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Ross Dress for Less review: worst place, rudest people!

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I went to the Ross store on 75th Avenue and Bell in Arizona today and I found a white skirt and there was no price on it. I went up to the line and there were 20 people standing and the lines were not moving and asked someone if they knew where I could go to find out the price of the skirt. She told me that I would have to wait my turn in line and then I would get the pricecheck. I waited in line for 20 minutes. I watched Anna, the cashier drop one of the pots that a few people ahead of me was buying and she didn't even apologize. She said that the top usually is on there harder. So finally my turn comes up and they call Nelly to do a pricecheck. She comes up 10 minutes later with a blue skirt, looking remotely NOTHING like the skirt I want to purchase and tells me that the skirt is $12.99. I said to her "this skirt looks NOTHING like the white one." So she said "okay, you can have it for $9.99. I was appalled and asked Anne if that was the way that Ross did things, just makes up prices? If that was the case, I wanted the skirt for $7.99. Anne said "Have you ever seen the way the store is? There is stuff everywhere, it is impossible to find anything." How is that professional customer service? I said not my problem. The skirt could have easily went into my purse because it's not even being accounted for. I asked her if they just make up prices? Is that the way it works? Where is the book with the UPC's like any other store would have? Then Anne lost her patience with me and said "do you want the manager?" I said "no, I want you to stop your tone with me." I paid for the skirt and went into my car seething and called the store to speak to the manager. The joke was on me. Good old Nelly who can't figure blue from white answered as the manager. Now I can't even find the corporate office online to complain. It wasn't the fact of the price of the skirt, but what kind of business conducts like that when they "make up" prices for their apparel? I didn't appreciate the way I was treated either. The place is a dump, impossible to find anything on the racks. Once, a friend of mine broke something and we ended up cleaning it ourselves because no one would bother to get us a trash can and mop. Another time, I used their filthy facilities and a cockroach was on the wall. Why do places like these pop up everywhere and why are they shorthanded and hire the RUDEST people...

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Oct 11, 2017 5:16 pm EDT
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In fairness to their employees... 1. You can work for WEEKS without a paycheck if you don't ask your manager for your first check. 2. They change schedules without notifying employees.
I'd be pissy and rude, too, if I was treated like crap.

Apr 05, 2019 6:12 pm EDT
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I'm have noticed so many of the employees are being treated like [censored] and the head manager needs to put a stop to it.

Dec 04, 2011 12:23 am EST

I got a couple of shirts as a gift from my family (Which they did not fit) so i went to return the last of the purchase. Everything was purchased on a debit card, the first two shirts i returned no problem and got my cash back. I went in today to return the last shirt and they wouldn't take it unless i had a debit. I didn't need a debit the last couple of times i went to return. Also they were extremely rude and careless towards me and wouldn't even make eye contact or stop what they were doing to talk with me, (I talked to a cashier, then got shut out by the store manager). I was infuriated when i left cause nobody would acknowledge me or give me any feed back.

Aug 07, 2016 10:29 pm EDT

I've worked for ROSS for a year & a half already. I've been in the fitting rooms, sales floor and as a cashier/front end supervisor. I've witnessed my fair share of rude customers. I'm sorry that corporate only gives our ROSS store a certain amount of hours to distribute amongst it's 50 employees. I'm sorry it seems like we have no cashiers. If you want something so badly you'd stand in the line, don't come up to complain about the line when you chose to stay there for 30 minutes whining about it. Don't get mad when we ask you to "please remove your hangers" we have a hanger rack that says "for a faster checkout please remove hangers" it not only helps the cashiers it helps you too. As for the fitting room, IT'S STORE POLICY THAT YOU HANG YOUR ITEMS ON THE WAY IN AND OUT. Don't ask us 20 million questions about why you have to do it. Just do it. Do you ask the people in the mall why they want to know how many items you have? Do you question how they do their job? The people in the fitting room aren't just standing there counting items, they have to organize their rack from ladies all the way to kids. So when you come out its best to hang your items back up. Don't throw your unwanted clothing in our hands or place your disorganized items onto a neatly organized rack. As for the restroom, if you don't like the way it smells then have a talk with the customers that go in there. We aren't the ones who smear crap on the seat or stink it up. We have to clean it. For the females don't leave your dirty tampons or pads laying out in the open trash can, flush the toilet. I don't want to open the door and see poop floating around or see drops of pee on the seat. I'd like the restroom to be clean too, I don't want to have to do my job plus clean a nasty bathroom that y'all messed up.
When I'm out on the sales floor and you see us picking up clothing from the floor and fixing the hangers don't come behind us and mess it up again. Don't take an item off of the hanger then throw it over the railing because you didn't like it. The store is a mess because of YOU. Shoes are every where, what is so hard about placing the shoe in the correct spot you got it from?
When it comes to the jewelry counter we don't have a person who stands there 24/7. You see us with a line so don't get huffy when you don't see us jump at the opportunity to help you, believe me we would love too. But are you really going to buy those 24.99 earrings or are you just wasting my time?
Also, when you have a return please have your receipt ready. Don't hold up the line. When you don't have a receipt, please have any form of ID ready. Don't get mad when we have to give you the current price it is for now. Take that up with corporate. You yelling at us and telling us that we're stupid isn't going to help. Yes, we have stuff that is marked down to .49 cents so don't tell me that you've never seen anything that cheap here. I've seen plenty walk out of ROSS with .99 cent goods that use to be 17.99+
You can't return LINGERIE WITHOUT THE PRICE TAG ON. No one wants to wear your dirty lingerie after you've worn it. Don't get mad when we tell you that a description doesn't match your item and that you have to take it back to the Ross you got it from. We aren't trying to make you feel like a criminal. Just simply doing our job. Don't get mad that we have to go back and forth from the return line to the purchase line. Don't get mad when we tell you that the purchase line is on the other side, clearly we have signs for a reason.
Don't tell us we need more cashiers, we obviously know that. I can't snap my fingers and have more cashiers. THERE IS A PROCESS. Did you go to your job with out filling out an application and doing a background check? Didn't think so. If we had more cashiers we would've called them to the front 15 mins ago when we saw the line out of hand. Managers are usually the ones who are on the register helping us because we have no one. They could lose their job for doing so because they're suppose to be on the floor managing what goes on out there. It also helps if you don't come up to the register saying you need a price check just for us to go find it or something similar then you get mad about it because you don't want if for that price. Don't question us why one item is a lesser price & another item which is the same is a different price. We have different trucks coming to us Monday-Friday from different companies who price their stuff differently. No I can't give you the cheaper price for those shoes or clothing because the SKU doesn't match. I won't lose my job because you want an item for a cheaper price when the price is already CHEAP ENOUGH.
You taking 300 dollars worth of stuff goes against us, our inventory, to the people who actually want to buy those things. You taking socks, clothing, etc takes away from our pay raise at the end of the year.

