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Frigidaire Refrigerator

I wont be buying another Frigidaire product. I purchased a package deal through a home purchase 2018 and am very dissatisfied with the product. The ice maker runs and sounds like a haunted house. I have to turn it off at night, otherwise it wakes up the household. In addition to the noise the front of the doors has smudges that can not be removed no matter what I do. It always looks smudgy. I have tried everything to get a shine. Including baby oil. The stove top is the same thing, Never will I ever buy a frigidaire.

The worst customer service EVER

I have contacted your company over 6 times to complain about a stove that nearly killed my mother and the lack of urgency to fix this issue is beyond comprehension. I spoke to reps who never return phone calls, supervisors who are BEYOND rude and here I am over a week later and my 73 year old mother still cannot make meals because of this issue...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I will reach out to ever single social media account and BBB and let them know about your AWFUL company.

Elizabeth DaRosa
FFGH305USC, VF94385058

  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Feb 25, 2020

    Hi Ms. DaRosa.

    I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. We will gladly assist you getting someone out to service your mother's range. Please contact Frigidaire at 1-800-374-4432.

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  • Li
    Lizd79 Feb 25, 2020

    @Mr. Helpful I contact your company EVERYDAY!!! STILL NOTHING!!! All I get is the runaround

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  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Feb 28, 2020

    @Lizd79 With respect, your response leaves me a little puzzled.

    Is the range currently functioning? I'm assuming by your complaint that it is not. Calling the number provided for Frigidaire, will provide assistance with a local authorized service technician.

    If this isn't solving your problem, please provide more details as to what this issue is. I'd be glad to assist accordingly.

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Around 1/2/20 my 2 year old refrigerator which I have an extended warranty stopped making ice. I contacted Frigidaire and they arranged for a company Advance Solutions [protected]) to come in an evaluate the situations. The first time was 1/13/20, the repair man Ellis readjusted the temperatures on the refrigerator and said give it 24 hours if you don't get ice call me. After still not making ice I called Ellis and Advance solutions and notified them. They informed me that needed to order parts and would return to complete the repair. Advance notified me on 1/29/20 that the parts were received and Ellis would be coming to my home the next day 1/30/20 to complete the repair. Ellis came as promised but unfortunately did not have the parts so nothing was done. I again called Advance who informed me there was a problem they were not sure where my parts were but they would reorder the parts. Ellis returned for the third time today, Thursday, 2/6/20 with the parts, I think it was a water valve. Ellis proceeded to remove the old part in doing so he damaged the water line which caused the line to leak. He admitted that the waterline was not leaking until he attempted to remove it and told me he could not do the replacement as a result of the damage he caused and he shut the water off to the refrigerator and told me to call a plumber. He received his telephone instructions on how to dismantle the old part from some one he referred to as his"boss". I said "Ellis you caused and admitted to my wife and I that you created the damage and know you want me to incur the expense of a plumber as a result of the damages caused by you"? He packed his tools up and left me with a leaking water line and no access to water or ice.
I immediately contacted Advance Solutions to inform them of the damages their technician had caused.
The gentlemen said he would speak to the "boss" and get back to me. It is know 3 hours later and no one from Advance Solutions has contacted me. I called Frigidaire to inform them of my situation and they have arranged for another repair service MTE Mechanical to come to my home on Monday 2/10/20.
It is know 5 weeks later and not only due I have no access to water or ice but I have a damaged water line and a leak. My wife and I are both disabled and suffer from a variety of health issues which are impacted by these neglectful circumstances.

William Federice
529 Third Avenue
Pelham, NY 10803

Email: [protected]
Phone: [protected]

18 cubic feet fridge and freezer model #ffht1831qp

We purchased this product on 23 July 2016. The lower handle (attached to the Fridge not the Freezer) broke around Feb. 2017. So we ordered a new handle and paid $59.36. Now this handle is also broken. The reason is the top of the lower handle is too weak and every time we open the Fridge door, the top part of the handle undergoes a lot of physical stress.

