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Complaints & Reviews

Service — Package didn't received for more than a week.

My package has arrived in our location after 2 days delayed can't found our location. At 3rd day they found the location our assigned security guard at the lobby told the delivery man to contact me that the package has already arrived since I was just out 2mins ago and went back after 3mins. To withdraw. the security guard told me that lbc was gone already. He noticed after he told the delivery boy to contact me, (march 14) but he didn't try to message or contact me. The delivery boy already ride the motor. And after that tracking the package always ready for delivery the payment for has already give to the guard but still no one arrived. But upon ur system the package is ready for delivery for 7days after march 14. There is a problem with your staff or system. The item was very important. My client was very mad because until now I can't deliver the package to him.

Please deliver it today.
1221 Atlantica Star Navarra St. Sampaloc Manila
(UsT Dapitan corner Navarra St. Beside Brgy.Hall and Metro Oil Gas Station)

Full Name: Marylyn Cheng
Mobile No: [protected]
Track No: [protected]

Personal documents to be sent — Not yet delivered

Pls check my Item, with tracking number
Item to be delivered at

Contact number of reciever:

Not yet delivered

Delivery of credit card from BDO

I had my BDO credit card redelivered, and BDO replied that it was SCS again returns to BDO. It said you can't find my address? I've been waiting and waiting. Is it so hard to deliver and you had to return it over and over. Use your GPS or scream because someone is in the house. Please act on this immediately.
No. 1 Ford St. (corner lot at the end) Phase 3C Filinvest East Homes Cainta, Marcos Highway.
Track no.. [protected]
Lorna Cifra Shimojo

Delivery of credit card from BDO
Delivery of credit card from BDO

BDO Credit Card not Received

BDO texted me about my credit card being dispatched thru LBC delivery last February 28, 2020, and also they provided me with a tracking number. I just checked your tracking website, only to find out that it was arrived at SCS Returns. How? No one texted me from LBC about the delivery.
As I checked and track:
"We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient's address cannot be located. (Like how come? I always received my parcel in different express delivery.) Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels." ( I tried to reach out thru LBC Express Inc Messenger asking if I can just pick it up in one of their branch here in Cebu, unfortunately they just seen my messages. Wtf! )
LBC can you please do something about this concern to be addressed ASAP. Thank you!

BDO Credit Card not Received
BDO Credit Card not Received
BDO Credit Card not Received
BDO Credit Card not Received


Good day! I tracked COP package and it arrived yesterday sa LBC Dumaguete but it's current status is Shipment Issue and instructed me to contact customer care. What issue is it? I tried all contact numbers and email listed in your site and in facebook. No answer. Tracking number: [protected]
Please reply and update me where I can get my package today.


I am complaining about our last parcel transaction.

The cashier Alona Jean Catolico made a mistake on taking my receivers name and address. Our receiver is Mr. Ryan Delos Santos of 19 Sampaloc St., Purok 4, Lower Bicutan, Taguig but based on the receipt that she gave me is Mr. Ryan Miranda Delos Santos of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. That's why my receiver got mad because of the delayed.

The delivery of credit card


Id like to follow up my credit card delivery. Upon checkingof delivery status the asigned carrier always report HOUSE CLOSE. How come it will be close we are just inside the house. No one is knocking at our door. Our car is always outside. Or Can u deliver this into our office?


3RD FLOOR samuel one building hinda street guadalupe makati city.

Or please call [protected] that is my contact no. Thank you

Tracking no. [protected]

Upper laguna warehouse is not answering their telephone

I am calling since yesterday and never did they answer [censored]

Delivery of services

I have received a text message from bdo that my card has been dispatched for delivery. I have tracked my parcel to know that my item has been returned to scs returns. How come, LBC has not informed me as to the status of my delivery. This is not the first time it happened to me. 2 of my SUPPOSEDLY for delivery items were not delivered for the reason that my area is out of your delivery services. How come you received my payment when you cannot have it delivered to my exact address. Should have known, I have looked for other couriers since those documents were pertinent ones.
Please do not disregard matters like this since we paid accordingly for your services.
Hoping for an immediate action regarding this matter and lessen our hassle. Thank you.

Item on internal mail dispatch

I first called LBC to request to redeliver my item since the issue is recipient unknown to the given address and they agreed however no one tried to redeliver my item. I called again if I can just pick up the item at Cainta Hub and the agent agreed again, I went to hub but unfortunately they return my item to Origin. Upon checking on the LBC Tracking system, it went to internal mail dispatch. I called again to customer care channels to complain and the agent said he will request to return to Cainta Hub instead of returning to Origin within the week, and another week came I called again and the agent said that the shipper should be the one to request. How inconsistent is that? My item will turn 1 month this March 19 to LBC!!!

