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I'm just letting everyone know that the Google Profit House, work from home, plan is a scam. The "Free Trial" is not free, and as I have done all that I have been told to do to cancel my subsciption. I have no confidence that this is the end of this matter. I hope that if you are thinking about subscribing to this "Free" offer, you will do some research before you jump in, and find out that before you even have a chance to swim, you have already drowned.

  • Re
    rebecca turner Aug 31, 2009

    i was exactly the same it doesnt state terms and conditiopns til lafter you put details in to get free disc info which i haev never received either so not only haev they taken money pout my accoutn a transfer fee was incurred and then the folllowing week they took out lal my child allowance on the friday of £41 pounds around 70 dollars!! i am not happty hte email i sent 2 of came back as blocked and rejected by their end i had called the operator to check all lines adn none of them work!! so i haev cancelled mine and my partners carsd that i tried with first but didnt work so not olny haev they took money out my but tried out of my partners ceredit card ... so we haev been advised fraudlent acticity, i am debating now to call the local authority police to report them as i haev emial s numebrs addresses and allsorts as evidence... do not be fooked by this company you will haev no joy from them for responses!!!

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  • To
    tonieb Oct 21, 2009

    I just purchased the kit yesterday and went through the info that was very useful to know whether I work for the company or not. 20 minutes ago I read these posts, got scared and called to cancel.( i called (877) 340-4694 I was on hold for 2.5 minutes and "Rudolf" tried to keep me with the company be offering the option to pay only $68.95 for the whole year. Ready to just get off and cancel soon I didn't take it. He gave me confirmation # of cancellation. Wasn't hard at all. It was so easy it made me think-man, maybe i should've just tried it out!
    We'll see after I check my account over the next 90 days to make sure they're not charging!

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pure scam

I am an idiot!!!Signed up for Google Profit Kit for $1.95 (vefified by my CC Company. They never give you an accurate amount so they can scam you) Then they show you the terms & conditions which say if you dont cancel within 5 day you get charged$84.84 then every month thereafter $35.47. I have since cancelled my credit card, am filing with the fraud division of our state and also sending a copy to our state attorney's office hopefully with cease and desist order both for XM and Google. How could Google let this under their umbrella for people who trust this search engine?????

  • JGraceyStinson Aug 26, 2009

    This has nothing at all to do with Google.

    These guys are scammers who illegally trade on the Google name and reputation. Google's AdSense services are totally, completely free. There is no charge to apply for an AdSense account, and there is no charge to earn money from AdSense.

    If you understood anything at all about the real Google, then you'd know that most of their consumer services are free.

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  • Rc
    RCBANKS Aug 27, 2009

    I, like others, am also an idiot! As soon as I read the terms and conditions, I realized that I had just been scammed. I called the toll free telephone number, and after waiting for 47 minutes, I finally had the chance to talk with someone. The person that I talked to could not find my name or order number and I was told that I had to submit and email requesting cancelation of my order. The email address was, [email protected] It took 3 trys for the email to go through, and I am NOT confident that this will be the end of this matter. I have had other websites do the same thing to me before and I had to cancel the credit card in order to stop paying the thieves resposible for these types of scams. I know, you would think that I would have learned my lesson by now. Well, now I have!

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  • Rc
    RCBANKS Aug 27, 2009

    I, like others, am also an idiot! After subscribing to "Google Profit House", I had the chance to read the terms and conditions. I new that I had just been scammed. I called the toll free telephone number, and after waiting for over an hour, I had the chance to talk with someone. The person that I talked to could not find my name or order number in their records, but I was told to to submit and email request to [email protected] for cancelation of my subscription. I have no confidence that this will be the end of this matter.
    Please be aware that there are NO FREE TRIALS in this world or on the world wide web. You would think that I, like others, would finally wake up and realize this. After this, you can be reassured that I have learned my lesson.

