Saudi Post Complaints & Reviews

Saudi Post / parcel parcel with, item no cp084295029sa which contains perishable items...

Jun 03, 2019

Hi sir, Parcel not delivered yet., The parcel of 15 kg with item no cp084295029sa, which has been sent on 14/04/2019 from al jubail (saudi) to india., has not been delivered yet.. After the due enquiry it has been found that the item had departed (but has not reached to the next office) on...

Saudi Post / non arrival of my registered letter to india (mumbai)

May 24, 2019

My Registered letter posted from Hadad-banimalik Taif on 8th may addressed to India Chennai. Couldn't be traced from Jeddah onwards. Indian post office wrote me that this letter has not come to them from Jeddah till now. Please trace my letter as i need it as soon as possible to reach it...

Saudi Post / my customer hasn't received his parcels yet.

May 23, 2019

Hello Sir, Can you let me know if the below address is exist? This address is belonged to my customer but he said he hasn't received the parcels yet. The address is: Saihat Amor Bun Abdalazize by said Almadloh madical Saihat City 31972 Saudi Arabia We have sent two separate parcels to him...

Saudi Post / parcel of 5kg sent to india on 14/04/2019 with parcel no. cp071897878sa and not receive untill now, please check for this.

May 07, 2019

Parcel of 5kg sent to India on 14/04/2019 with parcel no. CP071897878SA and not receive untill now. This parcel containing dates, cloths, electrical wood burner, shaving machine etc.. When I track my parcel location by Saudi post official tracking shipment pattern then I found my parcel...

Saudi Post / package items was open and received like a garbage

May 01, 2019

I was not informed that my package/parcel was already in my city and stuck up for a month. So i search for it for 3days on different saudi post offices including in Central Saudi Post (Balad, Jeddah) then when i found it when i opened my box/parcel, to my dismay most items inside are open...

Saudi Post / saudi post didn't inform properly about the package

Apr 14, 2019

Our package from yestyle we received message April 2 but then we didn't know we will get that by pick up. Because we all know that our package is delivery from our address. But then April 14 they returned our package to the yestyle which they didn't inform us there's a limited days to get...

Saudi Post / mail no progress to arrive in philippines.

Apr 14, 2019

I sent email last April 2, I track in your site, still there is no progress because the mail was sent back to Mumbai office at india.could you please expidite my mail cause it is urgent going to Philippines. It would only take 20 days before they will cancel my request in Philippines. Hoping...

Saudi Post / my parcel

Jan 10, 2019

Hi sir good evening. I was sent my parcel 9.870kg on 22 nov 2018 at 5.51pm from rakkah al-khobar track no (cp075480226sa). I did pay all money to post office in saudi arabia but when my parcel coming in india they will asked money 6500 rs, how can I pay because I did pay parcel charge I...

Saudi Post / 20kg parcel

Jan 06, 2019

I sent a 20kg parcel from Saudi Post Mecca to Singapore on 15/12/18 but until now I have not received my parcel. Unfortunately, I lost my tracking number and no one at Saudi Post can check without the tracking number. Please assist me to check the wherabout of my parcel using my name...

Saudi Post / missing item on the package I received from norway to riyadh.

Jan 04, 2019

My sister in Norway sent me a package as a gift for the holidays. She sent it December 13, 2018 and I got it through Saudi Post December 30, 2018. I just opened it yesterday because I got caught up with work, only to find out that one of the items was missing. It was the most important...

Saudi Post / parcel not delivered.

Dec 06, 2018

Greetings, I had sent a parcel to Bangalore (India) from Saudi Arabia (Thuwal post office) on 21st November 2018. The package has not yet been delivered to its recipient. The Saudi Post tracking number is CP070984598SA. The tracking website has not been updated since 22nd November...

Saudi Post / loss of my parcels

Dec 05, 2018

i sent a parcels through EMS from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia on November 28, 2018 and until today i.e. December 5 2018 my online track status shows "exception" and also its cancellation. i didn't understand the reason behind. please help me to send my parcels to the destinations or please...

Saudi Post / missing items on my parcels

Nov 19, 2018

I just receive pick up my parcel from US with the tracking number EE988508903US on SAUDI POST AL RAWDAH. When I opened the box, one of the shoe box inside has no shoe inside. And even there are 6 pairs of missing socks on my parcel. I am very disappointed that the items on the parcels ha...

Saudi Post / complain about shipment customs charge.