Oct 11, 2017 5:17 pm EDT
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STOP SCREAMING AT PEOPLE. It only makes you look like an [censor].

Jul 24, 2022 6:20 pm EDT
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It’s not MY job to do YOUR job! Your cashiers are on the payroll and they can remove my hangers. Unless I’m getting paid to do it, I won’t be removing mine.

Jul 21, 2016 6:34 am EDT

I work for Ross. I won't complain about how low the managers treat the employees or the poor pay, dirty store, bathroom etc...but I will complain about the customers. I work back in the fitting room and get so tired of woman that wears a size 14 or 18 bringing back size 7 and 9 Jr's blue jeans. They come out and hand all 8 to me and say, "I don't want any of these, they didn't fit!"...well dud...go to the right department and get your clothes, then they WILL fit.

Then I get really pissed when they return with 8 more, this time size 11 and 13...for heaven sakes...learn the size you wear. I have to put all of that stuff back on the floor, just because of stupidity. Oh yeah, I forgot about the ones that come out with the clothes all balled up and push them in my chest and say I don't want any of these...hell, were they balled up when you went in with them? I know what you are thinking..."It's your job! sure it is, but still show the fitting room lady some respect.

I would like to know where some of thoes people work and come to their job and act "uncaring" such as going into a an account with one teller, then turn around and close it at another teller, oh, maybe repeat this a couple of times. Do you think the teller would like that? Well I could always say to's your job! :)

Oct 11, 2017 5:18 pm EDT
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If you're mistreated and can ONLY complain about customers you deserve to have horrible customers.

Nov 10, 2015 10:41 am EST

I've shopped at Ross at Briek Creek Raleigh NC for over 6 months and i've never seen other shoppers wreck a store as bad as this one. I went to the ladies room and someone took there fingers and but poop on the wall, now do you really thing a employee would do that, no because they would have to clean it up. I've also seen many time where people let there kids run a mock in the store and they knock over items and move items and the parents don't yell at the kids. I've also seen people who fill there carts up with items and then leave them in the store for the associates to put back. There has been times when i seen other shoppers put items over and over again in wrong places. so the employess have clean up after them. I see employees walking the floor and cleaning but when they have to go up front to ring people out, i understand why the store is not clean. We just need to give the associates a break, and its almost christmas time and the store is super business, just think wouldn't they like to be shopping like us then working in a store.

Oct 02, 2015 10:34 pm EDT

Cashier jasmin, was really rude. Didnt say hello or anything. It seem to me she was in a bad mood, but its not our fault. Very rude, no customer service at all.

Aug 30, 2015 7:08 pm EDT
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I worked for Ross for a total of about 3 1/2 weeks before I got fed up and quit. I worked there as a second job foersome extra spending money. The "little" extra spending money I made was definitely not worth the hassle. Between getting paid minimum wage, the store always understaffed, dysfunctional management, and work load, late hours I said "screw it" and quit. These stores are always understaffed And never have enough people for the work load. Many times I would be the only cashier at the front, and also ha do their duties like retracting returns. Ceaning registers, and pitting hangers away, as well as pulling shelves if I happen to be "in between" customers. It was a nightmare. This is one of the reasons why the store is constantly in a cluttered mess. Customers throw shoes all over the floor and clothes all over the place that they don't want. Bring cart fulls of clothes and only end up purchasing one outfit (meaning we have to put back the other 20 pieces you didn't want) it's almost impossible to complete your tasks before your shift ends. You should be blaming your other fellow customers who are too lazy to put stuff back, or the executives who are too cheap to hire enough help...The store I worked at was opened until 11:30 at night. A clothing store. Meanwhile all the other stores in the plaza have been closed for at least 2 hours. I absolutely hated working There.

Oct 09, 2014 8:38 pm EDT

All of you should really complain to the top management because the people working at the store level are all part time getting paid the minimum wage with hardly any benefits and working soooo hard picking up after customers who does not know how to put merchandise back in the racks or shelves. Before you all make complaints maybe you should asked yourselves why the store is filthy...yeah your the customers but the people who works at the store level works their ***ss off for minimum wage and top management could care less so yeah complain to them!