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  • Lo
    Lori Lundgren Sep 04, 2009

    I too, signed up. I tried for 8 days straight to cancel my account HAHA before the 5 days were up). Everytime I called where it actually rang, answered & put me on hold I was on hold for 45 minutes and then 52 minutes, both times having to hang up as I work 2 jobs and can't spare all that time! Finally, after holding 58 minutes, I got a rep who then said there was nothing they could do as I was past my 5 days. I COULDN"T GET THROUGH in the 1st 5 days!!! I was charged the $84.84 but I am disputing the charge and I canceled that card immediately. I did have the opportunity 3 different times to leave a message, the outgoing message said they were helping other customers and to leave a message, but no one returned my call. This is absolutely an awful scam. How can they evewn use the Google name?

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fraud/scam/fictitious business

I signed up for what I thought was a business kit on line with Google Revolution who I thought was "Google" but they are in NO WAY affiliated with Google. They charged me a couple of dollars for the kit. I was to receive something in the mail and also an e-mail. Consequently, I never received anything but a bunch of charges all for the amount of $73.83 and they seem to keep hitting my account every two weeks. They keep changing the name everytime they run my card through. So I have cancelled my card at this point. Fortunatley, my bank is fighting this for me. So contact your banks and tell them it was an unathourized charge on your card and that you never received any goods or services and they will credit your account.

Google Revolution
6/11/2009 -$73.83
7/10/2009 -$73.83

Migoto Technologies (Las Vegas, NV)
7/28/2009 -$73.83
8/26/2009 $73.83
8/13/2009 -$73.83

  • Sa
    sara01 Aug 27, 2009

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scam, fraud

I have fallen for the scam from Google Treasure Chest. I ordered a cd for $1.97 and had no idea that I just...

stole my funds

I joined the google fortune site on 8/12/09. I got a letter that they wanted 69.97 in fees for google fortune...

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unauthorized charges

Looks like a one time charge of $1.95 to begin service. Then there is an unauthorized charge for $45 to your account. The phone number provided is disconnected. SCAM!

  • Tr
    TryAnotherCompany Aug 24, 2010

    The customer service for google adwords is awful! My "team" consisted of a dopey young man with a big attitude. I told him what I wanted and he came back with a campaign that did not have 1/2 of the goal words in it and said that he had spent 9 hours on it so when he comes back to me again with my "campaign", "that will have to do."!!! Then, he didn't even work on revising the "campaign" because he said that "we got off to a bad start because you wanted words you can't have." They are necessary words for what I do! He said that he could go back and revise the campaign he designed (which was not good) and then resumed whining about me wanting necessary words to lead people to my website. A very immature person who I found unreasonable and refuse to work with, especially at $1, 000 per month!!!

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never answer phone

I signed up last night for the Google Profit House kit and was charged $1.00. Then I read the terms ...

google fortune kit

This is a complete scam! They tell you that it will only cost you $1.97 to purchase the Google Fortune Kit...


my email account has been hacked and some one is using all my details i have had my identity stolen from the email address [protected]

  • Am
    Amir Aziz Ahmedi Aug 19, 2010

    My Account [email protected] has been hacked and I see various messages sent from my mailbox with post mailer failure notice.My account was today blocked beacuse of some activities unknown to me.So I have closed my hotmail account. Please let me know how to raise a very big complaint against Hotmail as they cannot protect their own software from being hacked.

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  • Ah
    Ahmed Waheedullah Siddiqui Feb 24, 2011

    I am unable to open my hotmail webpage right from 24th january, 2011. I tried all the methods but still it is not recovered. I think someone has hacked myaccount. This happened after my yahoomail account was hacked on 22nd january, 2011. I have retrieved my yahoomail account totally now. Please let me know what is to be done. I have also registered a complaint with this agency. My account is
    [email protected]


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  • Ja
    Jacob Wiebe Jul 06, 2011

    Can msn not take charge of the intruders on our e-mail accounts?
    This moms can make money online scam needs some serious dealings and put them to justice.
    I have several accounts and my accounts are even mailing each other without my authorization.
    MSN supposedly is in the e-mail business let them take some responsibility and get this fixed.
    These scammers are sending messages making me into a lier.

