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Jan 11, 2022
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Very Poor and Unprofessional services from the Customer Services

I had arranged a parcel to be airfreighted to the USA. The Parcel was collected on the 4 Jan, 2021. SpeedPost had estimated the delivery will be between 5-7 days to reached its destination. I did the payment for the shipment.

On the 11 Jan, we called up their customer service, and shocked to find out that they did not uplift my parcel due to some issue. The parcel was still in their Hub. So, I asked her why didn't anyone informed us on this issue? She cannot reply and did not give any definite answer. Her name is Ika. That was the first CS I spoken to. She said she will update us soon. There was no update at all. Next day, we called and another CS took the call and repeated the same to us. They even said that the parcel will be returned back to us. When I asked when, she said she do not know. Her name was Sasha. In the afternoon, we called to check on our parcel to be returned, but this time another CS took the call. She did not informed that the previous CS did not do any actions on her part and this CS, Ida had to escalate and check the returned delivery. She also mentioned that she will update us again. I called again in the late afternoon since the CS did not call, this time was another CS, Parvean. Now, this lady told me that she had arranged a Manager to call us before 8pm that evening. There was no call from that Manager at all.

I had gone thru 4 Customer service agents and none can resolve the issue of my 6kg parcel. All of them said the same sentences as their been asked to say. Ï'm sorry". It was stranded in the HUB and until today was not returned to us as yet. Being Singapore Post, where is the efficiency of the standards they so called being the best. Their service totally unacceptable and not professional at all.

The sad truth is being unprofessional, the Manager did not keep his promise to call us back which lack in the integrity of the so called Manager of the Singapore Post.

Desired outcome: I need my parcel and my refund back.

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Singapore Post (SingPost) - Claim process for lost parcel - pingpong between different departments

Hi Sir, I ordered an SingPost Shop philatelic order #[protected] worth SGD69.20 include postage to Malaysia. The parcel tracking ID was RA649230822SG. Sadly the parcel was lost in Malaysia after custom inspection. Since then I contacted and follow up with Singpost Shop, Singpost Customer Services for registered mail and finally Singpost Claim. Many tickets were opened and all enquiries were replied with professional messages but it took months for me to receive the message that I can not claim for the lost parcel but only the Sender (SingPost Shop) can do it.
I attached the some of the information in attachment.

Desired outcome: Please re-send a NEW parcel with the ordered philatelic order or just refund me back to my credit card.

Case finally closed. Singpost Shop will resend another parcel to replace the lost order.

Sorry, correction, the lost Singpost order was #[protected] worth SDD18.65, not the previous one I mentioned which was another order which I already received.

Dec 28, 2021
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Singapore Post (SingPost) - Damaged/faulty goods received

Reported damaged good in Aug 2021 - Re: CAS-5813142-Q6W4B5- CRM:[protected]
the laptop delivered to my client on 27 Jul, however the Laptop screen damaged - complaint made several months ago and several emails exchanged - reason given "investigation ongoing" after another email "investigation ongoing" follow by "investigation ongoing" - is already 5months and still investigation on-going ?

Desired outcome: Compensate for the damaged screen


Singapore Post (SingPost) - Scam

I received a singpost failed delivery attempt and required me to re-arrange 2nd delivery witha cost (S2.XX), which was normal and i have done that before. I accessed the link and its looked legit and same like previous and proceed with my credit card to pay the S2.xx.

I am shocked the OTP message i received is paying AED5, 312 to this UAE compant FIVE THE PALM! of coz i never proceed and this is so dangerous, furthermore we do not know if we really have items send by singpost as online shopping so common nowadays

pls let us know how to check and secure this?

