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Hertz reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 17, 2006. The latest review Herrz did not honor a reservation was posted on Apr 7, 2021. The latest complaint $400 cleaning fee for smoking (I'm a non-smoker) was resolved on Nov 28, 2020. Hertz has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 1003 reviews. Hertz has resolved 122 complaints.

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+44 207 365 3369 (United Kingdom)
+61 180 055 0078 (Australia)
+64 33 586 789 (New Zealand)
+43 179 532 (Austria)
+32 27 173 207 (Belgium)
+45 33 179 057 (Denmark)
+354 522 4400 (Iceland)
+31 202 013 519 (Netherlands)
+351 219 426 385 (Portugal)
+27 112 898 001 (South Africa)
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Hertz Complaints & Reviews

Hertzfacture en date du 8 octobre 2018

I just received an invoice for 30.50 euros dated october 8 2018
from Hertz Italiana SPA ROMA
We did rent a car from rental cars.com in april
we took our car on april 17 2018 and return it on may 1st 2018. At Naples Airport

Why did we received an invoice 5 months later without no explanations
Please provide proof of purchase

thank you
huguette Ruel
236 rang 6 sud, St-Ferdinand, P.Q. Canada G0N 1N0

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    Hertz Myrtle Beach SC — refund incomplete

    My name is Virginia Arehart. I rented the last car they had here in Myrtle Beach sc to attend a funeral in...

    Hertzrental fee pre-paid with an confirmation number but no car available when we arrived at the store

    Oct. 1, 21018, we booked a car from Hertz located at 17610 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB. We paid in advance and got an confirmation number (H80604822A6). When we arrived at time (Oct. 16, 2018 before 6pm), we were told that there was no car available. The front desk people did not apologize or give any reasonable solution. Also, we received no call or email to inform us this issue until we came to the front desk. Because of your problem, we missed our last trip in Canada. This happened so unexpected and By the time it was way too late to book another car with another company and this destroyed our plan. We missed the deadline of canceling the hotel booking at Ins of Banff. The hotel charged us $98. This is totally unacceptable and we won't book Hertz any more. We demand a formal apologize and a compensation of our hotel fee.

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      Hertz Rental — rental agreement

      Failure to disclose all information at the time I was signing the paperwork. Was just informed that I had to...

      Hertz — unauthorized credit card charges

      Rental agreement number : [protected] Bill Reference: RM2156883914 Penalty type: Verbale fine on line Issued...


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      Hertz — customer service

      I was harassed and bullied by your employee Tre whom interrupted a conversation I was having with my husband...

      Hertzrental had all kinds of lights come on

      I called the hertz dealer this am regarding the lights coming on. Mind you I am 35 weeks pregnant with twins. I picked up the rental 10/15/18 because I had been involved in an accident. They made me drive the unsafe vehicle back to them in order to swap it out for another one. When I get there at noon, the manager Margarita informed me it would cost me more money because they didn't have another vehicle in the price range I was currently renting, after having 5 hours to get one for me and me being told they would have one when I got there. I am very dissatisfied with Hertz. This is very unprofessional I should have been comped the rental at my current rate. It is not my fault you did not have a vehicle in my price range and I am sure they had plenty of time to have one transferred from another facility. Please call me at [protected] to try to clear up this matter.

      Casey Biggs.
      Contract Number TNNAS050568205

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        Hertz — car rental

        i rented a car from hertz, rabat, morocco. they stole my deposit money and it has been 6 weeks now since i...


        Hertzcredit points to frequent flyer program


        I had a Hertz rental last summer in Belgium No. H7203170239 from July 29 to August 21st, 2018 for a total of 507.75 Euros. At the reservation and at the return I made sure that points related to such a reservation will be credited to my frequent flyer account on Kuwait Airways (Oasis) No. [protected].
        So far I dont' see any trace to these points on the account.
        Please advize,

        Best regards

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          Hertzinsensitivity issues/ offensive

          Date of Incident- Monday October 15, 2018
          Hertz Location- 1701 El Dorado Pkwy #200 Mckinney Tx 75069
          Name of associate- Naima

          From the very moment of walking into the location I was greeted as though I was hindering the associate from taking her break. The only vehicles they could provide me at this location were two very large trucks. I stated that I do not desire a truck because they make me very uncomfortable to drive. She then says " I'm not vertically challenged but can understand not wanting a big truck." I may be short in stature but I am in no way, shape, or form challenged. I am extremely OFFENDED. I believe she needs sensitivity training.

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            Hertzrental car

            This is Carmesha Mix and I have rented a car from hertz for over three month through Krieger ford. I dropped the car off today and the manger says the tank isn't full. It's been an issue since I got the rental. Management at hertz told me I would no long be able to rent. I feel like that's wrong. If you could give me a call reguarding my issue at [protected]. Thank You.

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              • Updated by Carmesha · Oct 14, 2018

                Help me please. I don’t want to be apart of the do not rent listing.

