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poor customer service

I had the worst shopping experience of my life today. It was an emotional rollercoaster. And I left bawling my eyes out. I have two different sized feet. (Already an embarrassing...


Hello I have a complaint about an employee (Tamara Rogelstad) who was fired for using her staff discount for a parent and a friend. I know it is against policy but everyone doe...

Nordstrom Rack Onlinelauren lorraine booties

I initially ordered the boots I wanted on Jan. 5th, in a size 9.5. I received the boots on January 10th, but they were in a size 8. I called customer service (who was very nice) and asked for a return shipping label and I went back online and ordered the booties again. I also added a pair of the same booties in black while I as back on line. The 2nd order was placed on January 10th. I received my order on January 17th. The pair in the black were in a size 9.5, once AGAIN, the silver pair arrived in a size 8! This was very upsetting to me that this happened TWICE. The customer service agents were as helpful as they could be but couldn't assure me that my 3rd order would arrive in the correct size! If this is TRULY a Nordstrom company, this would have been corrected and a discount or other incentive would have been offered. I don't believe I will be continuing to shop with Nordstrom Rack!

fitbit – ace kids activity tracker

I ordered a Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker +8 for my grandaugher. The order number was [protected]. I received a confirmation of my order and then a few days later a shipment confirmation with a tracking number. I waited eight days and quired the tracking number and it showed no activity. I tried to contact Nordstrom Rack on their contact site, first by web chat. I waited in a que of 43 people and when it was finally my turn I typed in my inquiry and got no response. Then the chat was terminated by the Nordstrom Rack agent. So I joined the que again and waited for an agent. The ver same experience when it was my turned the agent terminated the chat immediately. I then called the customer service number and was in que for about 14 minutes. The agent that answered said the item must have gotten lost in the mail. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the agent said that would take forever. I asked her to see if the item or a comperable item was in stock. She put me on hold and then came back and said nothing was in stock. The agent said the only thing she could do was issue me a refund, and I finally agree to a refund. I am out the money I had to pay to get expited shipping from another company for the item to get there by Christmas. I will never shop with Nordstrom Rack again and I would recommend that no one else shops there.

online order

DONT SHOP AT NORDSTROM RACK, HORRIBLE company. I placed an order for 3 sweatshirts and 5 pairs of boots for Christmas. Two of the sweatshirts were not even close to what I ordered, they canceled one of the pairs of boots shortly after I ordered them, and the other 4 pairs of boots never came. When I called them, I found out that they never had enough boots for the orders they accepted. They didn't inform me of this until I called looking for the order. DONT shop here if you want items for Christmas !!! The manager Phil was NO help in filling the order !!! They just ended up cancelling my order because it was convenient to them!!!

gift card ordering online not accepted without bank or credit card number-disagree, bought my item elsewhere!

My issue complaint is Nordstrom Rack's Online ordering requirement with gift cards. I disagree with being forced to enter my bank or credit card information when I had a gift card with an amount clearly over the purse purchase I attempted to make. My gift card was $95.00. I attempted to order a Lucky Brand purse, online, with was $78.00 about three weeks ago. The online form wouldn't let me. I chatted with an online agent who stated I must submit either a bank account number or credit card. I disagree, this was unacceptable. Nordstrom Rack LOST a sale on this purse. I found exact same purse on Poshmark at a cheaper price! I will NOT refer anyone to this Nordstrom Rack website...forcing possible customers to submit financial information which is not needed. Nordstrom Rack needs to rethink this, change bank card/credit card requirement when gift card clearly covers purchase! You LOST my business and referrals!

nordstrom rack online shopping

It was my first order from Norstom Rack. I ordered a pair of black shoes and waited for more than a week! I received different color of shoes. I called the customer service and spoke with manager Jennifer. She said that they don't have the color and told me to go to a Norstom Rack store to get refund. Why do I have to go to a store to return them if I order them online??? What's the point? I could have gone to a store in the first place. Why did they sell the shoes if they didn't have the color I wanted? I waited for more than a week!!! And I need shoes to wear this week. This is a bad experience. I am going to write this experience online to share with other people. Norstom Rack doesn't know how to do online shopping!!!

