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Ross Dress for Less - The way I was labeled as a black employee

I worked for Ross in Janesville Wisconsin and I was treated so badly I was watched every second I couldn't go to the bathroom without them watching me and my lunch clear bag was checked I was the...

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Ross Dress for Less - Customer service representative harassment

Hello. I was shopped Ng for a couple pairs of shoes and a few hygiene products when I was Gettysburg Ng ready to check out I was approached by a employee by the name of margarita asking me if I go...

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Ross Dress for Less - Service / oval store

I went to Ross with my sister today (01-09/2022), the first thing we noticed was how nasty and dirty the store was, it looked like a garbage dump as you walk in. Second, me and my sister like to walk...

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Ross Dress for Less - The store manager

This comment is awaiting moderation Hello, I would like to make a complaint on the store manager at the Ross located at 7550 FM 1960 RD W, Houston, Tx. 77070. I've worked at Ross off & on since 2007...

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Ross Dress for Less - Restroom

Filthy restrooms, high and low dirt.
Urine smell, baby board trashy smelly and filthy. Health hazard looks like it hasn't been clean in months. Only one bathroom and plenty of customers that's ridiculous and unacceptable looked like a public bathroom in a third world county that's not being attended to a mother with children trying to use the restroom

Desired outcome: Disinfect and clean and place air filters and fragrance and hang photos do something to big of a company with this kind of problem

Ross Dress for Less - Store in Clearwater, FL

I visited your store in Clearwater on Tuesday around 4pm. There was a VERY long line and only two cashiers. There were multiple customers in the returns line as well, so of course, they kept being taken first, while the rest of us stood in line waiting to pay.
The lady at one cash had a very large purchase and didn't speak English well. She held up the cashier for a while. The cashier that finally called me up, was busy complaining to her co-worker about how someone else had to come and adjust her till because that person was in training for management and needed the practice, etc.
Needless to say, there was alot going on and alot of distractions. I had three items to purchase, a black Karl Lagrefeld T-shirt, a pair of PJs and a Cookie is a box, (Mrs. Fields). The cashier told me my total and I tapped my card quickly to get out of there, my husband had been waiting outside a while and the lineup after me was very long, so I was trying to hurry.
When I got home, I took the tags of the PJs and put them in the wash. Later, when going through my purse, I realized that instead of charging me for the $1.49 cookie, I was charged for the PJs twice at 16.99.
I'm hoping you review your surveillance and confirm my story and provide me with a certificate or gift card for the $15.50 difference. I'm a larger woman with a navy blue crossbody purse, I'd be hard to miss.
I have attached my receipt with all the details.
Please review. Thanks, Mishelle Freitas Rayer. You can reach me at [protected] (preferred) or [protected].

Desired outcome: gift card for $15.50

Oct 30, 2021

Ross Dress for Less - Costumer service

I was shopping for my daughters trip to Disney land next month. She doesn't have a suitcase so I found one at Ross. I grabbed the suitcase and picked a few outfits out for her and then randomly this Ross employee who said she was the manager randomly comes up to me screaming so everyone in the store can hear her say " your gonna steal so you need to go now" I was so confused and upset. I feel like she was racist and profiling me. I will be taking legal action

I just had the same accusation directed at me because loss prevention said why did I have so many items in my cart and I asked her why was she even talking to me I asked her did she or anyone see me steal anything and she said no not today but it's obvious what you are going to do and that I should go pay for everything at that moment and I told her I haven't tried on the items yet and she became very abusive and loud I was really embarrassed but I was more afraid of getting hit by her and the other person they were cursing and grabbing at my bag and looking thru my personal belongings and then when they found that I did nothing instead of apologizing they told me to get out because I was getting loud .I never got loud I was simply asking them for their employee I.I.D numbers and their names so I could make a complaint to Ross cooperate office and they said that they were calling police and I responded to them that I would like it so that they could be an official incident report and first one and then the other became really aggressive and said ok but we promise that you will go to jail because we will say that we found stuff on you that wasn't paid for which wasn't true and I was thinking that video footage would prove them liars and said that and they started saying why did you push me ?And why did you threaten us and if they saw me calling coperate as a threat then I'm guilty but that's my right and I'm being really even handed in this review as well as trying to understand what they may go thru and I still come up with this being a direct breakdown on management and district managers at Ross to not only have such a flawed hiring process in place that allowed two obviously undertrained and in my opinion by their behavior two street thugs to be hired and given authority by Ross to approach customers who even if they thought I might have an intention to shoplift which I did not I never put anything in my bag or on my person or did I do anything to have even been approached or even asked about anything I mean and now I'm really pissed but who the hell are these lowlife jerkoffs who Ross is hiring to represent them so by default Ross is responsible for these thugs when they hurt some one or somebody hurts them because Ross hired goons instead of people who are able to maintain their composure under multiple circumstances .But was really troubling is that this horrific slandering of myself by the thugs hired by Ross is apparently common place throughout their entire infrastructure and we need to boycott these stores we cannot accept this as a norm and I will attempt to once again reach someone at cooperate to make sure these thugs are never able to do this again to anyone I know profits mean everything to stores so if you have had a similar thing happen to you or witnessed it please help stop this abuse by hurting what they care about . Profits !Profits ! And nothing else well let's make them feel it in their bottom line Please if you can relate I ask to please don't buy anything from Ross or any affiliate of theirs let's make them hire people who want to help customers and feel free to look up reviews on Ross by their own employees and other customers who were harassed by employees of Ross . One last thing, any corporation worth anything has an it dept and keep track of social media let's see if someone high up at Ross cares to make a response to this complaint I don't think they will but would love to hear from them and finally the the thugs names are Alicia L.P and one other who refused to give me her name and both refused me their employee id number the store is on Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas Nevada this store is almost comedically horrific


Ross Dress for Less - Women pants

The store would not allow me to return the pants I purchased and I had the receipt. The gentleman said even though the number matched the receipt, the item didn't match the description. Please follow-up with the store and return my money.

