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1800 108 585 999(Philippines) 447 334
1800 522 0000(Australia) 43 33
1800 816 222(Malaysia) 10 12
+63 322 320 668(Philippines) 430 281
+63 858 5999(Philippines, Metro Manila) 217 139
+63 908 6522(Philippines, Business Solutions) 102 67
+1 800 338 5424(United States) 16 22
+1 888 652 2522(Canada) 4 7
+44 203 110 2522(United Kingdom) 4 11
+39 800 780 522(Italy) 0 12
+34 931 770 555(Spain, Barcelona) 2 4
+34 911 868 889(Spain, Madrid) 2 6
+673 224 4367(Brunei) 4 6
+673 224 1219(Brunei) 1 3
+671 646 5221(Guam) 3 3
+671 646 5222(Guam) 0 3
+852 800 961 522(Hong Kong) 1 2
+965 22 461 522(Kuwait) 2 6
+965 99 616 522(Kuwait) 4 5
+1 670 234 9013(Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands) 1 2
+1 670 233 5605(Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands) 0 4
+966 547 212 962(Saudi Arabia) 8 6
+65 800 101 2708(Singapore) 0 13
+886 801 127 383(Taiwan) 1 4
+971 800 035 702 444(UAE) 12 11

Complaints & Reviews

Camera,shoes, supplement

I tracked my package today and I found out na napadala Ito sa maling lugar. Tabaco City Albay yung loc. pero...

LBC Express

undelivered parcel

Tracking [protected] sent Jan 24 to Mandaue City from Cagayan de Oro City has not been received by...

Complaint to inattentive staff

Last feb 19, 2020 I went to LBC to ship my parcel via Cash on Pick up, but the staff didn't ask what...

LBC Express


Yung pinadala ko sm sabi diniliver na daw kaso di daw makita yung bahay incorrect address daw e tama naman...

My package 📦 nabasag

Ang pinadala ko na component sa lbc nabasag yung agent pa nila ang nag inpake sa component ko pero bakit...

LBC Express

missing shipment

Date shipment - Feb. 13 2020
From LBC-Pilar, Las Pinas to Calamba, Laguna
Type: COD
Amount P1, 000
Tracking No. [protected]
The item was delivered the next day, Feb, 14, 2020 but the buyer refused to accept, reason given - he has changed his mind but reimbursed cost of shipment via LBS which I received [protected]. But up to now [protected], 5:45pm the item that was not accepted has not returned and attempts to locate it were all failures. Where is the item?

undelivered package and lbc mabalacat pampanga staff not responding to emails

Complaint Against LBC Mabalacat Pampanga Branch We have a package that got stuck in Mabalacat Pampanga branc...



Complaining about non delivery of item i bought online. Lbc Tracking no. [protected]. It's my 3rd transaction for this seller same address but your delivery said address can't be located and incomplete. Got no problem with other deliveries incl grab food same address. What's wrong with your delivery men? Very inefficient don't even bother to call or txt if he can't locate the place. It was sent to me last feb 13 but until now I have not receive the package yet. I callled lbc hotline twice and said it's on the way. On the way where?

parcel not delivered and still in transit... mis reroute

Nagpadla ako ng parcel para s iriga city... S lbc grass residence branch nagpadla nung feb 10... Until now d p rin narereceive s iriga... Na pinapuntahan ko s friend ko ung lbc grass eh na track nila nasa coron palawan... Panu napunta dun... Ang linaw ng address... Until now wla p rin 8days n... Pakicheck kung papanu e2... Incompetent ang mga employees nio...

parcel not delivered and still in transit... mis reroute
parcel not delivered and still in transit... mis reroute

balikbayan box

I send a balikbayan box from Singapore to phil. We received the box on time. Unfortunately, 1 corner of the box was opened. They told us, it was damaged by rain water. But we can't see any water marks. And the photo itself can tell us that something is wrong. Does LBC do not have proper storage, the quality of the box is poor? Ir they forced open it

balikbayan box

a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..

