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I was a Store Manager for a Ross store in Region 3 under Steve Reed. Ross allocates only 3% payroll to their stores and keeping them in a shoppable, well recovered manner is very challenging especially around Christmas when the stores inventory doubles from what it would normally have during March. I was put on a 90 day performance improvement plan on December 2nd with followup dates of 01/02 02/02 and 03/02. During the first 30 days little progress was made as I had to weed out the low performing associates, and the inventory levels were still high. During the 30-60 day review a lot of progress was made except for recovery standards in the clearance and ladies shoes area of the store. On the 60day review form the date of the 90 day review was changed from 03/02 to 2/28 which happens to be the end of the pay period. During the last 30 days all objectives were met and my District Manager told me that I will be coming off the PIP as I have basically did eveything asked of me. I haven't seen my boss dince 02/21 and on 03/04 he came in the store and we went to the office. I thought that he was there to tell me that everything was ok and that I had done a great job, instead he told me that I was being terminated for not making enough progress in the first 30 days.. Not a very employee friendly company to work for!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 09, 2022 1:34 am

I was hired the manager was very rude and impolite work 2 shifts and never got my employeee number ask for a trsng=fer to a store closer to my place . the manager got terminated me as an unhireble and never got paid for those 10 hours . does anyone know who can I contact or what can I do about this. I tryied calling the store but theanager leves me on hold for hours once she told me she doesn't care and there is nothing I could do

May 11, 2022 8:22 pm

i’m a current employee along with other family members, who both have worked sps as well as fes and fitting room, as well as me. at our current location we frequently do not get all of our legally required breaks. they will work us for 9 straight hours with only one 15min break then expect us to “sign off” that we got all our breaks at the end of the day even if we didn’t! they also put the responsibility to schedule everyones breaks all on fes, which i am frequently! except when i first started working they dont explain how it works or anything so i had to figure it out myself. sometimes the manager has forged our signatures to sign off our breaks as well. on my first day working i think i worked 10hours with only a lunch break :/ they purposely keep the store short staffed as well. so that they can make more money to work the 6 employees they do have like dogs.

Jun 21, 2019 6:39 pm

I have found out the Ross dress for less store are charging customers TAX on any name brand clothing in the state of New Jersey : Category
Exemption Status
Amazon Purchases
Products on
General Clothing
Food and Meals
Grocery Food

This list is from the state depart, so why is Ross charging taxes on clothing?

Aug 06, 2018 4:38 pm

The company has not changed. I was an area supervisor on the Las Vegas strip location. It is a very hostile work environment and alot of racism towards blacks in the store. Im a white female but I notice everything. I been in management for 10 years and took business classes it is not ok to treat associates beneath you. In manager meetings we were told more alertline calls you get means you are doing your job. They promoted a women to new manager and she was beyond distespectful, racist and even threatened me. And we are in the same position. When people report her she gets acknowledged. This company is the most unprofessional I have ever seen. Will be getting a lawyer

Jun 13, 2018 10:24 pm

I worked as a Senior SPS in four different stores over a period of seven years and I can pretty much tell you that everything posted on this board is true. I was repeatedly harassed and threatened by thieving "customers", which is to be expected in a security-type job - but management did everything they could to brush these incidents under the rug to make sure their stores didn't make any waves. In a sick twist of irony, I was eventually terminated because one of the area supervisors felt "threatened" (read: embarrassed) by the fact that I didn't want to go out for drinks with her and made up a bunch of lies to HR. Or at least I think that's what happened - they refused to give me an official reason for the termination. In any case, Ross Dress for Less is a terrible company to work for and the sort of California corporatism they repeatedly display is anathema to any sort of real world subjective morality. I thought perhaps my experiences were unique to the district I worked in due to the absentee leadership of district manager Ha Tran, district LP manager Brett Johnson, and store manager Tammy Cruz (the majority of whose working week was spent sitting in the office "working on the schedule") but from what I'm reading I now know that many others throughout the company have shared in its misdeeds. If I could give a review of zero stars, I would gladly do so.

