Ross Dress for Lessworst place, rudest people!

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I went to the Ross store on 75th Avenue and Bell in Arizona today and I found a white skirt and there was no price on it. I went up to the line and there were 20 people standing and the lines were not moving and asked someone if they knew where I could go to find out the price of the skirt. She told me that I would have to wait my turn in line and then I would get the pricecheck. I waited in line for 20 minutes. I watched Anna, the cashier drop one of the pots that a few people ahead of me was buying and she didn't even apologize. She said that the top usually is on there harder. So finally my turn comes up and they call Nelly to do a pricecheck. She comes up 10 minutes later with a blue skirt, looking remotely NOTHING like the skirt I want to purchase and tells me that the skirt is $12.99. I said to her "this skirt looks NOTHING like the white one." So she said "okay, you can have it for $9.99. I was appalled and asked Anne if that was the way that Ross did things, just makes up prices? If that was the case, I wanted the skirt for $7.99. Anne said "Have you ever seen the way the store is? There is stuff everywhere, it is impossible to find anything." How is that professional customer service? I said not my problem. The skirt could have easily went into my purse because it's not even being accounted for. I asked her if they just make up prices? Is that the way it works? Where is the book with the UPC's like any other store would have? Then Anne lost her patience with me and said "do you want the manager?" I said "no, I want you to stop your tone with me." I paid for the skirt and went into my car seething and called the store to speak to the manager. The joke was on me. Good old Nelly who can't figure blue from white answered as the manager. Now I can't even find the corporate office online to complain. It wasn't the fact of the price of the skirt, but what kind of business conducts like that when they "make up" prices for their apparel? I didn't appreciate the way I was treated either. The place is a dump, impossible to find anything on the racks. Once, a friend of mine broke something and we ended up cleaning it ourselves because no one would bother to get us a trash can and mop. Another time, I used their filthy facilities and a cockroach was on the wall. Why do places like these pop up everywhere and why are they shorthanded and hire the RUDEST people...


  • Jj
    jj cuzzetto May 20, 2007

    Hi my name is jj, i currently work for ross in merced, ca. I am extremely sorry about what happened and for all the other complaints against ross. I currently am a full time home department associate. I still get paid min wage, and i have to usually clean most of the store up by myself at night when i close, due to lack of scheduling. If anyone with a complaint wants to know about any policies, please ask me and i will respond quickly. Customers are what this business is about, and if any ross store isnt willing to take that extra step to assist the customer, then i will help in any way i can to help you. Please leave your complaint and email address in an email to me and i will respond and let you know how i can assist in helping you, since half our employers aren't doing their job. My email is [email protected] please email me. Thanks. Jj.

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  • Mi
    Michele L May 20, 2007

    I'm a long-time Ross customer. Sometimes I question my sanity. I agree that the stores I've visited (5 in two different states) are very unkempt and in places downright dirty. In the Palm Harbor, FL, store which is my regular store, I don't like going into the dressing rooms because they are filthy, and struggle to keep my bare or stocking feet from touching the floor when trying on pants. There have been times when there have been more than 15 people in each of the two open register lines, and I have had to regrettably drop my merchandise by the register and leave. They are constantly understaffed. I don't know if it's because of the working conditions that they can't keep people or if they're just too cheap to staff appropriately. I used the restroom the other day, and it was disgusting.

    I would rather they raise their prices slightly and take care of their associates and stores. TJ Maxx has higher prices, and I much prefer shopping there because the store is staffed and clean.

    I have to say that I've never run into a rude employee at any Ross Store. This surprises me, because they are so overworked from the store being understaffed that I wouldn't doubt that some may have attitudes. But thankfully this has never been my experience. In fact last week I was there, and the two cashiers were working like crazy to clear the queue. There is no excuse for rudeness, but I could see how this could happen.

    Ross executive management needs to do something about this, or they're bound to go out of business. I'll only go so far for a bargain.

    At least at the Palm Harbor store, the cashier tries to fold the clothing before placing it in the bag. In the W. Los Angeles, California store, I was truly amazed when I saw cashiers LITERALLY wadding up each piece of clothing and throwing them into the bags like they were trash.

