621 Tazewell Ave, Tazewell, VA, 24651, US
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Reviews and Complaints


The Mcdonald's in Tazewell, Va is absolutely the worst in history. Breakfast is always cold and soaked with grease. Hash browns are cold, yet sopping with grease. Chicken biscuits have been fried so many times it's like eating a piece of leather. The employees have horrible attitudes and are all on drugs. They are constantly nodding out. I have gotten sick more than once here. It is the only Mcdonald's within 15 miles of my work, so it's convenient for breakfast, but after I got a sausage biscuit that had only been thawed, not cooked, I haven't been able to stomach going back. Please do not eat here. I have reported it to corporate several times, and so have many others in our town. There are countless Facebook posts complaining of this Mcdoanld's. A lady got a biscuit in her bag that an employee had eaten off of!!! No one does anything about it! Guess when someone gets salmonella, or worse, they'll do something...