Sandra Means
20940 London Drive
Olympia Fields IL 60461

Desired outcome: Please credit my account for the pants

Ross Dress for Less - Loss Prevention

I was falsely accused of previously stealing from Ross in Oakland Ca soon as I stepped into the store the loss prevention approached me and demanded I get out he was really loud and said he was 100 % sure I was the person who had previously stole he got into my face and told me to get out now really loud I asked for the manager she came out and said she has to go with what he was saying I never been so humiliated before in my life mind you I'm a African American woman and he was Caucasian everyone in the store was looking it hurt so bad I went to my car and cried I've cried everyday since this has happened can someone please help me get justice I'm so hurt and don't no who yo turn to Please!

Desired outcome: Employee to be fired and for me to get something for the pain and suffering I'm currently experiencing

Ross Dress for Less - Service

This is a complain from a store manager at the Dr. Phillips, Orlando, FL 32839 store. ([protected]). I shop there almost daily for my active wear. One of the cashiers is nice & makes me feel...

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Ross Dress for Less - Employees

I'm so mad right now, I don't even know where to start. For one, your loss and prevention people are so completely obvious about it. I did absolutely nothing to make anybody think I was doing...

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Ross Dress for Less - Unprofessional matter

On 08/15/2021 I visited Ross Dress For Less store, in Hatfield, PA 19446 at around 1:00 PM. My cash register was Amanda. I purchased a white crafted wooden picture, and asked for a small bag for the...

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Ross Dress for Less - Security in store manager

Harassment in the store by customers who are lounging on the furniture when I'm trying to look at items and chairs that these people are lounging in I politely asked them to move so I could look at the furniture and I am not met with kindness I met with harassment racial names being called me and the finger shot at me the security guards can do nothing obviously the managers they don't really even care it's it it's pointless to go in any stores and try to look at furniture you've got people in there lounging around all over the furniture with her legs on top of everything who wants to buy furniture like that much less when I ask him to move I met with harassment I've been called racial names I've had the fingerSecurity in store manager shot at me and they're allowed to be in the store but I had to leave without spending money there again because apparently your store managers value the people harassing me more than they do somebody who spends money three times a week there

Desired outcome: I had to leave the store without spending more money at Ross while the perpetrator gets to stay and have no consequences for his actions

Ross Dress for Less - I am complaining about a incident..

Hi my name is Marta Marie Espinal and I am complaining about a incident that happened on July 31st, 2021 because my husband Kevin Miguel Adorno and I was shopping in the Ross dress for less at 3401...

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Ross Dress for Less - Nautica Navy Blue Plastic water/shower shoes

I purchased the shoes at Ross in Jacksonville, FL on my last evening visiting on vacation. I returned to CT and the plastic had an extreme bad smell. I tried washing them with soap, baking soda and all remedies I googled to get rid of smells in plastic. I am not near a Ross and would like to be reimbursed since the odor is overpowering and I can't even stand the smell. I had to tie them up in a bag.

Desired outcome: Refund of money

Ross Dress for Less - Overall company

I am a former worker at Ross Dress for less in Dover, Delaware. Store (1765)As a worker I have worked many shifts without breaks. Most of my shifts I was supposed to be given 1 15 minute break and a 30 minute lunch. And on more days that I could count I was given none. When I would call the Ross associate alert line to report this, my case would be closed and nothing would be done about this. Also I have been the only cashier during many rush periods. When I would call the manager and ask for back up she would tell me to handle it by myself. Moments later she would leave the store, knowing there was a line. There have been times where the store manger would come to work hungover, complain that she was hungover to staff, and then leave the store and not work her shift. Once while the manager was working in another store she asked the assistant manager to take money out of our cash office and bring it to the store she was working at, so that store would not be short. When the manager left the store he left associates in the store by themselves, even though he knew according to store policy they were not allowed by themselves. I have more stories of the corruption from this store

Former associate (283654)


Ross Dress for Less - Store manager

Store Manager Barry in North Lakeland, FL yelled at me, insulted me, scoffed at me, and continued his verbal tirade at me even after I asked him to stop. He was so angry I felt threatened. He was so...

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Ross Dress for Less - Refund not Processed

On 5/18/21 at the Ross for Less Milpitas store I purchased a bunch of items that totaled $67.64. When I left the store, I looked at my receipt and realized the cashier did not give me the 5% senior discount that I asked for. I returned immediately after and she said she'll do the refund and re-ring me for the items with the 5% discount (totaled $60.89) When she did, something happened at the register and she had to get the store manager to help. But I did get a receipt that looked partial but it did have the receipt #[protected]. I was told it would show up on my Chase banking account in a few days. It didn't so I had Chase try to resolve it. Well, Ross rejected it twice. I went to the Milpitas store and the rep said I had to call the 800 number and they couldn't do anything even though it was their mistake. Called the number and they disconnected each time I was on hold. I submitted the request 3x on their site and never got a response. I have paid for the same items twice and it's not right!

Desired outcome: Just refund my $67.64 with my bank

Ross Dress for Less - Customer service

Went to Ross American Fork UT and found an item I want to buy. Went to the service desk to see if they have another stool since the store only has 1 and missing a cover on one of the bottom of the...

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Ross Dress for Less - Customer service

Today 7/16/2021 I went to the the store 7884 Van Nuys Blvd. I had awful experience going into the dressing room. When trying on clothing the associate had asked me to put up my clothing to be...

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