    Anyway, the Ross Stores Corporate Office is located at:
    Ross Stores, Inc. Overview (ROST)

    4440 Roseweood Dr
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
    (925) 965-4400

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to take your complaints there.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany May 21, 2007

    I have been a loyal customer at Ross since I discovered it's wonderful-ness 8yrs. ago. I live in California and have been to many of the Ross branches here. Everywhere from Modesto, Sonora, San Francisco, Tracy, etc. I love their deals and prices. I have noticed that every once in a while there will be an item on the floor, or where it doesn't belong. Or even an occasional 2 piece where one of those pieces is misplaced. But to be perfectly frank... what do you expect? This is not Macy's or Gottschalk's! It's the same if you go into a K-mart or Walmart. Lower priced stores have lower class customers. I have never had complaints about Ross ever. Sure, occasionally you may have to step around a shirt lying on the ground but the other hand is your total purchase price is up to 60% less than dept stores. So do I care if there is an item on the floor occasionally? NO! If you don't like it dont shop there, why do you people feel the need to get on and dis a store like this. And it's very rare that I come to a Ross store and encounter a mean or useless employee. Sounds to me like you had a hissey fit in the store, and there was a line before you, my guess is the was a line after you. The employee probably was just trying to get you rung up and out so she could continue to help others, and when your ranting and raving about stupid stuff... that's not helping anyone. Besides, what did you want her to do, she had an irate customer, and a line. She just asked you if you wanted to purchase the skirt. And when that pissed you off, and made you even more unrational, she asked if she could get you her manager. What else did you want from her. If I ever worked at Ross thats exactly what I would have done too! As far as dirty facilities; Only in San Fransisco have I ever seen an unkempt bathroom. Usually all the other stores Ive visited have wonderfully clean facilities including restrooms and dressing rooms. And as for the price of the skirt; I am no genius but I can tell you from experience that they only get a small amount of each item, that's why the low prices. And if some customer rips off a price tag, they are not mind readers. And when you do check out they will have to look for the same skirt. If they cant find one, and only if they cant find one, hence the 10 minutes you waited, they will then bring up a similar item. So no it may not be the same color, brand, size but it was similar I'm sure. That is a better option then pulling it up in the computer and looking up an item they have no clue how to look up, since they could be in the comp by brand name, color, skirt, pattern, style, etc. I cant speak for your store of course, but in the case of my stores... Keep up the great work. They continue to be wonderful places to shop. And all I can say is if you have any issues with Ross, stop shopping there, its that simple. But don't go around wrecking it for the rest of us. Thank you.

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  • Pr
    Priscilla Jones Jun 20, 2007

    Do you think that the employees go to work everyday and trash the store? NO, it is the customers that treat it with total disregard. They are the ones that knock things on the floor and they are also the ones that make a restroom filthy!! If people want a great bargain like they can get at Ross, why don't they try treating the establishment with a little respect? How do you think Ross can give such great deals? Obviously, the overhead has to be kept down or they couldn't pass the bargains on to the customers! Give them a break, I love to shop there, I always find great deals and treasures!

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  • Ro
    Rodeo Saphire Jul 23, 2007

    Alright i am a current ross employee and i feel that the people that get all pissed off when a price check needs to be done, or when they find out they can only get store credit for returns after 30 days even though its clearly written on the back of every receipt, need to realize what ross is. People need to understand ross is a discount retail store, the key word being discount, and while discount shopping several things are different the first is the mess. Hundreds of people come in each day to the store and with the usual 5-6 employees working afternoon to evening shifts it is almost impossible to clean up after that many people and on busy Saturday or Sunday rushes where there are always lines so do you really expect me to ring you up do price checks and clean up your ###(which can be a shirt on the ground to dirty diapers and breast milk bottles on shelves) and as for the seemingly constant short handedness, due to low wages and RUDE customers its hard to keep people for that long, and we are not lying about that there has been a now hiring sign in the front window of the store for over 8 months. and the last thing as for not being able to find an exact match for your price check, so much merchandise comes through the store that we don't have a normal inventory system so yes prices are "geused" and i don't know about every cashier(and that is my position and all i do my whole shift so i have a little experience) but i have never had a customer benn unhappy at the price i have given them for their unmarked items and when i have to call a manager/supervisor and the price they give seems unfair i lower it to try and satisfy the customer best as possible. So please try and understand why ross is like it is, I have the four most competent managers and supervisors i have ever worked with and our store is constantly a mess and unorganized, so think maybe its the customer that can make a difference to help even more than the employee (because i don't leave the stuff i come in the store with on the floor or drop cloths and not have the decency to pick it up).

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  • Ca
    Cathy Loop Jul 30, 2007

    No, Ross is not Macy's nor Nordstroms, but... that does not mean they can't keep their store clean. Just because their prices are low does not dictate the cleanliness of the place. Every single Ross I have been in has been a mess and apparently it is viewed that way by many others.