              Hertz Car RentalCar rental charges

              I wrote a long complaint & pressed submit. It all disappeared!! Here I go again!

              We booked a car with Hertz through Hotwire to be picked up on Sept. 19th for 4 days in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our rental agreement number was #[protected]. We picked it up around 6:00 pm & drove about 2 hours when a tire blew out. There was NO spare tire----only a rim with NO tire in the trunk!
              We finally got in contact with Hertz emergency service & they said they would be there in less than a half hour. We were on a very busy motorway south of Glasgow. Over 2 hours later the wrecker arrived taking the car to our motel to then pick it up in the morning to take it to another town to repair the tire. We arrived at our motel around midnight.
              A new tire had to be ordered. Hertz would not bring us another car so that we could continue on with our vacation. We sat in the motel room all day waiting----losing a FULL day. We than had to hire a taxi for 15 British pounds to go get the car!
              We than went onto the part of Scotland where my Grandfather grew up. But because of losing a whole days worth of travel, we got back to Edinburgh about 2 hours later then when the car was to be returned to the airport. It was dark & so we decided to return the car at 5:30 am when we had to fly out rather than battle a strange & large city late evening. There were no numbers of where to call regarding this whole matter.
              Hertz immediately charged our credit card $185.70 for being one day late!! (We were less that 12 hrs. late according to contract.)

              I called them after returning home & was told that nothing could be done regarding losing a FULL day of use of the car, the taxi expense or the (outrageous) one day late fee! The person I spoke to was very short with me & said it was "company policy" & there was NOTHING that could be done about it all! She said it was because we had booked it on line through Hotwire! I called again, spoke to someone else who also "blew" me off! Not their problem!
              It was the fault of their car not having good reliable tires plus not having a spare tire due to someone's oversight that we lost a valuable full day of our limited 4 day trip from Wisconsin to Scotland to visit our ancestors heritage. This should not happen to anyone---any where!

              My third call was to a woman named Angela who empathized with my story & did manage to get half of the late day fee reimbursed. She said that was all that she could do & that the customer relations would not address any more of the issues. It seems they could care less on what we had to deal with.

              In summary: We believe that Hertz should be reimbursing the FULL amount of late fee which would be $92.85 & the taxi cost of $19.85 .
              This would be another reimbursement to us for $112.70.
              Why should we have to pay any amount for their faulty car & service?
              And this doesn't account for the money we paid up front for the day we couldn't use--another $55.81
              Hertz was quick to charge for over time---what about the loss of time?
              We are really out the $112.70 plus the $55.81
              Total: $168.57

              Our case number is #[protected].
              We sincerely hope you will address this matter & respectfully clear it up as a reputable car rental company as we had always thought you were. We would prefer to not have to take this any further.

              Thank you,
              Jerry & Ardis Coomer

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                Hertzcars not available and bad service

                Hello, my name is Raphael Wolman, and I have 2 complaints.
                My Gold # is: [protected].

                I had reserved a full size car to be picked up at BWI Airport on Feb/28/18. When I got there I was informed that they had no full-size car for me and I would have to take a Nissan Venza Note, a car so small I cud barely fit into. The manager at the location, a man by the name of Gilbert was extremely annoying and unhelpful, he has a reputation of being very mean as he has always treated me that way. He refused to give me a larger car even though I showed him a few options in the lot. I had explained to them that I needed the car to go out of town early the next morning and needed a full-size car for a few passengers and a lot of luggage. I was told to return the next morning and there would be a car waiting for me. So, after spending 2 hours at Hertz, I got 3 hours of sleep and then returned to the airport. Before I had left I called to confirm that there would be a car for me, but when I got there they told I would have to wait. After 30 minutes of waiting I received a car but they still refused to refund me for the gas I wasted making the extra trip to and from the airport. The whole experience was very very stressful and I was not treated nicely at all. A short while later I wrote them a detailed review and complaint but never got an answer.

                I truly hope I will be compensated for this terrible experience and bad service.
                (perhaps I can be compensated through Gold Reward Points)

                Another experience I had was on July/8/18 when I was scheduled to pick up a full size 7 seater SUV and I even received an email of the spot in the lot where a Nissan Pathfinder was waiting for me. As I was leaving with the car I was informed that I was too young to rent a car that size. This was extremely annoying again because I needed the size badly for travel. I still have no understanding of how a big company like Hertz could provide such bad service where my reservation went through with no trouble and I even received many emails confirming it, only to be denied upon getting there. I was eventually allowed to take a 5 seater SUV but it did not fit all my luggage and realy ruined my trip.
                I realy hope I will get compensated for this extremely annoying experience as well.
                I can be reached at [protected]. or email: [protected]@gmail.com

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                  Hertzunauthorized rental upgrade charge

