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assembly and extended protection plan

I purchased a treadmill ($2000) April 2018 and purchased delivery and assembly for ($200) and extended protection and maintenance plan ($340). I asked delivery guys as well as the Seats employee at time of purchase NordicTrack if there would be any equipment or warranty problems if we have the unit set up in the garage. They assured me there would not be. They proceeded to assemble the unit and place it in the garage. When NordicTrack was contacted for the annual maintenance that I paid for, I was informed that my warranty was voided because of the location of the unit.

kenmore refrigerator and sears home warranty service-avoid avoid!!!

We bought a Sears Kenmore Elite frig 11/17. Thought we were buying good stuff, right. WRONG!!

In March of 2019 the frig is not cooling.
Turns out the Kenmore is really an LG------who have a horrid reputation for frig's.
In 4/19 the Sears tech comes over to fix the issue. We buy the Home Warranty Contract for $50/month---$600 a year. ($75 deductible for each visit)
It is 4 months later------the frig is warming up again.
I commence to spend the next 3 days with Sears Home Warranty trying to schedule an appt to fix this frig.
Long story short: THEY ARE SOOOOO [censored]ed up. I am routed to Florida, Ohio, Filipines, etc., etc. Nobody knew what to do. THEY ACCIDENTALLY CANCELLED MY APPT with the local Service provider...AVOID these dopey [censored].
The Florida guys could hardly speak clear ENGLISH!!!

In short----don't buy a [censored]ing Sears Kenmore. Don't buy their Home Warranty. Take your dollars elsewhere-------I promise you, you will regret buying their products..


refund request

Service Order Number: [protected]

On 7/2/19 scheduled service on Sears range; gave model number of range and explained issue with temperature display. Also scheduled service for our leaking Sears dishwasher.
Sears repair technicians came on July 3rd to repair range, charged diagnostic fee, scheduled another appointment for 7/19 and supposedly ordered part for range. Charged us for diagnosis, the part and labor to be performed at next visit. Told us the part would be shipped to us. Also did same for our Sears dishwasher.
Parts arrived for dishwasher prior to 7/19; nothing for the range. Technician arrived 7/19 during scheduled hours and performed repair of dishwasher but did nothing for the range. He assured us parts would come sometime soon, and that we should call them to schedule another visit to fix the range, after the parts arrived.
We waited 10 more days and still no parts for the range. On 7/29 called Sears service, talking to several people in scheduling and parts and was told that the part order was cancelled on July 3rd (the same day the original visit by their two technicians who supposedly ordered it that day!). They told us that we needed to order the part again. We explained it wasn't us who ordered the part, it was their technicians who ordered on the first visit, and they should be ordering it again (since we had already paid for it 4 weeks ago). Then they scheduled a technician to come here on July 31 (between 8 am and 12 noon) to fix the range and stated that the technician would be bring the part. Technician showed up around 4 pm (i.e. we waited 8 hours for him to show up). He did not bring parts. He looked at range again and called for someone to assist with support. He had multiple telephone conversations with his support people. The technician was told to leave our presence and to discuss our situation in private. During that conversation, he told us he found out that the electronic board that needed to be replaced was no longer orderable. Then he advised us that it may be necessary to remove the board from our range, send it to a center where it would be repaired, then reinstall our board into the range after it was shipped. Finally, after more consultation, the technician told us that the board needed is no longer available nor is it repairable. He put in a request to get us a refund.
On August 1st I called to find out what was happening with our refund and if it was in the system. The first person I spoke to said I should be getting a "full" refund including the diagnostic fee after she heard what we had experienced, however, she was not able to process the refund. She forwarded me to another person who also said they couldn't process the refund and we should just wait up to 21 days to see if refund arrives. I said this was not acceptable and asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I was told there were no supervisors available and I should call a specific number, however, someone should be calling me to discuss our situation.
I waited until Aug 6th and didn't receive a call and tried the phone number supplied, it was not a working number. So, I call their general number and spoke to an agent, immediately asking for a supervisor. After having to explain the whole situation again I was finally referred to a supervisor who said they would refund the part we paid for (which doesn't exist) but would not refund the diagnostic fee. I asked to speak to her manager and was told managers do not talk to customers. I asked for a mailing address or email address where I can send a complaint and was told they do not disclose any addresses. Basically, we have no way to escalate our request for a full refund for the misleading, dishonest, and lack of service received. From the very beginning, Sears Home Service should have told us that there are no parts available for our range.
We should get a "full" refund for diagnostic fee, parts, and labor. I feel this is a scam to get fees even though Sears knew that parts would not be available for our range.