    Ross also has the longest, slowest lines. How can all their employees be so incredibly slow? I have noticed in the few times that I have been to the store, which is much more infrequent than it used to be, the employees are of little help. It's as if they all hate their jobs and if you ask a question it's not in their job description.

    I can do without Ross all together... it's one of those places that fills the urge to dig through stuff and look for a bargain. I rarely have that urge. I much prefer the clean, wide aisles of the finer stores where there isn't a fuss about returns. Even the Target, Walmart and even Big Lots (formerly Pic n Save) nearby are clean and orderly. Ross needs to get it together, there isn't an excuse for the way they run their stores.

    I think upper management is in to understaffing to save a little money. They need to consider the fact they are losing money by losing customers.

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  • Cl
    Claude Fisher Aug 03, 2007

    General comments about complaints against Ross:

    First, how many places are you going to find bargains on brand items at the prices you find at Ross?
    Yes, many of the stores are a mess and yes, compared to other stores where you pay a premium to get clothes, some Ross stores are a war zone. But guess who makes the mess? Yes, uncaring and dirty patrons, mothers with kids who leave diapers on shelves, among other things. People who have no manners and think that employees are their slaves. It is a total lack of respect for the people who work there at a minimum wage. So the lines can be long at times, but isn't a little discomfort worth it if you find great deals and you leave the store with outfits, shoes, etc. at real good prices.

    Nobody forces you to shop at Ross and if you are not happy with the way things are run, there are many other cleaner stores where you will pay a mint to find the exact same items. You will not necessarily be waited on with much more customer service, these skills are on the list of "endangered" manners.

    I have been a Ross shopper for quite a while and yes, sometimes, I get a bit annoyed but I do not blame the employees, I blame the careless patrons.

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  • Tc
    tc Aug 05, 2007

    My local Ross store wasn't "trashed," no clothes thrown on the floor. Sure, some items were hung on what seems like random racks. I assume it was other customers doing this.

    My complaint is about the lack of selection of what I was looking for (the Men's section, a tiny corner of this store.)

    There was not one pair of new-looking, normal jeans. Everything was of the "distressed denim" sort. I'm looking for jeans to wear to work, I'm a laborer, so trust me, they'll look like that, all stained and frayed, before too long all on their own.

    Yes, I know this stuff is supposed to be fashionable, but is it too much trouble to stock some good ol' NORMAL JEANS? I've been wearing the $10 Wal-mart jeans, and while those may be OK for everyday casual wear, they do not hold up quite so well as far as being work pants. I was hoping Ross would have something like that.

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  • Fr
    Frank T. Smith Aug 09, 2007

    I would like to say that I have 5 children and love to find good deals but I have never been so disgusted in my entire life. I was shopping at the Ross on Hwy 6 in Houston texas and it was just me, my wife and my then 4 year old son. There was a child in the toy section along with me and my son and the little boy was bouncing a basketball. It was then that a woman ,with a manager tag on , said "you need to put that ball down!". The little boy did as she asked and then proceeded to walk toward his mother when the ball fell off the 2nd shelf where he put it and the woman came flying around the corner, once again, looked at me and said " I told you all to put it down!". I told her she was rude and that the boy didn't belong to me. She never even apologized. And if that wasn't enough for me, my wife got up to the register and they did the same price crap of not knowing the price of anything and just having to guess at it. It's bad enough that we had to wade through clothing on the floor and put up with Ross personnel not being available for their customers, but to top it off, Ross gets to make money off of those who need a break and because of this we have to put up with your sorry performances of professionalism. I myself have decided that saving a little money on flawed clothing wasn't worth the attitude of your snotty employees and have decided to shop where complaints are taken seriously. Someone needs to buy out Ross and do a major overhaul on the unhelpful and very rude employees as well as clean up the pig sty. I've tried another one of your stores seeking some kind of professionalism (the store off of hwy 1960) and once again was not surprised. Give us a break and clean up your act...

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  • Ja
    Janice Horn Aug 11, 2007

    I go shopping at Ross in Bel Air, MD when I have time to search-it doesn't bother me. Never had a rude employee, the bathrooms are always clean, and I have never waited longer than 15 minutes in line. The store I shop is not always the neatest, but I always manage to find great bargains-yesterday one pair of shorts, one skirt, and one pair of capris, all for $19.50!!! At Macy's I probably would have paid $45 plus. My sister and niece both use to work there, they said the store is way understaffed, and between getting new merchandise out on the floor and then keeping it neat is almost impossible for the few people working there. I think all the people who don't like shopping there should do just that-I have encountered long lines, rude salespeople and untidiness at stores that charge MUCH more!

