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Complaints & Reviews

over charging for sales tax

Liquidation.com has charged as much as 20% for sales tax. I sent request for refund of over charged taxes and I have called them. Get the same response they have reached out to whatever department and it will take 2-3 business days to process. Of coarse nothing happens. I filed a complaint with the state. Just another way they are ripping people off

advertised as return all salvage.

I want everyone to know I went to the better business bureau. I got some money back but I just received a message from liquidation that they are closing the case, but my case with the bbb is still open. If you have issues of scam the bbb will help. They have and are helping me. Do not expect liquidation to do the right thing. I was told they are so backed up with disputes and only have 3 people working it. Go above their heads.

beware dealing with this site

This warning is for sellers. You better find another place for your service. They may use your earned money for paying fees you have no idea about. That's what happened to me. I know that my buyer paid for my product. But where is my money now? They said where. My money was spent on some fees from their website. What fees? Why didn't I know about them? Why didn't I get any notifications about it? These questions will be left unanswered for me.

Unbelievable. And you claim your website is an honest place? It's just ridiculous.


Do not sell anything on this website www.liquidation.com, they will never pay you! I sold an item here and they said I'll get the money within a week but I never received anything. When I contacted Liquidation customer service they said that all the money went to cover my fees. Beyond ridiculous! I never heard anything about that. These people basically stole my money and there was nothing I could do. I will not use this site again and would not recommend it to anyone.

no goods received / no refund received

On 2th of July they sold merchandise which they not had. This was Thursday. On SUNDAY they ask for the...

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Hello, This is my first experience. I participated 2 auctions and won both. First parcel has been return...

did not receive what I paid for

I ordered a lot of 100 tank tops off of a seller on liquidation.com. She goes by the name of EternityForever. The tank tops came, and they were not marked with any sizes which put me out around $165. I incorrectly assumed that it was one size fit's all. A few days later I decided to double check myself and called liquidaton in addition to the seller. I spoke with EternityForever, the seller, and she said she would "try" to replace it with something else, never heard from her again. Never heard back from Liquidation customer service either in regards to my complaint.. Do not do business with this seller, or do so at your own risk. Company as well is very shaky and poorly run. Have ordered from a couple of other seller's over the years, and have received clothing that was supposed to be new and came stained as though it was salvage. Liquidation does nothing to hold their seller's accountable in the way that Ebay or Amazon do, and the dispute department rarely helps. If you do order through them, I would highly recommend buying through Paypal, so you have use of the buyer protection program. Be very careful of doing business with this seller or company, I have been burned on more then one occasion.

misrepresentation w / intent

I'm going to make this brief, I was "scammed, ripped off, defrauded, cheated..." by Liquidation.com who...


Liquidity Services, Inc., and at least one of their sellers, believes false advertising of products is not...

fake dg sunglasses

I too have just brought something from liquidation. And I told liquidation about it before the 48 hours. They...


Golf Putters advertised or at least listed WITH HEAD COVERS.
No head covers were shipped; They wouldnt even respond to many inquiries with anything but "see the manifest";
I am pretty sure the original source (which they won't reveal) has the head covers just sitting in their warehouse.
Pretty much a "don't bother us deal"; I even called and asked what else I need to do and the customer service lady said no"nothing", it is now in the hands of the orginal seller. 3 days later I received a denial of my claim. I've written, I've called and now I have accepted that I have a bunch of putters with NO HEAD COVERS. Virtually useless for re-sale.
I wish that I could sue them but it wouldnt be worth the expense...and they know it.
I suggest any stay away from them.