February 15, 2020
On February 14, my fiance requested me to pick up a package he sent for Valentine's day which was supposed to be a surprise gifts but not a surprise at all, since the delivery personnel failed to deliver it but I did not make complaints about it even though it is really very hassle for me as a single mom of 3 school kids who do it all to drive a motorbike to few kilometers just to pick up the paid package for delivery.
His reasons were: he was not able to contact me and I did not replied to his message (please refer to the screenshot of the exchange of text messages) and that "nobody" knows me. So I replied that it is really so easy for him to locate me since I am living along the national road and in our village everyone almost know everyone specially I grow and live here for 35 years already. To give u further insight, being a sibbling of the owner of one of the bigger stores in our village for 26 years and running passenger jeepneys, 9 years ago and being a small intrepreneur myself in our community and with neighbors that are almost all are related/relatives since my great great, great grandparents, grandparents and parent are all native/local here. So commonly neighborhood knows almost everyone. I made a remark or suggestion, just to please be diligent "butangi pud ug kugi enyung trabaho palihug", to put at least a little extra effort in doing his job, coz in customer service we go/do extra mile for our customers. For me if only he had the initiative asking on the right places like brgy hall, convent, or right people, not just one or 2 maybe, he would be able to find me. But he replied that I have no right to say that and that I am just very "judgmental" and he insulted me that if almost everyone knows me and" Im being popular" (which I never said I am popular), why is it when he asked, they dunno me or nobody knows me. I dunno where did he asked and how many did he asked. So if every courier and delivery personnel are this rude and disrespectful and proud in responding their customer's concerns and maybe not doing their duties appropriately. Where's is the costumer service and customer value here? If they will only depend on the contact numbers what if the customer's/client's phone was lost or stolen, or just had a poor to no signal at all? Are they/is he going to blame the customer coz we can't be contacted or can't reply? What's the purpose of the address that you asked from us to fill in? It defeated the purpose of putting our postal address then. Suggesting and commenting to be diligent "butangi pud ug kugi ang enyung trabaho palihug" in doing his job is not being judgmental to the person as he accused me of saying so. Obviously it's not about him, it's about on how he handle his job and take initiative on the circumstances. It is his responsibility. If other delivery personnel can do it finding me, why can't he? If all LBC personnel will just insult, being rude, and will just fight against on a customers' comments about their bad services, badmouth and bad behavior and even challenging and provoking me to file a complain coz he is not scared to face me.
We paid for your services and the convenience, not for the inconvenience and your bad mouth and bad behavior..We expects positive results, even not perfect as we trusted your company to do so. He has no right to blame and insult his customers for his own failure to deliver the service that we paid for specially if we are providing exact same information/address that we used for decades now on the package. He has no right to answer his customers rudely if they make comment and suggestion in his poor and low initiative services most of all his ill and inapproriate, irresponsible response. I dont care and I dunno if he is poor as he said that I am being judgmental of him because he is just being poor. I care about the service paid for to be rendered to me properly, politely and accordingly.
If u refer to the exchange of text messages after I said that I will just report him to the office because of his mean and rude response in regard of his failure to deliver the service/package. That's the time he sarcastically replied that we should stop arguing over text messaging because it will only describe us " who we are us a person". In the first place he was the one telling me I am judgmental. In that sense, who is judgmental now? and he has no right to say that in relation to the responsibility of his job and line of business. Instead of pacifying customer to win them back after the inconvenience, he kepts provoking me to go file a complain like he said, "Pwede mam mureport ka andam "mi" muatubang nm0 and coz he is not afraid of me and he is/"they are" (maybe he mean his team) is/are willing to face me. Why is he using "mi"? Does that mean all his team is willing to face me and cover his misbehaviour? OR is he scaring me?
This kind of behavior should not be tolerated and it is very inapproriate in a customer service industry. Working in a customer service industry myself I know few things. If we are working in a huge customer service company like LBC, we are vowed to provide good to excellent services and aimed for a customer satisfaction and a total customer service experience as stated in your Company's Vision and mainly that's what we are paid for by our customers. If we failed to deliver the services we have vowed for or committed to, we should be open for suggestions and comments and even critics to improve our services and even ourselves.
We should be apologetic in our failures instead of making excuses, insulting and blaming ur customers and unreasonably arguing and provoking them. We take responsibilities of our actions..
I believe that your employees, specifically this rude delivery personnel are oriented with that responsiblities before they are missioned to do their jobs in your office and on field (delivery personnel)
So for this specific delivery personnel in which the center won't divulge his name and maybe tried protecting his wrongdoings. I believe he is aware of that responsibilities that he is paid for to execute in accordance with your company's Mission, Vision, Creed and Value.
This experience is very traumatic for me and that I told to myself and even to my friends not to use LBC services anymore despite knowing that there are good people inside your hut and I even has a neighbor that works in the center too. Just so traumatic to be disrepected, experience rudeness from people paid for the service, challenged, feel like Im being threatened and or provoked moreover by your male delivery personnel.
Please see attached files as an evidence of your employee's rudeness and immature and irresponsible response and behavior to a customer in a customer service company.
So I hope and pray Sir/Maam that u will listen to my voice through this letter and give approriate action, sanction or disciplinary action to this rude, arrogrant, disrespectful, disoriented and irresponsible delivery personnel.. It is not the first time I experience this almost same scenario and I am not the only who has complain against this kind or person. Some are just scared or they just let it go even if its wrong and or just didn't say anything at all just stop using ur services.
This is my email address: [protected]

#LBC GRANDMALL/Toledo Warehouse

God bless and More Power...

a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..
a very rude, disrespectful, irresponsible delivery personnel..