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  • Ja
    Janice from Georgia Aug 25, 2007

    I would love to know where the people that claim the stores they visit are always clean & no one is rude! As a military family we have live all over the US and visited multiple Ross locations. I have yet to find one where it was "easy" to shop, where they are staffed sufficiently and where the restrooms and dressing rooms are clean. There are usually 2 cashiers, yet 4-6 people in the dressing room area where only 1 or 2 will be actually trying to hang or fold close and the others are jabbering away about personal stuff. My daughter was completely ignored when asking for help in one store (she's 14) and I said, "Excuse me." multiple times to get an employees attention. The employee finally turned around and snapped, "What!" I said my daughter had been standing there for more than 10 minutes to ask a question and the employee said, "Well, I'm on my break so she'll just have to wait longer or figure it out herself!" Another employee in the fitting area had told my daughter to wait, because they had to clear out the clothing from the stalls first and my daughter's question was just whether she could use the fitting room yet since it looked like they were done "cleaning." I felt we were very patient and neither my daughter nor myself had done anything to deserve being treated that way. We didn't stand there huffing & puffing, making any faces, making any snide comments, etc, that I have seen rude customers do. I've worked in places that were understaffed, so I can sympathize with what they are having to deal with and I try really hard not to be one of those customers that just makes the day worse for the staff. We no longer shop at Ross, because it seems to be the same everywhere we've been. The deals are great, but just not worth the hassle of digging through a sea of clothing to find what you like and putting up with staff that just flat out does not care about the customer (yes, we've met a handful of employees that were friendly, but the majority seem to be ignorant or want everyone to be as miserable as they are) just to save a couple of bucks. We have not shopped at a Ross store in 3 years and have survived, so I can't imagine subjecting ourselves to that type of headache again.

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  • Jo
    Joanne Aug 31, 2007

    I do have to agree, Ross is no Macy's but I'd rather pay 60% less at ross then an expensive department store. The store in my area is pretty clean and I don't mind shopping in there. Just because you shop at Ross doesn't mean that you are lower class, it means that you are smart and you pay less for the same item. I am sure I am not lower class and I love it there.

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  • De
    Deal with it. Sep 24, 2007

    This is ridiculous. It's amazing how you can sit here and complain about how Ross is so bad, and so dirty, and so rude, but yet it ends with "one time blah blah blah, and another time..."
    Obviously, if you keep returning to the store, it means that they have to be doing something right. My guess is the price.
    And I can obviously tell what kind of person you are, when you make a big fuss about having to pay 2 dollars more that what you WANT to pay. Obviously, Ross is a DISCOUNT store, which means, most of the things they sell are leftovers from other stores, or even defective items. A lot of times, you won't find two of the same items. So when a customer goes up with a no tag item, they won't be looking for an item of the same color, but one that is the closest to the one you're buying. So my suggestion is stop whining, or just don't shop there at all.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie L. Brown Sep 30, 2007

    It was quite a shock to me when I was shopping at Ross in Shasta county.
    I had been there for quite a while when I had to relieve my self, I went to where the restrooms were and low and behold, there was a lock on the door, a lock you had to know the code to.
    I asked one of the clerks where is the restroom, and she replied no restrooms here. MAN what do you do??? leave all things in cart, walk with legs together as tight as you can and hope you make it to the car to find a place.
    Please tell me, that problem will be taken care of or most of us elderly will not be able to go and shop there and I really like spending time shopping there.

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  • Mi
    Miss Hawaii Oct 12, 2007

    I shop at Ross in Hawaii because I can find good deals. There are four Ross' in the Honolulu area and I can tell that the management and staff at the two larger ones either don't have the time or staffing to take care of the store or they just don't care. The stores are a mess, the lines are long and the bathrooms are dirty. The other day I went to the Keeimoku store and there were comforters all over the floor, you just couldn't walk past them and if you tried, you would fall and hurt yourself.

    The stores in Hawaii Kai and Ward are much neater and seem to be better staffed. I usually shop at these two stores since it is much more pleasant and easier to find items that I actually want to purchase. My only complaint about the Hawaii Kai store is that the dressing rooms smell like body odor.