  • Li
    Liquidation.com Oct 19, 2012

    Hello Steve, We are sorry to hear you did not have a great experience with us. However, we do want to assist you in resolving this issue. Would it be possible for you to send us your transaction id via email to [email protected]? Make sure to state in the email that you submit a claim on this board and we can get this resolved for you as soon as possible. Once again, we are sorry for your experience and we look forward to hearing from you with the requested information so we can get this resolved.
    Kind Regards,

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stealing money

I won the auction and paid almost 2k for Lot of 4 LAPTOPS but i only received 3 laptops . Open dispute they...

misrepresentation of products

Bid on an auction (a pallete of shoes) that is suppose to contain "Shelf-Pulls, Overstocks and Returns." What I received was Used and Salvaged products. Out of the 52 pairs of shoes, maybe 3 (kids shoes) are new. The rest are Junk!...Shoes that are over worn, missing parts, muddy and a few with smells like it has feces on them.

Tried to contact the Customer Complaint Department, and was credited $5.45 for one missing shoes...I requested for a full refund since the auction was grossly misrepresented, and I keep receiving response what amount I would be interested in order to close the complaint. I responded each time that a full refund is what I want.

I disputed the purchase with my credit card company, but I could not provide proper proof regarding the description provided on the auction. When I tried to log on to my account, to my surprise it has been disabled or considered inactive. There was no reason for them to make my account inactive since it was in good standing. The only reason I can think of is due to the open complaint that I have.

BUYER BEWARE!...DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASING FROM THIS COMPANY!...Use key words such as " Liquidation.com Complaints" "Liquidation.com Fraud" or "Liquidation.com Scam" and read the horror stories.

If you've been screwed by Liquidation.com, post you experience in as many website as possible. The more you make people aware of their unethical business practice, the less business they will have.

  • St
    stuffymo41 Jul 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I "won" 6 auctions that were by a seller designwarehouse out of texas that said it was all luxury brand handbags and well known other brands, all were pictured as new with tags and lightly used store returns. Long story short, i opened the boxes up to see purses that i remember seeing little old ladies with at church back in the late 70's when i was a little girl. Most were so disgusting and torn and worn. I also "won" 3 other auctions that showed nice looking fashion jewelry and rings, i have seen better quality stuff that comes out of vending machines at the supermarket! I am sick about it! They stole over 9 thousand dollars! My credit card company wont even help me out, nor pay pal. I would be up for a class action lawsuit if anyone else wants to get on board???

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fake items

In an effort to increase my product offering, I purchased a lot of MAC cosmetics on Liquidation.com. Once I received the items and posted them on my site, I received a boat load of emails informing me that the products were fake. After some intensive research, I discovered that the cosmetics were indeed fake. Liquidation.com has done nothing about the complaint, and even though I filed a claim with PayPal, they didn't back me up either. I guess it's time to call my lawyer! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM LIQUIDATION.COM.

  • Ju
    justiceleagueus1 Mar 20, 2010

    Same thing happened to me recently, bet we bought from the same seller.

    This one seller: Wholesalemakeup selling fake Mac products. Already reported them to Liquidation.com, and guess what, the very next day they don't use the "Mac" word any longer on the title, and they edited out the "Mac" word in their pictures. AND Wholesalemakeup is still selling fake Mac products at Liquidation.com.


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  • Es
    escin Apr 28, 2010

    100% agree. My wife and I fell for fake MAC products from the seller "wholesalemakeup" on liquidation.com. They are selling knock-off MAC products and marketing them as authentic MAC products. Thankfully liquidation.com helped us get our money back and penalized the seller.

    DO NOT BUY FROM SELLER WHOLESALEMAKEUP! If you've been burned by this seller, his name is David Atwood (714-515-9395), office address 11301 W Olympic Blvd #310, West Los Angeles, CA 90064.

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  • Jo
    John Honest Jun 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liquidation.com is a fraud and I say we should unite in a class action lawsuit against them. I´m truly surprised that the FBI lets them get away with all the scams, but then again, maybe people only complain here and online instead of where it counts (FBI office).

