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Sears Brands Complaints & Reviews

Sears / master protection agreement

Dee Jay Anderson on Jan 17, 2018
We purchase an over the range microwave oven and it was installed by Sears on April 11, 2015, we also purchased 5 years MPA and was told that Sears would cover any repairs or replacement we required until April 11, 2020. On January 9, 2018, as I was preparing oatmeal with toasted walnuts, as I...

Sears Brands / kenmore elite washer

ZuzuBazuzu on Jan 16, 2018
I am so angry right now I can't type and have had to restart this complaint twice. I have used Sears products for years, in fact we used to call our utility room the Kenmore Room. I will NEVER buy another Sears product again. This washer is a few years old, five at most, and the bleach...

Sears Brands / item not delivered on time

juan perez-zavala on Jan 13, 2018
I purchase a grill (lay away) on 11/05/17. my final payment was on 12/30/17. according to the associate at the store the grill will be there the following week. I whent to pick it up at the pick up department the following week and its not there and is not showing on the system neither. I...

Sears Brands / kenmore french door with ice maker

AvaRivera on Jan 13, 2018
Ice maker not working again. 4th time in less than 2 years old. Repair services were out three times in first year. Fix lasted 12 months. Repair quote is $350 to replace icemaker, since a sensor went out and it is connected to whole unit. This issue was considered a design flaw then band-aided...

Sears Canada / kenmore vacuum cleaner - failed to repair, no response, no help to solve issue

Bulent Kırali on Jan 9, 2018
I bought a Kenmore vacuum cleaner from Sears Canada at Oakville Place store ( Closed now ) about 2, 5 months ago.It is partially broken after 1 month of purchase, for one month I'm trying to get it repaired but no support or response from Sears. Kenmore is just a brand name and supported...

Sears Brands / home warranty

Kim Lambert on Jan 8, 2018
1/8/2018 * Update Information* On Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 We received our reimbursement check for the repairs paid by us for the boiler. The plumber called your office to seek authorization to replace the boiler and he was told we tried to get it repaired in 2016! We did not make any claims in...

Sears Brands / kenmore refrigerator model 25360412411

sanibelsusan on Jan 8, 2018
Hello fellow consumers, I ordered this part from a refrigerator that has had nothing but problems from day one!!! It is only 2 yrs. Old, and now no part!!! It said in stock, I ordered it with a "live" person at sears parts dept. On 1-3-18. I paid for expedited shipping!! She said, (and on...

Sears Master Protection Agreement / heat pump

Anvilheadsix on Jan 6, 2018
It's the coldest week on record and we have been without heat for nearly 2 weeks! Heat pump maintenance done in October and tech said a part was failing but Sears won't cover it until total malfunction. That happened on 12/27 Sears doesn't send anyone until 12/30. He gets it working but it...

Sears Brands / terrible customer service in the automotive department

WarnerH on Jan 3, 2018
My name is Warner Howard. My number is 434-409-5972. I took my car in to get a slow leak repaired in my rear driver side tire. I was told I would be called upon completion of service. Instead, I returned to the shop to find that it was closed with my tire unrepaired and my keys still in...

Sears Brands / repair services

JWHady on Jan 2, 2018
Sears repair services suck. We have american home shield insurance on our appliances and such. Not had any problems with ahs since we bought the house. Sears is one of their contractors. We had a problem with sears showing up on the scheduled day/time (8-5) a month or so back - the tech...

Sears / washing machine

Karen Bohlender on Jan 1, 2018
I called Sears to set up an appointment to check our washing machine and the tech came to check the problem. On Dec. 5th, he ordered some parts and we had to wait until the parts before making an appointment to do the repair. the followup appointment was scheduled for Dec. 15th. We waited...

Sears / poor service

Douglas Scott on Dec 31, 2017
I have a master service agreement. it covers my panasonic t. v. for in store repairs. I loaded the t. v. into my van when it quit working and took it to the sears store at lakeside mall in sterling heights michigan where I was told to take it home and call for service. I told them that my...

Sears Brands / repair and customer service

PiperRJL on Dec 30, 2017
I have been trying to have an issue resolved since 12/16/17 through Sears and not only has Sears refused to attempt to understand the issue and attempt to resolve it appropriately, I have been harassed and lied to by Sears chat personnel, Sears telephone personnel and through the email...

Sears / return of a christmas present

DBarrington on Dec 28, 2017
My son in law received two shirts for Christmas that were purchased on Oct 29, 2017, however he did not receive them until Dec 25, 2017, the shirts were not the correct size. I went to the store today with the original receipt & explained that these were given for a Christmas gift just to...

Sears Brands / kenmore microwave/wall oven model 790.49602313

Carol Cie on Dec 26, 2017
The oven control seems to have no relationship to the actual oven temperature. I had a Sears technician come in to calibrate it soon after I bought it but he said it was fine. After a number of baking failures, on Oct. 23, 2017, I paid a Sears technician $94 to check the temperatures. He...

Sears Auto / damage to vehicle

Capt. B.D HARRISON on Dec 25, 2017
On 3/12/16 our BMW Suv was serviced at Sears Auto for a break repair job. Needless to say while driving vehicle weeks later the brake system failed, causing damage both exterior and interior as it crashed in order to stop in parking lot wedged between garbage disposal barricade. Company...

Sears Brands / kenmore elite dishwasher

Annoyed at Sears on Dec 23, 2017
I bought a Kenmore Elite in September 2015 because it was top ranked by Consumer Reports. Electronics went bad and had to be replaced in August 2017. Now, December 2017 the electronics are bad again - "Service code F2E2." Kenmore service's "Niki" says 90 day warranty expired, she is the...

Sears Brands / order not shipped as promised

Charles Bosley on Dec 23, 2017
Order 862603796 placed on 12/16/17 and was told that it would arrive on 12/22/17. I called on 12/23 and was told that the item never left the warehouse. No contact was made to me to allow me to order the item from another source. No Christmas present for 83 year old father. Thanks, what will...

Sears / samsung refrigerator

karasmer on Dec 18, 2017
Under our protection agreement our refigerator broke and has not been fixed yet, the tech has been out several times and finally says it's not repairable meanwhile the protection agreement expired. Tried getting a replacement under the lemon law being as it is deemed not repairable and...

Sears Brands / kenmore microwave hood combination

margie torres on Dec 17, 2017
Hello when I purchased my home in October of 2009 it came with Kenmore appliances. I don't believe this should be happening that this microwave is falling apart... The material it is made off is coming off, the handle has become loose and the bottom of the microwave is cracked.. I would...

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