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transfer courier from jubail to turaif

Transfer the parcel from Jubail to Turaif

-I am SUBASH VELAUTHAN iqama number [protected]. i got message from Saudi post my courier arrived Jubail at 16-02-2020. now I am in Turaif . So Please transfer my parcel to Turaif Saudi post .My parcel Tracking number RM123867689IN .
- for further any query pls contact my registered mobile number (+966-[protected]).

transfer courier from jubail to turaif

undelivered centrepoint order

Thank you for your order. Order [protected] for Printed Close Toe Booties with... for SAR 10.0 is confirmed. Expect delivery by 20-11-2019.

I have ordered a shoe from centrepoint online store even my expected delivery is expired I have not received my order yet...I approached the centrepoint support many times but no response

Kindly enquire and response to my complaint .

box to be send back to jeddah

Please help me today to send back my things to jeddah. EK11001368SA and EK11003871SA. Please help me to send it back here because they give warning today that if i will take it then they will throw it. Please I need your help. Someone went there in Saudi Post Riyadh Al Rawda last week as he informed that need to send back my parcel in jeddah and as per the saudi post riyadh, the will send back here but until now i didn't receive. Please help me as I have some important things on that box. Please i am begging you saudi post.

  • Updated by Nashiaba · Nov 25, 2019

    EK11001368SA AND EK10013871SA

parcel has not been received

Assalamu'alaikum. With reference to the delivery no. EJ900026183SA, please be informed that we have not...

tracking number: lo168169166cn, shipped by epacket

Assalamu aleikum,
I have a shipment to me that sent to my address:

(They are being shipped to the following address:
Prince Faisal Bin Fahd, Ash Shati Jeddah 23612 (red Sea Mall)
Jeddah, 23612
Saudi Arabia

Today 29 Sep. I have track my shipment using SAUDIA parcel monitor:

VAT Bill Created and can pay byclick here

I have

- City: Jeddah
- P.O Box number : 48211
- Postal code: 21572
Cellular number +[protected]

Here is my email

I need my shipment, Kindly help, how to pay VAT, how to get my shipment
Thanks in advanced

tracking number: lo168169166cn, shipped by epacket

  • Updated by أيمن محمد العقاد · Sep 29, 2019

    I want my shipment in Jeddah,
    P.O. BOX:
    - City: Jeddah
    - P.O Box number : 48211
    - Postal code: 21572
    Cellular number +966 565 574 0100

harassing and sex assault

My girlfriend from Philippines, she work in housekeeper in mecca.. I have been hear from my girlfriend hi...

incompetent delivery staff

The delivery guy doesn't speak english. I explained in arabic that I will be available at 1pm on aug 26...

item in china wrong delivery

Good day
Please i need help to get my package because the saudi post office taif branch send my package to other person. Since August 19, 2019 until now no response. I complain to saudi post customers service but no response. I contact the seller which i bought an item and they clarify that it was under my name with complete address. This matter is not first time because it happen before they gave my item to other people. Please i need to gave it back my package. Thank you hoping for your response regarding to this matter

item in china wrong delivery
item in china wrong delivery


Dear Sir With reference to the above subject I was very much disappointed with the services and wanted to...

parcel not delivered

Dear Sir,

I came for Hajj and dispatched a parcel containing dates on 4th August 2019 (weight almost 20 kg). My tracking ID is EJ006747405SA. I have tracked the parcel from the mentioned tracking number the parcel is still in under processing. My destination is Rawalpindi Pakistan. Now I have returned to Pakistan but the parcel is still in somewhere in Karachi.

Please help in locating my parcel

Thanks and regards
Sher Muhammad Khan

parcel not delivered

ems parcel

please, I need the infromation about my parcel Nr. EM318791603CZ sent from Czech Republic in July 18th, 2019
I still do not have any imfrmation about the parcel on the Czech side or Saudi side
I have sent the parcel to my boyfriend and still have no infromatinabout hte packge
Strange is there is written address and phone Nr. an nobody contacetd him for some troubles.
I do nto understnad it please
Could you please help?
thank you

educational documents

I sent educational documents of my daughter from Al-Qassim Saudi Arabia to Pakistan (Lahore) through Saudi Post on . (RR074004194SA). But not reached at destination upto 15-08-2019. Please help.

Tracking Informatin

Departure from outward office of exchange, RIYADH
Arrival at outward office of exchange, RIYADH
Posting/Collection, 215337

  • Updated by nazir abcdef · Aug 15, 2019

    Destination Address:

    Hamza Shahid
    House No. 85, Street No. 26,
    Umar Block, Sector-B,
    Bahria Town, LAHORE,
    Cell No. +92 3404304376

missing parcels (dates)

I am.coming here for Hajj. I purchased dates from Madina and I have dispatched 9 kg of dates from Madina on...