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Cp232280245kr not delivered to receiver. It contains clothes, books, shoes and mask

Dear Sir/Ma'am, This is to inform you that we send one parcel to Singapore on 19th Aug.2021 from South Korea but receiver didn't receive the call for the shipment. Once we called Singapore Post for...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - P.O.Box

On 8/11/2021 I went to the Sing Post at Bukit Batok Central Post Office to apply for P.O.Box to have my mail redirected into this box.
I was told to pay $96.30 for the rental of the box and also to pay another $89.10 for 3 mths redirecting service. The service will start only on 11/11/21.
Everything seems well but unfortunately on 10/11/21 when I approach my bank, insurance company, credit card service and was told that we are not allowed to send to P.O.Box. Now my question is, why was I not told, I would expect the staff to tell me these companies do not allow us to use this service. As you are well aware that I am a senior citizen, surely we are not updated and it is your front line people who should advise us what to do, instead they kept quiet about it and all they want me to do is to make the payment that's all.
Today on 11/11/21 I went to the Post Office again to inform them to redirect my mail to another address instead of P.O.Box and I was again to make another payment of the same amount again.
I have not even use the box yet and my hard earned money is forfeited. I think this is not fair to me, it is not my fault as your staff did not inform me and I paid it innocently. I wish to request for a refund as this not fair to a senior citizen and this only happen 2 days ago.
Please review and refund me some money as I am a retiree and the money is very important to me. Thanks

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Amulets, casing and necklace

My parcel was mail from thailand on 9 Sept, on 11 Sept the parcel safely reached Singapore, on 23 Sept tracking said unsuccessfully deliver, few days later told me parcel lost at the singpost warehouse, such a big parcel can be lost in the warehouse? No cctv? The item inside the parcel is very important to me. Inside the warehouse got thief? How to trust singpost? How can it lost in the warehouse? No security at all?

Oct 18, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Outdated, slow and expensive postage fees.

After waiting fir two weeks no update, finally they said they going to send my item to me .

Postage fees expensive but system lousy . 1605 also shorthanded .
A goverment post centre like this really a shame .
i have informed them i will be at home with the door open .
let's see if this delivety will end up as failed delivery or item losted in warehouse .
If my item still undeliver or losted, you better help me check with ICA .
i remember 2019 there was this news report aboit item held by ICA because of taxes issues and declared as losted .

Desired outcome: Give me back my items if losted in ICA or compensate .

Update by W00
Oct 19, 2021

Finally received my package, thank you.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Regarding the delay in delivering my parcel

My tracking number: rb146070425sg.
It has been almost 16 days after despatching from singapore. Till now my status showing "arriving to the destination country". How many days still I need to wait for my parcel?. But my one parcel arrived within 14 days.
And one of my friend whose parcel is dispatched after me reached the destination.
Whether my parcel is lost in the transit?
When can I get my parcel? Please I need a transparent tracking information..

Oct 13, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Why my 1st order didnt recieve untill i recieved my second order

I was recieved a prompt last 8th of Oct. 2021 In my online apps that my 1st item will be attempt to deliver on that day onwards but recieved Unsuccessfull delivery attempt on the next day and will deliver on the next other days.
My 2nd order from online apps was recieved a prompt 11th of Oct. 2021 to attempt to deliver and recieved unsuccessfull delivery attempt and will deliver on the nextday onwards in my apps.
Today 13th Oct. 2021 i recieved my 2nd order in my letter box and trying to call the customer service to ask about the status for my 1st order but no one istaking my call. Is this mean my first order was missing?
Please dissapointing. How to know early if my item really still holding by Singpost normally your side will leave a small letter for me to collect it at Singpost near my area. I did try to use there tracking website also useless..Normally if i need to collect my order at Singpost

My 1st order:
Tracking #: SPSGCNOO7793620
Order #: [protected]

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - delivery guy/courier guy

I have received an attempt to deliver notification from my phone went outside and nobody is around and no delivery notification letter. He will always do this and even reach to 3 attempts. There are people in the house he just have to knock.
There was a time whereby I did bot receive my parcel and and singpost was not able to track. He should have the items as the tracking number in the paper and my item tallies.