Sep 29, 2014 9:33 am EDT

Visit our facebook page Don't shop Ross

Sep 17, 2014 3:07 am EDT

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Feb 18, 2014 10:57 pm EST

In my highly reputable area in the city of Suwanee there is Ross where I shop after I watch their TV commercial.But regardless the area with high average income this Ross is messy and filthy. Recently I bought and the next day returned a blouse and pants.The same day I bought 2 Ann Klein dresses (not cheap at all) without trying those on, as I don't consider possible to be barefoot, nor undressed in the Ross # dusty and evidently dirty dressing rooms. A cashier took my return and credited me $ 17.00 in the part of purchasing those 2 dresses. So, I got only one receipt after I've paid the difference between the purchase price and the credit. After I tried the dresses at home I decided I did not like the way they looked on me, so again, the next morning I came to Ross # to return those dresses. A young girl at the customer service took the bag and the receipt. There was another cashier behind the counter, Valentina, who with her usual Russian rude mentality and disrespectful attitude turned to me and commanded: "Check her receipt!" (She spoke awful English, so she could not say the word "receipt" correctly, without sound P). The young cashier began asking me about credit/ And that Valentina came to her, took my receipt and commanded again:" Give her the money she paid without any credit". I had to explain to Valentina that they were supposed to pay me not the difference I have paid, but had to refund me the credit amount which I had not been paid back. But she said that she.could not believe me? I did not want to keep on talking to her, as Valentina seemingly could not understand English, neither could perform primitive calculations. I asked to page their manager. Miss Cynthia, the manager, came up to the service desk in 5 minutes, and during those 5 minutes Valentina continued to repeat that I wanted twice to get the same money from Ross. Ms.Cynthia checked my receipt and the cash register showed her that the Ross store had to pay me the full amount of the credit and the difference, the amount I expected to get. Valentina did not apologized, did not find any word to say "Sorry". I will be telling about my poor experience with humiliation, disrespect and confusion after that fussy return to everyone I know. And surely I will never again leave my $$$ at Ross #. Ross should consider the fact that it is loosing $$$$ by loosing customers. And if they prefer to keep rude employees with no manners, they will be out of business sooner or later. Valentina is a big shame!

Apr 03, 2021 6:14 pm EDT
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Flaunting your high income shows you don't have very much or you shopping at Ross? Wow

Oct 11, 2013 5:51 pm EDT
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I bought my Halloween costume at a Ross Store for under $20 last year and my costume was great quality with an even better price! This year I vowed to do the same because being a full-time college student, I am not the richest person to be able to afford $35+ costumes at your typical halloween or costume shops!
As you all know, Ross inventory is different in all locations. Fortunately I live in the suburbs and within a 20 mile distance there are a total of 4 Ross stores and 2 DD’s Discounts (a family of Ross) within a 20 mile distance from where I live. I visited all 4 of these stores to search high and low for small sized costumes that fit me, and were “unique”. 3 out of the 4 Ross Stores allowed me to try on the costumes which had sensors on them and I was actually directed by the Fitting Room attendant to go to the front to have them take off the sensor for me to try them on. The one store that did NOT allow me to try them on insisted I had to purchase all of them, try them on at home and if it didn't work out/fit I had to just return them. Unfortunately these were the only small sized costumes-just my luck-out of all the locations I visited and I was floored. I had literally gone to the 2 other locations just one day before this experience with absolutely no issues whatsoever. They also caught me at my most poor state: there was no way I could purchase these 4 sized Small costumes just to go home and try on to see if it worked out!
A random lady holding some panties behind me to try on sympathized with me and told the fitting room attendant, "that doesn't make sense-how do you allow panties to be tried on but not halloween costumes?" But what didn't make sense the most to me was the other 2 locations that allowed me to try on costumes with no issue. Keep in mind: I was not at all dressed like a shop-lifter. I wore workout shorts, a t-shirt, and had my wristlet. Not a PURSE, a small WRISTLET. Clearly they didn't believe I was trying to shoplift any of these costumes...I hope not atleast! Anyway.
I had the same issue with the DD’s discounts stores. The location off of Cooper in Arlington, TX had super friendly employees. Once again I was directed by the fitting room attendant to take off the sensors at the front of the stores where they did exactly that with no issues. I was able to try the costumes on but fitting room attendant just made it slower. She counted each accessory item in each costume bag as 1 each.. For example, if in the bag of the costume contained 3 items: 1 hat, 1 dress, 1 ribbon, the attendant counted my items as 3 items right there. So although the fitting room time took 3x as long as it should've-I still appreciated the fact that I was able to try on the costumes before buying them and I just went with it. In hopes of finding a better fitting costume or at least a more creative one I tried the other DD's Discounts which is closer to my house. This one did NOT allow me to try them on and said there was no way at all. I am flustered by this time.
Ross and Ross Family Companies: Your policies and procedures need to be CLEAR and consistent to all employees and customers. How do you expect to continue business with such staggered rules and regulations that are more of just dependent on each manager!? How do you maximize your profits if you are not even allowing them to try on special product? If shop-lifting is the issue-why don't you follow a more strict guideline like that one attendant who did allow me to try on, but counted each item in the costume bag as 1 each?

Jul 19, 2013 6:40 pm EDT
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Ok, let me tell you about what happens at Ross, I work there and am a front end supervisor, and I ashore you that the management would have all hands on deck if they could. Like any store we have an allotted amount of payroll and based on the size of your store and how many jobs you have a day will give you how many people will work that day. A regular day at Ross will be the morning manager and the cash office plus the cleaning crew (witch is alway two lady's who leave once the store is opened ) and its just is till the store opens. Then my back up casher will come @11 along with the mid floor person ( our store doesn't have a fitting room attendant, just another floor spot) And the mid manger comes in at 10:30. So it's just the two of us up front and someone running around cleaning up after people who just treat the store like ###. Then the women's worker and closing FES comes in @2 and she can be on register but we won't have the last two workers till 5. Those other blue shirt people you see in Ross would be the stock team and there in the back for a reason. So Ross won't give us money to bring on more then 6 people a day to do everything.
I loved it when I started and you have to give this girl a brake, do you know how many times a day I get yelled at by customers for things that are out of my control? Ex. There card won't go through or I can put the return back onto there card? Ross workers are on timers tracking how long it takes us to scan and bag your things, that's why we are so impersonal, because if we get a low score then we don't get hrs the next week. And don't tell me to get another job if I hate it, believe me, I'm looking but there is just nothing else out there.