Saudi Post

my sweet

Asalamualailkum!i ordered an item(keratin treatment)last june 19, 2019 online on their website at $22.25.after a month i did not received it yet.ikeep on sending an email to them for follow up but as response they advised me to contact my local post.i emailed again for cancellation but as per them it cannot be cancelled anymore.they cannot even answer me which order #4011.tracking number [protected]. i am badly needing your help if you could help me resolve my issue.thank you so much.awaiting for positive action from you.

my sweet

Number : rr074004194sa dated :11-07-2019

Dear Sir . With Due respect . I have sent educational documents of my daughter through Saudi Post ( RR074004194SA) from Buridha Al-Qassim to Destination (Lahore- Pakistan) on 11-07-2019. This post is not yet delivered. Kindly check the status of My post and let me know that when this post will be delivered. Thanks.

Destination Address:

Hamza Shahid
House No. 85, Street No. 26,
Umar Block, Sector-B,
Bahria Town LAHORE,
Cell No. +[protected]

Number : rr074004194sa dated :11-07-2019

  • Updated by nazir abcdef · Aug 10, 2019

    Dear Sir . With Due respect . I have sent educational documents of my daughter through Saudi Post ( RR074004194SA) from Buridha Al-Qassim to Destination (Lahore- Pakistan) on 11-07-2019. This post is not yet delivered. Kindly check the status of My post and let me know that when this post will be delivered. Thanks.

  • Updated by nazir abcdef · Aug 16, 2019

    Education documents of my daughter posted through Saudi Post from Al-Qassim Saudi Arabia Post_Number: RR074004194SA dated: 11th July, 2019 for destination
    Lahore (Pakistan). This post is not reached at destination yet.

    This is destination address:

    Hamza Shahid
    House No. 85, Street No. 26,
    Bahria Town, Lahore,
    Cell No. 03404304376

    Shahid Iqbal

delay in delivery parcel of dates

Dear Sir .
With Due respect . I have sent Dates box of appromixatly 20 kg from Madina to Lahore Pakistan yhrough saudi post on 22nd July 2019 Kindly check the status of My parcel. When I am checking online status it does not show detail . As I was informed by Saudi post official that Parcel of Dated Box will be delivered with 7 days .
As the Dates is temperature sensetive. It may useless if delivered late.
Kindly check and inform me about detail of my goods .

Tracking I'D No is

Dr Muhammad Nasir
From Madina Munawera

Sent to
Dr Muhammad Nasir
House No 4 E Mansoora Multan Road Lahore

Thanks and Regards

delay in delivery parcel of dates

tabuk post office send to wrong address

Saudi post sent my parcel to the wrong person and wrong adress.. Tracking number RE280271040SE It happens 2...

Saudi Post

parcel parcel with, item no cp084295029sa which contains perishable items...

Hi sir,
Parcel not delivered yet.,
The parcel of 15 kg with item no cp084295029sa, which has been sent on 14/04/2019 from al jubail (saudi) to india., has not been delivered yet.. After the due enquiry it has been found that the item had departed (but has not reached to the next office) on 15/04/19 from dammam to mumbai... But has not been reached to mumbai post office. So kindly look into this matter and deliver as soon as possible..
Thank you

non arrival of my registered letter to india (mumbai)

My Registered letter posted from Hadad-banimalik Taif on 8th may addressed to India Chennai. Couldn't be traced from Jeddah onwards.
Indian post office wrote me that this letter has not come to them from Jeddah till now. Please trace my letter as i need it as soon as possible to reach it to its addressed place.
Registration number is:RR076815425SA.

my customer hasn't received his parcels yet.

Hello Sir,
Can you let me know if the below address is exist? This address is belonged to my customer but he said he hasn't received the parcels yet.
The address is:

Saihat Amor Bun Abdalazize by said Almadloh madical
Saihat City
Saudi Arabia

We have sent two separate parcels to him on 14/02/19 and 15/02/19 respectively. However, he said he still hasn't received the parcels yet. Both parcels were sent from United Kingdom. It shouldn't taken so long to arrive. I have a feeling that the address wasn't entered correctly. Can you please check the above address to see if there is anything missing?

We would be grateful if you could reply to our email address: [protected]

Many thanks,

parcel of 5kg sent to india on 14/04/2019 with parcel no. cp071897878sa and not receive untill now, please check for this.

Parcel of 5kg sent to India on 14/04/2019 with parcel no. CP071897878SA and not receive untill now. Thi...

Saudi Post

package items was open and received like a garbage

I was not informed that my package/parcel was already in my city and stuck up for a month. So i search for it...