Feb 23, 2018 7:22 pm

Recently at work I talked to a person named Carlos regarding losses that I have caused to the company He than made me sign a paper stating that I will pay back $175 dollars. $175 that I have caused the company in losses, He proceeded to ask if I can pay back the losses. However I comply by signing the document because I was scared of losing my job. I Also wrote about what we talked about that day and signed too.
After that He left the office so I asked my manager for copies of those papers and they said they couldnt give me any because the case was still open.Never did I once said I stole anything I did said that I problaby made a mistake or probably got confused obviouslty I am not going to steal stuff When I have been workin at Ross for almost 4 years now. People make mistakes all the time. They told me I was going to be put on paid leave until the investigation is complete and I was going to receive a call back telling me when I could be back at work. So on Friday I left early from work and I never heard anything back from them until right now Tuesday a voice mail from the assitance manager saying that "I could go pick up my last pay".
Until right now I have no idea what is goin on with the investagation but I guess the outcome of it is me getting terminated from work throught a voice mail. It took me by surprice that I was fired theough a voice mail without any reason unless she was planning on telling me why when I go get the check. I guess it was fun working at Ross while it lasted being Frond End Supervisor was nice! It was not nice getting terminated just like that for a mistake.
Now I received a letter talking about $500 dollars of restitution from a Law Firm representing Ross Dress For Less. Is sad that I don’t have a job for a mistake I commited NOT theft or fraud like they state on the Document I am basically being accused of stealing something I have never down. Human Resources have been no help and until today I still haven't received a copied of the documents I sign on Friday 9th.

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Aug 18, 2020 11:24 am
Replying to comment of Laura Orea

Same situation happened to me. LP said investigations are done even before they talked to me. They forced me to admit to stealing but i never admit to anything. They even threaten to call police, bring this to court, etc. We had agreement regarding how i will pay the amount, even put it in paper and signed, but they just ignored it. I guess they will never change.

Sep 13, 2017 12:56 am
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I'm a current ross employer I have a question regarding pay raise if anyone can answer them... what is the nomal pay rate for a full time associate? And how much is the raise for an mod plus?

Jul 04, 2017 3:56 am

Ross is the worst place to work. It's not even worth it if you're desperate for a job and it was the only place you got hired. They're constantly cutting hours and canceling shifts, last month I got scheduled for 4 days and ended up getting canceled three days and only ended up working one day. Then the week after that I only worked three days and my paycheck ended up coming out to barely $200. And only because one of the days I got lucky and was able to work an 8 hour shift. And then you can't even ask for more hours or complain about it because when the holidays come up and they need you to do them the favor of working on a day you're not scheduled, if you refuse, they start guilting you about how you won't work when they need you but then you're begging for hours when there's no work. First of all, we shouldn't be begging for hours in the first place, if we're scheduled, we should be able to work our scheduled hours. It is not the employee's fault if the truck is small or if there's not enough payroll, it's literally not our problem. Second of all, we should not be guilted into working on days that we are not scheduled. Especially during the holidays when they already have us doing hard physical labor for over 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I don't need to be killing my back picking [censor] off the floor or making my fingers bleed sticking alarms on clothes for a 6th day. We're not robots, we need rest too. There's no balance at this store. It's either super dead where you're barely making enough money to pay gas to drive to work, or too busy to where the sales floor associates are finally leaving the store at 4am. Ross is horrible. 10/10 would not recommend.

Jun 21, 2017 8:03 am

I am beyond dissapointed with this company. I am an ex employee as well; and when i worked there I was exploded for minimum wage back in 2014. I have 8+ years experience in customer service and money handling. I did everything in my power to help them achive sales and goals and gave in to any schedule. when i got a second job they change staff and I couldn't get a hold of a proper manager. every time I needed to talk to someone about my schedule they point me to other MODs to the point where my 100% dedication was not enough to keep me there. I enjoyed this Job because thats my area of experience. Back to the topic, after a week of giving a difficult time to my second job {which paid me for my experience and gave me undivided attention} I eventually missed work and when I went back I got called into the office and was told i been terminated. it broke my heart because I am a good dedicated employee everywhere I go and its not my thing at all to let a company down but honestly you cant expect 100% from me if I dont get 100 from you. By the way I reapplied 2 months ago and I kept insisting and got interviewed 3 times in 1 month period. they never gave me an answer and its not in me to hold grudges but never again Ross Dress for less dont deserve someone dedicated trustworthy and with leadership skills. i hope one day someone makes a difference not for me but for future business.