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  • Fo
    Former Ross employee Oct 14, 2007

    I worked at ROSS for 6 months. During that time we were always understaffed and alot of my co worker were understaffed. The reason that so many people think that there is no help and everyone is rude there is because unlike other stores Ross does not have people whose main job is to walk around and clean up and help customers. The people on the floor if it is in the morning they are unloading the truck from that morning which they get every day and there is no storage it all has to go out on the floor. That is why at times the store is so messy. If the stuff is not selling fast enough then the racks get to full and you still have to stuff more clothing and stuff on them. Also when you work there they change the guidelines and expectations like monthly. Half the time the employees dont even know what they are suppose to be doing. It only take one person to do the fitting room i use to do it by myself all the time. If you look at the prices compared to the quality buying from ROSS is not worth it. 90 % of the things sold there is something wrong with. Look at it this way do u want to pay 12 dollars for something and have it last two months or would you rather pay 24 and have it last a year. It makes a different but paying more for quality always makes it cheaper in the long run.

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  • De
    Deborah Fleishman Oct 14, 2007

    I used to think that I was getting a good deal shopping at Ross. I purchased two crystal candle holders at $29.99 each. The "compare at" price was $60. I found the exact same candle holders at a specialty store in the mall for the SAME price, not on sale. Be careful and research pricing before you waste time looking through the piles of junk at Ross.

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  • Ja
    Jane Doe Oct 20, 2007

    I am almost afraid to go to Ross this morning to purchase an outfit for a wedding this afternoon. I have been there numerous times and it is what I can afford. They are usually busy and yes sometimes merchandise is without a price tag but I have experienced that at other stores as well. And us older shoppers remember,"Buyer be ware."

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  • Ke
    Kevin Calahan Oct 21, 2007

    Yea, Ross has problems, they reflect those of American Society. Messy, anally-diverse, dirty, rude. Ross=America. That's why I left. I live in a country where people who work in dollar-type stores for $6.00 an hour treat you like a god. They attend to your needs like servants. No, I am not talking about the "third-world." This place has the 2nd largest economy in the world, presently. Yes, Japan. America sucks, that's why Ross s*cks.

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  • Tu
    turth Nov 24, 2007

    first off, i work for a ross store and they NEVER formaly trained me. they threw me in the fitting room for a day, threw me on the front registers for 3 days, then threw me on the floor, which i have stayed the past 5 or so months.

    they have training vidios that they have NEVER shown me, every now and then an employee tells me about something they saw "in the training video", to which i can only respond ".... what video???"

    i only learn when the managers get mad and tell me i am doing/saying something wrong.. how can i be right when they never showed me what i am suposed to do in the first place?

    i have had costomers poke me, pull my hair, curse at me, and so on... and if i stick up for myself i am written up and punished. none of the violent costomers are punished.... in my fast food experience when a costomer is completelly out of line the manager would tell them to leave or the police would be called to forcably remove them.
    no one has the right to assault me at my job, even if they did think i was rude, that does not call for physicall violence. but ross blames their employees for everything, when all it is is a disgustingly evil corperation with idiotic untrained managers.
    i have had jobs since i was 18, i am now 24, they payed me less then my first job when i was 18.
    ross treats their employees like garbage and criminals, they check our purses before we use the doors, they call it a "code 50".
    i cant even step out the door to smoke a cigg, they dig thru my personal purse like i am a criminal.... i have NEVER EVER had a job were they dug thru my purse, it is a horrable display of mistrust and i belive it is a violation of my human rights.

    costomers at this job treat me like garbage, they scream and curse at me, and get voilent. i keep trying to tell them niceley they i really dont know any of the store policies because they never formaly trained me, and that i could find a manager or somone else that shoudl be able to help them, but they still cuss me out and call me names.
    its not my fault, its the corperations fault. ross is a garbage store and treat their costomers and employees like ###. i have been threatened by other employees many times at this job. they treatened to kill me, kick my ###, and cut me with a knife... i complain to the managers that i feel threatened and something needs to b done to protect me and ABSOLUTELLY NOTHING is ever done.

    along list of complaints right? why do i work there? because i am broke and there arent any other jobs in my area. desperate people will do alot to make enough money to live on, and technically... ross definatly does not pay me enough money to even barely survive, i have a second job, and am looking for a 3rd.

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  • Da
    DaveWilliams Dec 08, 2007

    I worked for Ross for over 12 years as a store manager. It became harder and harder to reach the store goals that you were reviewed, promoted and given a raise on. New store inventory's were off by 1000s of units, even before the first customer ever came in, oh well bad score for you the store manager, Hr was not on your side, when my new Dist Mgr was sleeping with my co manager and was making My life a living hell, I turn him in only to have Hr come down on me even though I had asked to keep my name out of it the very next day.Then they wrote me up or poor performance, and was told my job was in jeopardy. (The Dist was transfered to Texas at his request and got caught doing the same thing, loss his job and Ross paid out a big settlement.