Saudi Post

saudi post didn't inform properly about the package

Our package from yestyle we received message April 2 but then we didn't know we will get that by pick up...

mail no progress to arrive in philippines.

I sent email last April 2, I track in your site, still there is no progress because the mail was sent...

my parcel

Hi sir good evening. I was sent my parcel 9.870kg on 22 nov 2018 at 5.51pm from rakkah al-khobar track no...

Saudi Post

20kg parcel

I sent a 20kg parcel from Saudi Post Mecca to Singapore on 15/12/18 but until now I have not received my...

missing item on the package I received from norway to riyadh.

My sister in Norway sent me a package as a gift for the holidays. She sent it December 13, 2018 and I got it...

parcel not delivered.


I had sent a parcel to Bangalore (India) from Saudi Arabia (Thuwal post office) on 21st November 2018. The package has not yet been delivered to its recipient. The Saudi Post tracking number is CP070984598SA.

The tracking website has not been updated since 22nd November 2018:

Please can you provide an update?

Many thanks and kind regards,
-Imran Ahmed

loss of my parcels

i sent a parcels through EMS from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia on November 28, 2018 and until today i.e. December 5 2018 my online track status shows "exception" and also its cancellation. i didn't understand the reason behind. please help me to send my parcels to the destinations or please help me to return back to sender.
here its my track number EE049419036SA
thanks in millions

  • Sh
    Shahidpic Dec 31, 2018

    I have no latest update about my parcel No RB665946182SG from China after 16/12/18

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missing items on my parcels

I just receive pick up my parcel from US with the tracking number EE988508903US on SAUDI POST AL RAWDAH. When I opened the box, one of the shoe box inside has no shoe inside. And even there are 6 pairs of missing socks on my parcel. I am very disappointed that the items on the parcels has been missing/steal since it was completely shipped by the sender (EASTBAY).

missing items on my parcels
missing items on my parcels

complain about shipment customs charge.

Greetings, According to my shipment # EK033351693SA, May I inform to you yesterday I was received my...

Saudi Post

parcel from australia to riyadh

I sent a parcel from australia. Sydney from au post services with tracking number cf122513415au on 24 th sep...

bag 30kg

Salam to all.i let you know that this is not good courier service no one book their laguage in this courier...

missing of luggage

I booked one parcel of 28kg with Saudi post on September 08, 2018 (EH800182628SA) agent Mr. Abid Ali whose nos are as follows:
Mobile [protected]
My parcel is not traceable even after 15 days of after booking. This is totally shocking service. Please trace my luggage and inform latest status and whereabouts of my parcel.

Muhammad Afzal

missing of luggage

postal service

I had posted 20 kg parcell at madinna office (221025) near gate 6 of harram on 03 sep 2018 with tracking id ej005854757sa to hassan abdal pakistan. Its locaton is still madinna on the web site after 10 days. Where as it should have reached by now. Please check and inform me why it is late. Aosaf hussain shah, hassan abdal dist attock, punjab, tel # +[protected], +[protected], email [protected]

postal service
postal service

my parcel is missing just because of their carelessness

Hi it's Mohummad Asim Abdul Wahid here My parcel is missing just because of you people you've sent...

Saudi Post

parcel not delivered

I sent 2 of my bags from Madinah on the 1st August to south africa. I was in the kingdom to perform...

Saudi Post

tracking no. rn309904528gb royal mail from united kingdom to saudi arabia

Tracking no. RN309904528GB Royal Mail from United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia.

It has been sent for over 3 weeks now and when tracking it shows :

Tracking no. RN309904528GB

Your item has left the overseas International Logistics Centre and is on its way. More information will be available as it travels through the network.

Wednesday 08 August
Item Leaving the UK

Wednesday 15 August
Item Received

Updated on: Wednesday 15 August
Item has left the overseas International Processing Centre

Please when can it be delivered to this address:

MOBILE. [protected]

registered mail

Good day

I am an expat working in Saudi Arabia.

I sent legal documents via Saudi Post 3 weeks ago.

Upon first calling to inquire I was informed that my parcel was being returned as it had an error on the send address.

I waited for it to return but was then told that it had landed in Johannesburg.

The documents in the parcel are high value and the loss thereof have far reaching implications.

Can somebody kindly assist me in locating the items, I have a tracking number but the website has not updated the location since the 07 August 2018.

Tracking numbers are:

My email address is dale.[protected]
my contact is +[protected]

registered mail

I am complaining about 1 box sended to pakistan since 2 months not received yet.

No#CP024209147SA Date: 07-06-2018 From:khaybar, madinah munawrah ksa By: Naila Cel no :[protected] To...