Express delivery

Sabi nyo out for delivery
May number di nto tinatawagan, ang mahal ng bayad may insurance pa kayong nalalaman, manggagantso kayo, bulok serbisyo nyo, pina post mail ko nlang sana.
Andaming tao sa address sasavihin wala daw tao mga ulol kayo!

Express delivery



I have sent numerous emails about my order re Tracking no. [protected] but no one even bothers to help. Why is it that I have never received any calls/messages notifying me about my order being delivered! This has been an ongoing issue! I need this to be delivered ASAP.

Please note that I am on a Monday - Friday at 7AM - 4PM working schedule. My delivery address stated is my office address not my Home address!

If its possible to just pick it up tomorrow at LBC Branch located at Mall of Asia Pasay City it would be greatly appreciated.

If my issue will not be resolved I will formally file a complaint to the head office I will even go straight to the media if necessary. My right as a customer is that I should always be notified for the delivery. Per your website it states I am not present during the delivery? I have never received any messages or calls either about my order. And this is not acceptable to me. I will be going further if this will not be resolved.

I need immediate response to this issue.

Yours truly,

Kathleen Cuison
Mobile: [protected]


Slow response team

I would like to raise a complaint regarding your Sta. Rosa Laguna branch and Bulacan Hub. Last March 2, my seller shipped my parcel thru your LBC Branch in Sta Rosa Laguna. I agreed on getting the item via COP, and pick up branch is Lagro QC. I waited for 3 days, then it was Friday when someone from lbc called me that my item is for COP. All the while i thought it was in Lagro branch already so i hurried to pick it up since the is valuable and expensive. I was shocked to find out that my name was not on the list. Then i contacted the number who called me and there I learned that it was from Bulacan warehouse. So i immediately informed the shipper regarding wrong shipment. Your Sta Rosa branch admitted it was their fault. Now they emailed Bulacan. I called many times also but they did not answer. I felt that they were not responsive to my concern. Your laguna branch also didnt find the easiest way to contact Bulacan just to show concern because of their mistakes. Then i received a text last Mar 7, that my parcel is ready for pick up in SM San Jose branch. But when i followed up today after several calls, they said that they dont know where the parcel is yet they sent me a msg for pick up today. Then onwards, i had 14 missed calls, they didnt bother to get back to me. Up until now the status of my parcel is still forwarded to Bulacan delivery team. Tracking number
[protected]. This is the only way to raise a complaint via social media. I believe you will respond better after the public knew how disgusting your services are. You just receive our payments but your after payment services is poor.

Slow response team
Slow response team
Slow response team
Slow response team
Slow response team
Slow response team

Unethical Behaviour

March 9, 2020 My auntie have received a call from the delivery man saying that they cannot deliver her package at Dumilos Compound, Tuding Proper, Itogon Benguet with the landmark stated In front of Precious Jewel School. As a Senior Citizen, she was hoping that she would be comfortable with your service, suggested to meet your delivery man at common place comfortable for both of them. But was instructed to just pick package at LBC Cooyeesan instead. The package is weighing 5Kgs and opted for door to door delivery for convenience but still was not satisfied. The delivery man also was rude to laugh at her request to not send the product back to manila just because they cannot deliver it in my house. What kind of service is this lbc cooyeesan?


Hi and Good day.

Im been waiting for my documents to arrive. Its been 4 days and still nothing. Please help me locate it since im kinda worried coz your tracker states some shipment issue., what does it mean? Is it lost? Those document is so important and i need it asap thAts why we chose your company. Please see attached file for you reference.

Your response will be of great help.

Thanks and God bless.


Unnecessary action or unprofessional behavior towards work, making exemption in catering, entertaining boyfriend inside the office always.

Dear Maam/Sir:

I would like to complain with regards to the person who are inside of the office in front of the Manager named Mr. Jaco, even though he is not the employee and authorized employee of the LBC Iloilo branch, located at LBC Pavia, Solution. He is roaming around inside and staying inside the office and as far as i know he has a contact person who is his girlfriend that's why it is easy for him to go in and out the office and staying for a long period of time and he is at ease all the time.I know that its against the rules and policy of the company to cater certain person particularly visiting and staying regularly and he is not a costumer at all. Also, he is using the water supply to wash and clean his motorcycle its from the statement of the employee.
I know that this complain should be taken action as soon as possible so that it could be a lesson for all the employee that they must abide the company rules. To support this statement complaint, kindly double check your CCTV footage for further support and to justify in your investigative officer, this would be one way or another to correct the mal practice or unnecessary action of your employee.