I phoned the Frigidaire Manufacturer's customer service and was told the best they can do is give me 20% discount. I cannot keep on buying new handles for ever. I was just asking for two free handles. I can pick them up from Coast Wholesale Appliances 8488 Main St. Vancouver, BC. Thanks
Lutaf Adatia Tel: [protected] Burnaby, BC

your 20 cu ft refrigerator

I ordered both the small freezer and the 20 cu ft refrigerator. 1 FRI FFFU06M1TW FRIGIDAIRE 6 CU. FT. UPRIGHT FREEZER 360.00 360.00 1 FGVU21F8QF 20.5 CU. FT. 2-IN-1 UPRIGHT FREEZER OR REFRIGERATOR FRI 1, 170.00 1, 170.00 1 DELIVERY 49.99 The Freezer has been delivered although the door could NOT be switched to a right hand opening. However, that problem is minor compared to the fact that I have recently found out that the refrigerator has been discontinued. Now I am in a HUGE pickle because of this refrigerator no longer being available. QUESTION: Will you soon have a similar refrigerator product available? I had planned on using these 2 products together; one in my kitchen [refrigerator]; the other in my mud room [freezer]. I disliked the available refrigerator originally. I do not like it anymore now. This situation is very FRUSTRATING. What will your replacement be? When will it be available? Please send me a GOOD option.

I tried to send this on your regular site. However, the 'send button' did not work.
I am getting more frustrated all the time. Please help.

Ann E. Ruthsdottir
Brunswick, ME [protected]

microwave and stove

I bought the Frigidaire gallery package with refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher on 9/2/16. Now only 3/12 years later I am looking at buying another stove and microwave. The stove has an terrible smell when I use the oven. It's unbearable and we can no longer use it. Also a week after that problem the microwave stopped working. I replaced the fuse and it immediately blew again. So now both the microwave and stove are unusable. I am a very careful clean person and take care of my home and appliances. I didn't expect to have to buy new stuff after I just bought new stuff only 3 and 1/2 years ago.

microwave and stove

fgmv176ntf gallery over the range microwave/serial no. kg73014272

My microwave was installed approx. 1.5 years ago when I remodeled my kitchen, and has begun blowing fuses. From my research, I understand that this is a common complaint with newer Frigidaire microwaves. I do not have an extended warranty. Why is this such a prominent problem with your microwave ovens? Under the circumstances, what are you prepared to offer as a solution to this reocurring issue with my microwave? As info, I have also purchased a Frigidaire Gallery gas range, dishwasher, and refrigerator over the last few years.

Thank you

Rene Salois
280 Saw Mill Rd.
North Scituate, RI 02857
[protected]) (cell)

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Jan 19, 2020

    Hi Rene.

    I'm involved with the industry and can tell you this isn't a common problem. If it is blowing fuses continually, there is something else that's become a problem with the unit. Although you could pay to have service technician scheduled, I'd suggest just replacing the unit, possibly with the very same model as to save any hassle over remounting a different unit.

    Hope this helps.

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frigidaire refrigerator rust i’m back from icemaker

Frigidaire refrigerator Has huge rust spot on back from icemaker Condensation And is rusting through the back panel the light continuously goes out, The refrigerator also kicks a breaker from time to time which in turn cuts the power off, I have had to turn the water off going to the refrigerator because the water leaks. Have had service tech come out on more than one occasion and he says it is a manufacturing defect. I am 82 years old on a limited fixed income and in no way can I afford another refrigerator nor pay for another service call! Please help me...Lenna Dixon [protected]
Model number 253.[protected]
Serial number 4A42002143

I am complaining about my refrigerator

We bought the whole set of Gallery Series in 2012. Our refrigerator have been serviced three different times all within the ice maker. We did not purchase extended warranty, because spending the money we did, we thought we wouldn't have the problems we have had. We have been spending more money on this one appliance. This is the worse product to purchase and I will never buy another Frigidaire product again and will not recommend this brand to anyone I know. You can't get to many repairmen to touch it. Never again, so done with name. Chequela Wade