Apr 03, 2021 6:18 pm EDT
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That does not give an Excuse to be mean rude and following customers around. Acting ghetto or being incredibly rude to customers

Jan 16, 2013 11:27 pm EST

Ross Regret
I was shopping in the store when I was hit from behind by a stocking cart. The middle aged woman that was pushing it cut the back of my leg as she drove the cart into my foot. My foot swelled up and began to bleed. The store manager stared at me with hate in his eyes and called the paramedics. I received a 4x4 gauze pad and false reassurances. I asked to fill out a report. The manager refused and said he had to check the store cameras. What? The store injured ME and I have a right to a report. Well, now they can talk to my attorney...GOOD LUCK...I saw that manager before flirting with the young girls at the registers. That manager should spend more time training his staff, and at this point he needs to be fired.

Jan 15, 2013 10:03 pm EST

I find it hilarious you think Ross gives a ### when they're pulling 8+ Billion in revenue, opening over a hundred new stores a year, and has zero debt as a company. Obviously they don't need need your business if you want to be a snob. Ross is an off price retailer. That means that the shopping demographic is going to be middle to lower class. They will always have people that for financial reasons need a bargain. If you don't like the way Ross is run then get the hell out and go to another store. You complain that Ross is ALWAYS messy. Then stop ALWAYS going to Ross. Quit throwing a hissy fit and understand that bargain prices require sacrifices in other areas. If Ross was ran like Macy's, then it would have Macy's prices. Also for the record Ross does not have the ability to look up items, so sometimes finding a close match is all that can be done. Your average Ross is receiving over 15, 000 new items every week of which there's probably 5, 000+ unique items. Good luck keeping a 100% accurate inventory on that, unless that is you want to pay twice as much for everything. Understand where you are shopping, and if that store isn't your style stop shopping there. Me, I'll never walk into a Nordstroms again knowing how badly they are ripping you off.

Apr 03, 2021 6:16 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Jack Mcgee

Does not mean that they have to treat customers like dog crap, pretend they don't speak english or high schoolers that roll their eyes and act like their high dollar rich kids working at the french laundry restaurant

Jun 18, 2012 12:48 am EDT

The reason a lot of the Ross stores are the way they are, are because of the customers. I work at a Ross in Texas. The Ross i Work at is always clean, but we have those few customers that don't care about anyone else but then selves. The pick clothing off the rack and after a second they drop it on the floor. People have been fought defecating in the fitting rooms... Honestly people are disgusting, it's not Ross it's their customers ... If you all just put thing back from where u found them it would not be a problem and be patient because your not the only one on the store. A lot of people go to Ross, so be prepared to wait in line because yes we are under staffed. Every one quits because all the customers are rude about everything. Their
Are those associates that are just plain rude and I'm sorry.. But don't complain about the stores, customers make the nasty and we don't always have time to clean a mess. Because of other complaints... I see customers complain for dumb things just to get a discount... IT'S ALREADY A DISCOUNT STORE. Quit being ### holes and try to get things for free. It's still a business, so of u want a clean store then quit being lazy
And put merchandise back properly and quit ### in the fitting rooms

Jun 03, 2012 11:36 pm EDT

I have been shopping at Ross for a long time as it is the sort of place where I can find that one thing I can't find anywhere else, especially on my budget. I just started working part time for Ross and I have to say that I understand the frustration with the racks being messy, as I was put on the task of putting them back into order. It isn't fair to blame the workers because it is true that we are very shorthanded. They put too few people to work with too many things needing to be done at once and we are doing the best we can to keep things moving but I have to say that, at least from what I have experienced thus far from my Ross, the customers are largely to blame for the messes around the store. There is absolutely no consideration for the hard work we do when we DO put clothing back where it belongs, on hangers and shoes back on the shelves. For minimum wage, one can hardly expect most people to be motivated enough to work as hard as I do but I believe in getting the job done right. In two hours I reorganized the entire shoe dept alone and even as I was working, had to go around cleaning up after inconsiderate customers who would drop a pair down onto floor, try them on, and just leave them there. We aren't paid to be customers' personal maids, so if you want a neater store try to keep it that way because there just aren't enough of us to do everything at once, unfortunately. We went through, picking clothing up from the floor, putting things back on the right racks, etc An hour later clothes were already back on the floor, left hanging over the racks and misplaced. Overall many of our customers are very rude, inconsiderate of us AND other shoppers, leaving the store in shambles, removing stuff from packaging, taking stuff out and not putting it back where it belongs, leaving garbage around the store, etc. It's always easier to blame the store. And while I highly agree we need more people to staff each department, perhaps a separate register for each department and for returns/exchanges ONLY as they are more time consuming and cause lines to build up, we might ask our customers to be more patient and considerate when shopping in Ross and help keep the stores neat and orderly when browsing to begin with.

May 22, 2012 7:56 am EDT

well you must keep in mind that your fellow shoppers are rude and nasty they think we make the big bucks when most can barely pay half of bills but we choose to work instead of collecting government help to sit ON our butts some of you feel that you can be jerks and that our job to take it. some of you take your bad days out on us because you can be waited on hand and foot and that's not what they pay us for.. Please before you get that ima god syndrome walk a 1/2 mile in our shoes and then maybe you will see how it works and my fellow ross workers we do have a right to report any and all to one higher up and yes you are allowed to call the police on people that refuse to stop yelling in your face or touch you that not your job to be pushed around like that and when all else fails get a lawyer and to all you wanna be god like customers you need to get your head put your butt and get real let us treat you the way you treat us at your jobs

Apr 01, 2012 1:46 pm EDT

This is for everyone complaining about how messy Ross Stores are. It is you the customer who throw everything on the floor and don't bother to clean it up. When you have 20 people in line with full carts it is going to be a long wait no matter what. Just because the store sells things at a bargain price it does not give you the right to treat it like a dump.

