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LBC Express reviews & complaints

LBC Express complaints 2472

Jan 17, 2022

LBC Express - Poor shipping company

I sent 7 boxes through LBC only 1 arrived and they keep saying they have escalated to the Cebu team and waiting for a response. I sent these packages October 13 2021 it's now January 17 and they still have not arrived! $700 of shipping costs and no scans past Manila! Last week they said they would deliver by end of week or early next but still no scans and no delivery... Back to asking Cebu team again! This BS has gone on for a month the CEO needs to get a handle on this or the government should shut them down!

Jan 15, 2022

LBC Express - Customer complaint - staff is too lazy handling a customer

Hi LBC team,

I am writing a formal complaint to your staff at the Alimall branch.

I have sent money to my wife in the Philippines from Canada through a remittance agent. My wife claimed the money today Jan. 15, 2022, 1 PM at the Alimall branch at LGF and 4th floor. The staff at LGF cannot find the remittance name on the system and said that she did not encounter the remittance name and continued searching. My wife is a regular customer and monthly receives money from the same branch but every time my wife encounters the same problem. The staff found the remittance name for my wife but the name format is reversed. Instead of the last name, the system writes her first name and the last name is at the first name. My wife even has an LBC card/no. to verify she is the person in the system. The lady staff is too lazy and said that the system is not accepting it and recommended requesting Canada remittance to change the name and there is no other way. This is unacceptable. The staff also said she had worked in the same branch for a long time in the same branch yet she did not know the system. My wife went to the 4th floor, the same thing happened as the lady staff at the 4th floor asked the situation of my wife from the staff at the LGF why she transferred to the 4th floor, then refused to entertain my wife. Then my wife went to another branch at the 20th Ave. Metrolane branch and was able to receive the money without any issues. Kindly train your staff to properly handle the customer, this is annoying that LBC staff is facing people yet do not know how the system works and learn the policies.

LBC Express - Undelivered parcel / Wrong Tagging


I want to inform all of you that's a lie! No one even contacted me to let me know that my parcel is out for delivery. How can your delivery men tag me as moved to a new address when I didn't even change my address?

I've been waiting for that parcel long enough! That's already paid!

You need to check on your delivery men! They're too lazy to deliver the packages and what they do is tag the package incorrectly just for them to put a reason!

I want that parcel to be delivered as soon as possible!

My contact number is [protected] and I'm still living on the same address and I never changed location Rose St., Kasilak, 76-A, Bucana, Davao City.

I hope everything is clear to all of you!

Desired outcome: I want my parcel to be delivered as soon as possible and fire those delivery men who are not doing their job well


LBC Express - Gadget

I am writing to complain! I was so pissed! Until now I didn't receive my parcel yet! It's been 12 days now! The item inside is a gadget and I'm very worried that it might be drained and will affect the battery health. Common lbc! Grow up! Poor customer service. Sucks! Remove the word express cos you don't deserve it. My patience level 👎👎

Desired outcome: January 3-6


LBC Express - Delivery of a package

Lbc! your dipolog branch in the philippines accepted a package knowing that the port was damaged due to the typhoon odette and now the package was stucked in dipolog for almost 17 days and when we tracked it through your online portal it is still in dipolog distribution team since december 21, 2021. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 they shouldn't have accepted the package knowing that the port was not available ! wtf! tracking #[protected].



LBC Express - My box still not being delivered

I tracked my box it's said that it's in the warehouse but it's already more than a week still I didn't receive it. Before only 3 days I received it already iwant to have it before Christmas day it's only 5 days away I dont know what's going on with this lbc express they are not capable of giving customers satisfaction I want to hear soon from them

Desired outcome: I want to have my box before Christmas


LBC Express - be delivered before Christmas what happened to my balikbayan box tracking number #[protected] is not forwarded in iloilo yet?

All my Christmas gift for my family is In That box and now they are expecting to receive my package before Christmas.I'm very disappointed that my family will celebrating Christmas without their gifts and also some of stuff in my package are food where they will used for Christmas dinner.I am able to get any compensation for not delivering my package?