Oct 31, 2018

Greetings, According to my shipment # EK033351693SA, May I inform to you yesterday I was received my shipment from Saudi Post to our local post (Bhiwandi Post). But the problem is custome duty fine charges 42% due to absent of TEC Code under CTH 9804. So, we refused to collect our shipment due...

Saudi Post / parcel from australia to riyadh

Oct 21, 2018

I sent a parcel from australia. Sydney from au post services with tracking number cf122513415au on 24 th sep to exit 30 al nassem. Riyadh but from 14 october it is showing in po box nassem. Riyadh and not delivered to that specific person details mentioned on parcel. Could u plz let me...

Saudi Post / bag 30kg

Oct 08, 2018

Salam to all.i let you know that this is not good courier service no one book their laguage in this courier please.i have booked my 30kg bag from madina to lahore on 12 sep still i could not receive it bag contain dates and clothes.who is responseible for this delay it tourches us.even you...

Saudi Post / missing of luggage

Sep 22, 2018

I booked one parcel of 28kg with Saudi post on September 08, 2018 (EH800182628SA) agent Mr. Abid Ali whose nos are as follows: Mobile 00 966 50 183 5465 00 966 55 535 7124 My parcel is not traceable even after 15 days of after booking. This is totally shocking service. Please trace my luggage...

Saudi Post / postal service

Sep 12, 2018

I had posted 20 kg parcell at madinna office (221025) near gate 6 of harram on 03 sep 2018 with tracking id ej005854757sa to hassan abdal pakistan. Its locaton is still madinna on the web site after 10 days. Where as it should have reached by now. Please check and inform me why it is late...

Saudi Post / my parcel is missing just because of their carelessness

Sep 11, 2018

Hi it's Mohummad Asim Abdul Wahid here My parcel is missing just because of you people you've sent it back by saying that address was not complete but we've received text to come and take the parcel through saudi post another thing if address wasn't complete it'll took...

Saudi Post / parcel not delivered

Sep 02, 2018

I sent 2 of my bags from Madinah on the 1st August to south africa. I was in the kingdom to perform pilgrimage.I was told it will take 12 days. It's a month later, I am back in south africa, and, my bags have not been delivered. Please assist. I really need my luggage. Tracking number...

Saudi Post / tracking no. rn309904528gb royal mail from united kingdom to saudi arabia

Aug 26, 2018

Tracking no. RN309904528GB Royal Mail from United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia. It has been sent for over 3 weeks now and when tracking it shows : Tracking no. RN309904528GB Your item has left the overseas International Logistics Centre and is on its way. More information will be available a...

Saudi Post / registered mail

Aug 17, 2018

Good day I am an expat working in Saudi Arabia. I sent legal documents via Saudi Post 3 weeks ago. Upon first calling to inquire I was informed that my parcel was being returned as it had an error on the send address. I waited for it to return but was then told that it had landed in...

Saudi Post / I am complaining about 1 box sended to pakistan since 2 months not received yet.

Aug 15, 2018

No#CP024209147SA Date: 07-06-2018 From:khaybar, madinah munawrah ksa By: Naila Cel no :0541276037 To: Habib-ur-rehman, Farrukh hostal jail road Lahore pakistan Sir, i have visited post office twice they told me this box is issued to islambad on #268. At check out from pakistan post...

Saudi Post / package from

Aug 14, 2018

Please check if my package has arrived here in Arar, Saudi Arabia.I can not track because it was sent thru Saver International Delivery and no tracking number given to me.Already 15 days passed and i did not receive any call.maybe my phone number was not also written in the address. I used...

Saudi Post / shipment not arrived

Aug 11, 2018

Hello sir, My shipment EG087002719SA sent from Buraidah on 05.08.18 is not arrived yet and we are not able to track after 08.08.18. This is very urgent as my son school transfer certificate is sent for attestation purpose at saudi and I have to continue embassy attestation and...

Saudi Post / tracking number ck419738434in

Aug 07, 2018

Dear Sirs, My Parcel arrived at Riyad Post on 30th July 2018, its till showing Jul 30, 2018 12:15 pm Processed for ClearanceSaudi Post Central Post in Riyadh office - AR RIYADH My Parcel is arriving from India, CK419738434IN. My Receiving address is Al Jubail Industrial Area Kindly help me...

Saudi Post / item from china

Aug 03, 2018

I recently bought an item fron Ali express, the said item was send on time and arrived here at saudi arabia last July 29 2018. But for some reason it was sent to the wrong post office and p.o. box, it was sent to Abqaiq office - BUQAYQ the right address should be Central Post in Khobar...

