McDonald's Lansvale / 2 big mac meals and a double cheeseburger meal

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The big mac boxes were dirty, the big mac burgers were all over the place, the double cheeseburger was all over the place and wrapped upside down. There wasonly one person working at 4:20 am in the morning. As soon as we got our order, the lights were turned off. Its supposed to be 24 hrs not when ever you want to run it. The person was clearly tired. My name is Chanthanome Sophaphone, my number is [protected]. I would like a phone call back as soon as possible. Sort your guys stuff out. You cant have one person running a 24 hr restaurant who is clearly tired and yawning while making my food! I want a refund because the food was disgusting. My partner was with me and is 6 months pregnant, there will be further contact if she is feeling sick in the next couple of days.

McDonald's Lansvale
McDonald's Lansvale

Jul 31, 2019
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