Dec 04, 2011 6:02 pm EST

Sounds like the cash refund was incorrect and the second time they were correct to request the debit card. Just because they make a mistake in your favor once doesn't mean they should continue. Look at your receipt or the return policy.

Nov 15, 2011 3:24 am EST
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I work in a Ross store (#1073) and I was once told by my assistant manager who just recently got moved to another store-"If you keep you store clean, then the customers will keep it clean too" which in its own right can be true. I work primarily on markdowns. We try our VERY best to make sure everything has a price on it. Many customers try their very best to get an item for a lesser price by removing the price label or ticket. We don't have the same inventory all of the time and don't have the ability to reorder. We don't keep back stock. We get a truck Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturdays. The only people on the floor during the day are the Front End Supervisor and Markdown Team(2-3 days a week) and stock team(whose primary job is to unload the truck and process the merchandise and put it out on the sales floor. If a back up cashier is needed, usually they will pull a stock team member or markdown team member to a register. I understand that it can be frustrating to shop at Ross. From late afternoon to close, we may have two or three people out on the floor who are supposed to clean one area of the store and cashier as well unless someone calls in. On a busy Saturday, however, if an associate has been on a register for over half of his or her shift it is hard to keep an area clean and usually recovering an area has to wait until after the store is closed. Unless you have worked in retail before, I don't think you can really truly understand how stressful it is to actually have to do this. I love my store, and I wish everyone could come here. On most days of the week there is a minimum of clothing on the floor if any. On a busy Saturday it will be a little worse.

Aug 09, 2011 3:01 pm EDT

I currently work for Ross's as an unloader and I love it! I enjoyed Wal-mart too but there was so much more work and our shifts were from 4 pm to 1 am. I understand that shopping can be frustrating at times, but I really wish you people complaining about different stores would just stop. Not all stores are like that, so if you don't like it just don't go and stop wasting time complaining about stores online!

I shop in Ross Stores quite frequent. So I understand how this customer feels because I was treated unfairly at a store here in Jacksonville Florida at the City Square location at the airport. A manager that stated her name was VI was very rude ...I purchased several suits and a sensor was left on the jacket... but they took it off the pants ... ... due to the fact sometimes I dont really look at my garments when I hang them up in my closet until I get ready to wear them ... I noticed the sensor was left on it so I took it back to the store... I was treated like a criminal... which is very unfair .. i callled corporate and set up a case to speak with the district manager ... the district manager never called me back.. I kept calling and the customer service reps kept apologizing.
They are probably the ones they need to be in the stores and the store managers need to be re- trained... anyway this case was set up in April. today is June 20th ... I had to call back again to speak with someone higher... I was actually trying to get to Mr. Michael Balmuth which is the CEO of Ross...but I was tossed to and fro only to be put back in the customer service 1-800 loop
today things finally got resolved due to my call back... do you know that the District Manager stated he thought everything was taken care of ? why did he not confirm it by calling me back? I had to call him 3 times to get him to call me back? That is not customer care...Ross Stores need to have different processes in place to protect the Consumer and Ross Stores... Their Policy and Procedures need to be re-vamped...Anyone that responds to this message that is a store employee .. we are expecting you to respond positive... but it does not change the fact that the managers of Ross Stores need to be professional and stay with procedures but think out of the box when dealing with faithful and frequent good customer...Things are changing in society.. there's a lot of competition out there... and when you dont treat customers fairly... one day you all will look up and Ross will no longer be in existence because keep in mind your customers are the ones keeping you in business...if you dont take care of your customers, and have a professional attitude when dealing with the people that shop at your store.. you are going o loose them... and if your quota of sales are not met . your stores will be shut down! be professional... do the right thing and take care of your CUSTOMERS!

May 15, 2011 8:43 pm EDT

Sexist Ross!
Went in to check out the store for the first time in a year. In the homewear section located near the organization tools, I noticed some cute artistic designs. Upon closer examination I noticed these designs were on housecleaning tools! The broom had feminine designs, shaped like it could be decor, the dishwashing gloves were fusia colored with huge daisy embellishments, and even blingy dust pans? Are you kidding! These are the most sexist statements I've ever seen! Housework crap designed and decorated for women, which a man wouldnt be catch dead using nor wearing! Ross, design broomsticks and dishwashing gloves for men to use in the house. This is unthinkable, get real!

May 04, 2011 12:46 am EDT

i was in the ross on davis blvd. in north richland hills today at around 3:30 p.m. on 5-3-11. i bought two identical item, a 5-piece serving set . it was the same brand and same design. one was $5.99 and one was $6.99. i asked for both to be the lower price. the cashier called the manager, tammy. she refused my request. i bought both items{for someone who doesn't shop ross, smart person!}, then i asked to speak to tammy myself. i told her my story and she still refusesed to refund my $1.oo. i told her that ross was so rigid and that they lost a good customer over$1.oo. she kept repeating her original answer, that it was the buyers fault. i finally told her that i wasn't stupid, but she kept repeating herself{ poor management}. she did nothing to help. from now on i will shop at stores that have their customers best interest at heart! kellye stevenson

