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Nov 29, 2021 - P2G96402818

I posted an item with parcels2 go who use Hermes to send out my item which was a ladies white stuff coat. However my item was never was not lost or damaged but had been stolen by somebody who works at Hermes as the recipient of my parcel received random items in the parcel plus another parcel they belong to another Hermes customer (this would only be possible for somebody who actually works for Hermes to do) I have managed to find this customer through social media so I am sure that they are breaking some GDPR rules. Despite me bringing this up with parcel2go they have stated because I did not take out insurance for the item being lost or damaged they will not do anything however my counter argument is that this item was obviously stolen so this is a criminal matter that be should investigate. As I wasn't aware that I had to pay for insurance that covered internal theft. If theft is happening internally within Hermes then surely they should be an investigation about this.

Desired outcome: FInd my item or refund me - Lost item and then returned with missing parts

P2G95597242 sent on 18th October (a golf trolley)

The parcel was flagged as lost so the buyer was refunded and I waited to be credited. In the meantime the parcel got redelivered to me (PE10 0EL) rewrapped and with another label on it. Thankfully, I know the Hermes delivery driver so he was able to inform me that it was on its way back to me-strangely Parcel2go told me it had been delivered to the buyer.

On unwrapping it to check it I noticed that the battery had been removed, therefore it is unusable and unsellable again. I complained through Parcel2go that it had been damaged and tampered with and they said it was because the battery was a prohibited item-yet it was not noted as being the reason for it going missing and only mentioned when I said about the missing battery. Going back to Hermes they said it went missing and no record about it being destroyed (the whole thing should have been destroyed if that is the case)

They were due to call me back 3 days ago and have not. I just don't seem to be getting a resolution and cannot speak to anyone directly, live chat just seems to pass me on passively.

There is most certainly foul play here as far as the tampering is concerned.

I would like them to either refund me or return the battery-equally a transcript of what happened because they definitely took the most expensive part and returned the useless bit!

Desired outcome: Refund full/partial - Missing items

Dear P2G,

I took out a contract with you to ship my item on the 19th May 2021, due to a recipient error the item was destined to be returned to sender.
The item has since been missing and has not been returned additionally no contact has been made by you or the courier service DPD to keep me informed, I have had to continually chase you up for updates.
Even now, I am still being given excuses and asked to wait even though the 8 weeks that you suggested has now been surpassed.
I have insured my item at additional cost for its full value of £90.00, I therefore want to claim against this insurance policy.
I have been extremely patient with both P2G and DPD and it is only right that you now fulfilled your contract and refund me against this missing item.
I look forwards in hearing from you in due course.

Desired outcome: Refund against the insurance taken out for the value of the item.

ADVERTISIMENT - Inability to track a HERMES parcel from UK to Australia. On 19 May I purchased a parcel label at Best One shop in our village.

Paid £16 for a parcel from UK to Australia on 19 MAY. Took parcel in to Best One shop on 20 MAY, HERMES receipt P4672318 refers. I am getting strange texts saying I owe money and also, even stranger, that the parcel has been delivered on 24 May? No way, in under 4 days to Aussie? I phone Aussie, NO PARCEL delivered. I am unable to convert the 8 digit alphanumeric to a 16 digit number as the Hermes system requests. The guy at the drop shop, Best One Ystradgynlais, says he's unable to do anything to help. Yet HERMES site says to contact the drop shop. Hello? Am I missing more than a parcel here? So, to summarize; I paid up front for a parcel which no longer exists? Kindly assist with this issue, after all, you recommend Hermes. Thanks, Jacquie Cheney,

Desired outcome: FIND & DELIVER MY PARCEL

M - charge for insurance cover

I arranged for a next day delivery of a sewing machine and opted for extra insurance as the value is over your basic rate.
I was charged a grand total of £133 for insurance and delivery. My parcel was collected that evening

The following day I received an email telling me that my sewing machine was not covered by your insurance and if I wanted to change the delivery I could do so prior to pick up.

There was no mention of sewing machines being exempt from insurance cover when I booked the collection and delivery. Also the email arrived too late to make any changes.
My tracking number is 1Z5776W16896124139
Ref - P2G88648856

Desired outcome: A partial refund - Parcel collected, reported damaged at depot and undelivered

Parcel collected 6 Jan 2021 from:
Wendy Evans
47 Stewkley Road
Leighton Buzzard
for return to supplier at MDA, Greenford, UB60BN.
Your tracking system states 'parcel damaged' and is at 'depot'. Obviously undelivered.
I appreciate parcel is now outside claim period.
I require it delivered back to me or, if your depot is within 10 miles or so from me, I will collect and deliver myself.
Have spoken via CHAT but no progress.
Tried again but 20 ahead of me in queue and I am not prepared to wait for a lengthy period.
Can you help me please?

