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Complaints & Reviews

re: veronica williams - store manager and associate danielle

206745 There are plenty of businesses who value their customers. To purchase a product only to find out it's defective is a hassle to say the least. On 2/16/20 approximately 5pm I...

Shopping experience and help from manager

I am here right now at this tj maxx location i live in las vegas and i won 2400 dollars at the casino so i decided to come treat myself to some new clothes. I started looking at...

Merchandise return

I went to this location on 2/12/20 to return 2 items I bought at a different location. The cashier and two of her managers refuse to take it even though I had my receipt and all...

rea dunn

I work in the Longview store and the Rea Dunn people that come in are stirring up so much unnecessary drama with each other and some of us employees . They are posting complaint...

items on clearance rack

I went into this location today and grabbed a few items, two items being sweaters from the clearance rack in the men's section. I waited on a very long line for 20mins to purchase...


I bought a plastic, see through make up organizer. The three stickers meshed to the plastic will not come off. Why is there such strong adhesive on products that are clear? I can't get the glue off ... and now it's ruined!!! What am I supposed to do with this? It looks terrible because of the stickers. I don't see why I need to scrub this and essentially ruin the aesthetic because the stickers are too strong for the material. This is ruined to the point that I can't use it!!


  • Zachary2001 Dec 30, 2019

    Soak it in warm water overnight and it peels off easy.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 30, 2019

    Many products are sold that remove stickers and tags from items that you bought.

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  • 7610222 Jan 21, 2020

    jeez some folk complain about nothing

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dress code of an employee

As a paying customer I do not think it is appreciate for a young lady to wear clothing not suited for the work place. Today 12/29/2019 the young lady working in the jewelry...

rude employee

Hi I want to complaint about a store employee. She was totally rude to me because she was tired.. I didn't go there to buy her attitude. I strongly requesting to tj Maxx...

razor blades-men's

I purchased a 6 pack of BioSwiss razors for men this week. They are probably the worst razors I have ever used. They advertise on package "Made with Swedish Stainless Steel...

kathleen (manager)

I have been working at tjmax for almost a year now. I have felt that I've been judged and disliked by her for no apparent reason. She speaks to me rudely and other of the co...

an employee of management

I am a frequent shopper in the Hudson store I Have become to know a lot of the employees and they are wonderful the store is wonderful one of my favorite places to shop but the...

TJ Maxx — management

I was shopping in Tj Maxx my favorite store. There was a very nice associate working very hard to accomplish a task asked of her by her boss. Customers kept stopping her asking...

unprofessional hiring process

Hello, I am writing this email to let your company know how very disappointed I am with your Culver City stores hiring staff. I was scheduled for an interview on Sunday, November...

online order


I ordered a down coat from Tjmaxx on November 12th and paid for 2 day delivery. Needless to say, here we are at November 16th still no coat! However, I did call yesterday (November 15th) to confirm when I should receive my purchase. I was told Monday, November 18th at 8:00 pm. I told the rep that was unacceptable since I paid for a 2 day delivery. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was nice enough to waive the shipping and give me a $25.00 gift certificate for my troubles. She also promised that my package will be received Saturday, November 16th and said a FedEx person would give me a call. I was so foolish not to ask the name of this "so called" supervisor. I, of course, called customer service today and they are closed on Saturdays. Hysterically? Not really. A terrible way to do business. Once I receive my purchase, my plan is to return it and get a full refund!

TJ Maxx — overcharging

3645 I am tourist who attended the American Society of Nephrology convention in Washington DC. When I shopped today, the cashier Temil charged me with 4 bath towels instead of only 3...

rude cashier

I came in to do a return. The woman who was processing the turn was completely unprofessional and rude. She paused my return so that she could ring out people in line behind me. I sat for at least 10 minutes waiting for her to call me back to the register. At that point she did not even speak with me, and was talking to people at the registers on either side of her about pointless things. Then, after the return was almost finished, she says to me about the product I returned, "now I have to throw that stuff out". I was incredibly angry considering she was seemingly shaming me for returning items I ended up not needing. Additionally, her customer service was disappointing. Not giving me a second of her attention except to say how she has to throw out my returns is unacceptable. As someone who is a manager working in retail, I cannot fathom acting that way towards a customer. I come to the specific tj maxx I was at, at least once a week. Never have I dealt with such a rude employee. Seriously considering not going back if that's how I will be treated.