Nov 21, 2016 10:41 pm

Very understaffed and another chronic reason why: Ross desperate and taking back, keeping afloat, one dime in workers. They have associates triple timing simply too much for just two hands to accomplish. Checking BOTH sexes bathrooms cannot be a sales associate's job. Every HOUR very minute boxes had to be initialed. How? Some SM and managers are exemplary, but others snippy and unrealistic. Many coworkers NEVER smiled. One griped in public, pervading the store, cussing about her life and two jobs. Depending on your area the custies can be rather iffy. Many wanted additional from the drawer- whenever or late at nite. Then they hang around over another shoppers' shoulders, have them buy something for them so the druggie can get his green. Couldn't get it cussing me or the MOD out. A single petite girl cashier, alone, is...Yeah, you feel the same vibe. Overlooked not just overworked; many times no breaks, with other workers seconding my plea for one..."No, I got here earlier and never took mine." THEFT up the rancid yin yang. Hope you've got hands of iron to repeatedly crack the security devices. Fit rooms are a mess, in every way. I since went to KMart and work with an awesome team. Managers are so kind it seems impossible. I finally get to work Recovery (Ross had denied giving me that relief here or there) and I am not saddled with umpteen impossible additionals. I don't cashier there right now, but none are alone up there, especially at night and we don't woe late ones. Oh...and the restrooms, store is CLEAN. I don't get chewed out for not counting people out or in on number cards nor have to tour the mens room every acountable hour.

Feb 24, 2016 7:19 pm

Major rush at Ross, understaffed, and employees find they didn't get their break. There's too much task on just one person. Then not enough rotation and workers drop out. I can't blame them. I did too. ALOT of theft- disconcerting. RUDE as heck customers- rude as strip club guys. Really. And the bathrooms are gory. Once a fellow graffiti'd racial and profane slur and MGMT had to scrub it out. Still residue there. Employees can be mean and rude too. But many of the shoppers were worse than that. I didn't feel I was valued. Hah: a meal ticket and I'm sure I'm not missed.

Feb 16, 2016 1:10 pm
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the New District Manager of San Diego Ca. is rude. He reprimanded an employee on the sales floor with customers walking around. I feel so bad for the employee. Her face was all red. All she said was sorry. Whats the policy about reprimanding your emplyees?

Jan 28, 2016 9:33 am

I worked at Ross in Cherry Hill, NJ for a little over a year, and I feel for anybody who has to go through soo much bull crap for barely anything in return. The mangers would laugh and **** around during the holidays where the consumer demand was intense. Unappreciated for consistently having CPR numbers either the second or third highest week in and week out. SPS who were always on their phones and somehow, someway received enough true cards to be named, "Employee of the month." How in Morgan's name are they open on Thanksgiving?! In all reality, Ross doesn't care about their employees. In simpler words, working there is legalized slavery. This was the worst experience of my life and I don't recommend it to anyone.

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I have witnessed many of the same things during my employment at Ross. They treat their workers like garbage . routinely commit unfair labor practices and their security policies put people in danger. I am not now reaching out to any ross employee who has experienced any form of age discrimination . violation of pregnancy laws or any former sps who were put in unnecessary danger because their store would refuse to contact the police or kick out returning trouble makers

I can guarantee at the very least any statements provided will be turned into a local EEOC office and help build evidence that this is a serious reoccurring problem. All of us who were treated poorly by this company need to band together and try to go through the legal means to change this! Message me privately if you are interested in submitting your story.