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refused a refund for 74.93

I received my credit card statement and was shocked to see a charge for $74.93 for Google profit club. I thought I had cancelled this within the time allowed to check it out.
I had to call my credit card company to get a phone number to contest this bill.
When I called the number a teenager answered the phone. I told him I wanted a refund. He refused saying I was supposed to call the phone number to cancel. I didn't, so the charge was put on my card. I told him I couldn't call because I had just gotten the phone number from my credit card company. He still refused to do anything.
In the background I could hear a bunch of other guys laughing and making jokes.
This is NOT! a real business. It's a scam to get people who can't work out of their home to give them(the kids) free money. Stay away from Google profit club!
They are using the name Google to suck people into their scam by using the name of a legitimate business.

  • Jh
    JHarris Aug 20, 2009

    I was also taken can you give me their phone number or how do I cancel this crap..

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  • Rm
    R Morris Sep 02, 2009

    I was also taken in by this, the only sure way my card company could offer, to stop any further debits to my account was to cancel my existing card, and issue another. I initially paid £2.95, this appeared on my statement, followed by another charge of £48.52 five days later.
    For these people to be hung, drawn and quartered would be too good for them.
    I would also like their number, if possible. Thank you

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  • Gr
    Granuaile Sep 03, 2009

    Hi, I was stupidly taken in by this too (Recession!). Report your card stolen or lost and the company will cancel your existing account and issue you with a new card. Can't believe I actually signed up to this, lesson learned!

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On June 26, 2009 I gave a credit card number to Google Revolution for a charge of $1.87 just to get...

rip off

I ordered a Google Kit, and now I have been charged over $200 for phoney, non-existent products. No one takes responsibility, and your Visa does not want to deal with it, because they are the ultimate payors when this scam succeeds, if they honour their commitment to refund unknown charges. I am NEVER going to order online again!

money stealing scam

Sign up to pay $3.95 and $74.93 is taken from your credit card (and will probably be taken as if you have signed for a subscription regularly if you do not try to cancel it and inform your card company (and prove) that you have done so).

'Facebook' continues to run the advertisements so even more people are sucked in...

For anyone who needs an email address to the GOOGLE PROFIT CLUB see below:-


charge credit card without approval and have no number to reach them to dispute it

I read an article on how to make extra money online with google and in the article the girl suggested going...

credit card scam

Google Revolution, Google Money Master by any name it means scam, the following are all associated entities that will issue charges to your credit card, the only escape is canceling your card.

Click-Sell-Go [protected]
Google Revolution [protected]
Best Cash Search [protected]
Product Resource Club
Easy Auction Online [protected] [protected] [protected]
Google Money Masters - Keith (KiKi) [protected] [protected] x3689
Told to request refund in writing from EASYONLINEIMPROVING 2850 Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 625, Henderson, NV, 89052
Google Money Master - 1-866-756-1774 [protected]

  • Mm
    mmonewhope Aug 21, 2009

    I sent a letter to that address and they sent my letter back to me. I called all the same numbers and the said they could not give me my money back! what should i do now?

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charging credit card after cancelling

Was looking into working from home paid the $1.00 fee - decided not to participate and cancelled but they still charged my credit card and when called to complain was told I was speaking with a third party holding company and that I would have to write to the Corporate Office of Google Revolution in Nevada asking for a refund. They would not provide me with a phone number as we all know how easy it is for a letter is be lost or missed placed. For anyone out there the third party holding company is Easy Training System. Anyone know of how to get our money back or contact google revolution, please let us all know.

taking money

I have recently went on facebook and joint the mystery shopper site, which has taken money out of my bank for a free kit, they took £2.48 + £1 overseas handling charge which i was fully aware of. Waited to receive the email i was told i would with all the details i needed but got nothing. Today a further charge of £46.56 + £1 has gone out of my account which i was not aware of and was never told about. I now cannot contact the company with the means of cancelling the account by phone or any other means. I do not appreceiate the company taking money out of my account that i am not aware they would be doing.