    It got so bad I had a heart attack, when I was able to come back to work I was treated like a leper, I was given the worst stores and made to drive as far as they could make me. Pretty much they made me quit. So the next time they ask you for money for the American Heart Assoc. laugh in their face (if you can find someone to help you. And if they offer you a job, run!!!

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  • Te
    terri eismann Dec 16, 2007

    I shop at Ross in Maui. I like the deals. I can put up with the mess ect. for a good price. When an item is priced something I believe that price should be honored. I found a top the other day that was marked 3.99 after waiting in line for over 20 minutes it rang up at 8.99. I spoke to the manager and she said she could take an additional 35% off that price. She said it was a differnt skew, and that is the price. WHAT??? I don't care about skews last I heard it was illegal to charge above the marked price. She said there was a lady going around the store with her own price gun marking things down. WHAT??? I am now convinced the price is not worth the trouble. When you take the time to pick something out, and based on price decide to buy it only to find out that is not the price-It is just too much. Ross sucks.

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  • La
    Lauren Dec 17, 2007

    I was very surprised when I read some of these complaints. Ross is one of my favorite places to shop, and I have never had a bad experience.

    I don't really think Ross has fabulous customer service, but I dont really care, either. I go because I like the prices and the merchandise.

    If you dont like the store, dont go. If you work there and are mistreated, get another job. =)

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  • Sh
    sherrie wilson Dec 18, 2007

    Sad to say after reading the comments on this page but I am lower management for a Ross store in the Vegas area. I have to agree with most all of the comments made about the stores. But I hate to see the associates lumped in as all being rude and unkept. My fellow associates are hard working employee that want to see our store success. And your right about lack of staff. Its not the associates fault. As my management says we dont have the money in the budget for associates (RIGHT!), yet I am amazed to see the numbers and sales each day. How they justify their practice of understaffing blows my mind. Or perhaps their poor practices are catching up to them!!! WHO KNOWS.

    Ross will continue with these poor and unexcusable practice cause we as consumers want to save a buck.
    However, one comment was made that she would rather paid 60 percent more somewhere else then to shop at a Ross . She is right, and it will catch up to Ross I am sure if they dont see that consumers care about where they shop as they do the money they save. Good Lord, even Big lots is better I was told. So no surprise were thought of as a freakin flea market.

    We are living in a big business world that only cares about the bottom line and big bucks. How truely sad.
    As far as our store its not known for their great employee relationships cause there isnt one. I found out first hand. I have requested to speak about issues to a district manager and the open door policy is a joke. I will probably not be a second thought if I were to leave the store and I do realize this. I dont know what I was thinking. My friends and fellow associate tells me not to loss sleep over the stores condition, its just a job. Perhaps thats where the store took its first wrong turn. A discount store doesnt have to look this way. It simply doesnt have to.

    As a new store we already look ten years old. We are asked to pick up and get out of the store on time and when a visit from the corperate offices are made the associate are MADE to work long hours and to fix what they didnt care about for months over night. I truely hope those big wigs from corperate can see through that crap, OOPS! Like they dont know, RIGHT!

    Its staff for the cash not customer service, or even quality products. They do have great prices, they are on the money there when it comes to a bargain. But in the long run they are nothing more than a flea market with central heat and air as lots of our customers say. It hurts me to hear this cause I know my associates want so badly to see this store be different than the rest.

    Ross will learn a hard lesson one day, but it will probably be when they are to rich to care.
    But I think a bargian store can still have class and value at the same time.

    Just wanted to put my two cents in there cause I care, and to hold out hope that these messages will make a differents in a truely great idea for a store.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie T Dec 19, 2007

    The Bellingham WA store is an accident waiting to happen. I have complained via email to corporate within the last year about this store to no avail. Now I have taken pictures with my cell phone and started a file with all correspondence to ROSS. Why you ask? The other day I was in the store and watched an older woman fall while trying to get through the sheet isle. It's only a matter of time before ROSS gets sued for an injury (if they haven't already). The isles at the Bellingham store are at lease 4 foot high with stock, there is broken glass, metal sculptures, and pottery shards in the isles as well. There are broken and open packages of food item that attract rodents of which droppings can be seen. The floors are too full to be cleaned regularly so you see the droppings left behind. If you were in the back of that store and a fire broke out, you would not be able to make it out alive.

    I heard the staff saying to the customers that the stock people were sent home, at 2 pm in the afternoon. I have seen the same item on the floor for over a year. No one re-stocks and most of the staff either on the registers or all back in the dressing room area. I heard one staffer talking to another about the lady she saw fall and how funny it was to “watch her arms pin wheeling”.