LBC Express - The Driver who picked up my parcel

I want to complain Mr. E. Erivera, he is so rude to me. He even want to collect 500+ for medium box of lbc. He doesn't know how to communicate well. He also rudely ask my cousin to change the money I gave because he doesn't have a change. He is so rude. Please I want an action about this. I don't want another customer to experience what I experienced. I send a lot of stuff using lbc but today, I felt disappointed. He didn't even ask my address. He just leave.

Desired outcome: I want you to teach him a lesson regarding this and an apology.

LBC Express - Package

My package is lost. I did not receive yet after 6 days and when I track the page, it just says that it was received in Fora Mall. Tracking number is [protected]


LBC Express - delivery credit mastercard BDO

I let you see here the history what did happen :
On Friday 26 November i did get sms from BDO that there would be a delivery BDO mastercard first i could not believe this because the demand was years ago what ever after checking on line the trace nr : [protected] i saw it isnt a joke and i saw delivery adres blok 4 lot 1 etc ... so i did call the LBC talon 1 to give our new adres that they forward it to the LBC HUB las Pinas - Muntinlupa because the servoce nr from LBC you cannot reach
At the evening is saw contact the LBC on Saturday i did call again for the update about my adres what happens again the same NO DELIVERY so on Monday 29 i call again to talon 1 LBC to say call the HUB that the adres is changed they said we did send e mail and i said if they dont read it it will again not delivered and that did happen so conclusion the communication between the local LBC and the HUB Las Pinas - Muntinlupa is very bad so now i can wait till the BDO will send again and they will do it with another courier service because the courier didnt even try to talk to ask because we dont even live 100 meters further from the old adress and my man is a foreigner and he is the only one here so very bad service from the courier here : Mon, 29 November 2021

Shipment is with a concern. Please get in touch with our official customer channels.
Mon, 29 November 2021

Please expect delivery within the day.
Sat, 27 November 2021

Shipment is with a concern. Please get in touch with our official customer channels.
Sat, 27 November 2021

Please expect delivery within the day.
Fri, 26 November 2021

Shipment is with a concern. Please get in touch with our official customer channels.
Fri, 26 November 2021

Please expect delivery within the day.
Fri, 26 November 2021

Shipment has been received at MUNTINLUPA-LAS PINAS DELIVERY TEAM.
Fri, 26 November 2021

Shipment is en route to MUNTINLUPA-LAS PINAS DELIVERY TEAM. Next update for this shipment will come within 1 day/s.
Conclusion ; even you call the offical customer channels they dont care about it

Desired outcome: control better the courier that they take contact with the customer before they say adress not okay !!!

LBC Express - Important document

I was complaining of my parcel in sta cruz, san jose dinagat island, surigao del norte with tracking number. [protected]. I was send this nov.17, 2021 hear in baybay city, leyte. I thought that it will arrived for 1 week since this is very important to be receieved by atty. Richel S. Catani until now not yet receive for almost 12 days. Hope you will help me to our compliant. The wait for this fly urgently...This is not the first that i send in dinagat island surigao

Thank you.

LBC Express - I just want to complain the lbc staff in Bayanan Muntinlupa

He is so arrogant the way he answer question of the customer. Bastos talaga. Worst ever.. wlang kwenta na bakla..padabog pa. I hope sana maayos sya . Bayad ako ng parcel ko tapos pagpilitan nya ako maghanap kc wala daw sya panukli..lbc po wla sukli? sana po ma actionan kc iba po talaga ugali ng staff Lbac Bayanan Muntinlupa Branch. Obligation nya na sumagot at mag entertain ng costumet ng maayos pero sya bastos talaga

Desired outcome: suspention


LBC Express - Local delivery

Stated per tracking status, my address is incorrect when in fact it is correct. This is the 2nd time lbc did this to me. I dont think you are really making in effort to deliver my parcel. All other couriers were able to locate my house without any problems.
Now I will have to waste more of my time to get my parcel.