Oct 25, 2018 10:30 am

i recently was hired to work for Ross 633 may 2018. It is now almost November and my hours were severly cut due to my CPR which was only a few points under the demanded 95 or over. I was told this directly by the mod. I have been worked for six to seven hours straight without a break or lunch. The store is always obscenely busy and trashed to the point of being a serious hazard to employees and customers. i have no idea where to start but I hope I can get some help here

Jul 08, 2021 9:17 am

I have worked at Ross for a little over two years, now. I have worked in every area of store and most recently in stock. Pretty sure they are trying to get rid of me. Not sure if it's just other employees or management is involved. They will continually set me up with over filled apparel boxes while they have neatly piled quarter filled boxes. Much to their surprise, I still make my box minimum. They will block me in my pod making me spend some time getting out, make sure I have none or barely any nubbed hangers, petty things of that nature and still I am able to pass them. Hahaha

May 28, 2015 5:10 pm

The Ross corp needs to hire better, nicer, freindly, happy, helpful associates who will be greatful of their job and be loyal to the customers .Towson, MD

8888 Waltham Woods Rd Baltimore, MD 21234
Today i was that store I buy it 3 door mat's cashier looking for but can find the big shopping bag its ok for me and then I left the cash register next register on my way to door big bags hanging out I take one big bag & telling to cashier I found one then other register working she is the store manager yelled me out like an I'm a child you can't touch my bags that cash register is mine .
already no one working full off items that store worst than a goodwill i did not trust passed either was the problem god damn only one bag I'm hoping to Ross store her big boss deal this matter asap .Date05/28/15 Time 04:57

Dec 28, 2009 6:46 pm

Ross's Attorney contacted a witness in a class action suite and tried to change the witness statement before trail. 23 presidents at the corp level now! They are sucking the Company dry. Pull your socks.

I worked for Ross as a second job for extra money. between the low pay, crappy hours, understaffed stores, dysfunctional management, and weird ### customers, I quit. Lasted about 3 1/2 weeks and I was like "screw this". Not worth the headache for some extra spending money. I feel bad at whoever works here as their main source of income. The store I worked at was open until 11:30 at night. A ###ing clothing store. Every other business in the shopping plaza was closed at least 2 hours a go, but yet Ross Dress For Less stayed open until 11:30... And the weirdest ###ing people would come in. Trust me, its not worth getting robbed and murdered over minimum wage.


I have been working at Ross for about a year now. The first one I started working at was in Oklahoma. Most of the people I worked with were nice but there was one manager who always treated me like I wasn't fast enough. She accused me of slacking off many times when I was actually doing my job to the best of my ability. She raised her voice at me and treated me like a slave. She also treated all the stock room associates like slaves. In the stock room they push boxes before you even finish your box and I have been hurt several times. During the time I have processed clothes I have been hurt with many hard tags. I have bled on the job several times and when I asked for a band aid one of the stock room leaders told me they didn't have any. Anyhow, I started working at the Ross in Sacramento and the people here are WORSE. They will straight up tell you if you are not good enough. I just started working there so I am still getting to know the store since it is a bit different from the one in Oklahoma and I started processing clothes the other day. The manager walks in and says to the stock room leader: "SOOOO... Is she fast?!" And the stock room leader is quiet and says "WELLL... her store was a little DIFFERENT..." She also mentioned to her RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE that I didn't want to be in stock room anyway (I never said that). The manager then said "Well we need someone fast back here..." I felt put down. There was no positive criticism whatsoever. I also want to include that they have still not put me on the schedule and when I asked the manager when I should work next she said in a snobby tone "Well we have your number, we'll call you." I have not received any call since. I am sick of the way Ross treats their employees.