nordstrom rack online shopping
nordstrom rack online shopping

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    lorraine d Dec 08, 2019

    DONT SHOP AT NORDSTROM RACK, HORRIBLE company. I placed an order for 3 sweatshirts and 5 pairs of boots for Christmas. Two of the sweatshirts were not even close to what I ordered, they canceled one of the pairs of boots shortly after I ordered them, and the other 4 pairs of boots never came. When I called them, I found out that they never had enough boots for the orders they accepted. They didn't inform me of this until I called looking for the order. DONT shop here if you want items for Christmas !!! The manager Phil was NO help in filling the order !!!

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Be warned!!! Nordstrom rack will close accounts without warning if they they a customer purchases and returns too much. There are no guidelines on the dollar amount or percentage of returns but they have and will continue to permanently close accounts without warning!!!
I have had numerous calls with customer service representatives to explain the terrible customer service they provide by shutting down accounts without warning. They agree but refuse to reopen accounts.

online purchase

Not price adjusting is not fair to your customers who shop exclusively with you and online only. I made a huge purchase only to have most of the items go on a serious clearance the next day. I called and spoke to an Associate, a Manager, and then someone in the Executive Office to no avail. Consider me now a disappointed long time customer who will no longer shop at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.


I recently purchased school shoes for my daughter online through Nordstrom rack, the shoes came and do not fit. The letter inside the shoe box says that I can return the shoes to any Nordstrom rack, it does not specify that you cannot return to Nordstrom rack Canada. I drove 45 mins to the only Nordstrom rack here in Canada and they would not take them as they said they have to be returned in the US or through mail. Then I proceeded to call to get a shipping label for which they said they will take $11 off of the return for this label!! This is terrible customer service. I will not be able to order again for shipping to Canada as $11 to send something back that doesn't fit is absurd. Canadians beware!

check-out experience

I recently experienced a hostile situation (8/22) upon purchasing a few items at one of my favorite stores, a young cashier by the name of Andres P. not only verbally harassed me...

bad customer experience and unclear customer service.

All in all the shopping experience in Nordstromrack is good, thank!

I recently ordered online from Nordstromrack and accidentally missed some info in the address. I was not able to find option to update it and the customer services were offline.
The next day morning I contacted live chat for updating address and was told there's only during the 2 HOURS after ordering they can change the address or cancel my order .
That's unreasonable because if only 2 hours allowed Nordstromrack should either let customer to do that by themselves or make the customer services online for 22.1 hours/day to cover the gap.
Fine then they told me to contact them again after my items are shipped and they will take care for me, I did but I was told by another agent that they can't do anything I need to contact carrier by myself.
I can contact carrier it's not a problem, It's just confusing that different agents tell different rules.

1. Upgrade the customer experience to add the option to update info of orders with clear description.
2. Unify the services rules.

Thank you!


I want to file a COMPLIMENT about LENARD, a very courteous and helpful sales associate, but the S tore Number on the receipt I was given is not accepted at...


I am beyond unhappy with the service I received at the Columbia, MD Nordstrom Rack. I went in to return pants that we not made right and the seams were all off. Sure enough do to...

horrible return policy and careless treatment of customers

I wrote the following letter to Nordstrom Rack/HauteLook Customer Service. I have not received a reply of any kind. To add injury to an already strained relationship, from what I would have thought is a very find company, astounds me. As others have mentioned in their postings, I am shocked not only that they don't bend rules for very good customers, but the tone and attitude when I called and spoke to a male supervisor in Customer Service was almost comical it was so derogatory.

It was addressed to Andrew Breen, Director, Customer Care, Los Angeles, CA:

I like to share with you an experience that I've had with your organization that truly perplexes me.

I've been a good customer of HauteLook, Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom for many years. I'm sure you can see that in my account transactions. I can't even begin to estimate what I've spent on your product offerings over the years and the referrals I've given to others when they compliment me on my apparel.

