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6:32 pm EDT
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Sears Sears auto center products

in 2020 I purchased tires from Sears Auto Center when the company operated in Colonial Park Mall on Jonestown Road in Harrisburg, PA. The store closed during the covid epidemic. The tires I purchased came with an 80,000 mile warranty. I have driven only 20,000 since purchasing the tires. Two of the tires are failing now. How do I claim new tires undertake warranty?


Weldon Smith

914.830.5059 / [protected]

Desired outcome: Replacement tires, cash refund, store credit

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11:49 am EDT

Sears Sears elite kenmore stainless steel side by side refrigerator

Purchased Jan 2017, delivered Feb 23, 2017. I had this refrigerator 6.5 years and the compressor went out on Saturday, August 12, 2023. No cooling or freezing. I called Kenmore service number and they could send a representative out on August 18, 2023. This was too long, I did schedule the service, then cancelled it. I did have a certified tech come to give me a diagnosis and it was the compressor. Not fixable. He only told us what the problem was, he did nothing else. I couldn't wait 6 days to start looking for a new refrigerator if I needed a new one. I have had trouble with icemaker freezing up 3-4 times with no resolution from Sears. They changed the icemaker out 1 time. My husband and I finally fixed the solution ourselves. In my Sears Kenmore manual it states the compressor is under warranty for 10 years. I need to know if this is true. If so, I want my money back. I paid $1399.99 for the product for 6.5 years worth of use. I do not want the refrigerator fixed because the compressor part is not even available to fix it. I do not want it to be replaced only to have another refrigerator break down in 6 years.

Thank you for your time reading this review, I've been a Sears customer for 50 years. Sorry the store in Hattiesburg, MS is closed now. I purchased all my appliances from there for 50 years. Hattiesburg, MS

I also need to cancel my automatic filter replacement that is being sent to me, since I no longer have the working refrigerator.

Desired outcome: Money returned

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4:33 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I've been a Sears customer for 30+ years. Have purchased most of my major appliances from them. The drop in Sears product and service is breathtaking. To illustrate: 1. Product: After a 26 year old Sears Kenmore refrigerator finally needed replacement, I purchased a Kenmore Elite model in 2018. After 4.5 years of service, the compressor needed to be...

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8:10 pm EDT
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Sears Washing machine, grinding, screeching and clicking noises

8/9/2017: New Sears Kenmore washing machine delivered. Serial # C73042267; Model # [protected].

9/19/2021: experienced grinding, screeching and clicking noises during the wash cycle.

9/20/2021: technician came and stayed 4 hours. Replaced nearly everything in washing machine. Two parts had to be ordered.

11/15/2021: two parts replaced.

Cost for parts replacement and labor was $1,173.00. This service was covered under the original warranty.

8/8/2022. Original warranty expired. Entered into new warranty with ears.

Note: Sears claims that its computer has no information/history of the service performed on the washer in 2021.

8/9/2022: washer grinding, screeching and clicking during the wash and rinse cycles. (all noises captured on audio).

8/9/2022: phoned Sears. Can not provide service because new warranty not effective until 9/7/2022.

9/9/2022: technician jiggled the washer tub and performed tests on the control box. He had to leave for another appointment. Washed clothes and the annoying screeching noises were still prevalent.

9/13/2022: phoned Sears to report that the washer had not been fixed. Sears had not yet received the tech's service report so nothing could be done.

9/15/2022: phoned Sears. No service report yet. Maybe in 3 days.

9/20/2022: sheet stuck in washer tub (See 9/9/2022 technician's jiggling the washer tub). Phoned Sears. Earliest service date was 10/7/2022. Told Sears this (late) date was not acceptable.

9/22/2022: phoned Sears and set up service call for 10/12/2022.

10/12/2022: technician removed sheet from washer tub and rapidly went through cycles on control board. The tech left because he had 9 more appointments that day. Problem was that tech did not stay to listen to the grinding and screeching noises the washer was making.

11/7/2022: phoned Sears about the noises the washing machine was still making. Set up service call for 11/28/2022 and "the tech was to stay until the noise problem was corrected."

11/28/2022: Technician did not show up. Received an email from Sears at 6 pm. that the appointment had been rescheduled for 12/12/2022.

11/29/2022: phoned Sears to indicate that the rescheduled date of 12/12 was not a good time. Sears told me to call back later because it did not have its 2023 schedule yet.

12/9/2022: phoned Sears. Set up service call for 1/3/2023 with Special Instructions for the technician "to stay until the problems are addressed."

1/3/2023; technician came and ordered parts for the washer. Set up installation appointment for 1/14/2023.

1/13/2023: service call rescheduled for 1/19/2023.

