Ross Dress for Less Complaints & Reviews

Ross Dress for Less / sexual harassment, non workplace convo, making my daughter feel uncomfortable and discrimination...

Dec 09, 2018

A coworker asking my daughter why she prefer pussy over dick, and other things, when she told the person in charge over him, they replied why you didn't tell me the day it happened... it doesn't matter what She prefer or if she waited a day later to report it, the fact is that it happened...

Ross Dress for Less / store and dressing room is filthy bacteria

Nov 28, 2018

Hello I visited your store on Black Friday in the evening I've been to the store before I just want to say that the dressing room is extremely dirty and filthy you could see that it hasn't been the floors have not been washed in a very long time possibly years you can see dust bunnies and...

Ross Dress for Less / I am complaining regarding supervisor

Nov 20, 2018

On Nov 19 @ 9:40 pm I went to the store to make a return, the customer service cashier that assisted me by the name of Sarah or sandra not sure ..but she was very helpful polite & proffesional, unlike the supervisor /manager shenel she was very rude /ignorant accused my return of smelling...

Ross Dress for Less / service

Nov 18, 2018

My husband and I went to toss to return or exchange socks, we were standing in line patiently waiting like everyone else. When it was our turn to go up, the Associate Amanda yelled out very rudely to come to the counter. Obviously she was upset about something, so we ignored it. However...

Ross Dress for Less / return

Nov 01, 2018

Firstly, I stood at the counter trying to get the employees attention but they ignored me because she was in conversation with 2 other employees. Then, I explain that I wanted an exchange but she rudely tells me to get the item and wait in line. Don't know about you but other stores get...

Ross Dress for Less / actions taken by manager against employee

Oct 27, 2018

Lanstown Ross Virginia Beach Va 3312 A young man named Marco had just helped us after our card had been locked and had finished the transaction when he called the next customer. The manager named Eddie as the employee told Marco to go home and when the man asked why Eddie said talking to...

Ross / child's winter coat

Oct 23, 2018

I purchased a child's winter coat at Ross in September. A beautiful warm coat. Earlier this month she wore it twice due to somewhat frigid temperatures. After the first time she wore it I threw the tags and receipt away, of course, I had no intentions of not keeping the beautiful coat...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Oct 21, 2018

I came into ross before 12 pm. I came in and I knew that I wanted some new earrings and a ring at the jewelry counter. As I stood by the jewelry counter I waited for someone to come and help me. At this time there were 3 employees by the cash register. The store was not busy at all and...

Ross Dress for Less / manager at the lawton branch

Oct 21, 2018

This complaint is against the manager named Tommy at the Lawton, OK branch. On Saturday October 20th, 2018 a busy Saturday with a line of customers as I approached to check out not only did he leave he had another checker leave so I was unable to check out and told me to go stand and wait...

Ross Dress for Less / double desserts play doh sweet shoppe

Oct 20, 2018

Hi, I brought Double Dessert s play doh sweet shoppe set from my nearby Ross dress for less store.By mistake my 3 years old kid opened it and started playing the set.After some time I saw that 7 very important parts were missing from the set such as 3 oven molds, server, scoop and 2 plates. It'...

Ross Dress for Less / store manager

Oct 17, 2018

Was trying to buy a wallet yet had no tag on it, the associate grabbed a different style wallet (same brand) and proceeded to ring that wallet up. When I mentioned it's not the same wallet (her response, it's the same brand, I don't sell any wallets for that price) I said (but it's not the...

Ross Dress for Less / rude associate

Oct 08, 2018

I was at the Ross in Griffin Ga this morning 10/0/8/2018. I came to the register to check out. The cashier was talking to another employee about food and what to get. The only communication I got from her was that I could step up to the register, then how much my total was and that was it...

Ross Dress for Less / store manager

Oct 06, 2018

Simi Valley store manager Joseph Is very rude to customers. I entered store today at 10:10pm and began shopping dresses. This so called manager started behaving crazy. I just started shopping and the manger yelled multiple times "These ladies are making mess". PLEASE CHECK THE STORE CAMERAS THE...