Jan 27, 2015 4:40 pm

I have worked for Ross for about 8 months, it started out BAD! I had a Caucasian manager blurt out derogatory terms on multiple occasions while working there. The managers sit in the office take long breaks, gossip false things about other employees, and lolly gag about for the most part of the day. I am very upset with the unprofessionalism I have experienced working with this company. Once before there was a very bad incident at the location, no police were called, no report filed, and when I called to report it to the district manager he just blew it over. I would like to see new managers and a new district manger placed at this particular location. The employees constantly make fun of and are rude to the customers. It disgusts me how this is what customer service is. I had to recently tell my store manager off; I had to call out sick, and was denied that right, although it does make mention of calling out sick 3 ahead of your schedule time. I was written up twice despite the fact I was sick and indeed followed the Ross store handbook. A lot of things that goes on at the Hyattsville, MD Ross Dress for Less store is illegal and in humane.

A very over it (ex) employee.

Jun 20, 2014 11:55 pm

Sounds like business as usual here. I've been with this company for several years and it just keeps getting worse and worse. My district has even had to change some of the Code 50 policies because of integrity issues with the SPSs. Given the pattern of disingenuous and disrespectful behavior Ross displays towards its rank-and-file associates, I'm not at all surprised that internal thefts are on the rise. But it's ok, just write some more TRUE cards...that's sure to fix everything!

Feb 21, 2014 1:12 am

25 hours a week, a company that offers more than one part time which is 30 hours are robbing people working in Ross store

Feb 21, 2014 1:10 am

25 hours a week, a company that offers more than one part time which is 30 hours are robbing people working in Ross

Dec 28, 2013 4:36 am

My daughter has been working at Ross for the past 5 months part time. For the past 2 months, at least twice a week, she would get up and get ready then within 15 min of starting her shift, she would receive a call saying that she is not needed for that day. It's very frustrating especially since she has a 1 year old, whom she has to get up and get the baby ready too. Recently, she went on to pick up her pay heck and was told to come back because everyone is to busy, so she returned a couple of hours later and was told the same thing again. She tried one more time the next day and received the same answer. She oftens hears the manager grumbling about employees to other employees. Everything is so unprofessional.


Don't work for Ross your part time you only get 25 hours a week and the store looks like ### nothing ever gets done they give you impossible tasks and everyone who shops there is low income or some foreigner

May 31, 2013 11:54 am

Unfortunately I also had the experience of working at Ross Dress for Less. I started in 2003 and I was fired in 2010 for explaining a situation to another manager. During the seven years I worked there I moved from store associate to stock, cash office to supervisor and then finally assistant manager. I worked very hard and took pride in my job but at a cost to my emotional state. I was forced to work off the clock to make deadlines, I was asked to lie on different occasion to protect the company, I had to work in a stock room that wasn't safe. While taking trucks I was smashed, bruised and fell on numerous occasion but I was made to feel quality if I wanted to make a accident report. I witnessed mistreatment to other employees physically and mentally. I watched as the distract manager treat our store manager like meat. I was put in a office with the distract manager and a HR rep for hours being interrogated because our store manager didn't bow down to our DM. Ross Dress for Less is as bad as Wal-Mart. Please don't allow your children to work for a company that has no integrity. It's not worth what you loose.

Nov 07, 2012 11:26 am

I was a Store Manager with Ross.Employed for nearly 8 years in the same store. I was terminated in May for an incident that happened 2 years previously. A employee had a shortage in her register twice.I told the employee she had to pay the shortage back, she paid part of it back and then quit.When the second shortage took place I tried several times to contact our Loss Prevention manager which was proper procedure, he never returned my call.
I covered the shortage from my own paycheck.All members of management were aware of
this incident.Two other managers were terminated along with myself.One manager still has her job because she and a disgruntled Loss prevention officer complained to the company alert line.I was not put on any corrective action just terminated. I cannot find a job
making the same salary as I am 62.They took my standard of living away from me.I did not steal from them.I had missed only 2 days of work in all the time I worked there.