1/19/2023: technician replaced parts but could not stay because he had "15 more appointments that day." - meaning, of course, that he was not around to hear if the new parts made a difference in muting the annoying noises. They didn't.

1/24/2023: phoned Sears about the litany of problems getting the washing machine fixed: technicians can't stay to observe the noise problems, the money being wasted repeating the same processes, etc. - and the washing machine still not fixed! But, we set up another service call for 2/2/2023.

2/2/2023: technician removed a plastic protector from under the washer. Did he stay to see if his ingenious procedure cured the noise problem? Nope. Had other appointments.

2/2/2023: washed clothes. Horrible screeching noises still heard.

2/4/2023: replied to a Sears satisfaction survey and detailed as best I could the utter abysmal service we have received. (as of 8/14/2023 there has been no response from Sears).

2/6/2023: phoned Sears with a request from it to put in their computer records our complete dissatisfaction with the service Sears has provided and the fact that our washer has not been fixed. I further stated that we did not any more technicians coming - it does no good, no good at all. I indicated that I would call again - we're still paying monthly for the warranty - if the washing machine "shakes, rattles or rolls or completely breaks down."

8/14/2023: the washing machine is not rolling, but it is shaking and rattling and still emitting those grinding, screeching and clicking noises that are so loud that they can be heard throughout the house. I am so frustrated and at my wit's end.

I would hope that you could intervene and effect some resolution. Thank you.

Desired outcome: A washing machine without any grinding, screeching or clicking noises.

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12:13 am EDT

Sears Hot water heater

Ive had a master protection agreement on my hot water heater for 20 years. I was told by a few technicians it was any day. To avoid the mess i should put water on the floor and call and they would have no problem to say it needed to be replaced. Well i didn't because i didn't feel right! Its now over 3 weeks and i dont have a hot water heater. Its been a living hell and they don't care. The amount if money they offered me was ridiculous so its been expedited. But expedited and its over 3 weeks. Now they are asking for a breakdown of the installation. This is insane. I dont know what to do or contact. Sears is a disgrace from there past selves. I cant get people to contact either by email or calls.

Please im

At my wits end living like this is awful after spending so much money.

Should i contact a TV station any ideas. Between this the damage to the basement and other things im cracking. Please anyone have any advice?

Please help

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4:01 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Replacement of refrigerator

Have insurance on all appliances. Refrigerator couldn't be fixed so the made me pick a replacement. They cancelled the delivery 7 times. It's been 3 months without a refrigerator. Had to borrow one from friend until I receive the one from sears that was promised. Their excuse is the manufacture didn't send it. I want the money to be reimbursed so I can go and purchase my own refrigerator. There has been so many calls I made to rectify this problem sears keeps passing you to many people and not solving the problem. There is a limitation on how long you have to wait until you get your product. They said only a supervisor can issue a reimbursement check. So where's the supervisor? Unbelievable service.

Desired outcome: reimbursement money They quoted me $3,100 that was equivalent to the refrigerator I lost. No money was ever sent

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10:11 pm EDT
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Sears Not being refunded the balance of being overcharged for a service technician services. Please see the below email. Thank you. Cathy and Ron Colonna

I am entitled to a refund on an overpayment of a service performed. Kenmore From: Catherine Colonna

Sent: Monday, July 10, 2023 11:55 AM

To: [protected]

Cc: Catherine Colonna ; Ronald Colonna

Subject: Error in Billing

I believe there was an error in our final bill. On 6/22/23 a service technician arrived to fix our water heater. The service order number was [protected]. A part was ordered. At that time we paid $250.87 with our debit card. The bank processed the transaction on 6/23/23. The part arrived and a technician installed it. He presented a final bill for $333.45 and it was paid, again using our bank debit card. After the technician left i reviewed the receipt and found an error in the final bill and was no accounting for the $250.87 we had already paid. I believe we were over charged.

Thank you,

Cathy Colonna

3982 Princeton Blvd

South Euclid. OH 44121

Cell Phone Number: [protected]

Service dates: 6/22/23 and 7/10/23

Service Order Number: [protected]

Sent from my T-Mobile 5G Device

w about and it has been almost a month with no respponse

Desired outcome: I would like my refund ASAP. Cathy Colonna

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3:40 pm EDT

Sears My dishwasher

My control board push buttons are constantly cracking and breaking off. You are wasting my time and yours constantly replacing the part, sometimes even coming defective. This is the 3rd time within a 2 month period you had to come, for the same thing over and over again and years before that; many times for the same problem. At this point I want a total replacement, because the replacement part cannot be fixed. The warranty for which I constantly renew, I could've bought a new one. The amount that it cost you for the part and a man coming twice, because he needs to come and then order the part, then come again to put it in, which is also, a waste of my time between 8am and 5pm each time.

