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Lowe's - customer service

there is none in the Hinesville GA store. Hang up if you call to talk to manager, ignore you if you need assistance, ignore you if you are trying to pickup online order, basically it seems if you are shopping there you are bothering the workers by making them have to do their job and they will make you suffer for it. Go to Savannah- Abercorn Lowes if you want to know what it feels like to shop at a store that cares. There is a Home Depot next to them so they have to do their job!

Lowe's - 2 bathrooms redo incomplete and shoddy work

I have been trying since 2018 to get Lowes to have another company redo my 2 bathrooms since they say they no longer do bathrooms or refund the $28, 755 I have already paid them and clear the balance...

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Lowe's - Wood fence installed

Started with a estimate at my home Saleperson (Kyle Davis) [protected]. I was told in the beginning a dedicated project staff will be in contact with me every step of the way. FIRST LIE! week after...

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Lowe's - Floor measurement

I asked that a room in my house be measured for installation of a new floor, they scheduled the measurement for 21 June 2021. Your representative showed up at my house without a mask, when I...

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Lowe's - Window Installation

Bought Hurricane Windows from Lowe's in Jan 2021. Had them installed on March 20, 2021. One of the windows had a crack in it. These windows are guaranteed for life. The installer said he would get in...

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Lowe's - Ceiling fan installation cost

On 6/17/21 I visited the Lowes store in Bangor Maine and spoke with Dean in the electrical department about replacing a ceiling fan on a 10 foot ceiling and also 5 pot lights. He helped me choose the...

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Lowe's - Shower doors

I started in March and was trying to buy shower doors as the sale on the doors I wanted were on sale. I was informed that I would have to have a tech come to my house to measure, I paid for that and...

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Lowe's - Appliances

Lowes charged my credit card 3 times for the same order. There was a separate charge for installation of a microwave, which they subsequently called and said they couldn't install the day the product was being delivered, but the charge was never reversed. The refrigerator was scratched (noted on the delivery ticket) and the dishwasher wouldn't fit (due to inaccurate specs on the website and noted on the delivery ticket) but neither was credited to my account. The store won't communicate and the customer "care" line put me on hold for 1:30 before disconnecting.

Desired outcome: Credit for fake charges and damaged/defective merchandise.

I'd go directly to the store.

Lowe's - Poor installation service

I ordered a storm door. Measurements were taken, and I went to the store to follow up. The sales rep told me the door would have to be ordered as a special size. I paid $794, and I was told there...

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Lowe's - Custom service department

My husband Kevin McClure passed on March 26, 2021. I found a In-Store Credit. I tried to use the card at Lowe's Troutdale store and the Lowe's cashiers associate refused to let me use the card. She referred me to the Customer Service Desk and they said that I would have to call the number on the back of the card. I called [protected] says he couldn't help me and transferred me to the Customer Service Department which I have been on hold for 25 minutes and still waiting

Lowe's - Delivery Services - June 16, 2021

My floors were scratched up
The delivery staff got upset at me saying anything and then decided to leave my washer and dryer in the middle of the floor. WORSE is that I cannot close my door, nor can I access my sick. I practically begged them not to do that.

The guys left, I called the manager, the manager almost dismissed me as if I did not spend thousands of dollars on my floors and would recognize if they were scratched. The insult is I was letting it go and asked the guys to just see if it could be rubbed out, but it could not it was actually groves and scratching in multiple places.

The manager said he was sending someone and they never did. The items are still sitting in front of my door way.

Desired outcome: I want my floor repaired. I also want the manager talked to as he left the items in the middle of my floor and never called back, never followed up, in fact just dismissed it. I just spent $2000 at your store to only be treated like this

Lowe's - New lg washing machine less than one month old - can't wash clothes

Purchased new from Lowes, Apache Junction, AS store on May 27, 2021. We had no idea this machine had no "permanent press" cycle or even the equivalent cycles to simulate a permanent pre...

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Lowe's - ordered appliances have gone missing

Dear Lowes,
On 4/22/21 we ordered nearly $2000 in appliances. It is now nearly 2 months later and the appliances have "gone missing", that's your problem not mine.
I had to cancel the remodel, refund us our money. You were quick to take the money and run. you never came through with the product, return our hard earned money. Order number [protected], 36 inch range & 36 inch hood. Customer "care" has wasted far too much of our valuable time with this problem. Our next step is contacting the state of FL AG's office.

