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Harbor Freight Tools Complaints & Reviews

Harbor Freight Tools / wireless surveillance cameras

Nick Aurilia on Sep 9, 2017
Went to your store on forest ave in Staten Island to purchase the 2 camera set of surveillance cameras under the box they were marked $75 when I brought the slip to the cashier I was told it was 200 I showed him were I got it he said I see it says 75 let me call the manager the manager...

Harbor Freight Tools / product out of stock / staff attitude

BatesB on Sep 8, 2017
It is incomprehensible how your store in Dillon, SC can be out of a product like a generator for over a week when hurricane Irma is headed this way. Especially when you have the worlds largest distribution center less than a half a mile away. What's even worse is the completely dismissive...

Harbor Freight Tools / 1hp shallow well pump return with paid extended warranty

Muddy exc on Sep 1, 2017
Bought a 1hp pump tank combo with extended warranty from the location in Dent Ohio for my homes water well. Tank goes bad and has my pump motor short cycling but still pumping some water. I talked to the store and I'm told without the pump she cannot exchange or return money. I disconnect...

Harbor Freight Tools / drug addicted employees

none ur on Jun 20, 2017
Jefferson city Missouri store employees drug addicted people who sleep with there mangers and allow there drug addicted friend to come into the store and steal products bye pretending to scan them at the register some one might want to look into this becuase it is a disgrace to the store...

Harbor Freight Tools / cheyenne mershon is your manager???

Bobcat865 on Jun 11, 2017
This person Cheyenne which she prefers herself as manager there at your North Knoxville store off-Broadway was probably one of the rudest person I have ever talk to, for a customer that spends thousands of dollars yearly I have never once been made look like a fool in front of customer...

Harbor Freight Tools / 18" 7 drawer end cabinet

thomas erb on May 21, 2017
I wanted to buy a end cabinet there was none in stock, so they gave me a rain check . The rain check was good for two weeks, and they said they should have them in by then. The two weeks was almost up so i stopped in to see if it had come in yet. They checked their inventory and none had...

Harbor Freight Tools / greenwood propane torch

matt fried on Apr 27, 2017
The propane torch is about a year old. Stored indoors, used 4 times. The hose where it attaches to the handle blew off during use of the torch, enveloping me in a cloud of propane. The cloud did not ignite. The customer service people are a joke. All I want is to inform them of a...

Harbor Freight Tools / store manager

kimalonzo83 on Apr 11, 2017
Hello my name is Kimberly Alonzo and I use to work there. I quit because I am dealing with some health issues and working at Store 30 is not possible to work there. I was sending this email for a couple of diff reason, 1 i need to know if i was paid for the last hours and 2, you guys may...

Harbor Freight Tools / management

Reviewer24637 on Jan 7, 2016
The management at Harbor Freight Tools is disgusting, I'm not sure why the employees continue too work there other than the fact that bills and rent are more important than whats fare. The management and the DM are all outside friends so all complaints go unrecognized, there is no...

Harbor Freight Tools / management and district manager

kaylnn on Jan 4, 2016
I would have too say that the employees at Harbor Freight Tools in Pleasant hill California, are treat less than equal to how a human being should be treated. The DM has zero respect for her employees and the employees are to stop all work and customer service as soon as she walks in to...

Harbor Freight Tools / website misinformation

Reviewer63478 on Dec 30, 2015
Harbor freight advertises fedex shipment in 24 hours. That claim the way it's stated is untrue; and they know it. It implies that your shipment will arrive in 24 hours, which would be fantastic if it's true, but it's not. It leaves the facility in 24 hours. This is december of 2015, the...

Harbor Freight / rude treatment

Leonard Scaletta on Jan 23, 2014
I had rude treatment in a store. I called Harbor Freight's main office to tell them about it. The lady said someone would get back with me. No one called so I called them back about two weeks later. I was assure someone would call me back. No one called back. Evidentally they...

Harbor Freight / terrible customer service

dissapointed in new york on Sep 4, 2013
I ordered a utility from harbor freight online. The email with the original transaction was lost so I contacted harbor freight customer service from a copy of the receipt. I gave them my invoice number and other identifying information so they could verify my order. I contacted them both...

Harbor Freight Chicago Tools / made in china junk

Spanishmain on Oct 26, 2012
On Oct 24th I purchased a'Chicago Electric Power tools' Vibratory Tumbler at the Bakersfield, Ca store. Driving back to Az (5+1/2 hr drive) I plug it in and NOTHING. I plugged it into 3 different hot outlets and Nothing. It won't run. I unpluged it and was putting it back into...

Harbor Freight Tools / bad management/ service

jonas90 on Jul 19, 2012
I went to my local store in Utica to return a $20 tool belt that I received as a gift. The cashier asked for a receipt I did not have one and asked for store credit. The cashier called for the manager JIM maybe he can help. Before the cashier could explain anything he said" No, those...

Harbor Freight / deceptive ads, items never instock

stratabldg01 on Jun 6, 2012
Their ads are misleading, rarely have any larger items in stock and when I went by one of the Birmingham (Centerpoint) AL stores on Friday at 3:30pm, for a sale item (a tool bench) I was told that the manager had the only key to the trailers out back (wear the item was stored and was in...

Harbor Freight Tools / violating women

Voice of Conscious on Dec 22, 2011
Warning to all women!! Don't do business with any harbor freight store!!! I went there a few days ago to get a refund on an defective car heater from this crappy store, and I was treated rudely by the manager, and I was sexualy assaulted, by an employee that worked there, I informed the...

Harbor Freight / misleading and lacking customer service

Richard In San Antonio on Nov 13, 2011
Harbor Freight wont let you post really big issues with their products on their review website but this site will and that’s great because people need to know what to expect from a company both with their products and the warranty that they sell you. The warranty that you buy i...

Harbor Freight Tools / fraudulent advertising

yoboman on Jul 6, 2011
Be warned: never buy anything from harbor freight tools!!! I just purchased their cordless jig saw for $24.00 online. The price was unbelievable, and now I know why. It didn't come with a battery or charger!! So when the item arrived, I lost an entire day of work and had to purchase a...

Harbor Freight / pissed off employee

glads on Jun 19, 2011
I work for hf and i just moved to portland and most of the custumers say harbor freight sucks cause we will not do returns with out receite there is a lot of disonest people here that buy tools use them make money off them and return them thinkin we are a rental place we are not or say i...

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