Saudi Post / ee070673295ph

Jul 26, 2018

Dear sir im angelo banquiles goodevening I have a parcel from philippines im not complaining i just want to inquire why my parcel is transfer to riyadh sir im here at dammam i dont kniw how to go at riyadh also we dont have any day off from my company please help me... Very thank you here...

Saudi Post / box returned from south africa to saudi post

Jul 04, 2018

A Box I sent to South Africa in December 2017 was returned to Saudi Post in Riyadh. I didn't know about this. When I tracked the box I found out that its in Riyadh central office. I work in Dammam. I can't come to Riyadh during the week to collect it from the post. On the weekend the post...

Saudi Post / abc cargo jubail

Jun 23, 2018

This is to inform you that as i am mohammed sabir khan working in al hadeed at jubail. I sent cargo from abc cargo jubail on 8 june 2015 to hyderabad, India and its not delivered yet. Almost its been 3 years now but they are not replying to me and their office at al azizia road jubail ha...

Saudi Post / rm965082799cn

Jun 22, 2018

My important shipment from china RM965082799CN arrived here and you returned back the item without contacting me. I am paying you yearly post box fees and wasel fees. You should have at least contact me either phone or sms. This is an important issue for me I want a damage of this for 1...

Saudi Post / not receiving yet my parcel! no delivery happened!

Jun 09, 2018

May 31, 2018 i have parcel sent from philippines bound to my address here in Riyadh, trcking number EE073802555PH, i'm so disappointed that until now i didn't received yet my Parcels! Which is really important! When the working delivery days is 7 days! Even SMS at least saying that my...

Saudi Post / parcel 30kg not delivered

Jun 06, 2018

Parcel sent to india vide tracking # cp073557483sa on 15/04/2018 but even after expiry of 52 days it did not reach / delivered. Tracking is showing as foloows:- Track your shipments Enter your tracking no Cp073557483sa Tracking#: cp073557483sa Under...

Saudi Post / خدمة تحويل اموال ويسترين يونين

Jun 03, 2018

السلام عليكم حولت مبلغ ٧٣٠ ريال سعودي من بريد العليا الرياض لمستفيد في الامارات و كان المبلغ ٨٣٢ ريال منها ٦٥ ريال رسوم تحويل هل هذه الرسوم صحيحة علما ان بنك البلاد يحول ٢٠ ريال ويسترنيونين اجابتكم مشكورة ومقدرة على سؤالي بدر +966555843477 [email protected]

Saudi Post / my 4 parcel not yet received

Jun 03, 2018

Why my 4 parcel delivery not yet coming? Please check immediately because I needed as soon as possible. My parcel track number — (1) — . EK058315119SA (2) — . EK058315105SA (3) — . EK058315122SA (4) — . EK058315096SA I send already last 22 may 2018. That they say only 3 to 5 day...

Saudi Post / letter not delivered

May 31, 2018

Please don't use saudi post.. Service total lazy. And they lie. I mentioned on my adress my number etc. And they said there no number written. They juat sitting on chaire and enjoye and dont care of customer. In my letter was atm car and pin And they said we dont know. And disconnect...

Saudi Post / lost/mishandled parcel

May 28, 2018

Lost Parcel *Day 1 - Received message to claim at Post office tracking number RW083572485CN. Went to claim at 9pm same day. see attached photo 1. Wasted 1-2hrs at the office only to be told to come back tomorrow. No worries. *Day 2 - Went back to claim parcel. Wasted another 1-2hrs only be...

Saudi Post / parcel not yet received

May 23, 2018

I still haven't received my parcel EE063802241SA which was sent on April 29 Can you give me as much information as possible about my parcel at my adress mail [email protected] details tracking#: ee063802241sa under process date/time details office location 2018-04-29 - 01:19:12 pm departed to -...

Saudi Post / parcel to kenya

May 18, 2018

My package CP073641257SA which I brought to Jeddah central post office on 30.4.2018 has not yet arrived to its destination Contactoing Kenya Postal Services am told it has not arrived Tracking it online it shows it has been delivered to Nairobi Kindly I need your assistance to track it a...

Saudi Post / luggage not yet received in kenya

May 03, 2018

Hi Team, Kindly check if my luggage is dispatch to.kenya because your systems says departed to Nairobi kenya on 18.04.2018 but in Kenya not yet received it is more than 15 days now.code CP071696160SA. urgent pl Your quick.response is.highly appreciated. Receiver details Zeinab...