    While I was in the store, everyone was talking about the condition of the store. From what I have read, Bellingham is not the only store maintained in the manner. In other words, the CEO isn't doing his job, the upper level managers are not doing their job, and the lower level managers are reaping the rewards in lost profits, lower wages and not enough staff not to mention the higher turnovers in staff. Maybe someone needs to organize the employees of the stores. Since the word isn't going out from the top down, maybe we have to send a message from the bottom up. Maybe if you brought up the wages and working conditions (safety being a real big issue), the CEO's would take a closer look at how their stores are being operated.

    Makes you wonder why the CEO does not care that the condition of his stores that represent his leadership. It also makes me wonder why CEO MICHAEL BALMUTH has just recently sold off 1/5 of his shares in the store within the last 3 months.

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  • An
    anon Jan 11, 2008

    Went to a ross store in moorestown new jersey the other day...I have never been so disgusted with how management was treating customers, especially me. I am not a nag, keep my mouth shut if I ever come in contact with a nasty salesperson, but this manager really needs to go. I'll never ever shop there again unless I care to be spoken to like a complete idiot nerves were shot for the day, the fact that someone in management could even talk to customers like that and get away with it pissed me off. Never again! they need to fix this problem.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Lemons Jan 12, 2008

    I worked for Ross in Decatur Alabama. It is a new store here, so I thought it would be a great opportunity. The Management is the main problem there. I was hired as a price marker which means I went through the store and scanned each product and placed reduce stickers on the items that were to be marked down. Its an easy job and the hours were great we worked 5 hrs. on Sunday and 10 hrs. on Monday and Tuesday.The manager would show up late to let us in to work and He was always informing us that we could all be replace or threatening to fire us. I went in one day not feeling too well but I went anyway. I spent a lot of the day organizing suits that pieces were missing from and making sure things were in the right place and sized correctly so my numbers were low, meaning the amount of items I scanned was not enough .This is why he let me go. I feel that if a store cares more about the quantity of the employees work is more important than the quality then they don't care what the customers think all they care about is how much money they can make. I wish his boss knew what was going on in this store so that he could inform ROBERT that he was also able to be replaced.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Thomas Jan 18, 2008

    Hey Voodoo, that sucks. With all these complaints I just want to go to Ross for the entertainment. I am sorry to be laughing at these issue but it has made me smile. Thanks!!

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  • Pe
    perfer no name Feb 07, 2008

    Iam an employee of ross stores and have a couple of comments first customers,my store is often a shambles ,but do you think we as employee make it this way?NO WE DO NOT.when someone drops something on the floor do then pick it up NO THHEY DO NOT.when you look at something do you put it back on the hanger or back where the got it from even if they are two steps from where it came from.NO THEY DO NOT.when you bring your children to shop do you keep then with you or do you let them run all over the store and break up and open things that you have no intention of paying you leave them in the toy dept like it is a baby sitting service?some of the things that go on we can control but there are some things you have to control.

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  • An
    anthony Mar 23, 2008

    I have been going to this store for a long time. I don't work there but I would have to say in there defense, sometimes they get bulk stock of one particular item... say it's a top brand, high end item, over time as they sell out, you get down to the last pair or two of something and when you go to check the price it's hard for them to say becuase they don't run on a regular sku system like your larger dept stores, that's why they can't really look something up like this patron wanted. So the only thing they can do is look for another item, in your case another skirt, dosn't have to be the same one, and they offer that price to you.

    With that said, i go to ross and marshalls all the time, i take my time and go thru stuff and racks, bins, shelvs, and i look for those really good bargains, these stores sometimes have hidden treasures and that's the good thing. The normal every day thing is at a discounted price and the clearance items are sometimes really, really cheap.. especially if you end up finding that really nice brand, or item, some cos't hundreds of dollars.. for merely pennies..
    I would like also say, the times when i've really seen a big mess, and yes it happens, you are right, is when there is some kind of holliday or they are having a big sale, and yes it can get messy... i have been annoyed there many times by rude people, workers, and lack of staff and so on but i will continue to go because i am always able to find cool, unique, high dollar items, at a really good price and overall, concidering all i'm a happy camper.

    That is a good price for a skirt mam, under 10 bucks.. i know they are busy and your the customer, but if she can't find you a skirt like yours and is trying to solve the problem and just get you taken care of and move on, i have to say you might seem a little bit difficult in my eyes, and to say something else, you mention that you go there time and time again... if you don't like the bathroom, or the service, or whatever else, you do have the right to take your business elsewhere.