I decided to add reviews to Yelp and now see that others have experienced similar situations - charging diagnostic fee even when they know they can not repair a unit. Horrible reviews on other sites as well including Facebook.

sears extended warranty for my refrigerator

My 3 year old refrigerator went out. I called for a repair, had to wait 4 weeks until the tech could come. We were living out of Ice Chests. We lost a ton of our food. I submitted for the food loss while waiting for the repairman. He came, then confirmed the compressor was bad, rescheduled to come back 4 weeks later to replace the compressor. That was the soonest he could come. Needless to say, I went and bought a new fridge during this time. I called and checked on my claim, it was denied because I submitted before the thing was fixed. The person on the phone submitted another claim for me. I called to check on my money today. Was on hold for over an hour. The jerky guy basically told me the claim was denied, why did I take so long to call in to check (was submitted 5/3 then 5/6) I explained that I thought it took 6 weeks for the check.. he continued to lecture me... he also said that I did not have a warranty any longer. I know this because I cancelled it after all of the runaround. I am still waiting on that check also.. I am frustrated to tears right now.. one of the claim numbers is [protected].. I would take them to small claims but it has been such a headache, I am going to just have to take the loss and NEVER USE SEARS FOR ANYTHING AGAIN... what a total headache..

online layaway, manufacture elliptical is not in stock

I placed an online layaway order for an Nautilus E618 Performance Elliptical(Ssin:00623903000p). The order was completed over a period of around 2 months I received maybe more than 9 calls on delivery week that I would have to reschedule because sears online is waiting for the manufacturer to ship the elliptical. I got weary of waiting so I just joined a gym. I've been on the phone and sears online chat a few times a week for a refund that item is not in stock online but it was when I placed my layaway order. At the beginning tons of phone call & being rerouted by sears the representative did not know whats the correct department to process my refund. Sears online has said that my order was canceled. I checked today and my layaway is still active. I even got a letter that said it would take 7-14 days from 7/14/2019 for a refund to deposit to my account & today still no refund. I feel Sears stole my money from a product that I was promised I would have once my layaway contract was completed

online layaway, manufacture elliptical is not in stock

the worst repair service with sears master protection agreement

Order: [protected]
Cindy Szczucki
2885 Dewitt Circle
Darlington, SC 29532
Tele [protected]
Master agreement [protected]
Model [protected]
Purchase date 7-2-2014

Refrigerator not working since june 23, 2019
Reported refrigerator repair on [protected] to Sears home services
Repair service scheduled [protected] No earlier appts
A&E Factory service - Service Tech Issiah arrived on [protected] and ordered 2 parts.
Parts received at home on [protected]
Called sears to let them know parts came in.
Repair service scheduled again on [protected] No earlier appts.
Service Tech Issiah arrived on [protected] 5pm
6 hours after instalation of computer board on [protected], refrigerator is in the same condition as before..not working.
Sears scheduled appt [protected] This is ridiculous! No earlier appts they claim. Another appt after repairman comes and another 2 weeks and another 2 weeks
I have insulin in need of refrigeration for child. Medical requirement.
repairman-Issiah put in computer board but not fan that was ordered and received.. Either it needed the fan that was not installed or refrigerator or in need of another part. Cannot wait 2 or 3 weeks.
Sears scheduled appt [protected] This is ridiculous! Another appt after repairman comes and another 2 weeks and another 2 weeks.
I need repairman asap!
The fan should have been installed since the part was already there at the home.
Apparently another part is needed.
I need better service than this.