Desired outcome: pls investigate on how he does his job “attempt delivery notification but was not physically around i happen to be at the dining when i received the notification so it is impossible he was there

Singapore Post (SingPost) - No Response for Over 2 Weeks despite Repeated Reminders to Address vPost Problems

The following sequence of events illustrate how bad and highly unsatisfactory Singpost's service is. Not only does it reflect the need to improve the skill level of its Customer Service Team (even for basic understanding of customer's questions and answering to the point) but also to respond and enhance service recovery in a reasonable time. Having its auto feedback system to generate multiple tickets means NOTHING to assist customers!

(1) Tracking No: XZE0000450769
(2) Tracking No: 33XQN089813801000910906
(3) Tracking No: TBAU12213363

16 Sep 21 - Emailed to [protected] requesting for a review of package (2) weight and repack
17 Sep 21 - Auto generated ticket created by Singpost - CRM:[protected]
18 Sep 21-Emailed to [protected] to the same with package (3)
21 Sep 21 - Received an email response from Khushbu Gupta BUT he did not pay attention & did not answer my questions raised on 16/9 and 18/9.
22 Sep 21 - Called 1605 (waited 45 mins just for an operator to be connected) and explained in details the problems with CSR Yani, then followed up with an email to [protected] specifically highlighting the urgency to resolve the problems so I can consolidate shipments out asap.
28 Sep 21 - Still no reply from Singpost, so emailed a reminder
30 Sep 21 - Dropped into vPost Message board my concerns of Singpost's poor / slow response and provided again full details of (2) and (3) and overcharging (due to missed repacking by vPost operation) of (1).
30 Sep 21 - Auto generated New ticket created- CRM:[protected]
4 Oct 21 - Dropped another reminder into vPost's Message board.
4 Oct 21 - Auto generated New ticket created- CRM:[protected] but still receive NO REPLY to address my problems for well over 2 WEEKS !

Desired outcome: Respond, Resolve and Refund

Oct 07, 2021

Hi, Jason. We are sorry to hear of your service experience. Please allow us to follow up on your case and one of our consultants will get in touch with you. Thank you. - Gab

Hello Julia, I have been waiting 2 weeks since u stated here for your consultant to contact me. It has been 5 weeks these problems remain unresolved. Tried calling 1605 three times and every time, the line got cut-off after holding on for 15-20 mins! What is going on with Singpost's service? I think this is a disgrace to Singapore's accolade as an "efficient" country

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Stated Unsuccessful Delivery despite myself being at home the whole of yesterday waiting for it

Date: 30/09/2021
Tracking Number: SPXQAS000445103
Item: A Full Sized Headphone

It is reflected on the app that my package is unsuccessfully delivered on 30/09/2021, however, I was home the entire of 30/09/2021, so there was no way that I would miss the delivery since I did not even take a step out.

Unless the deliveryman decided that since the parcel is unable to fit the letterbox, which obviously it is not able to since there is no letterbox in Singapore that can fit a Full Sized Headphone, to label it as Unsuccessful Delivery.

Please do not ask me to contact the customer care line, as I did it already and it just left me with your ringtone for a good 1 hour without reaching anyone.

Desired outcome: The location of my parcel

Oct 07, 2021

Hi, De Yun. We are sorry to hear of your service experience. We are not able to retrieve any case records based on your tracking number. As such, we advise you to contact our CustCare team at 1605 or via our website at for further assistance. Thank you. - Gab


Singapore Post (SingPost) - About my parcel that i’ve been waiting for about half a month

Can you please give me update on the status of my parcel. It has been already half a month since the postage and all I got is a status from the day of postage "dispatched from sorting center". My tracking is rc751949102sg please take action to this.

Desired outcome: send to me the parcel as soon as possible im tired of waiting for your slow service

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Service. Parcel received with missing items and trash/ paper booklets inside the box.

The tracking is - CI090539785IN
My parcel arrived in Singapore on 17th Sept. As I was expecting some dryfruits & sweets (that might get spoiled due to delay, I called & requested if I can come & collect my parcel. The agent said - parcel arrived in damaged condition and is with customs for repackaging. I rec'd it on 18th but with my items missing. The box was filled with old booklets to compensate for the weight.
Since the agent already mentioned that the parcel arrived damaged we recorded while opening the parcel. Attached are all proof. Requesting your help in providing us with a solution and our missing items.
I have been in touch with your team on phone. Everytime they commit that someone will call me back with an answer but I haven't received any calls from your end yet. Pls help me.
Feel free to ask for any additional information.
Best Regards,

Desired outcome: Need all missing items.