Desired outcome: New dishwasher

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6:58 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Sears Refrigerator

Purchased from sears a Kenmore Refrigerator in sept of 2022 the water dispenser failed, and a tech ordered a new one. Was told it would be sent to my home within one week. The part is discontinued, and no one will help after 2 months. I will never purchase from sears again. Kenmore Bottom Refrigerator model 111.[protected]
Jay Breslin
834 Kenmara Drive
West Chester Pa. 19380


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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Jul 28, 2023 8:25 pm EDT

Hi Jay.

I'm sure sorry to hear of your frustration.

Kenmore makes a wonderful line of products. There would be no way such a part would be discontinued within it's first year. There may have been some miscommunication that the part was on back order or replaced with a different part.

If you can supply me with the exact part you're searching for, I may be of some help. Just let me know.

4:15 pm EDT

Sears Microwave replacement

Sears serviced my GE ADVANTIUM 120 PROFILE microwave oven for a cracked door. It's cream color and Sears said they didn't have the part, so they offered me $299.00 to replace the microwave. This is not enough to cover the replacement cost of a GE ADVANTIUM 120 PROFILE microwave. After conversation with my wife, we emailed Sears and told them we were willing to accept a stainless steel ADVANTIUM 120 PROFILE replacement, but never heard back from Sears. The ADVANTIUM 120 gives us another means of cooking, baking, as well as using it for a microwave. For the amount of time we've been paying our Sears service contract, surely you should be able to replace our microwave with a unit that has the same functions as the ADVANTIUM 120,even if it's in stainless steel.

According to the plan, built in microwave oven, maximum of 1 unit is covered per agreement. A maximum covered amount of $3,000.00 is allowed per Agreement term.


Peter Podes

Plan Number: [protected]

Desired outcome: Replace my existing GE ADVANTIUM 120 PROFILE with a stainless steel unit that provides the same features as the ADVANTIUM 120 PROFILE.

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11:02 am EDT

Sears Warranty

I have a shovel with a sticker on that states LIFETIME WARRANTY which is broken. I have not been able to talk with a REAL PERSON only on a chat line. They stated that SEARS no longer covers LIFETIME WARRANTIES on hand tools. How can they decide to change their Warranty, that is why I HAD always bought Craftsman Products. Notice I said HAD, NEVER AGIAN and I am TELLIN ALL MY FRIENDS and POSTING ON LINE !

Desired outcome: for my LIFETIME WARRANTY to be COVERED !

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1:53 pm EDT

Sears Hot Water Heater

I have had master protection agreement on my hot water heater as well as other items in my home. You wouldn't replace it until it started leaking! Well it did and I have a mess on my hands. It is impossible to get a straight answer from anyone and all they have been doing is giving me different phone numbers.

I was told that if my water heater caused damaged everything would be covered. I'm not getting the same information now and I have so far accumulated bills of over 3,000.00 and this isn't to fix this is to clean up.

On top of being without hot water my air conditioner was affected and I've had no air now since 6 days.

I now have to replace the hot water heater, and again I'm not getting the service I would have expected.

Desired outcome: Please help me get this completed swiftly. I have mold allergies as well as my son and this is horrible.

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3:48 pm EDT
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Sears Replacement of microwave while under insurance

It was determined by Sears, under their insurance, that they would replace our microwave. They have set up several dates to deliver AND install it only to cancel the appointments saying they have no installers available. They want us to take delivery of the microwave without installing it. If they can’t find an installer, how can we? It’s been over two months and I have called them at least twice a week for over two months. They are now offering to send us a check to pay for the installation but of course we haven’t heard from them to tell us the amount. I am totally frustrated and do not know how to proceed.

Desired outcome: Either install the microwave or send us a check so we can buy one.

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3:24 pm EDT

Sears Kenmore Elite 74305

I have a Master Protection Agreement, as my Compressor went out. As I have made "MANY" calls to the Sears Home Services and have had nothing but a "BIG PROBLEM" with them over my Refrigerator ( even told by one customer rep. that they were refusing to repair my refrigerator). Now I have tried to contract Sears Corporate via many phone numbers with NO LUCK none of the numbers that I found are NO longer Sears Corporate numbers. As I need to talk and tell what/how rude I was treated. I have an agreement that is good till 11/02/2024 have never had to use it till now and it how has been 4 weeks that my refrigerator has been broken (06/28/2023). Unknown why I have called over 12 numbers trying to contact the Corporate office.

