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SM Supermalls Complaints & Reviews

SM SupermallsSecurity service

Good morning,

I went to SM Sangandaan Caloocan today 01/31/21 to fetch some item in the supermarket. Unfortunately I lost my wallet and reported it right away to one male security. He ask for assistance and a female security replied on the radio WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? they are lacking of respect and don't know how to treat sensitive issue. Lack of training when it comes to costumer service and hospitality

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    SM SupermallsSM fairview sportscentral outlet

    Recently purchase a slippers adidad adilette slides last week of December 2020. A week
    after using it like 2-3 times just for malling purposes everything tear appart. I know I dont have the receipt already because I did not expect that the item will be easily broken for only like for one week. So I went to the stoee and show them the item they took a photo and they remember tha item
    Because it is the last item and size taht time I
    Purhcase and i know they have a barcode to know that the item
    Came from
    Their store. I wan to have it replace but it seems no one is takinh resposnbilty even the store. They keep on sayin they are still waiting for the feedback etc but nothinh has been resolve

    SM fairview sportscentral outlet
    SM fairview sportscentral outlet

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      SM SupermallsManager In Charge

      I would like to complain the manager in charge at the SM HYPERMARKET MOA at this day (Sunday, January 10, 11:35AM). She was suppose to address the customers pain points & not to make things complicated. I was trying to use my SODEXO voucher to get the Purefoods Fiesta Ham, which is unfortunately no longer availble. Instead of trying to help get a solution, they advised me to go to another branch since it is not available in MOA Hypermatket. The thing is, I had this checked with the customer service prior to using the SODEXO. I was advised that I can replace it with other purefoods product which is on their list. I had it replaced with other PF products and when I am about to pay, the cashier told me that it cannot be used with any other product. I asked for the manager and the manager told me the same thing. So I asked her that customer service confirmed that I can use it on other PF products. See? Where is the disconnect? Why are your people not communicating with one another? This issue should have been resolved right then and there, but I was forced to sort this out by myself. I have to leave my line and walked to the customer service section. This is not a good customer service. I am so dismayed.

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        SM SupermallsSm Mall of Asia Hypermarket

        Kastress din bumili ng Appliance sa #SMMOAHypermarket. Bumili kami aircon, nong binuksan namin, wala ron yung remote. Kaya nga kami bumili ng automatic dahil don tapos yun pa mismo nawawala. Pagbalik ko mall, ako pa sinisi ng mga customer service bakit ngayon ko lang daw nireport. Take note, di naman kasi for replacement ang nirerequest ko, para sa missing item yun, malamang dapat ba maging conscious ako sa days of replacement nila.?

        At luh, di naman yun katulad ng cp na kapag uwi mo ng bahay, pwede mo agad buksan to check kung may kulang. Aircon yun, karpentero lang talaga hinihintay namin magbuksan dahil baka masira dahil ang bulky din. And as if naman, lagi ako may time para pumunta roon e palagi ako may pasok.

        Gets ko na kailangan nilang mag interview pero ung pagdedeliver nila ng salita, parang ako may pa may kasalanan e sila ang hindi naglagay ng remote sa loob. Tapos bawat lalapit saung tao, paulit-ulit sasabihin na parang kasalanan mo at sinungaling ka kasi iniinspect daw ng guard lahat ng item bago ilabas sa mall. May pirma ko pa raw resibo. Malamang pipirmahan ko yun kasi nga natesting naman nong nandon kami sa loob ng mall. Dapat daw chineck ko muna na pinasok sa loob bago kami umuwi. So kasalanan ko pa talaga na 'nagtiwala' ako sa kanila na ilalagay nila yung remote sa loob?

        Jusko ha, common sense lang din, magsisinungaling pa ba ako para sa remote lang? To think pupunta pa ako moa kahit takot akong magbyahe dahil sa pandemic?

        Nakakastress yung experience sa totoo lang. Hirap maging customer sa Pilipinas. Kasalanan mo kahit kasalanan nila.

        Sa CS din naman ako nagtatrabaho, sa amin, kapag sinabing may missing item, onting tanong lang, nagpapalit na kami. Sa kanila, isang batalyon muna makakausap mo na paulit-ulit lang naman sinasabi at dadaan ka muna sa butas ng karayom bago mo makuha yung dapat talaga sayo at pinaghirapan mong ipunin na mabili.