In February 2019, I purchased a handbag as a gift for someone (see reference information above) and I have not yet given it to my friend as her birthday celebration has been delayed more than once. Life happens, no?

Needless to say, the purchase is beyond the 45 return window. I called Customer Service for a return window extension as I plan to present the gift to my friend this weekend. I spoke with a representative and her supervisor who both refused to grant me any additional leeway.

The supervisor spoke to me like I was a naughty child, asking for a courtesy when in the past I've also requested the same courtesy. Is that really such a horrible act on my part to make these occasional requests over many years of a mutually beneficial relationship? I did ask how many times this has been granted to me, and he told me that it has been twice. Two times, really?? The supervisor made it sound as if I was a horrible person that hasn't learned her lesson---that lesson being I've been given two courtesies and I'm asking for another one. The audacity! He also told me how there are notes in my file attesting to this, added in his parental, superior tone. I believe his objective was to emphatically inform me that I wouldn't be able to get away with this due to that documentation in my file. It was almost comical.

I would very much appreciate your help. I do believe that there shouldn't be any question in providing me with another courtesy, and I would then be able to give my friend her gift, knowing that she could return it for store credit if she did not like or need this particular item.

I applaud you on having such dedicated staff, but I do believe they should be better versed when dealing with good customers, customers who give their organization a lot of money, loyally and consistently over so many years.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to a positive resolution to this situation.

sold me damaged item

I'm writing from Australia I shopped at Nordstrom a Rack 6th Ave Store New York on 13 May and bought a floor length beaded evening gown with chiffon overlay I took it to...

crossbody halogen bag

I ordered the crossbody bag specifically for a trip overseas. The zipper was a measure to prevent theft. I ordered rush delivery ($15.99) for it to arrive before my trip. It was scheduled to arrive on Thursday, but then arrived Friday. I left for Spain Friday morning. I came home, hoping that the bag would still be on my front porch since I was gone for 9 days. However, it was not there. This is also why I paid rush delivery for the item. I live in a high traffic apartment complex, and packages are left on doorsteps. I would like a refund for the purse and the shipping, since it didn't arrive on time. Assuming it arrived at all. The order number was [protected].

Let me know if you need more information. You can reach me at [protected] or [protected]

nordstrom rack porter ranch

Visited Nordstrom Rack in Porter Ranch today- they had rap music blaring really loud and all the customers shopping were mostly 40+ in the store. Not sure who the manager is but they need to realize that this does not represent the Nordstrom brand. In addition, this store is selling toys in the children's department. Since when does Nordstrom Rack sell toys?
The clothes on some of the racks are really wrinkled. I was looking forward to the opening of this store but so far not impressed. I've been a Nordstrom card holder since 1987.
See attached video

customer service/policy

I have been a loyal customer of hautelook since 2012. I would tell everyone how amazing it was. I would make purchases online at both Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook and...

employee ignored me completely

I was at the Nordstrom Rack in Chevy Chase, Maryland, earlier today when I try to make a return and purchase a few more items. When the employee refuse to support my return...


I made an order, it was on cancelled status, I had been trying to contact your email [protected] - no one came back to me since Friday. and I cannot log into my account since Friday! The live chat colleagues said they wouldn't be able to help me. I am texting overseas, don't know what to do. The only thing chat says to me is to reach you at number. I explained 100 times that I lived and texted overseas and couldn't do that. Today I have been refunded my money without any cancellation email and I cannot log into my account still!!! I am in a huge frustration!! Where should I complain? And guess what??? the items I have ordered are out of stock for now!!!

horrible customer service

To Nordstrom Rack Management, I am writing to express my concerns about a recent incident I experienced at your West Covina store 359. I would like to bring to your attention...

customer service

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that I am not satisfied with your quality of services provided at Nordstrom Rack at Columbia Crossing, 6141 Columbia Crossing Circle.

During my visit on 10/29/2018 I was very upset with your staff's performance.

