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I spoke to a gentleman that was calling from Service pros. He was not really a person I wanted to speak to, but I did have a problem with him based on the fact that he states he stated he could give me $100 gift card to buy caulking to fix underneath my door jams that were cut too high that that’s all that needed to be done. I stated I did not want no hundred dollar gift card to repair the damages that were done to my door jams that need to be fixed and corrected.

During our recorded conversation, I did tell him that Matt who was sent here to do my flooring has charge me $250 cash to do my baseboards and that Matt was the one who needed to correct his damages that he did to my door jams. I also stated I spoke to my cousin when she came to visit about a couple questions I could not understand in my contact because I was looking at taking Matt to court (not lowes or service pros) for the $250 cash he had us pay him for putting in base board for that is not a job of Lowes. The gentleman I was speaking to stated he could no longer talk to me for I had a consultation with a lawyer, which she never even let me explain that she was here visiting me For she’s my relative and that she’s a child support lawyer, not a lawyer lawyer and that taking Matt to court was not part of Lowe’s contract are part of Lowes. If you listen to a recorded conversation, this gentleman was not out to help me get my issue was resolved. I attached just a few photos of door jams