        Kawawa lang yung nanay ko kasi gift pa naman namin sa kanya yung aircon. Automatic talaga binili namin kasi medyo hirap na kumilos yun tapos in the end, parang magiging manual lang din pala yun dahil lang walang remote.

        Hindi pa sigurado kung mapapalitan nila. Tatawagan na lang daw ako to confirm kung ano kahihinatnan. Which means, nagbayad ako ng mas malaki para sa automatic kahit na may manual aircon naman na mas mura. Kami pa magdudusa sa kasalanan naman nila. Hay.

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          SM SupermallsExpired Items

          I bought expired cdo kaong this morning from sm savemore san pedro.
          I didnt check it when i was in the store coz im in hurry.

          When about to use the product i saw the expiration sept 21, 2020!

          Did you check your items to be delivered.
          Did you man check it before. Going to display.

          When i went back to store to complain and for exchange item. I checked the rack and i saw a lot of expired items.

          The sm supervisor just told me na for exhange only.
          Ganun lang?! Ganun lang yun?

          What if na consume yung item ng expired so ganun lang din yun?

          And the effort going back to the store just for the sake of informing the staff and for exchange! Its so hassle ang dami pa naman tao then traffic!

          Please do something about this.

          And i need feedback and result!

          Thank you
          Muriel guerrero

          Expired Items
          Expired Items
          Expired Items
          Expired Items

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            SM SupermallsSupervisor officer Mrs:Adrian Canlapan

            Happy morning maam/sir may complaint ako sa officer ng mall of asia supervisor of Mbu appliances officer na si Mrs:Andrian Canlapan na pinagmumura kami ng potang ina pagsasampalim ko kayo mga gago.. Ng dahil lang sa di agad nkabalik sa warehouse dahil may customer po ako.. Dahil linggo po yun nangyari maraming customer.. Gusto ko lng po makakarating sa inyo dahil sa attitude nya. Sana di nyu po ma excuse yung ganung officer..

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              SM SupermallsCheckout assistants

              This is not so much a complaint as customer feedback.
              I have been shopping at SM Cubao for 12 years. Twice recently in the supermarket a checkout assistant has asked me if i had a senior citizens card. I'm not sure if it was the same girl twice or two separate.
              I am 48 years old and i do not look 70! The first time i was so upset I went straight to the hair salon.The second time, with my new hair cut and pink hair ...because i have grey hair, but ive had it for 25 years...and i was still shocked! I understand im wearing a mask and that maybe she is just looking at my hair, but to tell a fit and healthy woman in her late 40s she looks like a senior citizen is very insensitive and where I come from, basically insulting ... I've started to shop less at SM and more at Shopwise as I have not yet been insulted at Shopwise.

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                SM Supermallscustomer service in SM HYpermarket Baliwag

                Good day! I went to SM Baliwag on the 24/12/2020 to use my sodexo mobile pass from my employer. I am from Angat which is abviously too far from Baliwag. When I was at the Customer service to ask about the mobile pass, I looked like a transparent person for them that no one even bothered to ask why I am there. I was the one who asked for their attention and said "excuse me", . As a customer service rep. in BPO industry I know what a customer service supposed to do. We should assist the customer and proactively ask how we can help them. So here's the annoying thing. I was advised that I can use that sodexo mobile pass, just present it to the cashier, so I patiently waited to that long line then when it's my turn the cashier advised me that the system is down and she's unable to process it. I just go by but I don't know what comes in my mind to ask different casher if the system is really down. I went to the last cashier near customer service area and she told me that she was able to process it and she keeps on asking me who told me that the system is down like they are hiding something from me. I went back to the cashier where I lined up and advised her what the other cashier told me but she can't even look at my eyes and just do whatever she was doing! like what? so rude, right?!!! really really not a good experience and I want someone to take action with this!

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                  Dec 07, 2020

                  SM Supermalls — Rude treatment of the lady guard and the janitress inside the restroom (2nd floor, besides yabu)

                  Hi Sir/Ma'am, I feel disrespected by the lady guard and a janitress yesterday (December 7, 2020...

