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Reviews and Complaints

McDonald'sdrive thru order

I have lived close to this McDonalds for 17 plus years. Service at the drive thru can be hit or miss but this location is the least of the three evils that are the three McDonald's in this area that I frequent. Today was so exceptionally disappointing that I am compelled to leave feedback. My feedback is never malicious or with the heart of someone who wants someone to lose their job. I just want the McDonald's corporation and the franchisee to know that the mistakes made on orders is unacceptable. If I spend close to $20, I expect to have my order correct. I don't know if it's a communication problem or a process problem within the store or if it's carelessness on the part of staff, but I ordered three sandwiches, a large fry and a large Dr. Pepper. The quarter pounded was ordered without cheese and with lettuce, tomato and extra pickles and mustard. The Filet of fish was ordered without cheese.
When I got home, I had a filet of fish with no cheese and mayo along with a quarter pounder with extra cheese and a flat and watered down soda.
It shouldn't just be "the chance you take" ordering in the drive thru. We pay the same price as someone who parks, gets out of their car and goes into the restaurant. No excuse for my order being so wrong so consistently.