Hoping for your kind consideration and hoping for a positive solution. Send us your action if you confirm certain complaint.

Thank you,

God speed

They didn't accept our deliveries.

dated march 5, 2020.location lancaster Imus cavite, your employees didnt accept my delivery and not only me, were about 4 customers who were rejected by your employee.there were two of them employee, a male and a female.the male guy is the one rejected us.he was said, they will not accept any deliveries because its already cut off time.he said cut off time 4pm.i arrived 4:20pm and i ask the guy why you will not accept my delivery??even its cut off!!??about 5 customr at that time nothing to do.not busy.and the way he talk/manners to the customer is a problem.he has a problem with regards of his character.he think he own the lbc in that place.

They didn't accept our deliveries.

Rude staff

The staff working at March 6, 2020 10:40am on LBC Centro Los Banos Laguna was very rude while providing service to my follow up. I was politely asking for assistance to solve my problem on change of recepient name yet she was so irritated and impolite in addressing the issue. She does not embody your motto about serving with smiles, I hipe that you would teach her to be more kind and polite with the people she is serving. Thank you and Good day.

  • Ra
    Ratery Mar 05, 2020

    Yeah I am sure that you were "polite"

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Credit Card Delivery

Upon tracking the shipment thru the tracking number it should have been delivered by March 4 but it failed because address cannot be located. How come it cant be located? Grab, Angkas, Ninjavan etc can locate it but LBC cant? March 5 it arrived in SCS Return so whats next? I hope to solve this very soon since credit card is a serious matter. Thanks

Credit Card Delivery


We received a text message from BDO that LBC will be delivering our Credit Card. We check on the tracking number provided it says out for delivery today so we stayed at home. When we tracked the order again it say's shipping issue address cannot be located and it eventually got returned to sender. We called BDO for redelivery and they complied so on Feb 21 we got another text from BDO with the tracking number. We waited but same issue although they did not show up they update the tracking information saying no one is available to receive the shipment. NO one showed up and it's impossible na walang tayo because we live in a 10 unit apartment and there is a small store that is always open. We are expecting redelivery for the 3rd time within this week and hopefully they will show up. We have family emergency and we need that delivery.


Document Freight Shipment

Do not, I repeat, do not send important documents through this company that you need to be in the Philippines on time even if you think you have plenty of time. They say they are holding my documents in Philippine customs, although these documents are just that. Original documents for immigrant visa interview. These should not even be held in customs unless there were issues with shipment documentation. Just spend the extra cash for a more reliable service like FedEx.

Package no tracking and now delivered late

Nakailang tawag na po ako regarding my package na di namin matrack. LBC support care would always say iveverify at icocoordinate with the team. Pero wala namang kumikilos. Bawat tawag namin same thing, we even went to the bramch where we drop off our package. No one called us back regarding this which LBC told us they would.

When we went to Sacramento branch, they specifically told us that our package was picked up sa branch nila for shipping last January 6. Kami mismo ang nagdrop off ng package dun nung January 2 at ang dating dapat sa Philippines is February katapusan.

Now that we can track the package, ang sabi Feb 24 palang daw napick up sa Sacramento, at Feb 28 pa lang naship sa Cargo. Di naman tama un

I'm requesting for a refund para sa laman ng package namin. Puro damit un ng bata, we have estimated ung time para sakto ung mga clothes. Ngayon, sala na late na nakalakihan na un.

I've been calling a lot and walang sense lagi ang pagtawag ko kasi wala namang nakilos. I trusted LBC because the company os well known para sa mga padala pero this is what happened.

Please contact me right away on my email alna.[protected] or on my phone [protected]

Package no tracking and now delivered late

Credit Card Failed to deliver

My credit card from BDO was not deliver to me.. BDO texted me that they sent me a credit card thru lbc.. I tracked it, but it was already in your headquarters but no one texted me that i have a, feb29 returned to your office.. The result there's no recipient in the said address.. How come? Noone in your people call or text me and there's no lbc team went here in our home address.. Please, deliver again in my home address.. PUROK UNO BLK6C, ZAPANTA COMPOUND, BRGY. BAYANAN, MUNTINLUPA CITY.. [protected] my CP no. And please email me: [protected]

Credit Card Failed to deliver
Credit Card Failed to deliver

Reference number branch collect

Sobrang dami na naming unclaimed branch collect almost 40k na wala na po kaming pangpuhunan.