Ross Dress for Less / anonymous

Oct 06, 2018

I just want to give my opinion. I know I'm nobody to judge you over your company. I love your company but if I was you I wouldn't like customers to say negative things about my company. Ross is great but I think you need to treat us more fairly. The reason I say fair is because I don't...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Oct 03, 2018

I've shopped at the Ross store in Oregon City, Oregon for 40 years. I have never had any issues with any of the staff there, in fact, they are always so eager and helpful. However, I was shopping yesterday morning and had some trouble finding a duvet cover to fit my bed. I spoke to a...

Ross Dress for Less / employees

Oct 02, 2018

I went to the Ross in Lake Mary and there is not one customer at the register and the employee asked me to walk through this line which is like walking through 50 feet of line instead of just moving the rope so I can go under the rope and then I see the manager so I ask him and he agreed...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Oct 02, 2018

I was in line at Ross in DuBois Pa yesterday. The line was long. There were two cashiers taking turns waiting on customers. All of a sudden the one cashier decided to head to the phone after checking out a customer and place an order for two pizzas while customers stood and waited! I have...

Ross Dress for Less / manager/supervisor

Sep 27, 2018

This complaint is in regards to Terri Weber. In regards to Store #351 in Ft.Worth, TX. She is a VERY RUDE person. She is always cursing, being very negative, and rude towards her employees. She on 1 recent occasion made a comment around several of us employees that 1 other employee had...

Ross Dress for Less / manager customer service

Sep 23, 2018

12680 W Sunrise Blvd Sunrise, FL 33323 United Statesmen A pair of shoes had gluing defects on the rear part and i was simple asking if there was an additional discount for the malfunction, manager that checked me out responded very unprofessional and in defense snapping at me saying no, you...

Ross Dress for Less / sexual harassment and racial profiling

Sep 20, 2018

The Ross I'm complaining against is the Ross in Palm Springs on 10th Avenue and congress.Absolutely the worst Ross to shop at.i complained to corporate last year and never got a call back.this time I went and an employee purposely drop an item on the floor to find an excuse to sniff and or...

Ross Dress for Less / dressing room/unprofessional/unethical behavior

Sep 18, 2018

I visited the Ross store in Chino CA with my daughter, we like to go there for their workout clothes since my daughter and I have been working on ourselves to be healthy. This particular day my daughter decided to try on a summer dress and she went to the dressing room as I waited for her...

Ross Dress for Less / a rude manager

Sep 15, 2018

I was at the cashier area checking out my purchases and one of my items did not have a price. My cashier asked the manager Melanie who was across from her also on a cash register ringing up customers what would the price be for the item. The item that I was purchasing was some rope and it...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Sep 10, 2018

This complaint is based on my visit to Ross in the city of Bell Gardens, CA. I went during lunch time to make a quick exchange. The only cash registers that were open were the two where an exchange or refund is usually made. The two employees, Ana and Marycruz, were only calling customer...

Ross Dress for Less / the manager of the store in burien washington

Sep 06, 2018

The manger of the store is very disresctful and rude. He pulls people if a job because his employees make mistakes. I work for an outside inventory company we count the product of the store. The store people are then suppose to count and verify the count. The store people were making...

Ross Dress for Less / return merchandise

Sep 05, 2018

i am an old customer of ross store, an on friday last week, i went to return a few things to the store in hialeah, fl on 49 street, that i purchased, and your store manager, the security guard, and the cashier that was working on cash register number 8 call me a thief, because the ticket...

Ross Dress for Less / warranty claim

Aug 30, 2018

Dear Madam / Sir I have purchased a Samsonite brand carry on luggage from ROSS Kissimme Florida on 13 April 2018 and at my first usage the side stitches of the luggage has come off. As you can see from the photographs attached, this is a production fault. The price I paid was: 59.99 + %...

Ross Dress for Less / hostile work environment

Aug 29, 2018

I just really need to know how to get a lawsuit or even a class action lawsuit. I am a previous manager who had to quit my job because of the mistreatment of my employees and the hostile work environment. We were told in manager meetings that the more complaints we get on alert line call...