Desired outcome: Please better your service. Do not just put in "incorrect address" as of its the customer's fault. Also, please specify what really happened


LBC Express - I complain my cpu computer

my cpu fan is broken after they receive yesterday around afternoon. upon opening the box they saw the cpu computer inside is broken then they take a picture of it and they send it to me ... then i need to ask for repair for that or to refund . the box receive yesterday month of 2021-11-25. my phone number +[protected]/[protected] my place is japan my name is CYRIL SAKAMOTO T. waiting for your response thank you...

LBC Express - delivery negligence

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to complain regarding my parcel which is live plants that was shipped last Nov. 18, 2021, I am expecting to arrive the said parcel with tracking no. [protected] on Nov. 20, 2021 in our lbc branch located at bonifacio st, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, but unfortunately, the said plant was delivered to cauayan branch, as soon as I noticed that my parcel was delivered to wrong branch, I immediately report it to the branch where I am expecting to receive it, the personel told me that they don't have any contact to cauayan branch, but they have the main ofice contact. so I assumed that it was reported to the main office, and I expect to arive it on the following day, and still there's no parcel arived, so I contineously monitor the status of my parcel, but Still on Nov 22, there's no parcel arive d, so I texted the staff and ask regarding the status of my parcel and asked them to please deliver directly to san jose branch, then they told me that it will delivered directly in san jose branch. On Nov. 23, I texted the staff, at last it was arrived on that day, but in my dissapoint when I open the box, some leaves are dried and some are became yellowish sign of drying, some pictures are attached.

I am asking for the damage fee of my plants, because it is pricy plants, It cost too much to me, I spend almost 4, 000 to buy these plants, and it is expecting by my clients, I assumed that when it arrived here I immediately sold it to my client as they expecting it. and now this is what happened, I received a dried plants.

I hope that this complain will take action immediately, Thank you and more power

Nov 23, 2021

LBC Express - Lousy delivery lbc express san fernando delivery

This is to let you know that your services are so lousy. I pay for the shipping fee and you delay my order. Next time I won't be booking anymore with you guys. I got so pestered already. You don't even pay attention to your customers. I already called customer service 10 times no one can escalate my concern.
Next time deliver on time. We pay so we expect you will do a good job but you don't

What's the name of the manager of this branch?

Desired outcome: DELIVERY IT TODAY

LBC Express - Programme on totalitarianism 14.15 Sat

Your presenter talks about totalitarianism saying he is not antivaxer. What is the purpose of this broadcast?
People are dying of Covid and vaccination is going to prevent further death.
All major vaccines are obligatory. Why not Covid one?
There are many just causes which can make people fight for personal liberty. This is not the right one.
LBC is telling people to disobey now. Is this reasonable?
I would say it is totally irresponsible to broadcast this programme.

Desired outcome: Broadcast programme to make vaccination indispensable.

LBC Express - I am complaining about the behavior of your staff

This is my 2nd transaction in your branch at SM Lananag Premiere, Davao City, and your staff who assisted me was Mr. Rommel Ramirez (based on the receipt). Just today, I never got a good customer...

Read full review
Nov 19, 2021

LBC Express - remittance

On 11/10, I sent a remittance to a person in QC. It was done thru your online portal and shows as ready for pickup. It is now 8 days later and funds not delivered. Recipient is told no funds sent. I have called LBC 800 number 2 x and verified funds are available. Now for 2 more days, they claim to be offline. I do not believe any banking service should be offline for 48 hrs and you are fraudulently withholding my funds that were sent for an emergency . This is the 2nd time I have had this issue with LBC in QC-you are illegally withholding money for the sake of personal gain at the expense of your customers. I send money to Iloilo and Guimaras every month without problems but this office in QC continues to operate without oversight. I have already filed a complaint with the US FCC and Philippine Dept of Finance and await an answer. I have tried using your Facebook account but it does not allow private messages which is another example of fraudulent activity. How can you discuss a transaction on your public boards?

Desired outcome: immediate release of funds and dismissal of agents in QC for illegal activities

LBC Express - Delivery Service

They offer worldwide Delivery but they have limited ODZ. They should inform the Sender ahead of time for them to be aware and choose other courier that could deliver the package to the said address.

Desired outcome: Be clear and Concise with what they are offering. Refuns of the shipping fee as it cost MUCH nad can't provide the service they offer.

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