Your sales associate Ms. Tavian and the manager Ms.Halis treated me in a very unprofessional and discourteous manner.

I was at your store to return two Anna Beck rings by HauteLook.

During my discussions with Ms. Tavian she retained one of the rings in her possession and claimed that it was not mine and that I had to prove that it was mine.

I spoke with your mananger, Ms. Halls who also stated that the ring was not mine and refused to return it to me.

After a very lengthy and emotional disucssion my ring was finally returned.

This was a very troubling and difficult experience for me.

I have been a very faithful of customer of Nordstom's for quite some time and have never been treated so rudely by any of your sales staff.

Ii hope to continue being a good customer of Nordstrom's and hope an incident of this nature never happens again.

recording when you call is only advertising nike

When you call the Nordstrom Rack at Dulles Town Crossing the phone is answered with a recording in this eerily cheery voice talking about nothing but NIKE for the entire family!...


I purchased some shoes on 9/13/18 and one pair of them put a sore on the side of my foot and popped a loose on the front toe part. This is the third time i've purchased this style...

broken product

585293 My 10yr old daughter purchased an LED Neon Flamingo with her own money at your store in Burlington, MA. Realized when we got home it was broken (connector wires were snapped). We...

a sweater I returned

I retuned a sweater to nordstrom rack and the man I had an in-depth chat online with told me that when the sweater was received that I would receive a credit to my mastercard for...

dressing room attendant

On Saturday, June 16th, 2018 I visited the Nordstrom Rack in Emeryville. I tried on clothes between 3:45 and 4:10 pm. At that time the dressing room attendant was very unpleasant...

price tags

I bought a new pair of shoes at the Nordstrom Rack (1800 L St NW, DC) on June 19th, 2018. When I went to put them on at work the next day, I found the price stickers on the bottom...

purchase online never sent to my home - twice!!

I purchased a ring on Nordstrom Rack. I waited six weeks and the ring didn't arrive. I randomly received a gift card in the mail. I checked on my order and the order had been cancelled but no notice was sent to me. I ordered a second ring on May 24 in preparation for my daughter's birthday. By June 10, I had not received it. I called again and learned that there were system issues that prevented it from being sent. Really? Twice? My daughter's birthday was missed and the very special gifts that I selected - twice - could not be fulfilled.


I purchased a bag online 40 days ago. I ended up paying international surcharge and exchange rate and shipping fee. I took the bag to store in Canada and I was told that I need to pay the shipping fee and return it by Canada post. I returned the product right away, and after one month I'm still waiting to get my money back which is $960 CAD!!! Nobody answer me when I can get the refund!!!

exchange an item

I thought I would share with everyone my last ( and I do mean last) visit to Nordstrom Rack. Throughout my whole career in Customer Service, it seemed like in every training...

order online

Amanda kolman
11:35 AM (1 hour ago)
to Contact

Amanda Kolman
— Forwarded message —
From: Amanda kolman
Date: Tue, May 1, 2018 at 11:34 AM
Subject: Re: Your Nordstrom Inquiry
To: Nordstrom Customer Care, [protected]

Still waiting to hear from ANYONE.

Order is delayed AGAIN per UPS.

Does anyone work there anymore??

Amanda Kolman​

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 11:09 AM, Nordstrom Customer Care wrote:
Date: 04/26/2018 08:09 AM
Subject: Your Nordstrom Inquiry

Nordstrom Logo
Your Nordstrom Inquiry Customer Service
Dear Ms. Kolman,

Thank you for contacting us this morning regarding your experience on the Nordstrom Rack site. I have forwarded your email with the chat conversation to our team at the Nordstrom Rack site. I am sorry for the difficulties that you encountered when trying to place an order. Unfortunately, we are Customer Care with and Nordstrom Rack contacts go to [protected] They should be in touch with you shortly. You can also call them directly at: 1.888.966.6283 and request to speak to a Supervisor. I wish that I was able to help you more.