Apr 15, 2011 10:30 pm EDT

I was hired at a Ross in Sugarland Tx. The manager told me that I would be working in the cash office part-time. After three weeks of a background check ( I had to prove that I worked at company which closed down six years ago) I started working. My manager told me that she wanted to train me in all departments before starting me in the cash office. The first day I was thrown onto the busiest register in the store with no training. That wasn't too bad though. The next day I was put to work in the stockroom where I remained for the next three weeks. I heard that a normal Ross stockroom received about 120 boxes a day with 8 people unloading, sorting, and stocking the shelves. This is a busy store and very stort staffed. We averaged about 170 boxes a day with 5 and often only 2 people working back there. My first day in the stockroom I worked from 8:15 in the morning until around 8:00 that night with a half hour lunch and a 15 minute break. The managers walked around and yelled at us to hurry up, not to talk, and told us we couldn't leave until everything was done. The head of the stockroom would get in trouble for helping us. She was only supposed to supervise and bring hangers. Even though my schedule said I got off at 12: 45, I was told the schedule was meaningless. I rarely left before 6:00pm. My manager thanked me one day for helping out back there one day. Helping out? I didn't know how to respond to that. She told me not to get scared off by the stockroom. They were in the process of hiring more people but all I saw were less people there "helping out" everyday. On the third week it was down to me and another girl who started after me. If I was just helping out, I wondered, where were the people I was helping? Every night I would go home with my feet so sore that I could barely walk. At this point we were really backed up. Instead of everything being out on the floor at the end of the day, we were 40 or 50 boxes behind. That was when we were told that we would have to work the whole weekend to catch up. That was the only thing bearable about the job was that we got weekends off. That night I went home and dreamt about processing clothes all night. I almost cried when I got my first check it was so small.
I feel like the manager tricked me into working in the stockroom. I don't know why she lied. I would've taken anything then. People suggested I ask her about the cash office position she supposedly hired me for but at that point I just didn't care about that place anymore. I left after three weeks of living hell. I don't know if it's related but my doctor thinks I had a small stroke and I am in the process of getting checked for that.
If people don't like working there, they should just leave. That's what I did. I got another job immediately at a fast food restaurant. Hey minimum wage is the same anywhere and it's not backbreaking work.
As for the people there that barely know English and it might not be as easy for them. I feel they are taken advantage of . Noone deserves the way those people are treated. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
If customers don't like the store because it's dirty and the employees are rude, then DON'T SHOP THERE! As long as people keep shopping there they are supporting this company who doesn't care about it's employees or customers. A company that only cares about profit. This is the worst company I have ever worked for by far and I will never shop there again.

Apr 13, 2011 2:41 am EDT

I am a current employee of ROSS. I work in Washington State. I used to dream about working for ROSS. I wanted to work there so bad I was so excited when I finally got a call back from the store manager. I went in to my interview, got all my paper work finished and they hired me on the spot, no problem. I have been working for about 3 months now.. I hate this store with every fiber of my being. I hate going to work, my boss makes me feel like an inferior being on a daily basis. I cannot even think when I am there because she is always on my [censor] about everything. If she is reading this I hop to god she knows who this is and fires me out of my misery. I was hired on as the "Fitting Room Attendant" and I worked for about 8 weeks without getting properly and I was always messing things up and getting [censor]ed out for it and one day the MOD (manager on duty) came up to me and had asked if i was properly trained and I said no, and she had me trained the next day. The threw me into the back and left me there to rot. Here recently I was written up FOR NOT BEING TO WORK EARLY! how does that work? I had even clocked in on time, HELL i was 1 min early. If you want to know why I dont greet every damn one of your customers with a smile, it's because my ROSS store has the worst managers i have ever worked for. I am constantly ridiculed for everything I do, be it good or bad (clocking in 1 min early)...AND to top it off, I got written up for using the restroom. I am half tempted to call LNI on this place and i would cry tears of joy if my boss was fired. I work for ROSS but i tell everyone that i come into contact with to boycott the place. Don't support a capitalist company. We the workers should be getting paid twice the amount that we do.

Dec 26, 2010 5:48 pm EST

I clean ross store and let me tell you the general manager is RUDE! It does not matter what you do she is rude. On top of that I see her treating customers with such behavior and the whole I am better then you attitude it makes me ill. You cant get it clean enough. No matter how hard you try some of the employees will be out on the floor before the store opens and disregard your mopping by walking with muddy shoes across it THEN you have to redo it or the general manager will write you up as NOT doing it.
I mean I love the deals BUT my GOD!

Jul 30, 2010 1:20 am EDT
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I work at the Ross Dress for Less in Irving, Texas. I agree with what yall are saying about Ross. We are always short staffed, our stores are unkempt, and we probably have some of the rudest people. Ross is still a young business, we're getting there. It is not the service that people come to Ross for, but the off price stuffs that we have. What yall mention about Ross is from poor management not on the store level but on higher level. Things keep changing! Ask an associate who's been with Ross for a long time, and I bet you anything, he or she wont be able to give you an overview of Ross. We are getting there though. People who are looking for good service need to go shop at Macy's or Dilliards. Ross cares for the poor.

Jul 06, 2010 6:10 pm EDT

ROSS SUCK! here is a customer service number to call in and talk to the people about their service [protected]

May 25, 2010 5:05 pm EDT

I have been a long time customer of Ross Department Store. I like it because there are a lot of unique things that I could find there (plus of course at a bargain). However, today I had a very disappointing experience with one of their cashiers name Cecilia at the Rancho Santa Margarita store, because of a very small request from me that made her upset. When she finished scanning my items, she said she did not have a bag for some items that I purchased, in other words, she wanted me to carry the items without a bag to my car. I said that a bigger bag is fine pointing at a medium plastic bag in their shelves. Almost instantly, she became very upset, grab the plastic bag, rolled her eyes and handed it to me while she immediately started to take care of the next customer behind me. Normally, a cashier would say thank you or have a nice day to conclude the check-out process, and I saw her do that with the rest of the customers but not to me. She was also constantly looking at me like she wanted to fist fight (with raging eyes). I thought I'd forget about it and just go home. However, while I was on my way out, I realized that I did not have my receipt so I went back and asked her. Obviously, she was still upset but managed to say the receipts are in bag. I then asked her if she is upset because I have asked her to bag the items that I have purchased, she rudely responded that "the bag is too big for the items that I bought". I was really surprised with her answer because I did not think that was a big deal at all. The manager, heard the altercation so he came and asked what's going on. I explained what happened but he told me that since he did not see what happened, he cannot do anything. I think that I deserved an apology from her but she did not say sorry at all. Infact, even with the manager's presence, she was constantly glancing at me with raging eyes, while with other customers. I returned the items and swear not to ever got to any Ross store again.