  • Ju
    Juliemac Aug 10, 2009

    A similar thing has happened to me. On 20 July, Google Profit Club took £2.49 ($3.95) out of my account, then on 25 July, took £46.89 ($74.93). I've been ill since 25 July so am only now catching up on correspondence, etc. I received nothing in the post. I feel such a fool.
    Now I have to try and contact the bank to make sure nothing else is taken out.
    Emily Lea

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  • Lynpy Aug 12, 2009

    This is an email address for the GOOGLE PROFIT CLUB [email protected] You can try a cancellation email and show it to your bank as proof of cancellation.

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  • Lynpy Aug 12, 2009

    try this email address [email protected] you can at least try to cancel and show your email to your bank to prove that you have done so

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  • 39
    39bello Aug 15, 2009

    Same happened to me and I asked bank for refund. They said phone debit card company. I phoned them 3 times and they fobbed me off. I have now just written to comsumer direct to ask them what I can do.

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  • Al
    Alpha Anna Aug 17, 2009

    This has also happened to me today when I looked at my bank statement. I managed to find the page and underneath our card details was a TICKED box which we did NOT tick. It reads: I HAVE READ, FULLY UNERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE GPC TERMS OF SERVICE. I ALSO AGREE TO ENROLL IN THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM FOR $74.93 (AS CONFIRMED IN THE TERMS).

    So they are going to take this £46 each month!!! All we wanted was to pay the $3.95 to download an article!!!

    Tel no to call them is: 001 772 205 3384. They open 9am which is 5pm UK time.

    I have been given an advice number in the UK if I get no where which is: 0870 770 8175 for Cit Advice Bureau.

    Thanks for the email which I will use right away.

    I spoke to someone today who said the Google profit club is a BIG SCAM and target chidren from the age of 13.

    Good luck everyone! I am still in shock myself as I am not working due to a disability. £46 is two thirds of what I have to live on.

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hotmail hacked by someone

My email has been hacked or blocked by someone. I cannot access my email. My email ID: [protected] I cannot even access my alternate email ID. I am using my above Email ID only for religious purposes. Kindly unblock my email ID or send password on my other email ID : [protected]

My email ID: [protected] blocked or hacked from 22nd July 2009.

I can give passport number or identity number to Hotmail if my identity required.

Please reply to my other email ID: [protected]

Thank you
Cyril Miranda

unauthorized charges on my credit card

I ordered a cd which was 0.98 in US currency back in april 2009, which when at the time converted to Canadian came close to $1.98 including taxes and postage. Around mid may I received a call from Google Treasure Chest that I was interested in opening an online business. I said no, I did order the cd to find more information on online business, but I am not subscribing to them.
Well guess what the next thing I find on my May -June visa statement : On May 22 they billed me the amount of $72.21 usd -google chest (ph # [protected]). Three days later on May 25th another billing for the same amount billed by A1 member, ph # ([protected]). I called my bank to find out what was going on and that these were fraud charges that I am not aware of. The bank told me to call Google Treasure Chest to resolve the issue and also that Google Chest should give me a cancellation and credit confirmation #, which I should write down for my reference. I have the names of people I spoke with and the days I spoke to them and was told that I should see a credit within 7-10 business days. It is July now and to date I have not seen any credit on my visa bill. Even after calling them and cancelling this unauthorized billing they billed me again on June 24th under the name of Searchchest, ph# [protected]. Do not order any cd's from this Company online they are frauds, keeps billing you on your visa without your knowledge and approval.
I don't have a business and haven't even had the time to view this cd either.
Google Treasure Chest is Fraud Fraud Fraud... The Feds should be checking this Company out.


My bank statement dated June 23, with a telp. # [protected] CY a total of $72.21 has been deducted not under my name.

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