Im an avid customer of your COD/COP program. I recently made a transaction last Feb 12, 2020 on your San...

LBC Express

delivery team

I should be receiving my parcel today. But until now I haven't received or heard any from them. I already talked to the hotline number and followed it up. I need that parcel today because I will be out to somewhere this coming week and I should be receiving it today if you indicated that I will received it. Tomorrow is Sunday..This is so frustrating!!!I tried to email you guys but haven't received any reply just what is tracking number.
This is the tracking number [protected]

delivery team

customer service

The people working at lbc sm novaliches branch is taking way too long to process my package. There is literally no other people in this branch but they still don't assist me. No one else is here aside from me so i'd expect that they will finish it right away but no. I have to wait thirty minutes before they assissted me. And that's not it, this branch alao has a history of being rude to their customer and the waiting time is way toooo looong. This is the worst lbc branch ever

my shipment was not delivered.

I transacted in Guadalupe Makati Branch last Feb 5, 2020, to ship an item to Sultan Kudarat but until now, Feb 14, still my client does not receive it. I already complained in the branch where the transaction happens but I was only told that they will email the receiving branch, which was Feb 11. I track again this time and still no good result. Please do help. Thanks!

my shipment was not delivered.

parcels consisting books

Hi good evening po :) please naman po pakiinform yunh LBC matina davao branch about sa parcels ko . Namali po kasi ng delivery address . Pinachange na po ng sender yung adress pero up until now wala pang action . Still, andoon pa din po yung parcel . Books po kasi iyon bale dalawang parcels . Kinakabahan na po kasi ako . Magvavalentines na po kasi at exam na namin . Wala pa akong narereview . Ayoko naman pong zero na nga ako sa lovelife e mazero pa ako sa exam at wala na ngang jowa, wala pang libro . Sad life .
Ilang weeks na po kasi doon yung parcels ko and kahit inemail na po at finollow up yung concern ko at pinuntahan sa lbc branch kung saan nagpadala e hanggang ngayon wala pa rin pong nagaganap na pagbabago . Anlayo layo pa naman po ng matina davao to santiago city isabela . Parang siya, anlayo niya saken . Hanggang tingin nalang po tuloy ako sa kanya . I mean hanggang tingin nalang po ako sa libro ng katabi ko . Iniisip ko po kung kelan kaya siya mapapasakin . Salamat po advance HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 😘

courier / package service

Hi, my wife sent a set documents addressed to mitsubishi pasay peak diamonds dealer in pasay city. It wa...

LBC Express

visayas avenue representative complaint

This is so frustrating. I came around 6:10pm trying my luck to find put if the store is still accepting cargo...

delivery services

The delivery man texted me at around 2:30pm asking if I am at home and if I could receive the parcel. I replied that I am in school but they can proceed to delivery because my sister and aunt are at home. They could receive it instead of me. Then the delivery man replied that he is on his way nd that he would rather meet at this exact place instead of delivering the item straight to our house. I texted him my address although it is already obviously written. I kept on texting my address and the color of the gate and the nearest landmark. But it has now almost been 2 hours since their last reply. I already arrived home and asked if he could still deliver the item but I still got no reply from the delivery guy. I'm annoyed of course because they already have the address why would they rather meet in another place instead of delivering it directly to the exact address???!?

delivery services
delivery services

service. shipment from manila to cebu

[protected] tracking number

The package was still not delivered after 1 week!! It was supposed to be 3 days. There was a failed delivery but I did not receive a call or message. No attempt to deliver again.
Now I the status of the package is this
Your shipment is ready for claiming at CEBU CARGO DELIVERY TEAM. Please inform your recipient

I processed this thru courier cz no one will pick it up and I heard that LBC has quick delivery. But this is a lame customer service.
No answer in your hotline either.

Please! Can someone reach out to me on the status of the package. These are chocolates and gift items that was supposed to delivered last week.

Paula Velasco

service. shipment from manila to cebu
service. shipment from manila to cebu
service. shipment from manila to cebu