This location is trash. whoever the hispanic girl was on 11/5 at 13:53:25... with the green shirt at register 5 was rude! she should know better! why would you expect me to just...

customer service and item pricing

I visited this location to shop for clothing for my little girl. I found a shirt that was detached from an outfit. Someone had clearly taken the outfit and there was no outfit in...

customer service

We were told if we opened a TJMaxx card we would receive 10% off our $334.81 purchase and that did not happen. My credit score is over 800 points and it was immediately approved...

dressing room

On sunday oct 27 at @ 1 pm I went into the dressing room to try on 2 pairs of pants, the dressing room attendant said to me as she laughed, you need a bigger size. How dare she...

rae dunn

I will no longer be going to this store. Along with a bunch of other people. This Rae Dunn crap is out of a control. You allow these girls to come in open boxes and not let other...

general customer service

I spend hundreds, really thousands of dollars at TJ Maxx and I am frustrated with whatever software TJ Maxx uses to process online orders and receipts and appalled at the terrible...

awful customer service

I was shopping at this location and checked out at 1:43pm Mountain time at register 3. I was all checked out and gave the lady employee discount number and she added it on there...

TJ Maxx — billed for something not purchased/ have

3645 Hi I am from the UK and went shopping at TH Maxx, Coolsprings, Franklin on the 21st October, literally the day that we flew back home to the UK (we go to Tenessee often but thi...


This is ridiculous I placed an order Friday for two pair of shoes and once again I checked Saturday to make sure everything was being sent out nope I've yet to receive a tracking number.

So Monday evening I checked and I finally have a tracking number.
My main concern is this: Then Tuesday I login to my email and see that one of the shoes I ordered Friday they no longer have it and I receive an email stating that they no longer have the shoe. Are you kidding me it's been 4 days and you're telling me you don't have the shoe. Once again I checked on Saturday and my size was still there available because I was telling my friends to go and buy it since they have them cheaper.

What are yall going to do about this problem? How are you going to fix it?

a coworker

I felt this was the only way Any action would be taken about a Employee at Tjmaxx in Pace Florida. Raven Hysell is the BRC and There have been numerous Employees Leaving and...

rude cashier

206745 I shopped here on Sunday Oct 13th at 12:30pm. I Had cashier # 3 named Kiera. Apparently I didn't hear her offer me a bag so when I asked for a bag she became upset and said...

TJ Maxxpaper billing vs estatements

I use my TJMaxx card all the time. This month I received my paper copy TWO days after the due date. I also did not received the 'heads up' email for this month. I always pay the balance in full as soon as I get the email notice. I thought things were odd and tried to view my statement on line. You CAN NOT look at your statements on line unless you sign up for eStatements which means you will no longer get a paper copy. The current activity does not tell you what your statement balance is. No other store I do business with does this. I don't even think it's legal for them to do this. I should be able to see my statement and still receive a paper copy.
I spend about $1000 on this card monthly. I will now start using another card.

I m complaining about maria

I often go to the Tj maxx to plain view with my family. Yesterday i went to the store with my son and daughter, I took children clothes more than $100. My son was playing near me...


I am contacting you regarding the Weatherford Tx TjMax. I have been going to this location for 7 plus years. Rae Dunn is the new trendy home decor that can only be found in TJ...

store opening

I have witnessed for several weeks the store opening 5-10 minutes early to allow specific Rae Dunn hunters in early. In addition to opening early, they are bringing out...

cashier #9 on 10/06/19, got herself smart water $1.49 and mens socks nike $9.99 run twice.

