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Easy Spirit Complaints & Reviews

Easy Spirithave not received the product I purchased

When I ordered the shoes they were placed as two seperate orders. I have yet to receive either order as of now! I have called customer service and they acted as if they really did not care. All the gentlemen did was read a prewritten script and than tell me that I had to continue to wait.

Its amazing as I received emails from the company telling me that the two orders had shipped. When I checked with the shipper they had not even been received for shipping. All they did was create a shipping label and that is not the same as actually shipping the paid for merchanise to the customer.

The web site says the orders are completed but if they are why have you not than shipped them via the carrier. It feels like a scam to me. You took almost one hundred dollars and kept it without shipping the product.

John Miller

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    Easy SpiritShoes

    I have spoken to customer service manager Debbie [protected] and to me she's was very insensitive and passive aggressive. I've been buying shoes from easy spirit all my life, due to my extra wide feet. It's not something that I've been proud of and at times suffered from depression over it being as though I couldn't go "normal shoe shopping" without a relative or friend making jokes out of it.
    I called today because I ordered 2 pairs of Urmine shoes in a 6 1/2 WW, upon arrival I thought they fit pretty good. Today my first day wearing the blk pair as the weather is breaking. It left a huge mark on the top of my feet and they swoll up due to the tightness. I am not asking for a return as I need both pairs of shoes for work but to exchange them for the next size up. I've been shopping with easy spirit to long to know they are not into losing customers over a pair of shoes/ policy as Debbie started. I am hoping y'all can take in consideration the problem and waive the policy this one time as a long time loyal customer.

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      Easy Spirit3 pairs of shoes purchase online - awful experience

      Purchased 3 pairs of all same size online. When order arrived 2 pair were too narrow and 3rd pair was a half size to big. Returned with enclosed label but charged a restocking fee to return. Even though I love all 3 pair but to be penalized for manufacturer defects to return caused me to cancel order and ask for what ever refund was left after restocking fee. I will never oder from this company again. To much of a hassle and red tape... Too bad to b/c the shoes were stylish and comfortable, very disappointed. I guess I will stick to Amazon from this point forward.

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        Easy Spiritanti gravity loafers

        I have had these loafers a while, but as you can tell from the pictures, they have been well taken care of. They were put in the box probably the end of March for the summer and I got them out yesterday to wear to work. As I was walking into the office building things felt strange. Throughout the day, I felt as though I was leaving a trail every place I walked. These were my favorite loafers. I think the pictures show the story. I would really like another pair. I didn't expect them to last forever, but I certainly did not expect them to disintegrate!

        anti gravity loafers
        anti gravity loafers
        anti gravity loafers
        anti gravity loafers

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          Easy Spiritsneakers

          These sneakers are not worn, but the so called leather upper has a major problem. Around the top of the sneaker, on sides and around the heel is peeling and the material underneath is deteriorating.
          I have used Easy Spirit for years and this problem comes as a shock! What is happening, is the quality of your product going down?
          The info I have is these. Are white sneakers, Pat # 6, 199, 304.size USA 7 1/2 . Sadly if this is what I can expect, I will have to say goodby to Easy Spirit products.
          Margaret Zabawa
          12 Saint Johns Place
          Hilton Head S.C. 29928

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            Easy Spirit Shoe Companyshoe construction

            I have many pairs of Easy Spirit clog shoes, both in mesh and in suede. Never had a problem or complaint for years. Not until recently - I purchased a pair of Travel Time Classic Clogs Navy Suede Mesh. I believe they are defective because whenever I walk on tile or wood floors, my shoe "slides", feels slippery. For some reason, the soles of the shoes have an unusual feel to them. When I walk, I also hear a kind of crunch sound, as if the soles are not flexible. I washed the shoes, as I have with the other pairs I own. I thought perhaps there was some residue on the soles. But nothing changed. They are still slippery and I still hear the "crunch" sound. This is dangerous for me for wherever I walk, be it at home on tile and wood floors or walking on the floors at various stores. I am concerned for my safety and disappointed in this particular shoe. Please explain what the problem could be and what compensation can be made. Thank you.