sears auto centers

My father gave me a car and the battery in the car went bad which is a Diehard Gold battery. It has a sticker on the battery 7/17 so I brought the battery to sears. Since it states it has a 3 yr free replacement. I was ask for the receipt or the telephone number. I gave them every phone number I could think of. Well they weren't in the computer. I ask the guy helping me why does that matter if I have the battery right here and the date on the battery is within the 3 yrs. So, he said the only thing he could to is prorate a new battery for me. I ask what the battery will cost and he was playing on tje computer and he told me $117 and I looked @ the shelf and the sticker said $118.99. I said are you kidding me? So I left after that. I called the 800 die-hard number and I got the run around on the phone after speaking to 5 different people still know help.I never received my free replacement. I will NEVER purchase a thing from sears or a sears brand. Terrible customer services. It shouldn't matter if you have a phone number on file if you are bring THEIR product back to them.

kenmore elite refrigerator

The compressor on my four year old Kenmore Elite Refrigerator died on 7/28/2019. I called Sears repair service and was given a quick appointment date. I was happy about that but that's where the happiness ends. Compressor was under warranty (so no charge for that) but the labor cost was over $600.00 for just under 2 hours of work! If the compressor is under warranty why such an outrageous labor cost? And why isn't that covered? Then the best part is, we now have a refrigerator that is making a loud noise that you can hear through out the house. The repair man said the noise was normal and that it comes from the vibration on the back panel. That never was the case in the past four years. I will not buy another Kenmore product and was very disappointed to learn the refrigerator was made by LG.

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    Nonnie in Holt Jul 31, 2019

    Depending on when you bought your refrigerator, there is a class action lawsuit against LG because of these compressors. Google it and join the lawsuit if you can. The same thing happened to our Kenmore and it was the compressor so I joined the lawsuit. It is ridiculous!

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    Nonnie in Holt Jul 31, 2019

    Our tech also told us that they are replacing the broken compressors with yet another bad compressor so watch out for that also. Ours broke 7-6-2019 and Sears is yet to fix ours. It has been 23 days and they still haven't showed up to fix it. I have spent hours and hours trying to get them to come out and I keep getting fed a bunch of excuses.

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kenmore elite he washer

I purchased a Kenmore Elite washing machine. It is rusting around the bleach dispenser. I have never spilled bleach over. I started researching recently and it seems like this is a huge problem with machine. Why is this happening and what can be done? I have always purchased Sears products and have recommended them to my family and friends. I'm very disappointed with this washing machine

kenmore elite he washer

  • Updated by Janene Amador · Jul 30, 2019

    I purchased a Kenmore Elite HE washing machine. There is rust all around the bleach dispenser. I just took off the plastic bleach dispenser and the amount of rust that is in there is a lot more than it looked like. I have always stood by Sears and their products but this is ridiculous. I have never over filled the bleach dispenser. I hardly ever use bleach at all. What is Sears doing about this defective washer ?

sears customer service, repair and warranty dept.

Our LG refrigerator and freezer is less than 2 years old. It is a lemon and has broken down more times than I...

refrigerator repair - [protected] exp 7/12/2019

My name is Ruth Winn I am 86 years old, I contacted Sears on June 11, 2019 in regards to my refrigerator not remaining cool. An appointment was made for 18 June. The repair last two days, on 23 June I called again, 3 July technician came refrigerator was unable to be repaired. I called and spoke with a Kevin to reschedule for 16 July. I advised that I couldn't be without a fridge but my concerned was addressed with rent a reffing until the repair could occur. I received a call regarding my contract [protected] renewal, I explained that the refrigerator was under repair and advised not to renew the contract until I had a new one and it would not jeopardize repair/replacement of Redbridge. 17 July t he repairman showed up and said the refrigerator was not repairable. What e n I ask for the voucher I was advise that because the refrigerator was not u dear warranty no voucher will be provided. I've r err placed my refrigerator but I am disappointed in the customer service I would like for you to give me some type of compensation.

tire installation

I would not order tires via Amazon and send the tires to Sears Auto Center for installation ever again! It...

air duct cleaning overcharge

Recently l contacted sears to do duck cleaning. Once the gentleman arrived l was told the service would cost...