Desired outcome: I will collect or you can return parcel to me

Mar 02, 2021 - Non delivery of parcel and dismissal of claim

I sent a parcel from Manchester UK with you on 1st February 2021 (P2G85241363), the parcel was collected, left depot on 2 Feb, held at hub, parcel label applied, then relabeled and out for RTS on 3 Feb, on the 4 Feb it was confirmed at depot and out for delivery, still on the 4 Feb it was collected by DPD driver and then returned to depot. On the 5 Feb it was out for delivery then 'delivered', then returned to depot (I suppose they went back and took the parcel off the recipient?) then on the 6 Feb it was still at the depot and yet again RTS where the farce halts... I opened a claim on the 5 Feb because I could see what was happening, this has just been refused without explanation, I was even emailed about the decision and no grounds for the refusal were given, nothing. By the tracking alone you can see how badly at fault you were and you have taken my money and goods and just kept the lot without a bit of guilt or bother. This is very wrong and it needs to be righted.
Please look into my case again,
Gary Ellis. - Missing parcels enquiry | parcel2go & hermes international

Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is Andreia Reis Douglas, and I am writing to seek your urgent attention into 4 missing parcels I sent to Portugal between 16 December 2020 and 04 January 2021. Below are...

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Oct 22, 2020 - Liars and crooks cannot deliver parcels

Would rather give no stars a bunch of crooks! Sent revision materials to Botswana on 8.9.20 with gaurenteed delivery on 11.9.20. The parcel has remained in Gaborone for 5 to 6 weeks! All they do is give you excuses from a script. I am now demanding a full refund of the approx £50 delivery and insurance costs plus £50 costs of revision materials. It is 22.10.20 and exams have started today so these materials are now redundant.

Jan 11, 2020 - live chat is not work any more!!! and I not able to connect my amazon account

its really bad and annoying when you removed live chat and I need deal with stupid robot behind live chat, no possible to have ask anything!Live chat is not working any more! and I'm not able to connect my amazon account even i doing all as you wrote there and no any help with this...
Just you sadly make it very user-unfriendly in a budged mode.
I wil lcancel your services! if no any solutions.
68 Cherry Tree Avenue


Dec 19, 2019 - international parcel service

Customers beware, avoid sending parcels with this company at all cost. I recently sent a straightforward parcel from the UK to Barbados and needed it there by a certain time. So I therefore paid...

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Dec 09, 2019 - delivery/courier service

Order Number P2G65905577
Placed order but upon printing labels realised I had made a mistake
tried to cancel order in order to replace but was referred to LIVE CHAT which does not work
Attempted to phone their 0871 number - does not work
Am at wits end as I have spent over £50 to send my son's xmas presents to Japan and cannot resolve this issue.
This company should be removed from business as they appear to take no reponsability for the mess of their website and are offering absolutely no customer service

Nov 02, 2019 - delivery service

I have started to sell stuff with Etsy. You have to put postage prices on this website and I have always used Parcel 2 Go. I put in the weight of the parcel and you get a quote, it asks if the parcel is over a metre long and it isn't. So I get a quote to send the parcel within the UK.
I sold something and went to Parcel 2 Go to send the item, I thought I knew the cost of postage, went through all of the form filling DPD worked out the cheapest anyway...great all done and then I get a message saying this service is unavailable with DPD! I had to re book with Royal Mail which cost me £2 extra. I wanted to tell them about this but there is no way to contact them. I am now looking for an alternative.

R - prepay scheme

This prepay scheme seems a bit of a scam...there must be thousands of customers like me with £2-3 in their prepay account that they can never use unless they top up with £20, but then it goes back to the same situation again once a parcel is booked

After 24 months of inactivity the balance is lost and goes into parcel2go's pocket very immoral and possibly illegal


Aug 25, 2019 - international parcel delivery.

I placed an order to have a parcel collected in uk and delivered to me in Egypt. They have had the parcel nearly two weeks I expected delivery this Tuesday the emailed me.Then I get a message to say...

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Aug 22, 2019 - Late delivery of parcel p2g62150832 and p2g62153541

We Dropped off these two parcels ( P2G [protected] and P2G [protected])on 8/8/19 Which should have been delivered to our customers in 2/3 days but they were delivered after 6/7 days and we had to refund...

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S - p2g60919789

Absolutely sick to death of this company Ref- P2G60919789 : this parcel was sent to a shop in Perth my company has been supplying this shop for twenty years sending this exact parcel roughly every...

Read full review - parcel service

Parcel2go provide a Rubbish service -
Multiple occasions of pick ups missed & deliveries missed,
Despite taking contact details during the booking process when problems arrive there is zero attempt to sender/receiver to resolve any problem,
If delivery is unsuccessful it takes 7-10 days for your parcel to be returned,
No surprise the complete absence of any customer service, feedback or complaints procedure,
Disjointed service using multiple providers, ie drop off points, carriers etc,
I now actively avoid this rubbish service provider, better I pay a little extra for a reliable service

A - I have received a part order

P2G59166887 I Am not a retailer just a housewife. I arranged a collection of a cupboard with glass shelves. This was picked up from the lady's house. The glass inside the cupboard wrapped up, the...

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Jan 11, 2019 - watch ltd

I sent a customer a small Parcel to Spain on the 29/10/2018 after 3 weeks the customer emailed to say that he had not received the package, I contacted Parcel2go" they said that they could not find...

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