Mr Price Customer.

I had to pay for a item twice

Hi I just want to state my complaint.
On Thursday the 17th October i went to Mr Price in canal walk. I bought two items and i had to pay for it twice as the portable machine went off when it said approved my noney went out of my Acc and it never came back. I wanted to take the items but i was told that i couldn't take it because it didn't reflect on their side? I paid for it again because i needed it... I was told my money would be in my account in the next 48hrs and still nothing has been returned into my acc... The manager /supervisor told me to keep my phone on she will make contact with me till today no form of contact has been made.
Urgent assistance would be highly appreciated because i feel the wayshe handled things was very unprofessional.
My email address is megan.[protected] and my cell number is [protected].

gift registry

I am very very unhappy about this service! How can you guys advertise a gift registry and but the staff dont know how to operate it??? People came to me saying the went to buy...