Oct 07, 2021

Hi, Jain. We are sorry to hear of your service experience. Please allow us to follow up on your case and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.

Sep 27, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - SpeedPost and poor customer service and recovery

I would like to express my frustration and disappointment over a recent experience (14 Sep), AND the customer service after I've made a complaint to their website.

I was due to receive a parcel from HK for which SingPost is probably their Singapore delivery partner and the merchant who had sent the parcel had not indicated my unit/apartment number.

On the day of the delivery, I had received numerous calls from their staff, first via a landline and then subsequently 7 others through a mobile number. As I was in a meeting, there was no way I could have answered. Even if it had been an urgent issue, there had been no text for which I might have been able to understand what was the urgency. Instead, the staff made repeated calls over a 2h period. On the last call through the landline, I was able to give him my unit number but only after texting the mobile did i realise it was the same person who called through the landline. I thought I share the considerations I had but was met with a rude "Noted with Thanks" for that.

I am not too sure if this is the level of professionalism that SingPost wants of their staff and would want to team to investigate and apply the correct intervention to ensure that such staff know how to professionally engage their customers.

The second disappointment is their customer service after I've filed the above-mentioned complaint. I wrote in to their customer service (1) and the customer service operator had apologise on SingPost's behalf and requested the tracking number to assist in the investigation (2), which I had promptly provided (3). However, they replied to inform me the parcel had been delivered to me and requested for my name, contact, address, photo of the mail, content description (4). But I was neither looking for delivery status, nor think that the information requested was necessary for the investigation, since they would have them in the system already. I replied to ask why those were all necessary (5), to which I got a reply of the exact same previous email (6). This led to me wondering if the customer service operator understood English, or simply had no heart in dealing with the case. I made an ultimatum in my reply to bring this case elsewhere (7) and another operator had replied this morning (8) with a semi incoherent reply which left me wondering if they were trained in handling customers in English at all.

After 8 email exchanges, I am very tired of dealing with them and simply want to make a point that SingPost has very poor service in general and I will never ever want to use them again. This is one experience to show that sometimes as a national post they may have gotten complacent and customer service doesn't matter much anyway and will always retain their core business regardless of what happens.

Desired outcome: A reply preferably not from the customer service team, explaining how all these poor services were allowed to manifest, and corrective actions that they would take, if they bother.

Sep 27, 2021

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Lost parcel

Making this complains for so many times but no action taken and customer service officer just entertain me saying that will call me and let me know what is the outcome and until now no calls and no reply. I check again by myself and this appears. What kind of attitude and what kind of service singpost serves. They just to cover their mistakes and make people go round and round without an answer. They really don't reserve previous four stars. They are the worst services I ever come across. I


Held by Customs at Destination

Speedpost Priority (International)


Date Short Description Location
27/09/2021 05:42
Held by Customs at Destination
27/09/2021 05:39
Destination Customs Inspection in Progress
27/09/2021 05:27
Receive item at Destination Hub
15/09/2021 10:25
Unsuccessful delivery
Identification document not ready
14/09/2021 15:06
Receive item at Destination Hub
13/09/2021 17:25
Departed from Singapore Hub for Transit to Overseas Destination
13/09/2021 16:45
Received at Singapore Hub
11/09/2021 10:11
Item Received at Post Office
Hougang Central

Sep 22, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Send item wrongly to another country which I have stated very clear the address Thailand

Hi morning on 11 September morning I went to singpost at hougang mall to send out parcel to Thailand and paid a postage of $123.00.
But to my shock the parcel is send to Philipiness instead of Thailand and the thing arrived there on 15 September and not informing any one in Singapore about the parcel is there until I check the track system and it stated undelivery in Philipiness on 15 September.
And I keep trying to call singpost centre for almost one whole day and keep saying high volume and have to hold on and on . I withdrawal calling after that second day I tried early in the morning about 8.05 then someone pick up the call and I told him about this case and the answer we have send email to you just fill up it will do. I asked him will the parcel be track and send back to thailand and if lost how. His answer is cannot guarantee. So so disappointed with the service of speedpost and all things happend in an ugly way. Hope my parcel can be track and send to Thailand. Very disappointed as this is a birthday present for someone.