May 05, 2010 5:21 pm EDT

I currently work at Ross as well, and the bottom line is: If you want your merchandise at the extremely low prices it is offered, than you have to deal with these things. Yes, price checks are horrendous and we basically do have to make up our own prices. After being a store for so long, we tend to be pretty good at finding a comparable item and most of the time it has more to do with brand name than the actual look of the item. I'm not saying that I do not wish our store was more clean and that we had enough payroll to keep employees on the floor and the store looking neat, but that's just the way Ross works. And frankly, I enjoy the amazing discounts as well.

And like one of my counterparts so eloquently put it: It's not the employees who run around trashing the store! So if you would like it to look nice, please pick up that dress you just knocked down. Don't just shove the stuff you don't want on a random aisle. For goodness sake, bring it to us at the front so we can put it back where it belongs. And stop letting your kids pull out all the toys and ruin them. Don't unfold every single towel and expect us to come back and do it. Stop pulling out sheets and comforters and leaving them everywhere. And how hard is it to pick up a pair of shoes and put them back on a shelf where they were so nicely placed for you to see? We can't do it all.

Mar 23, 2010 6:55 am EDT

Okay a little off subject but what is the hiring practices? I walked into my local store the other day and noticed a few of their employees looked slightly stoned. Do they not drug test before hiring? One employee I remember seeing escorted away from my working place for trying to shop lift. Really? Can they not even afford to run background checks on their prospective employees? Can someone please explain how a nation wide department store can afford to go about conducting hiring practices in such a way that they end up with drug addicts and thieves working their stores? It's a wonder isn't it, as to why so many of you have gotten rude employees. With this in mind perhaps we should be greatful that there is any merchandise on the racks.

Feb 23, 2010 5:01 pm EST

You sound like a very lonely person to be complaining like this. Nothing's "free" or "a deal" in this world, u get what things are worth. It's obviously at the discount store for a reason. Go to macy's if you wanna be jerked for 1000% what you paid at Ross. Ross employees have to work with what they got. They do not operate the loom or the textile mill, nor is there a quality control department in the store.

Feb 04, 2010 1:25 am EST

I was a good old customer for Ross for 3 years before I even started working there, now I have worked there for almost two years in WA. I want to touch light on some of the comments made. As many of my fellow associates have. Every state is different and every store is different. The lines! We cannot predict the customer with 300 dollars worth of merchandise who wants a discount, and has a 100 questions. You realize how Ross can provide you with the cheap clothing and merchandise? By underpaying there staff. You are very very lucky here to get a raise. Even if you have worked your ### off for years. There is not enough staff to run around the store and clean up the clothes that people move to the wrong racks and shelves. Customer service which was my area for about a year gets very frustrating.. We are there to answer questions, phones, returns, and to check people out. ALONG With training cashiers, running breaks, and lunches, PLUS clean up all the garbage people bring to us, carts that people leave full, and our sizing. What I want for people to understand is that it is not the associate’s faults nor the managers it is CORPORATE and many people have complained about the lack of number on the internet, you can call your local store and they can give it to you. AND yes SOFT BOMB is right. Everything she says is right. But on one thing I disagree is the raise. My store manager does it by performance. I do think it depends on the quality of manager and District manager.
If you do not like the way things are. DO NOT COME IN. You only make us more frustrated and our jobs harder. It never bothered me about the mess or the lines when I went into ROss as a customer. Only because I wanted that cheap price. I shopped enough I new the policy about missing tickets and returns so I was prepared for what I came in for. Maybe more people should try and be prepared for the returns and Long lines. Because I really doubt Ross is going to change things. There stocks and sales are rising and so are the amount of customers. PEOPLE WANT CHEAP. They will endure anything to get it.