Apr 18, 2012 11:52 pm
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I started working at Ross in February and it is a living hell. The only reason I stay is because I had been looking for a job for 18 months before I got this one. I started out full time and now I'm lucky to get 8 hours a week. One week they didn't even put me on the schedule. They are constantly telling you you are not good enough and they will probably have to let you go. I am moved around constantly and can never finish anything I start and then asked why I didn't finish it. I have worked retail for 20 years and have never been treated this way. When you unload a truck they keep pushing everything down the line before you barely get started in a box. I don't know how many times the box has hit me in the face. No one is happy. The assistant manager is really nice but I know she hates her job. Everyone is always in such a rush its ridiculous. I am moving and was planning on transferring to the new store they are putting in my area but now I think I will stand outside and warn people how awful it is to work there. I honestly could go on and on but its not worth it.

Sep 27, 2010 1:28 pm

Ross in Round Rock TX, has a craziest store manager that turns life of every employee into a living hell. Newhires cant stay there a day because atmosphere that goes around. Every part time employee only get 4 to 8 hours a weak, and there is no full time available. Shame on Ross. Ross is a biggest disappointment for America!

Jul 25, 2010 12:24 pm

My daughter has been working for Ross about 6 month's now in Round Rock TX on University drive, she found out she was pregnant 2 month's ago and to her managers about it she had a bout of morning sickness and was told she needed to get over it, then she had a fainting spell where she fell to the floor hitting her head did they call for EMS (which they should have done)
she had a bump on the head and bruised elbows, now they inform her she is only working 1 day a week. now how does that pay bills. They are totally snotty people, this woman Leanne wasn't even watching what she was doing and walks up on me stepping on my feet and dumping into me and doesn't even say excuse me or anything, I used to like Ross but now I find them repulsive
they seem to have a God complex. And I just might see what a lawyer says we have picture and so forth they need to wake up and realize they are not God.

Mar 25, 2010 4:25 am

The Ross corp needs to hire better, nicer, freindly, happy, helpful associates who will be greatful of their job and be loyal to the customers (plain and simple)

Jan 02, 2010 1:38 pm

There stock are sinking, This is what fat cats at Corp. do! Get as much money they can from the Company then trash it.

Dec 28, 2009 6:47 pm


Oct 27, 2009 9:45 pm

This company continues to discriminate against its employees. They feel like they own you telling you want you can do on your days off, if you get any and calling you anytime they need you and expect you to answer. This company needs a wake up call. The courts are the only way to go. Mr /name removed/ does not do anything he covers for his VP'S and does not communicate with his stock holders. HIT THEM HARD WERE IT COUNTS, MEDIA AND COURTS.

Jul 11, 2017 5:44 pm

nothing has changed...I have working there sinc 2014 and I am on 100 percent disabilility for Bipolar disorder, anxiety, PtSD, stress and migraines...I also have two herniated discs and had a tibular fracture in my left knee in 2009 which prevents me from going to ground level law I am not required to tell them I am disabled...but because it is Bipolar II disorder, I did tell them and I provided them with a 12 page packet from the EEOC...titled "What and EMPLOYER MUST DO for a Bipolar Employee...I just recently got my review (given to me in the fitting room, not the office so everyone walking by heard it) - I was marked off for things that are contained in my disability...I called HR and they opened a ticket...I read to them an extremely hostile note to fitting room attendants that was on the wall...all in caps, bold letters and exclamation points...stating that the morning fitting room attendant MUST SIZE ALL LINGERIE AND MENS SHOES...AND THAT IT WOULD BE ENFORCED! I informed HR tht if I complied with that then anyone could come and go as they please from the fitting room seeing I cannot see it all from lingerie...and if I am down the end to size 13 shoes...they will already be in the fitting room...not to mention we are supposed to answer the phone by the 3rd ring...also apparently in the 10 or 15 minutes we sometimes get in the fitting room for a moment to catch our breath...apparently we are not allowed that either as the memo to us WE HAD TO KEEP BUSY! Mentioned we should dust...if HR does anything, it may be because I am on 100 percent disability and I have ever intention of reporting them as a hostile work environment...and in my review she basically marked me off for having a is pitiful...75 percent of the employees in that store are ready to walk...

Dec 01, 2017 4:33 pm
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please email me if you see this [email protected]

Jun 06, 2019 12:08 pm
Replying to comment of stacey1400

I'm trying to send an email to protected but it won't allow me


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