Update by Heng khin
Sep 23, 2021

Thank you for contacting SingPost on 22 September 2021.

Please be informed that we have received your request to check for the parcel with tracking number ER401804455SG.

We would like to inform you that as per our status update this item is being tagged as failed delivery to the recipient in Philippines since 15 September 2021.

Please help us with the following details in order to proceed with your request.

1. A copy of the consignment note
2. A copy of the item invoice

This send by Singpost to me. They have early received that the parcel is failed delivery and did not double check with the delivery side to double confirmed and check the address at all and if I did not make a report means this parcel will keep holding on at Philipiness. Since 15 September the item is stated failed delivery. Is this the way Sing post handle the parcel without further check and confirm. Really really terrible services and very very disappointed with this type of attitude. Thank you.

Update by Heng khin
Sep 23, 2021

Until todate I did not received any calls from singpost to explain what happened to my parcel by mistake they send to Philipiness . Is really very horrible and terrible serivces which singpost has offered. One of them asked me to call 1605 what kind of nonsence is it, now is your responsible to find the parcel and return send back to the place as requested and not asking me to call and keep holdings on the phone without any response. Really very disappointed with the ugly statement. Is almost a week the parcel is report at somewhere and if singpost not going to solve it then I will make a report to THE CASE the authority. Very very disappointed and is a terrible service I ever come across.

Update by Heng khin
Sep 23, 2021

Up todate I did not received any calls from your side to clarify whether did they locate the philipiness side whether the parcel is still there or not.

Sep 10, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Unuqdated tracking status and Unsuccessful delivery with no reason

Hi Singpost,

I have a parcel sent from Singapore to Germany on June 2021. Tracking No. CC922686829SG. Due to the importance and urgency of the goods, I kept monitoring the tracking status everyday from Singpost website. It kept showing the items has been departed from Singapore hub and received at airport processing facility, until 20th Aug 2021. However, on the same day of 20th Aug, the parcel has actually been returned in to Singapore. We in Germany did not receive any information of any attempt parcel delivery. And the information from Singpost tracking system has not been updated at all either.

Subsequently, I contacted with customer service for clarification. I also requested Singpost to resend me the parcel. Singpost kept asking me to wait for their investigation. The investigation number is CAS-5815664. 3 weeks has been passed, nothing heard from Singpost and no investigation result. Even more disappointed, Singpost also hesitated to resend me the parcel.

As a customer, I have paid for the postage, and provided the correct information. I should have the right to receive my parcel, in regardless of whatever Singpost's internal problem to be investigated. I do not want to wait forever for your investigation result. I just need my parcel. Please check and solve the issue urgently.


Desired outcome: Resend the parcel to me

Sep 03, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Singapore Post (SingPost) - Customer Service

Dear sir,

I am writing to express my disappointment about the customer service in Singpost Ang Mo Kio Central Branch.

My mother and I have made a courier service on 3 September ​2021 around 1-2p.m and this is the first time we try to, so we do not sure how to do and your colleague a middle age lady have taught us. After finish packing our stuff we was bringing the things to her but we forgot to wrap the box so she was very angry and talk loudly to us and this was what she said"我刚说得不够清楚吗?为什么你们还不明白?我已经说了要包一层纸,她听得懂华语吗?" The attitude was so terrible, it makes me feel so uncomfortable and disappointed about it.

I wasn't able to get her name but she was in customer service counter 2 wearing a face shield and mask. The parcel she helped us to process which is AKC-[protected] and the transaction number is [protected].

I appreciate if you make an effort to improve your customer service. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Wong

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