Ross Dress for Less / closed doors early

Aug 28, 2018

The location at The Grove in Wesley Chapel ((5901 Wesley Grove Blvd, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544)) has closed their doors over 9 minutes before their closing time of 11:30pm on Tuesday, 08/28/2018. If the doors are going to close before their scheduled time, they should change it on the door...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Aug 27, 2018

I had to cancell 19 items of $ 272.57 because mgr Kimberly's rough behavior she didn't care whether products are being sold or not. Sales associate put 19 items in to 2 bag which was too much loaded and ripped of . I asked to have more shopping bags for my items also I added some of the...

Ross Dress for Less / unprofessional store manager

Aug 26, 2018

I went to the Ross in Wake Forest, NC with my husband and 2 year old daughter. We went to the restroom area I asked the Manager if the bathrooms were open she said yes so she proceeded to press the button and I opened the door, while I was holding open the door my husband was taking my...

Ross Dress for Less / assuming all customers are thieves

Aug 22, 2018

Tuesday August 21, 2018 I went to 2 Ross stores in Boise Idaho. The first one, near town square, was as usual, a kind and welcoming staff. I tried on an item that I purchased with ease and left the store. Then stopped by the Ross store in North Boise and found an item to try on. When I got...

Ross Dress for Less / management

Aug 15, 2018

I was currently in the ross store at 3501 mchenry a ve. In modesto ca. The other day and was very dissatified and upset about the way the manager ***** (alma)**** was treating her employees, very disrespectful and rude yelling at them and embarassing them in front of paying customers. Very...

Ross Dress for Less / extremely low inventory

Aug 11, 2018

Went to shop for school clothes for 5 kids all ranging from toddler-juniors and they had bare racks and shelves. Literally 5 clothes left on 4 racks. And all of the kids shoes shelves were empty. Now I understand back to school tax free weekend was last weekend. But why didn't they get any...

Ross Dress for Less / very rude employee

Aug 10, 2018

Today I went to shop at Ross during Texas tax free weekend. I had my 3 kids with me. It was a long tiring day. I have a 2 year old which he was tired and cranky from all day shopping. He fell asleep in my arms. I lay him down briefly on a pillow in the cart so I could check out. The...

Ross Stores / paycheck was bounced!!!

Aug 03, 2018

I began to work on June 18, 2018. I was told to not worry about clocking in as I was not "in the system" yet to clock in and that my manager would manually fix my hours, however, I was authorized to input my associate number in the cash register and process transactions. As a result...

Ross Dress for Less / receipt - number - 0827-02-3813-8210- miramar - fl

Jul 31, 2018

To whom it may concern: Elizabeth was rude and unprofessional while I stood in line to do a return... I was line first and Elizabeth took it upon herself to take another customer ahead of me.. I had one pair of jean DKNY pants to return and she took a young lady who had several item...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Jul 25, 2018

My five year old child needed to use the restroom and we were told the the bathrooms were already closed. Even when I explained my child was about to wet her pants and asked them to please let her go, I believe it was a manager who still told me no, the bathrooms were closed (though the...

Ross Dress for Less / associates' attitude

Jul 22, 2018

Ross associates should smile and provide true service to the customers. However, I always notice that some employees are not that friendly at all. When I am paying for my merchandise, the cashier who served me looks scary and not friendly at all. It was like she does not know how to smile...

Ross Dress for Less / manager

Jul 22, 2018

Manager of a ross in mesquite tx. Goes by the name Jenn. She is very rude and very very unprofessional. She treats her customers along with her employees very disrespectful. She just stands there while her employees are trying there best to get the lines down and help and when she i...

Ross Dress for Less / cashier

Jul 21, 2018

I went to check out, the cashier rudely yelled at me in front of all the customers that she would not take me because she is closing her light was on and there was a line full of customers I have over $200 worth of clothes I'm carrying because no available carts. It was humiliating the way...