206745 Tjmax cashier #9 on 10/06/19 got her self smart water $1.49, and mens socks nike $9.99 run twice. I stop by target next door, then get in car... Look at receipt.. I been robbed!!!...

online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces

I bought an artificial plant with a terracota pot on 10/02 (Silkcraft of Oregon,
44in Grass In Terracotta Pot With Stand). It has arrived today (10/05) completely destroyed.
There was absolutely no padding or any type of protection for shipping of a fragile item inside the box. It is the worst shipping and handling job I have ever seen. I'll never buy again online from if I can't trust that the purchase will arrive in perfect condition.
Returns of a big piece become always a problem: or I pay $ 9.99 for the return shipping or I have to drive to a store with a huge box that I won't be able to move by myself.
I would like to get my refund without all that nuisance. The planter has to be thrown in the garbage, it is not sellable again. I can provide pictures to prove the condition of the item and throw it in the garbage for T. J. Maxx. Less money spent on shipping, and less gas spent, if T. J. Maxx cares at all for our planet.
Also, I've been looking for a number to call and talk about this issue with a representative for and I couldn't find any way to contact them in person in their entire website.
I have another complaint about my experience with their website: they offer free shipping for purchases above $89; but you have to introduce a code when you are checking out. It seems that if you edit your order details when you are checking out, you need to be careful to introduce the free shipping code once again, because the website automatically erases the code. I have been charged $9.99 for shipping when I had spent more than 200 dollars.

online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces
online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces
online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces
online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces
online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces
online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces
online shopping: product arrived broken in 1,000 pieces

new manager

On October 4, 2019 I was in TJ MAXX to see if I could find a jewelry box. I asked a nearby store employee if she could help me. She said sure and proceeded to look around. However...

credit card

I've had my TJ max credit card for 5years or more now. I've never been late and I've always paid more than the minimum due. Recently I was hit with a financial hardship. I called to ask for temporary assistance with an adjusted repayment plan etc.. After speaking with several RUDE employees, I was told by the financial team, that they could provide me with a repayment plan, but they would permanently close my account and this would be my only option. I was able to call and make arrangements with my other credit cards(without permanently closing them) so when a representative told me this was my only option, that was a hard pill to swallow. Needless to say, don't ever fall on hard times and depend on this company to assist you, when times are tough. Once I pay this card off, I will NEVER get another TJ max credit card or refer them to anyone else!!!

customer service

I have a complaint against a cashier who exhibits bad customer service. When asked a question she is very curt and has a bad disposition. I asked her to check the balance on my...

credit card - payment not received

a few months ago I over charged my credit card by $40.00 - when I recieved my bill in the mail I paid and kept my bill under the amount of my alotted spending. I had money in the bank to pay for my bill and I payed it two days before it was due. Synchrony bank never processed it on their end and claimed that my account was invalid. So this month my bill is double plus a late fee and I payed it five days ahead of the due date. I am keeping a close eye and calling everyday to see if synchrony bank has processed it yet. It take up to 48 hours to process a payment and it should have been processed by now. I can only assume that I have been profiled. So now I am contacting the FTC and the banking regulatory commission. To many people are being scamed by this online unscrupulus bank that TJMaxx allows to work for them. I am closing my account. If anyone has issues please report them to a higher organization. The more people that act then we can push them out of the banking industry.

customer service

I have been a very loyal TJ Maxx/Homegoods customer at the store located in the Almaden fashion plaza for many years. This morning (9/16/2019) at approximately 10:45, I wa...

rude manager

I found a Steve Madden bag today and fell in love, adjustable handle so it could be hand carried, shoulder carried or cross body. As I was placing in my cart I noticed the big...

TJ Max — item priced by clerk

86056 About 1912 hrs on 9/4/19 I purchased a shirt from this branch of TJ Maxx in Edmonds. After the clerk have scanned the item she looked at the tag and ripped it off from the shirt...