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horrible customer service

We had a coupon so we ordered two delivery pizzas. We then waited 1 1/2 hours for them and when we called to...

pizza order

On Friday, December 14, 2018 I made an order of two medium sized pizzas, eight bone out honey bbq wings and a bowl of chicken afredo pasta. My order was over 38 minuets late AND my pizza was not hot. The pizzas did not look fresh. You can clearly tell that it was reheated. Also, the cut of the slices were rushed and uneven. After all of the wait time they only offered me $5 off of my entire order.

reporting about your putrajaya's outlet

Assalamualaikum. Saya yusra athirah telah membuat pesanan online di pizzahutdelivery.Com.My pada tarikh 13 dec 2018, jam 06:41 pm. Saya dah call hotline [protected] sebanyak 3 kali tapi pesanan saya tetap tak sampai sehingga jam 09:00 pm. I'm talking to haslina on the phone and she said, dia remark number yang i kasi dia untuk call to let rider knew who to call if they cant reach account user's number. Do you think i have more time to wait? at last saya cancel online order and terus pergi ke outlet di presint 15 and again i need to wait for 15 minutes for 2 pizzas and 3 soups. Im still good until saya balik and ready to eat, i dapat salah pizza. Omg this is so unacceptable!! saya dah tunggu almost 2 hours for my pizza but then i went to the store to buy myself, still i dapat yang salah? seriously? your outlet dekat putrajaya memang worst ever pizza hut ive been in klang area. Last time i order delivery juga, but i got mushroom soups yang basi. Last time juga i dine-in at ioi city mall, ordered your speg tapi lepas i makan few suap, i nampak serpihan plastic container dalam my food. Worst! memang worst sangat. And your staff dekat ioi city mall store sangat rude! plus i nak tegur pasal your online sistem. Can u please update ur gps??!! kawasan rumah i, apartment ppa1m selasih is available to order online before this, but why bila i search takda? excuse me? do you think i have much time to wait for my food? my parents have an allergic. What if something happen to my parents? is this a joke to you guys? please be more alert to all orders you've got please. Please. This isnt a joke. If it is, shut down your company. Thanks.

Contact me @ [protected] if you have anything to ask. Thank you.

took my money then canceled my order

Angelica from the Perris Blvd branch lied to me and told me she was the manager then tells me the manager...

phone order

Around 8 o'clock tonight, Friday 12/7/2018, I called the local Pizza Hut in Ligonier, Indiana an ordered 2 Personal Pan Supreme Pizzas. The girl pulled up my phone number and told me what we had order our last order and it was also 2 Personal Pan Supreme Pizzas and the cost would be 10.68 as usual and it could be picked up in 15 minutes, same as always. When my husband came back he was carrying a Medium Supreme Pizza and they told him it was the same price as the two personal pan pizzas. I don't know and doubt if this is true, because unlike the other pizza companies, your company does not put the prices by the product. The point I am making is that every Friday night my husband and I order 2 Personal Pan Supreme Pizzas. If I wanted Medium pizza that is what I would have ordered. I do not like your bigger pizzas and neither does my husband, because they are to doughy, but we love the Personal Pans and that is all that we order. Our kids order other pizza, but we only order the Personal Pan. If we lived in a large town I would understand them doing this, but we live in a very small town, delivery and pick up only, and it takes a whole five minutes to drive across town to the Pizza Hut and less than that if you hit the one green light and and we have one phone code 894 and they should have and could have called when they found out they had "ran out" of personal pan pizza dough, instead of making a different size and thinking we would be happy with it. I still cannot understand how they ran out of personal pan dough, because I thought that your company would use the same dough for all of your pizza. Here is what I think, I believe they did not want to make more dough for the personal pan pizzas. Calling back a customer when you cannot make their order ought to be a standard rule. We have decided that we will find another restaurant to order from on Fridays. I thank you for your time reading this and want to thank you for the peanut butter sandwich that I had for supper tonight that cost me 10.68.

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I ordered on 12-03-2018 I waited 3 hours for my food I ordered a stuffed crust and plenty more items. when my...

extremely bad service; overcharged me; refusal to make it right

On Saturday at approximately 3:15 I placed an on-line order for the special large 2-top for $7.99 and chicken wings (bone in). The computer said it would be delivered in about 45 minutes. An hour later I called and was told the order was returned to the store. They had called a number and the person said they had no ordered pizza. I have been ordering from Pizza Hut for years, and this particular Pizza Hut for over 4 years. I live in a well known apartment complex. There was just no excuse for this. The manager said the order would be remade and delivered to us. About 50 minutes later a delivery person came to the door with an order that was not even close to mine. And it was cold. After much complaining, (it should be noted, the complaining was me - the delivery person was polite) the delivery person called in the right order (I listened). Now its 3 hours later and another delivery person shows up. The pizza is right, but the wings are boneless. I just gave up and gave her a tip. Imagine my surprise when I found a charge for over $34 on my card (my on line order was a little over $20). Fraud much? Theft much? A call to the store was unbelievable - saying we had to pay for what we ordered. Wow that is just unacceptable. I want my $35 NOW and an apology from that store.

take out order, not delivered

Ordered 3 pizzas and sides to be delivered to family home, restaurant is 8 min drive from my home. After...

managers customer service

I got a confirmation email at 10:23pm my order did not get here til 12:15am I made 2 calls and spoke with a...

almost 2 hour delivery

On [protected] . I had to called my local Pizza Hut Store asking why is it taking over 1 1/2 wait time for an...

pizza hut management

Management at That Pizza Hut is very unprofessional, and disrespectful, and the cleanliness is terable ...