Desired outcome: Refund

Lowe's - Pro Desk Business/Customer Service

I am absolutely disgusted at how incompetent employees of Lowe's are. I am referring to the location on 2nd Ave of Brooklyn, NY
Originally, while at this store, I ordered and paid for the decking material that was scheduled to be delivered within a few days. No one contacted prior to the deliver date as promised and the day of the delivery, I received a call at 6:20AM stating that my decking material was accidently sold to someone else and I will receive a refund. I requested the store to assist me in finding this decking material from other stores, but was denied this request. I finally purchased the new decking material. The first delivery was no show and the second delivery, I had to be back and forth with the delivery department until someone figured out how to deliver the purchase.
A few days later I went to this store to purchase something else and it was supposed to be delivered on Sunday. And of course, the delivery never happened. I went to the store and was told that my deliver was rescheduled for the following day and lied to me and showed me the notes indicating that I was called about this, but I hang up on a person that called. I showed the store manager my phone and there was no call from anyone at Lowe's. Then, no one helped me pull the order out of the backroom, because I asked my contractor to rent a truck and come get the roofing material.
As a result, I paid my contractors twice for not working since my delivers were not made, paid for the truck rental, have to redo the entire celling in my bedroom. My contractor could not finish the roof on Sunday and it rained all day on Monday. While we covered the roof as much as possible, the water leaked though the bedroom ceiling.

Desired outcome: partial refund for the roofing material since I wasted so much money due to incompetency of this store

Lowe's - Service

As a contractor, I used to shop more at Lowe's until Lowe's stop giving me refunds or exchanges on merchandise that had been purchased but didn't have a receipt for. These were cash purchases.
Since I was blocked by you all, my first preference is to shop your competitors because I have no problem with refunds or store credit with them.
I want to know if Lowe's cares to resolve this issue with me.
My name is Robert Coster and you can reach me at [protected]@gmail.com

Desired outcome: Resolved issue

Lowe's - Fence installation

We purchased a vinyl fence from our local Lowes and scheduled the installation. They have little to no control over the contractor they use for this region (as we learned to our regret later on). The...

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Lowe's - Window / siding installation

I purchased windows from Lowes and they were installed in June 2020. One of the windows when locked shimmies up and down when locked and had a draft last winter. I notified the Lowes installation team several times about this issue. They finally had the installer come out in April 2021 and he said it was a manufacture issue so I was told they would notify Pella and I would hear from someone in a couple of days. I have called several times and have spoken to 4 different people since. I was told by one man that they would pen a work order and I would hear from someone and that didn't happen so when I called back a couple of weeks later I was told that they would open a claim because this was never done and that I would hear from Sedgewick within 5 days and this never happened. I am so fed up at this point because I spent a lot of money to Lowes having siding and all new windows installed which took until April 2021 to complete. I started the process in March 2020 and things were supposed to done April or May 2020. My windows were installed in June 2020 and the siding started to be installed October and took 7 weeks to side a 1400 Sq ft house. They showed up for not even a full day 6 of the weeks and 2 days another week. I will never use Lowe's again for another project. I have never been stressed out this much in my life. I have all the contact names from the install department that I have spoken to and have the exact dates of the last 3 conversations. It is so hard to get through to anyone and have been on hold for 30 plus minutes several times because of the high volume of calls. Could someone please reach out to me at [protected] my name is Shelly. My email address [protected]@gmail.com. I had this done through the Brockton MA store.

Desired outcome: To get the window situation taken care of and to be compensated for a years worth of hassles.

Lowe's - Unprofessional lowes manager

In an effort to try and resolve an issue with a sliding glass door handle that was delivered on the wrong side Rob Pane the department manager was extremely rude, condescending, raised his voice, and...

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Lowe's - Rebate Updated Status

I submitted for the LG 4 bundle @ 10% rebate on 4/23/2021. It was declined at first then I resubmitted and it was approved for for the wrong amount. I contacted the # listed and was advised to submit all supporting documents because what I purchased did not qualify. I picked items DIRECTLY off the list that pertains to the rebate. I have called numerous time and sent numerous emails and keep being told it has been escalated to the tier 2 department and I should be getting an update 3-5 business days. I called again probably the 4th time on Friday and was told I could not speak to a supervisor and he sent a message tot he tier 2 department AGAIN, that I needed an update. I advised him the 4 items that I have received are still in the boxes not opened and I was VERY close to taking them back. I have already priced products else where and really not saving any money by purchasing other items, but saving my time, energy and sanity from having to deal with this mess. I have also submitted another rebate on different items and it has been 2 1/2 weeks and still shows processing... not sure how this email will get redirected but I am in search of answers ASAP. It will not allow me to upload documents regarding contact with the rebate center. [protected]@icloud.com

Desired outcome: Want a correct Rebate Update

Lowe's - Customer service

Today I checked the online website for the nearest Lowe's store to see if chlorine tabs were available. They were listed on the site, though a message said they were unavailable for delivery. I spent...

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