                  My husband picked up a car at the Munich airport on August 9th, 2018. The reserved car was not available. he was asked if he wanted a replacement car. He replied: As long it can hold 3 suitcases. He did not check his receipt until he got home. He was charged an additional Euro 300 for an upgrade he did not request.
                  End of August I called customer service to file a complaint. I was told I would get a reply within 10 working days. No email was received and I called again on September 24th. I was told my claim was rejected but the agent would review it again. Again, I did not receive any email notification. I called again on October 1st and was told I should go to court and file a complaint with the head office in Oklahoma City.
                  I am requesting a refund in the amount of Euro 200. We got charged for an upgrade when the reserved car was not available.
                  Claim number: [protected]

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                    • Updated by Mariandl · Oct 08, 2018

                      The additional charge was Euro 200

                    Hertz — gps system

                    I recently rented a car while traveling in Italy. We had requested a GPS system. Unfortunately, the GPS...

                    Hertzdelay in providing car in la spezia, italy on 15 september 2018

                    When we arrived to collect our car there were only 2 ladies working and at least 8 people or groups waiting to collect cars. Additionally a similar number of people came to drop off cars. They were super inefficient and it took us nearly two hours to get our car. Some people left, not prepared to wait and they could not even find one customer's car even after one lady went looking for it for at least 20 minutes and eventually gave him another one that just came in and was not cleaned. At one stage one of the lady's through her hands in the air and said "I don't know what's going on" - a fact every customer in the office already realised.

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                      Hertzcar rental at minneapolis airport

                      Rented a car from Hertz Minneapolis (RR [protected], RES H7013196997), prepaid $558.49 for the rental. Rental was for July 4-July 14. Returned the car two days early on July 11. Called HERTZ customer service, the agent said the Hertz will not give me a refund for two days (about $120) since I prepaid and the rental was issued on a voucher. I am not sure what it meant. Also, the agent stated that if I wanted a refund I have to provide a medical reason and a proof from the doctor for returning my car. This is a horrendous. How can anyone in modern day ask for the medical records for mere $120 and expect anyone to supply them? I wrote a letter (provided below) to Hertz, to which I got no response. I disputed the credit card charge with my bank. The bank was unable to resolve the dispute with Hertz as well.

                      Note Sent to Hertz Customer Service on 8/7/2018 Using Hertz Website

                      I prepaid for the car for ten days, but I had to change my plans and I returned the car two days early. I contacted your customer service and asked to credit my card for two days of unused rental. I was given a song and dance answer for reasons I would not get the money back. The agent at the airport said that it was because the rental was paid by a voucher. I do not understand what that means because I rented the car on line. The customer service agent extremely rudely told me that I will only get credit for the unused days if I produce a medical certificate for having to return my car early. This is utter nonsense requirement. How can anyone dare to ask this kind of information to refund a mere $100? When I asked your CS agent that she should connect me to someone at customer service who can resolve this issue, she stated that she is the end of the line and her decision is medical proof or no my money back. I am surprised that Hertz as a company empowers its people to make strategic decisions that puts Hertz in a bad light.
                      Here is the gist of what I want. I want credit for two unused days of the prepaid rental that I did not use the car to my credit card. If you are not going to oblige, this is the end of our business relationship. However, keep in mind that as competitive as car rental business is car, the car rental companies largely depend on satisfied repeat customers and good companies distinguish themselves from their competitors based on their customer service. In addition, if you send satisfaction surveys to your customers, someone must read them and act to resolve the issues that were brought up. Obviously, no one seemed to have read mine.
                      Regards, Syed

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                        Hertz — towing fee

                        On 9.28.18, I had reservation to pick up a rental from hertz at the Birmingham, Al airport location at 10am...

                        Hertzcar rental/left item in car.

                        I had my car go into the shop to get fixed, I have AAA.. I accidentally left a small clear baggie with 2 new sterling silver rings, 1 ring with torquise from Mexico, one ring SSilver from Bali.
                        3 ring broken prawn taking to be fixed at jewelry shop.. 1 set 10k gold earrings pear shaped with Peridot green stones.. yes I put them in the glovebox & forgot them.
                        I called the next day to Chico Hertz on zannelli way, Chico.. car had been rented.
                        Asked them to reach out to new renter & it's been 2 1/2 weeks.
                        They say still no response from other renter. I asked if one of the guys who look thru & clean the car would of checked the glovebox.. they said
                        "Unlikely "
                        I still can't get an answer if the lady found it or not.. frustrated in Paradise CA.
                        Only have the boxes.. bought 2 @ Evine shopping network & the other & JTV.. earrings wear bought by my husband it's my birth stone, 20 yrs ago.. 3ring old sterling silver bought on QVC, 25 yrs ago.. not the money value.. would just like an answer if she found it or not!!
                        Traci Price

                        car rental/left item in car.
                        car rental/left item in car.

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                          Hertz — no spare tire and reimbursement

                          I drive Uber with a hertz rented Chevrolet Malibu, last night I had a flat tire out in Smyrna GA in a very...

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