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              Easy Spiritwalking sneaker

              The sole on the left sneaker came unglued. This pair is less than 2 months old. I purchased 3 pairs because I truly find your merchandise of good quality, price and extremely comfortable and have been wearing this brand and style for years. This is the first defective pair but will have me reconsider making a future purchase. What is the process for getting s credit or replacement pair. I assume that you stand behind your product. Please advise next steps.

              walking sneaker

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                Mar 11, 2019

                Easy Spirit — tracee slip on sandals-black multi fabric

                I returned for credit as was wrong size _orderd jan 21-2019 (received jan 25th) and also returned immediately...

                Jan 04, 2019

                Easy Spirit — trying to call them for an exchange

                I ordered a pair of boots, which were a half-size too big. So, I returned them and wanted to order the...

                Easy Spiritreturns

                Order [protected] and [protected] I rerun the shoes on the same day received due to poor fit and on 12/19/18 I called customer service and was told that they would expedite cancelling the unshipped shoes. Today I call 12/28/18 I'm told they haven't been canceled. It doesn't take 9 days to cancel and I was told the Department that would cancel them doesn't have a phone. So no refund on any of the shoes and if they don't get the last pair canceled they would ship them and then recall them and only after they get them back in the warehouse would they issue it 21 days later. Terrible customer service and the manager Chad wasn't any better help.

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                  Easy Spiritabysmal customer service, bait and switch pricing

                  Started the checkout flow just before midnight, and was shown one price. Filled in payment info and completed the order and suddenly was charged double with zero warning. I understand how this could happen since the order went through at 12:01 am. If the sale ended, fine, but there should have been a warning or notification of the change in price. The front page of their website continued to show 50% off well past midnight. Customer service refuses to adjust, even though the next day the price of the specific item was even lower. I told them to cancel the order if they refused to honor the price, but the item shipped anyway. They charge for returns and they are refusing to waive that as well.

                  They'd rather lose a customer over 40 bucks.

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                    Easy Spirit — mens easy spirit slip on shoes fell apart

                    I may have worn these easy spirit shoes once or twice before. Tonight we went to a funeral when I entered the...


                    Easy Spiritwaiting for reply

                    Ticket #64493
                    Ticket #74627
                    Ticket #76999
                    Ticket # 84573

                    I have requested assistance since May, 2018 in returning a pair of size 10 black Riptide shoes, as they do not fit properly. Because of the lack of communications within Easy Spirit, they last said, THEY WOULD NOT REFUND ME BUT GIVE ME CREDIT. As I complied with the request in May, that does bother me. And, now I cannot hear from you about the CREDIT, which I do not want; want a refund.
                    If I have to I will contact the BBB, as I am tired of waiting. Please refund amount to my credit card.
                    I have purchased Easy Spirit for many years, as has my family. I do like the shoes. BUT, I do not like your CUSTOMER SERVICE.

                    You may contact me at [protected]@gmail.com
                    900 1st avenue south
                    apt #7
                    Escanaba Michigan 49829
                    FAY KIVELA

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                      Easy Spiritterrible customer service!!!

                      I ordered 2 pairs of shoes online about 2 weeks before going on vacation, and even paid additional for 2 day shipping. It took easy spirit 5 days to process the order, another 2 days to print a shipping label, and another 2 days to put the package on the loading dock!

                      I called customer service repeatedly to find out what was happening, and each time I was told the package would ship out the next day, and never did. The day before I was suppose to leave on vacation, I called again, spoke to a representative, who informed me that the package had been shipped, but ups hadn't updated their records and assured me that I would receive the package by 6pm next day. Unfortunately, I would not be home to receive it (leaving for vacation early that day), so she told me that I could call in the morning and they would modify the shipping address to be delivered where I'd be on vacation. I then spoke to the "supervisor" who told me that there was nothing they could do and that the rep couldn't change the shipping address at all. So the rep LIED!