Jan 30, 2010 2:34 pm EST

My name is Adela and I used to work at Ross in San Antonio, TX. The one across the highway from North Star Mall, as a fitting room attendant. I’m sorry if you guys think we are rude, mean, or the stores are a mess, but I have to stand up for Ross. We work our ### off to keep up with the stores, but it still gets a mess. People young and old, woman, girls, teens, men, boys, kids trash our stores. I’ve seen business type people come into my store get clothes, shoes, accessories, etc and just leave them on the floor. I’ve also seen a ton of people try to find any little thing wrong with the clothes example the tag not being on, to get a discount on them. You have to understand that people come in and leave clothes where they don’t belong, or throw them on the floor, and of course they get stepped on. Us employees can’t be everywhere at once, and yes sometimes we are understaffed, but if the costumers could put back whatever it is they have looked at back to where it belongs then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I understand that it is not your job to do that, but if you’re one of the ones who do that then congratulations, if you aren’t and don’t lie to yourself because most of you aren’t STOP complaining and if the store are really that bad then find a different store. Oh and another thing it is NOT okay to let your kids play with the skateboards, or any kind of balls we have, or open the toys. NOT COOL, and make sure you pay attention to your kids. I had a little girl in the fitting room for about ten minutes. She was crying, and we kept making announcements that she was lost. One of the employees even walked around with her trying to find her mommy, and they couldn’t. When she returned to the fitting room we made another announcement and the mother still didn’t show up. About five minutes later her brother not much older than her showed up to take her to their mother. OMG people pay attention to your kids. We had another little boy take a crap on the floor by the toys because his parents where to busy shopping to take him to the restroom. Even after they found out all they did was say sorry and continue shopping. As for the restrooms we clean them, but the costumers trash them. If you want a clean RR then don’t let your kids go in by themselves and if they do check up on them. I’m really surprised how bad the ladies RR get during my shift. Is it really that hard to flush the toilet, put the top in the trash can, or even throw away your paper towels? Come on. TREAT our store with respect. The fitting rooms can also get really bad. This is my area so I know how bad this can get. There is only 8 items allowed in the fitting room. We have signs posted up saying that in both English and Spanish. You can’t take your baskets in the back no matter what. Our clothes are on hangers for a reason. If they are on them when you take them in then bring the hangers back out along with your number. If the customers would do that then the fitting rooms wouldn’t get bad. We get super busy when we are working in the fitting room. We have to count the items as your going in, and when you are coming out, so be patient with us. If you have time to try things on then you have time to wait in line. It is our job to do all this along with separate all the clothes and hang them on our racks so they can be put back on the floor. We have to do this for all the clothes that the customers give us, what they leave in the front, and what the other employees find on the floor or in the wrong spot. That’s a lot of clothes as you loyal Ross customers know. I’m truly sorry to tell you this, but as you can see we can’t watch your baskets for this reason, but I’m sorry and I tell my customers that too when you baskets go missing. I have to let you know that in my store the employees ask me before they take any baskets. Empty or not and I tell them not to take them especially if I’m not sure if they are anyone’s. You the customers should treat each others baskets with respect. Nobody likes there basket to go missing, so please don’t take them. I wish you could understand this, but I know it will go into one ear and out the other. To all you loyal Ross customers thank you, and I wish all of you the best shopping experience at any Ross locations.

Jul 24, 2009 7:56 pm EDT

I recently got hired at Ross...what day of the week do employees get paid?

May 13, 2009 6:40 pm EDT

I live in Las Vegas NV. The Ross store I shopped at, Serene and Eastern Ave. is getting worse in customer service. I work at Mccareen airport and I am a supervisor for transportation in buses. I have delt with tourists, our customers, and everyday people for over 30 years. Now when I go shopping on my off day I go to our local shops, which one happen to be Ross dress for less, since I love the prices and variety. I never want someone going out of there way to much for me. I know they have longs hours just as I do with customers. But I am soooooo upset that today was the last time I go to Ross on Serene and Eastern. Why do people have such rotten communication skills that work there? And the chip on their shoulders are the size of boulders! And the stupid childish questions or comments that the check-out people have to say. It is beyound my patience now. They close a checkout line when they have many people in line, and they say for two lines, " next one in line" has been the norm ever since I went shopping there. To keep pushing and pushing, and telling, and talking to us customers as if we were ###s...I told the gal if she wants my money to purchase my items, I told her to stop pushing my buttons, and told her I'm not as stupid as she thinks. Then I made that comment, and the under paid security "boy" walked over as if it was my fault. Like he was going to stop something by interacting by intimidation. What the he- - ?
I will go to the other Ross store that is on Blue Diamond, west of Las Vegas Ave., as they know customer service. I usually don't say anything to upset these people, as it is not worth it. But come-on "Ross" Do you suppose a class on customer service skills is in the near furture, or up the qulifications in hiring people? It is mandatory where I work, we get constanst training, and refresher classes on this. Maybe it is time! Syl

May 06, 2009 9:47 am EDT

Many of the posters on here are spot on about how slow the cashier lines are, no tickets on clothing, cleanliness and rudeness.

I do sympathise with both the workers and the customers, because they are both right.

Slowness at the cash register is mostly due to the lack of ticketing of the merchadise, in addition to the untrained cashiers trying thier best to do the job right without proper training and I have seen rudeness on both sides of this issue.

On other complaint that I have is that if you purchase a lot of items, especially large ones, the store does not allow you to take the cart to your car, even if you promise to return it.

You then have to go to the parking lot, mind you, you are parked so far away, due to lack of parking), drive your car back to the store and park in a "fire lane" which says no parking. Go back inside and make several trips to your car. In the meantime get a ticket for being parked in the fire lane.

I for one think that this practice loses the store both money and customers.

If I decide to buy from Ross in the future, it will only be items that I can carry out by hand provided I have the patience to wait in line forever.

May 05, 2009 8:28 am EDT

i work at Ross in Wa state and this is the worst company i've ever worked for.
yes lines are 20 minutes long! why? they NEVER schedule enough cashiers, or salesfloor people. also they hard tag everything possible because theft is a huge problem ( consistent under-staffing a big part of this imo) so checkout time is longer. Price checks are constant because people rip off the tags trying to get a cheaper price!
AND cashiers are expected to organize hangers by size, remove nubs (plastic bit indicating size s. m. l etc), hang up returns, scan for mark-downs, answer the phones, put carts away(customers always leave them at the check out blocking the way), and do price checks for each individual transaction/customer in line and maintain a 40% transaction or higher.
returns less than 1 day or within the week require drivers liscense input.
this ROSS does huge volume so clean up and keeping up is impossible, made worse by the fact we're always understaffed so things go from messy to tornado ripped through this store.
and to top it all off the store manager uses favoritsism to base associate pay rates. this is not a union company. i've worked for macy's, starbucks, target, and godiva w/ 6 years retail experience. some 18 ditz started(worked at a pizza place) off at $9/hr and i get 8.82! i'm the fastest cashier in our district and i had to beg for my 8.82. talk about jacked up.
that's just the tip of the iceberg!


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