warranty repair wall oven

I used the self cleaning feature on my frigidaire gallery wall oven on Dec.17th 2019. If I had known using it was going to totally kill my oven I never would've used it. It turns on but no heat. Called frigidaire since the warranty is still valid and was told the soonest they could get a repair person to come out was Dec. 24h. I said ok and I thought I would still be able to bake some Christmas cookies, etc. When I called to confirm with the repair guy he said "I don't know why they told you the 24th, we're closed." I called Fridgidaire back they rescheduled for Dec. 26th. I called Arrow appliance repair, the same company they scheduled the first time, to confirm and was told "Why do they keep giving you wrong information. I'm closed til after the 1st of the year." I called Frigidaire back and asked " What the [censored] is going on? How can you schedule repair service with a company that's closed for the holidays???" They told me they don' even talk to the people, they look at some schedule and go from there. The guy from Arrow calls me because he is totally confused and agrees to come look at the oven because he feels bad I've been given the run around.
The next day he calls and says he's in front of my house.
I go look, nobody there. I call him and ask where he is.
He said isn't your address 33 *****? I told him yes. he said "This house says 33" So this fool is in front of some random house that has 33 in the address and is trying to make me feel stupid. He finally found me, looks at the oven and he asked me who installed it. I told him my idiot of a landlord. That was that. He starts packing up his tools and says he has to call Electrolux and make sure the warranty is still valid since it wasn't installed by a professional. Ok fine, I understand that. He tells me he is going to go call them and he'll let me know. I thought he was going to go out to his van to call. Hell no. He got in his van and took off and that was the last I've seen or heard from him. So I still don't have a working oven and it's no closer to getting repaired 13 days ago. I suppose if I really want to screw up my day I can start calling Frigidaire and Electrolux again. How hard is it? Isn't their job "Customer Service"? It must be really difficult when the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.
So I'm still waiting in San Diego. Is there nobody else to call In all of San Diego County????
I called Electrolux myself and told them what happened and asked if the warranty would still be valid. She checked and told me yes. It took 2 minutes to get an answer. I still don't know what happened to the guy from Arrow.


We had a refrigerator delivered brand new from Rona and the day it came to us it did not work we contacted Rona which gave us a number for repair centre the repair centre came out said that it was non-repairable they sent the information to Frigidaire Frigidaire said it was non-repairable that they would have a replacement for us and that was three weeks ago I called today and still nothing everything was bounced back to them so now I got to start all over and I've had no fridge for 3 weeks and still no fridge after purchasing this brand-new they will not take it back to the store and just replace it very unhappy and about the contact the lawyer

frigidaire dishwasher

We have frigidaire dishwasher. It is leaking even when it is not running. It has ruined our kitchen floor and our basement ceiling and drywall.
we want to put a claim in and want Frigidaire to pay us for the damage. Serial No. TH22077312. Model No. LFBD2409LB. Please call us
asap. Johanna Philipps 30 Meadow Lane Richboro PA 18954. [protected]. [protected]

customer service associate

Contacted customer service to get some assistance on why my New dehumidifier stopped running. She was completely useless, had no suggestions, asked me no questions, and really seemed completely unconcerned. So my phone call to them was a waste of my time and it made me feel that Frigidaire should absolutely do a better job in hiring. If that is the type of customer support they want to provide, their company will not do well because it shows customers that they really don't care once you have purchased the product. My 15-year-old figured out the problem and now the dehumidifier works. She should not have a job as someone who is supposed to help.

  • Updated by debraP · Nov 04, 2019

    Service rep was completely unconcerned.

frigidaire gallery refrigerator

Ice maker randomly stops working. Very frustrating! We have called numerous times about this issue. Called once while the product was still under factory warranty and they attempted to fix it. Needless to say the fix didn't work. When I called back our warranty had expired and they said it was nothing they could do without me paying for it. REALLY! Same issue I had while under warranty and they wouldn't stand behind it. WOW! Good thing I bought an extended warranty. Had to call again today bc the ice maker has not worked in over 2 weeks. This is a known issue and they are not doing anything about it. I would recommend staying away from frigidaire!

rebate program

I purchased a cooktop that was included in the rebate program. I submitted everything that was asked for, and was kept asking for additional information, including being asked for information that was already submitted. I spent over an hour on the phone with customer service of the rebate program, again submitting what they required, was told on the phone they received it as we were on the phone, and then 3 days later the emails requesting the information started all over again. The rebate program in my experience is a complete scam. I have spent hours trying to get a $100 refund. The $100 rebate put the cooktop in my price budget that's why I bought it. This is by far the worst rebate experience I have ever had.