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  • Pt
    ptl Mar 23, 2008

    I find shopping at Ross is like a scavenger hunt - it is actually a lot of fun when you walk out with a designer label bargain for $12.99 and Ross tag stating that a compared value is $26, yet a manufacturer's suggested price label states $220. I love shopping at Ross, I overlook things that are broken and defective or chipped and go for the bargains. For that reason I go to four near by Ross stores often and usually in the morning when it is quiet and clean. I just found a framed Tuscan art item for $29 and on ART.COM the same one is listed for $139 (after the discount) plus postage. I never try things on at Ross since they take everything back and since I shop there at least once a week, I just bring things back that don't fit. Another thing I found that I consider to be a super deal are hand painted plates (four in the set) in perfect condition for $4.99 each, at the wineries these sell for $90 as well as on line. I saw someone selling the same plates on eBay for $65 starting bid. The people who work at Ross are very nice, they are mostly Mexican ladies who seem to deal well under pressure. I have been to about six different Ross stores at least once a week for the last year and a half; and yes, the lines are slow if it is later in the day and the store does get messy, but this is due to the customer's lack of respect, but one very important fact, the people who work at Ross stores have never been cross or rude to me. I have fun at Ross when I get a bargain, but that is my motivation for shopping there. For service I go to Nordstoms.

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  • Bo
    bonita Mar 24, 2008


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  • Ch
    Chrisitan Apr 19, 2008

    I always think it's funny when I see other customers complain about a "messy store". You can thank your fellow shoppers for tearing the place apart. Think it's easy to clean up after people (who act like pigs) at a place like that?... you should try it sometime.

    Oh and need I mention that most stores like that don't pay it's employees NEARLY enough to tolorate the crap attitude customers have? "Exellent customer service starts with the customer". Remember, the customers needs the store. not the other way around.

    However, there is a simple solution... if you don't like the store, SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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  • Me
    mel Jun 03, 2008

    I am a ex employee of ross. The mangers train you to be rude. Yes they tell us to make up prices. also the tell us not to leave the register and help a coustomer. I have seen bags and bags of unpaid stuff go out the door. I will never shop there again. There are boycotting the store today. Ha thats so funny.

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  • Br
    Bruce Jun 10, 2008


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  • Li
    Linda Jun 11, 2008

    I have only shopped in one Ross store and that was in Modesto, CA while on vacaton recently. The store was clean, the employess were friendly and nice, the stuff was easy to find and you could not beat the prices.
    There was a dress I tried on that had removable straps and someone had popped the buttons off the bodice so I asked customer sevice and she immediately took 20% off.
    I don't know about any other stores but my experience was great.
    In my area(NY) we have TJ Maxx and Marshalls-very similar type stores and they are not as nice but the prices are also great so I will put up w/ having to search through racks that are unkempt.

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  • De
    Deanna Rohrbacher Jul 03, 2008

    I recently bought an item for a gift and grabbed the wrong size. I bought it on Tuesday to get the senior discount. When I went to do an exchange for the correct size. My experience was unbelievable. I went on a Monday assuming I would return the exact same item for a size bigger with no extra cost. NO! that was not the case. I bought on a Tuesday so to get the same price I had to return it a Tuesday or pay more. So I refused price and said I would come back tomorrow and get the discount. This is horrible inconvenience to the customer and I will think twice before shopping at Ross in the future.

    -1 Votes
  • Ra
    Rachel Jul 29, 2008

    I have been at the Ross store many times
    and not even once have a seen somone distreated or
    complaining to an employe who has not helped them
    i love this store
    there prices are amazing
    and i think its really clean.
    i fot 15 things from there for only 35$
    i am very happy it has opened closer to my home.
    i disagree with what these people are saying
    the employes work very hard alone and with a group
    every time i walk in somone greats me and welcomes me in.
    i recomend this store GREATLY!

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  • Er
    erin Aug 25, 2008

    i have worked for ross for 2 years, that is a long time for a ross worker. I cant stand customers like this. If you know how the store condition is dont shop their, we wont lose any money over you. You say everything is on the floor, but you are the same person who will pick it up off the floor and buy it. Give the cashers more respect and you will get it in return. It is not our fault a million people come in and buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.

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  • Ci
    cindy Sep 13, 2008

    Ross can be the worse place when it comes to cleanliness but can be the best place when it comes to budget. I agree many times I told myself that I wont be going back to Ross because of the longggggggggg line and rude workers but after a while I still kept going back. Why? Because I can get a BCBG dress for $19.99 compare to $250 in macys or nordstrom.

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