2 hr delivery??? texas city, tx palmer hwy poor management

Plced order @ 4:18pm on 11/24/18. Rec'd text @ 4:32pm stating on its way. After an hour & 1/2 called c/s & was transferres to store. Was told order coming out of oven & on its way. Waited another 1/2 hr & called store again. Talked w/manager, Ranice, who stated she didnt need an attitude & hung up. Order was rec'd @ 6:10pm. Driver stated he was only driver working on a Saturday evening! Regretfully, I will not order from Pizza Hut again. This was 2nd order placed in 2 wks & 1st order was not made to order. Bottom line - new management is necessary. For a manager to HANG UP ON CUSTOMER is appalling. Corporate needs to investigate & a refund on this order would be appropriate. Ranice is a detriment to your brand & definitely isnt managing c/s with pride. Shameful.

2 hr delivery??? texas city, tx palmer hwy poor management
2 hr delivery??? texas city, tx palmer hwy poor management
2 hr delivery??? texas city, tx palmer hwy poor management
2 hr delivery??? texas city, tx palmer hwy poor management

a very bad pizza

All right I have been a customer for 30 years plus today I ordered a pizza from Pizza hut in Bakersfield...

bad customer service and horrible food

I made a online order for delivery & I spent $30.77 I bought blue cheese for my wings which the blue cheese...

order wrong

I placed an order for 3 medium pizzas, burning hot buffalo wings and four drinks. The drinks were wrong, the burning hot buffalo wings were the wrong flavor and now I my pizza is cold waiting on the correct order. I called to store in hopes of getting the order corrected and they insisted they need to order number. I told them the delivery girl didn't give me a receipt but I have the online order info. The lady that answered the phone was rude and continued to ask how do you know the wing are wrong. UGH !! The SMELL for one.

customer service

Waited 2 hours for pizza another hour for delivery, then it was over 45 minutes late, so I called to check on my order. I was told I could cancel it or continue to wait. Meanwhile no one called us to say it was running extra late. So I cancelled since that was really my only other option. Then I called back because that was such bad customer service and they offered to re-cook my food and deliver it, then I was put on hold and hung up on. I proceeded to drive to the store, I get there for them to tell me they just delivered my pizza, I get home and no pizza. I called the store back and they delivered it to another person. This is ridiculous!!!

coupon failure/uncaring mgmnt

This is concerning an issue I had on Thursday, 11/15/18. I was emailed a coupon for a 3 topping med for 6.00. Nowhere on this coupon was there a limit however you had to order online only. Not a problem, I have/use the app frequently. The app would only apply the coupon to one of the pizzas, so I ordered only the one, completed the sale and continued to make an additional order a little later. The coupon would not work. I went ahead and submitted the order, paid for it and then called the hut that was going to be making the order. The second girl that was put on the phone said that they couldn't honor the coupon since it was an online only thing to which I replied that was fine but I wanted to at least make sure the pizza had the 3 toppings bc the app will not let you triple a single topping. Apparently, the people in house can't do that either without adding an additional charge nor can they be even remotely sympathetic or helpful. She mentioned that she had a different coupon that was 6.99 but couldn't/wouldn't adjust anything. I would have been content if she just said "Hey, I will make sure the topping is tripled for you, don't worry about it" but no, that would have just been too much to ask in customer service. I will say the pizza was good tasting and looking but I am no longer interested in being loyal to a place and treated poorly. I will be deleting the app and will from now on go to another place for service. I remember when Pizza Hut cared as much about returning customers as they did a buck, times change. There is no resolution to be had, I just want corporate to know that the people they employ now don't care about anything but their check, there is no pride in their work. Their attitude definitely reflects leadership, all the way to the top...standards of service have diminished greatly. This is what happens when everyone gets a participation trophy, there is no competition to be good and proud at what you do.

overcooked pizza

Very disappointed last few orders. Medium/Large pizzas always a gamble with overcooked and cold upon...

a slip and fall

As i was entering the door to pay for my food, I completely just slid and fell && i seen that there was no wet floor signs up cause it was raining really hard that day, no one asked me was i ok or anything it actually made me feel bad, the cashier was laughing as she was to the front my leg didnt bother me at all lastnight it didnt start hurting until this morning && thats when i went to the hospital && they told me what was wrong witg my leg it was because of the fall

a slip and fall

my order

I was emailed coupons I ordered the pizza spoke to some to clarify. Was informed my pizza was order on us told them what I wanted she said manager took care of everything. I get my order to door the drive ask for money informed him it was a order oh Pizza Hut. He take them to car speak to some and take pizzas back. I called and asked for manager was denied I'm not happy with Pizza Hut at all something need to be done.

  • Updated by Carter7497 · Nov 14, 2018

    I ordered pizza with the coupon that was emailed to me . Was told my order is in and it's was called order on us. The Driver took them to car . We ended up paying for them and the same pizza they took back they redelivered that's cold and old I am not a happy Pizza Hut customer. When asked to speak to manager i was denied . How do you treat customers any way and expect them to spend money at your location.