We bought a brand new refrigerator worth $2100 from Sears and bought a 5 yr extended warranty. It was delivered on July 3 at 10:30am. Around 6pm, we saw a leak inside the refrigerator and it looks like it was coming from the filter. I called the delivery # and talked to a supervisor named Alex and told me to shut down the water valve. She said she will schedule a Tech to come in the next day to check the leak. Bec the next day is july 4, i verified with her if a technician will be available. She said yes and bec it was a water leak, they will call us in the morning. The ff day, we were waiting and nobody called us. When i called them, they said they were closed and will not be available. Instead they came on july 5. The tech verified the leak was due to a manufacturing defect and not due to installation. Bec of this we decided to get a diff type of ref (cost of $2800) and bought the 5 year extended warranty. The plan is for them to deliver the new refrigerator and then picked up the damaged refrigerator.
We then filed a food loss claim. Because the water valve was shut down, we lost our main source of drinking water. So we decided to include it in our claim. At first, it was denied. When i called them, they said it was denied bec there was no tech report. When i told them the tech report #, they resubmitted our claim with a diff claim #. When i called them, 3 days later they said it was approved. After 7 days i called them to ask about the check. I was told it was only partially approved and the cost of the water we bought was denied. They said bec they dont cover water loss. I said the main the recommendation is to shut down the water valve. Bec of that, we have to buy water bec obviously we couldnt get it from the refrigerator. They denied the claim.
Sears were supposed to deliver the new ref and remove the old one on aug 16. But bec they are denying our claim for the water, we are just going to cancel buying the new ref.

appliance service

We have a service agreement with Sears to service our Whirlpool washing machine. On Sunday, July 21 we noticed that our washer was not working. I called Sears service at [protected]. The soonest appointment was today, Friday, July 26, but they could not tell us when, meaning that somebody would have to be home all day. At about 11 AM on the appointed day, I received a text message stating that the appointment was cancelled! I called and the only day that I could reschedule was Friday, August 2, a day when we will have guests and one of us will be forced to be home all day again.
Sears refuses to get us service sooner.

kenmore refrigerator model [protected]

Bought stainless steel side by side in August 2016. Did not take warranties as had owned 3 Kenmore refrigerators previously as well as many other Kenmore appliances. Never has any major problems. Ice maker stopped working several months ago. Had Sears Home Service out to look at problem. Told by repair technician this is a known manufacturers issue. Wiring between the freezer door and refrigerator base breaks over time due to opening and closing of the freezer door. Technician tried to repair by reconnecting wires but repair lasted exactly one ice making cycle. Technician said only way to really fix is to buy a new door which is significant $ with no guarantee that new wires on new door will not break again due to opening and closing of the door. Doors are made to open and close. It is irresponsible of Sears and Kenmore not to have a permanent fix for this. If this were an automobile;e we would have a mandatory recall.

sears master protection agreement - don't waste your money

In July 2014, I paid $1270 for a Kemore Elite dishwasher and $350 for a Master Service Agreement. Since then I have had multiple parts replaced over the last 2 years. Our warranty is about to expire and I have another part sitting on my table, waiting for two more that were ordered by the technician during his last visit 2 weeks ago so he can come back and install them. He told me I needed to call and get the paperwork started to replace the dishwasher because it is a LEMON. I have made several attempts to call but the wait on hold time is so long you can't possibly wait. Finally tonight we got through after a 50 minute wait on hold. We spoke to one young lady who told us that we did not have the required number of parts replacements to qualify. She gave us a list of dates that did not match anything we had been previously given by the scheduling company, and apparently even if you have multiple parts replaced over a span of weeks, that counts as one. We finally gave up and asked for a supervisor, we waited and was finally connected to Jessica ID#785180 who proceeded to go back over the same information, but with different dates. Obviously I lost my cool. I backed away and let my husband continue the conversation, which was basically we don't qualify for a replacement, refund or anything else. I am now stuck with a dishwasher which does not work and has not for the past year. We asked to speak with Jessica's supervisor and she informed us there was no one above her. I assume the warranty company just takes the money and puts an uninformed person on the other end of the phone who just reads off the screen with zero knowledge of what the part is. If you have to wait on hold long enough you give up, and when you finally get someone on the phone, their qualification for the job is non-existent and if they don't have the correct information you can't get any refund or replacement before the expiration of the contract.

They have come and replaced the electronic control board, motor (soon to be 2x), pump (twice), rotating arm (2x), reservoir (2x), all water parts, vent fan, temperature sensor, and we are waiting on another pump, wiring harness and one other part. Yet we do not qualify to have had 4 part events replaced.