Lalagay ko lahat ng tracking number dito sana maaksyunan ito.


Your Staff Name Marian Mentalno

She is lack of knowledge attending to clients concerns, she is lazy and a lier telling me that she don't know the contact Numbers in LBC Balibago branch... She is pushing me...

Customer service

They are moving so slow even if there isn't so many customers. They are wasting time for a reason that we can't understand. They are not even saying anything as if they...

Undelivered BDO card since January 2020

281533 Hi, contact number: [protected] My parcel which was not yet delivered to me up until now, there had been numerous attempts according to the tracking number of your website but in...

SSS, Lazada Returns

Yung tomboy doon sa LBC, United, Boundary, San Pedro Laguna.. katabi ng Puregold ay palagi niya sinasabi na offline ang system.. para mabawasan ang tao doon sa branch, kahit hindi...

Credit Card

281533 Your service is ridiculous.Im still waiting for you guys to deliver my card this will be the 3RD time to deliver the card.I dont understand why you tagged an incorrect address on...

Delayed Shipment

281533 I send my shipment to Panorama Marikina branch last Feb. 17 and gave me the waybill [protected]. The following day around noon someone from LBC Customer service called me that a...

Sending a letter

I had sent a letter today ( February 25, 2020) at LBC, TAYUG BRANCH, TAYUG, PANGASINAN. The sales associates named Jelo Malong was very rude when I asked him if I can see the LBC...

LBC — Sea cargo shipment

I had my shipemnet via sea cargo in LBC branch in Abu Dhabi. It was picked up last December 24, 2019. It was promised as 45 days and it will be delivered to respective addre...

My parcel didn't arrive

I don't know what happened, last February 21 I ordered something, tapos on transit na, by using the tracking number po ang sabi naka rating na sa Cebu nung Feb 22, 2020 yung parcel ko and it says ready for delivery . Expect delivery within the day, nag antay po ako buong araw pero walang dumating and later on tsinecheck ko yung status ulit tapos ang nakalagy shipment issue daw??? Pano nangyari yun e ready for delivery na nga...still waiting for my parcel to be deliver, hope maayos to..

My parcel didn't arrive

Parcel not yet delivered

I already sent my concern to customer service. Still the parcel did not deliver to the consignee. The address is correct but on their remarks it is incorrect. Maybe they are too lazy to look for the address. I gave all the informations needed. I asked what will happen to my parcel if they really can't deliver it, but no response. I paid for it but your service is very poor.

Parcel not yet delivered
Parcel not yet delivered
Parcel not yet delivered
Parcel not yet delivered
Parcel not yet delivered
Parcel not yet delivered

Camera,shoes, supplement

281533 I tracked my package today and I found out na napadala Ito sa maling lugar. Tabaco City Albay yung loc. pero napunta Ito sa Palawan. Mali mali din yung information na nilagay ng...

undelivered parcel

Tracking [protected] sent Jan 24 to Mandaue City from Cagayan de Oro City has not been received by addressee until now. Online tracker reports that parcel was received but upon...

Complaint to inattentive staff

281533 Last feb 19, 2020 I went to LBC to ship my parcel via Cash on Pick up, but the staff didn't ask what type of delivery I want to, instead he keep on processing the parcel a...


Yung pinadala ko sm sabi diniliver na daw kaso di daw makita yung bahay incorrect address daw e tama naman yung nilagay ko now pinacancel ko pinabalik ko yung package sa sm...

My package 📦 nabasag

281533 Ang pinadala ko na component sa lbc nabasag yung agent pa nila ang nag inpake sa component ko pero bakit ganon nabasag sana man bigyan ng action ang aking pinadala...subrang saya...

missing shipment

Date shipment - Feb. 13 2020
From LBC-Pilar, Las Pinas to Calamba, Laguna
Type: COD
Amount P1, 000
Tracking No. [protected]
The item was delivered the next day, Feb, 14, 2020 but the buyer refused to accept, reason given - he has changed his mind but reimbursed cost of shipment via LBS which I received [protected]. But up to now [protected], 5:45pm the item that was not accepted has not returned and attempts to locate it were all failures. Where is the item?