Warm Regards,

Marci E. | Customer Care | | 888.282.6060
Your Message
04/26/2018 05:28 AM
Contact Reason: Other
Your Message:
I wanted to relay a terrible customer service issue I encountered yesterday. I attempted to place an order using a gift card at nordstrom rack website (which I was told in store I could do). After several tries of entering my order, I used the live chat to figure out what was wrong.
This is the live chat:
Shawntol G.: Hi, my name is Shawntol G.. How may I help you?
You: I am trying to place an order using a gift card but the Submit order button does not work
Shawntol G.: I am truly sorry that you are experiencing checkout issues. I know this must be frustrating for you. Not to worry, I will gladly look into this so that you can continue your shopping.
Shawntol G.: To better assist, may I have your name and email address please?
You: I just want to place the order. The gift card total covers everything and the total owed says 0.00 but I cant complete the order
You: Amanda Kolman [protected]
Shawntol G.: Thank you, Amanda.
Shawntol G.: I am pulling up the account now. Just a moment please.
You: How much longer?
You: hello?
Shawntol G.: Thank you so much for your patience! I'm still looking into this for you. It will be just a few more moments.
You: How are you looking at the order if I have not been able to place it
Shawntol G.: I am reviewing the account not an order.
You: ok - I just want to place an order
You: I am using a gift card. I do not see why you need to look at the account. I just want to place an order
Shawntol G.: Thank you so much for your patience, Amanda. I am seeing here on the account that a saved payment method is here this means you should have been able to place the order with gift card, however, I consulted with a few of my fellow agents and it appears that there is a technical issue with checking out. Our team is aware of the issue and they are working to resolve this quickly.
You: Well that is annoying. What am I supposed to do
Shawntol G.: I understand the annoyance, Amanda. You could check with us at a later time, we have been getting reports and are trying to resolve as quickly as possible.
You: I am not impressed with this situation. Thanks for wasting my time. Please forward this chat to [protected] so I can lodge a complaint.

So as you can see I did not place an order - can't do it online and I saw on the website I could not place it over the phone. So I sent messages to Facebook and Twitter. One person responded on Twitter and told me to DM my email address which I did. After another 10 minutes some other person responded saying that original person had left and he would now be helping me although he at first said the order could not be placed with the gift card and he saw that I had a Mastercard and why don't I just pay with that. I said I had a gift card and after complaining more he relented and placed the order for me. I did not get any email or order confirmation just a number. I needed the item before next Friday as it was to be a gift but was told via Facebook messaging from another person that it would not arrive in time so all in all a terrible experience. It was 4 hours out of my life and incredibly frustrating. Someone should care that this is the experience your customers are having to deal with just to place an order. An in the end, I am out a gift for someone becuase it still won't arrive in time. Nordstrom - you need to get it together!

women’s dresses

I picked out a Topshop dress on the tag was an original price of $90 crossed out with a pen mark priced at $34.99. On the back of the tag was a clearance tag of $40.97. When I...

men's suits policies

Hello, I have been shopping at Nordstrom Rack consistently for only 5 years. Over the past three years I have been purchasing suits. Recently, I went to purchase a two piece...

packaging and receiving issues

585293 Delivery driver dropped off our package and when I went to the door I saw the picture you'll see below. Everything was gone except for the wrappings. Called customer service and...

unprofessional manager / wrong item charged

585293 Date of incident: 1/20/18 Manager: Marijane J. Store: #472 (East Palo Alto, CA) We were charged for an item we did not purchase. The product code of the item on our receipt did...

store employee

I was shopping at the rack Christmas Eve in Peabody ma. And imagine my surprise when I am standing near another customer who asked the employee if you carried a certain brand...

customer service check out at norstrom rack store – alpharetta georgia – n. point parkway

I was attempting to check out with various items on tonight and was told that no mobile device could be utilized, although they were readily available. This is unacceptable...

splendid daria block heel bootie

585293 I wore the booties 3-4 times and the zipper already broke and the pull tab came off of the zipper. I spend $90 on these booties just to have them ruined after 3-4 wear...