On a separate phone call to service, a nice gentlemen gave me the dates of when parts were installed on this unit: 8/2/18, 8/20/18, 2/23/19, 4/10/19 and 7/12/19. This does not include additional service calls or the next upcoming service to call to install additional parts again. Unfortunately we do not receive any paperwork on the service/part replacements because the item is under warranty.

A desirable resolution of my complaint is a replacement of my dishwasher. That is what I paid for the warranty to cover. I never expected to use the warranty, I read reviews about this dishwasher which were not stellar but I believed Sears sold quality appliances and stood behind their products. But if they will not do the right thing and honor the warranty, then I will gladly get rid of this dishwasher and never have another Kenmore appliance in my home. I will make sure to tell everyone not to buy this any appliance from Sears.

dryer repair

I called 2 weeks in advance and told them what parts were the suspected issue. The first day I
Had to take off work to wait for the tech, he had no parts and had to order and to schedule another appointment, after arriving 10 mins before the end of the window. The day before I came home.late from work to find the package with the parts on my doorstep. I had no idea they were being shipped to me. There was no note or notification that I had call them. The day of the second appointment, and second missed day of work, I waited the 1-5pm, and they were a no call, no show. I called demanding to know where they were, and was informed since i did not confirm I got the parts, i was not scheduled. I recieved no phone calls or texts. I realized they sent an email on my personal account, and I was unable to retrieve it as I was at work and it is not allowed. So needless to say I evidently am not the customer, but the employee and need to call them to do there job. I guess they dont have package tracking or know how to use the telephone. Needless to say I am going to have to lose a third day of pay, since I have to have another service appointment, and no clean clothes. I work 3 jobs. I would like to see them go without 3 days if pay. Do not use Sears Home Services. All they do is push there warranty contract purchase and dont know what the term "customer" means.


I have a Sears Protection Agreement covering 6 appliances. The Refrigerator stopped working in May and I've had 6, that is right, 6 appointments with Sears to repair and all 6 have been cancelled by Sears, after blocking out the 4 hour window for repairs (one lasted all day, as they said the technician was running late). I get nowhere with Sears repair service. The 7th appointment is August 21. I'm seeking legal counsel as this warranty is worthless because I can't get a Sears technician to look at it

appliance repair

I had an appointment today for my Samsung washer, window of time was 9-12. I was told when I made the appointment, I would get an update the night before or that morning, narrowing the window. And I could look on your website for updates. I did look in the morning and the hours were the same. I received a text at 8:35 am saying the tech was on his way. He wasn't there within 30 minutes which I thought was strange. I kept looking for him. Never left the house, had the phone at my side every minute. At 9:21, I got an email, saying he was on his way. Around 10, I called your customer service, to see where he was. I'm not sure how long I waited on hold, but the message kept saying "for faster service, use our on-line chat". So while I was waiting for a person to answer, I checked out the chat service and the wait was greater than 20 minutes! Not so fast, right? When your rep answered, after some back & forth, I believed that she said she was going to call dispatch and someone would get back to me. Well, no one did. I continued to wait until almost noon...then I pretty much assume he wasn't coming. I had to wait again when I called, got the same person - who has a very strong accent and is difficult to understand -- plus I was having trouble hearing her...who verified my address, then said her records showed he had come at 9:15 and no one was home! Well, that just is wrong! I had been watching for him all morning. He certainly did not come here. If he had & didn't get an answer, wouldn't he call? No door bell, no phone call, nothing. I had not used my phone. I kept looking out front for him. If he had been here at 9:15, why did I get an email at 9:21 saying he was on his way??????? So she said she would have him call me. Well, it's 6:11 this evening, and I have heard NOTHING! There have been no calls reaching out to me, only the totally frustrating experience of me trying to get through to someone & being left on hold. Now I know why Sears is in such financial trouble. I was so frustrated, I admit I was screaming at your rep. I couldn't help it. She doesn't know how to adjust her responses based on what you've told her. She kept saying she'd have him come by "AGAIN". Well, since he hadn't been here, that just infuriated me more. Then she kept telling me to keep my phone line open --- after I had told her I hadn't been on my phone at all the entire morning! What did it matter? There's no calls coming to me anyway. TOTALLY TOTALLY FRUSTRATED WITH THE LACK OF RESPONSIVENESS!!!