frigidaire gallery fridge

Please note that this only the forth year that this fridge has been running in our home (We purchased the home four years ago and the fridge that was brand new came with the house.).
In the last two weeks, we have had to call a service technician to come to fix the water function and to replace the defrost thermostat. We had to pay over $500 in total for repairs. We do not feel that a four-year-old fridge should cause us all these costs. Please reply with an offer of reimbursement for some of this cost. We have our receipts for the repairs. Thank-you.

frigidaire stove (oven malfunctioned in under 1 yr-not working at all now)

Dear Sir or Madam,

We purchased a brand new Frigidaire stove on November 17, 2017 from Best Buy. Before the stove was one year old the oven began to malfunction, we would get a F30 code, they told us to unplug it and plug it back. We did and it worked for a while then we got the F10 code, but of course the one year warranty ran out. We purchased an extended warranty, they repaired the oven it worked for some time but the repair did not last and our oven is completely dead-not working at all. Frigidaire should replace this stove because we only enjoyed it for under one year.

Thank you,
S. Olatunji

stainless steel refrigerator

I purchased a new stainless steel refrigerator in February 2019. The doors started rusting immediately. I've been on the phone with the electrolux company here in Puerto Rico since then. Today after 8 months of frustration they finally show up to replace the doors and they bring the wrong ones!! My refrigerator is black with stainless steel doors, they sent the freezer door in stainless and the fridge door in white!! Then they said it would be another 3-4 months to get the right one!! I need someone above the local people here to contact me because I'm getting the run around and a lot of bs from the people here.

slide-in induction range - 4.6 cu. ft.

Hi there,

We purchased an Frigidaire Induction Stove at Rona Etobicoke and we were given the rebate to receive a 10 piece Cuisinart induction cook set with this purchase. I have been trying to send in this rebate for over an hour and I cannot locate the model number in the drop down menu.

Here are the details for the purchase that we made

Item #[protected] Model #CGIS3065PF Format 36.62x28.31x30"

Invoice # 6075 Seq # 023 Batch 226 at 12:11:57PM

RONA Etobicoke 1170 Martin Grove Rd Toronto Ontario m9w 4X1 [protected]

All I want is to be able to get the Induction Stove cookware set. The deal is from Sept 26 2019 - Nov 30 2019.
Please let me know how I am able to put this through as the model # is not being offered to me and if it is not being offered to me then it is false advertising for this in the store and on Frigidaire.

Thank you

  • Updated by TMHullClarke · Oct 21, 2019

    Hi there, it's not that I do nothave the number, , its that the number is not in the drop down when I was guaranteed a cookware set worth 459.00 when I bought this stove of Frigidaire. I provided the model # in my post. What I am looking for is the guarantee for the set of pots that work with the induction stove I just purchased from Rona and this was a selling feature as it was a rebate from Frigidaire to get this set of pots. I have attached the flyer that was with the range we purchased.

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Theresa, you should be able to find your model number in the manual that came with your appliance and select it on the drop down menu on the website. Click the small arrow to expand a list of options and select the one with the same number as is on your manual. I hope this clears things up!

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fgbd2445nq dishwasher fire hazard

October 14, 2016

Yesterday, I noticed a burnt smell from my dishwasher.

Dishwasher heating element overheated which caused it to warp. The element warped into the bottom of the dishwashing causing the bottom to melt. Also, the washer arm than came in contact with the warped element and also burned/melted.

A definite dangerous fire hazard as well!! Dishwasher is only 3 1/2 yrs old. Age doesn't play a part of the problem, it obviously is a manufacture defect.

After researching I have found there have been MANY reports of this problem by other consumers! And nothing is being done about the defect. What does it take, someone to die before Frigidare acknowledges that there is a manufacturer defect in the element that overheats, warps and melts the bottom and washer arm.

I can't get a repair person out to my home until Oct 28th. Service charge to just come and take a look is $100.00. I was told not to use the washer until the tech looks.

I would like Frigidaire to investigate this problem with the heating element and possiblity of lack of support brackets. I will not trust this washer now. I know I have no warranty, but I would think the company would reimburse me for the costs due to this obvious defect! Or replace the dishwasher with a new (hopefully safe) one.

Laurel G Dvorak