                      I promptly called ups to modify the address, and was told that they actually didn't even have the package yet!!! And that even if it was picked up that day, it would not be delivered for 2 days after that!! So the rep AND the supervisor LIED!!!

                      What kind of business are you running?!! I'm so very disappointed in Easy Spirit!!! I'm definitely not EVER going to order from you again!

                      P.S... 2 days later...still no package! SHAME ON YOU Easy Spirit!

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                        Easy Spirit — returns

                        I ordered two pairs of shoes from Easy Spirit and they did not fit. During this time my mother who reside...

                        Easy Spiritabsolutely positively rude

                        I ordered a pair of shoes...I received an entirely different pair of shoes. So, I decide to contact them via email to #1) have evidence I contacted them and #2) eliminate the need to speak to customer service. Well, that didn't work out. They do not address that I received the wrong pair of shoes. Instead, they tell me to send them back with a form email...

                        Now, I call Customer Service. They put me on hold for abou 4 minutes then ask if I want a call back so I don't have to wait. Okay, so I do that...They then do the automated call-back and I wait an additional 5 minutes to get ahold of a very rude customer service person. He tells me to send the shoes back...we're not refunding you until you send the wrong pair back. And we can't order your original shoes because our "systems are down." At this point, I am having little faith the person who scans this box will have any clue why I'm sending back an entirely different pair of shoes so I asked him how they would know. And he raises his voice and says, "THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID...WHAT I SAID WAS..." and goes back into his spiel. Once again, he doesn't answer my question.

                        Let me tell you something: I will never, EVER order from them again. There was zero need to have to go through any of this. You are inconveniencing me by a) having me try to reach out to you not once but twice b) now you want me to box up the item you incorrectly sent and spend my time and money driving it to the post office c) I have no idea whether or not you're actually going to refund me because I can already predict what's going to happen..."Oh, you didn't get a refund because you sent the wrong shoes back." d) there was no reason to be spoken to the way your CSR did to me. None. I am pretty versed in the English language and he did not answer my question either time.

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                          Easy Spirit — sandals

                          I bought two pairs of Easy Spirit sandals, one pair in pink and one in light blue. They have a black rubber...


                          Easy Spirit — refund procedure

                          Do not buy Easy Spirit shoes - especially online! If you do, and need to return, you will find yourself in a...

                          Easy Spiritrefund for returned items not received after a two month period

                          I had returned a pair of boots in December and after an extended period of time rather than a refund I received store credit. I ordered an additional 5 pairs of shoes to utilize the credit but had to return all but one as they were simply not comfortable. I returned 4 pairs of shoes for refund on Feb 1, another pair on Feb 27 using the return labels provided by Easy Spirit. After several email exchanges with customer service to inquire as to the status, I received an email saying the refund had been credited to my credit card, but no refund appeared on my account. Several emails over 2 months, in which I was told the refund would take time, I received a notice that I was receiving store credit rather than a refund. There is no Easy Spirit store in my State. The shoes I have ordered online simply do not fit. I want my money back, but Easy Spirit has gone silent. I suggest you buy your shoes anywhere else but from Easy Spirit!

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                            Easy Spiriteasy spirit shoes with buttons

                            I have two pairs of Easy Spirit shoes with button on them, or should I say had buttons on them. These buttons are sewn on with two pieces of thread after a few months the buttons fell off so now I have to have someone fix them. I have worn their shoes for years and this is the first complaint I have had. If you can't sew the button on correctly then don't put buttons on them at all. These shoes cost roughly $80.00 a pair and the buttons fell off. I emailed them and I was told to take them back to the store well they are about a year or so old so I don't think that will help. No concern what so ever. Please correct this problem, or get someone better to make your shoes since you charge so much.

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