Desired outcome: I need to talk with a General Manager in regards to this on going problems with my repairs on my Refrigerator . I can be reached at [protected] RickAgreement/Contract Number #[protected]

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4:32 pm EDT

Sears Maytag washer

Had a repairman out. He ordered parts. Parts were delayed arriving, so the repair appointment was rescheduled. Eventually parts arrived and the repairman came out. The washer had a noise problem and a slight drip into the tube when not running, but worked fine.

After the repair, the hot and cold water were reversed internally, so that we can't choose a water temperature. Our delicate wash on cold was scalding hot.

I called to get this fixed and now have an appointment 3 weeks and 2 days into the future for someone to come correct this repair error. Meanwhile, I don't have a usable washer, because I can't choose the temperature.

Can this be called reasonable service? Working washer to non-working washer and over three weeks to correct this error.

Waterloo, NY

Desired outcome: Would like someone to come repair the error tomorrow.

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9:17 am EDT
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Sears Replacement of electrolux washer

My electrolux washer broke May 31, 2023. We could smell something electrical burning coming from the laundry room. We had our laundry room door closed & as soon as it was opened smoke came out! My son thought it was steam at first, but then you could smell it. The smoke filled almost half of my home.

Called Sears Master Protection Agreement & they set up repairman for the next day, June 1, 2023. He came out & said it was the bearings, inner & outer drum & possibly electrical parts. He decided to call in for a replacement.

Never received an e-mail that Sears had received his order for replacement. It took me 3 weeks to get a live person to close this claim & send out another repairman. He said the same thing That was on June 29, 2023

I have been told the claim has been "escalated", it has not. I have been told that Sears "knows" the washer cannot be repaired and a replacement has been asked for.

Sears has sent me nothing in that regard. I have had a Master Protection Plan with Sears since 1996. This is almost 2 months. I know others have waited longer. I cannot do stairs, so washing at my relatives homes is out- they have basements.

All of the "direct" numbers I was given in June go nowhere. And I mean absolutely nowhere. I have talked to Sporting Goods/Golf sales, casinoes, restaurants & one was an "entertainment" business. So much for direct numbers. Any help would be appreciated.

Desired outcome: I would like an in-kind replacement. That is what the repairman has said, twice.

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12:59 pm EDT
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Sears 2 months of waiting for washer repair

I filed a request for our washer to be repaired on 5/13/23. Someone came out to see what was wrong and ordered the parts fairly quickly. The control panel for our kenmore washer was canceled due to not being available. Sears researched the part around 6/13/23 and supposedly found it with superior parts and was supposed to arrive by 6/21 and then by 6/30. The part has still not showed up and each time I call all I am told is that they are researching where the part is. On 7/3 that request was supposedly expedited. 8 days later the part is considered pending and they are expediting again to see where the part is. I have now been without a washer for 2 months and there are 9 people in my home that need to wash clothes. The amount of money it takes to go to the laundromat could have bought me a washer already. I just want a resolution.

Desired outcome: My washer replaced either by giving me the money to go by one, sending me one, or repairing the one I have within one week of this complaint.

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1:31 pm EDT

Sears Fridge

I have had Sears Master Protections agreements for going on 15 years. However, at this point the company would be better off and consumers better served if this company closed its doors. My fridge has been down for over a month. After three failed repair attempts, they along with the MFG deem it not repairable. Now starts a whole new process of going in circles trying to get it replaced. One delay after another, wait and more waiting and nothing happens. I have heard how my case is be escalated so many times it's beyond belief. Yet, nothing happens and here I am still with no working Fridge in my kitchen. I have had the worse of worst dealing with Sears over this one. They are impossible to deal with.

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12:09 pm EDT
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Sears [protected]

I had a service man come to clean my dishwasher for $99

He was here total 15 minutes, took apart the spinner on top shelf. Removed some debris told me the only thing he could do is tell me to clean my dishwasher with lemon juice and vinegar,

Changed my ticket to $119 labor

And cleaning $50

For a total billl of $169.00 and he signed my name to the reciept,

Desired outcome: I will gladly pay for the $99 charge I originally agreed to, But I would like a credit for the balance chargedof $69

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6:17 pm EDT

Sears Dishwasher

I initiated service for dishwasher on March 9th, 2023. I have been given two reference numbers for replacement due to a part not being available On June 23rd, I was told for the second time my ticket was closed by tech, and an open ticket is necessary they rescheduled tech for July 5th ..I am now starting over for the third time because Sears ha closed my prior 2 service orders...although all of the records related to the two replacment reference ID's, [protected] & [protected] are in sears records, the circuit board needed is not available.


The service for July is solely to get another (3rd) service ticket opened. Sears has all info they need in records..Sears is deliberately prolonging and extemding the replacement process. I have had Master Protection over 10 years and Home Warranty two years.


Desired outcome: I want Sears to honor the prior replacement approval.

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