                  SM SupermallsSM staff

                  I think the staff at SM are poorly trained (not all but some):
                  -Mall of Asia : I was filling up the information sheet for my friends and I cause for that specific movie that we were gonna watch we had to. I didn't know that u can't do that, it needs to be filled up individually (according to the SM staff at the ticket booth) and she had the audacity to tell me "Bawal yan Pwede Kang kasuhan nyan"

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                    Oct 09, 2020

                    SM Supermalls — Poor customer service!!!

                    Poor customer service!! Mga walang pakialam!!! My plan was to use my sodexo mobile in megamall to get our...

                    SM SupermallsService

                    I do not know where to address my concern:

                    Just want to inquire if you have a new policy in your establishments (particularly SM Department Store, Puerto Princesa) to check on the receipts of customers bringing along bought items on a paid SM reusable tote bag with sticker showing the ‘receipt number' on it?

                    Last Sunday, 23 August 2020, around 5-6pm, I paid the purchases I bought then on my way out I passed by the Security Guard (Bonbon), approximately 1-2 meters away, the said guard called me asking for my receipt. I asked her why? Then she answered, "Meron po kaseng nag pupuslit". I showed her my receipt then left but after few seconds... I realized that I was suspected to have gotten something from the store. So I returned to check on the guards name then went to Customer's Service to express my sentiments.

                    At the Customer's Service... I asked the ladies who were there regarding any policy of the store demanding a receipt to be shown to to the guards since it was my first time to encounter such. The lady told me that... yes there was a policy... I demanded to see such policy but she didn't show me anything. She called someone... a member of of the security agency came who reiterated that they indeed had a policy. The lady Chief Security came then showed me some memos on her phone but no policy on "demanding showing of receipts" were shown. I felt that a selective justice was bent on me. They were trying to justify the act of the guard. In my frustrations feeling my concerns were not heard... they ask me to fill up a complaint form... placed my name and signed... ended the conversations... then left.

                    I am an avid customer of SM. I always come to your store on my off duties. Been a member for so long... your staff have been calling us for services offered... but I could not comprehend the insult I got.

                    Just want to follow-up my concerns.

                    These were the receipt and ‘sticker tag' on the tote bag. Kindly see attached pictures.

                    Hoping to have an answer. Th incident brought me frustrations and discouragement of going back to your store for fear of a repeated episode

                    Marjorie M. Abaigar, M.D.
                    SM Prestige [protected]


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                      SM SupermallsBrand-new inverter refrigerator (damage)

                      One week ago, we bought brand new two door inverter refrigerator in SM City Cebu Appliances. Until now, the item is not use because it is damage. Thinking that this item is brand-new! We tried to call the brand's costumer service and SM City Cebu costumer service. They've given us promises but until now, no information or update is given. what the! Please. Help us.

                      Brand-new inverter refrigerator (damage)

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                        Jun 10, 2020

                        SM Supermalls — Properties and behavior

                        Date : June 10, 2020. My contract was expired last May 20 at Light Residences. I asked the owner to stay due...

                        Apr 23, 2020

                        SM Supermalls — Rude cashier man

                        Date: April 23, 2020 Time: 1:19pm Branch: Savemore Supermarket A D legazpi cor P.Tuazon Good Day SM/ SM...

                        Apr 11, 2020

                        SM Supermalls / SM Prime Holdings — non existent customer service

                        Today I went to tiaong savemore, I bought a huge amount of products I spent 11k worth of products, which I...

                        Apr 10, 2020

                        SM Supermalls / SM Prime Holdings — head of the security in sm masinag supermarket

                        As I remember, others would call her ma'am ada, i'm not sure if she's the head of the security in sm masinag...

                        Mar 21, 2020

                        SM Supermalls / SM Prime Holdings — Queuing under senior citizen lane

                        My mother aged 62 year old went for grocery with my niece at SM San Lazaro supermarket yesterday. They went...

                        Mar 14, 2020

                        SM Supermarket — unprofessional attitude / misconduct; rude, disrespectful and unprofessional attitude

                        I am writing regarding one of your employee in SM Trece Martirez city. The incident happened today March 14...

                        Mar 01, 2020

                        SM Supermalls / SM Prime Holdings — Inefficiency, lack of sense of urgency and poor handling of issue

                        I would like to make a complain regarding the experience me and my mother had with regards to how the...

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