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  • Az
    azraea May 15, 2011

    It is a well known fact that the ONLY place you can EVER buy M.A.C. Cosmetics is from either www.maccosmetics.com or from a MAC store/counter. I'm sorry that you folks lost money, but you should do your research next time. Consumer awareness is CRUCIAL when it comes to cosmetics and not just because the products can be fake or stolen, they can have absolutely horrendous results when used. Allergic reactions, infections and more can be caused by fake products since there absolutely no manufacturing or packaging standards for fake makeup!! The extra few bucks you think you're saving are not worth the hassle of an eye/nose/throat infection, allergic reaction or worse.

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shill bidding

This company seems to Shill Bid, because they sell salvage trash items such as Nintendo Wii's and other hot items for near retail prices, if you are in the salvage business you would know an honest liquidation company would most likely sell items without cherry picking and Liquidation.com definitely cherry picks. Because you can see they never sell an item where you can make a profit it's always junk that you can throw in the trash, you pretty much throw away your money by purchasing palleted items from these animals. Please stay away I would never lie or steer anyone the wrong way, please save your money and stop giving this company your hard-earned dolllars. I want the government to shut them down, if you read their history you will see the guy who started this company was pushed out by two greedy parasites and ultimately turn the company from an honest business to a swindling warehouse.

  • Ho
    honestbrother Feb 14, 2010

    It appears to me that Liquidation.com has amassed alot of money by swindling honest hard-working Americans out of their hard-earned money. Being a good person I recommended this website to my boss and she gave it a try and on the first order she got scammed, they gave her a manifest and she received less jewelry than advertised and knowing it was customer returns she didn't complain about the 20+ items that were damaged and unsellable. She filed a claim with them feeling unsatisfied by being shorted 20+ items, and they swiftly denied her claim, there clearly isn't a way to win claims since they rig the case to work in their favor, i haven't won one claim against them since i've been a member, I feel really ashamed and I apologized and said that I honestly thought this company was good but they are just crooks. Please stay away, if you think you will make any profit you are greatly mistaken, they get contracts from best buy, Costco and many other companies to sell their junk and they cherry pick items and put them in a way so the buyer gets junk and pay way more and they and the client walk away happy with your money. I closed my account a while ago, please do the same because you are wasting your time, if you make a profit you better believe it's like palying at Vegas you are bound to hit a big loss and all that you have amassed will be gone with one shipment

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  • Ro
    roolak Aug 10, 2014

    YEs bogus accounts shill bidding to drive final prices to the max, ..its Ridiculous

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clear fraud

I think I have one clear case of fraud against liquidation.com.
I won an auction.
I paid for the Item.
Since the shipping was my responsability, I paid UPS to go pick up the merchandise.
I call liquidation.com warehouse in Taxas (garland) to tell them that UPS will come and pick up the TV's
maria Perez said no problem, she will hand the boxes to the UPS truck. UPS goes there every day.
I faxed her the shipping lables.
Every time I call, she says, no problem, I'll ship it today.
It has been over a month.
Now they have cancel the transaction and are charging me $200 for cancelled transaction.
If this is not fraud, I don't know what is

  • Jo
    John Honest Jun 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liquidation.com is a fraud and I say we should unite in a class action lawsuit against them. I´m truly surprised that the FBI lets them get away with all the scams, but then again, maybe people only complain here and online instead of where it counts (FBI office).

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  • Cr
    Crystaltis2006 Apr 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes same here they are trying to make me pay for a cancellation fee of which I'm not going to they are a sorry company and hopefully someone can shut them down. They are just taking money away money from hard working people.

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  • No
    Nofakesform Jan 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Although I have written and called them several times about their designer handbag sellers, they still have the same crooks listing on there, and they are getting so much money for the fakes it is really sad. Who in their right mind would list a two Pradas, one Gucci and one Chanel for $100? Sure they have other cheap bags to go with those, to fatten the pot. If the people that were buying them had any sense, they would read up as I did - after I got scammed. I thought I had gotten two pradas and a coach. I paid over $1K for the lot, but thought it was still a great price - that is until I tried to resell and go knocked off EBay by a Coach rep and was threatened by someone who bought my Prada. Now that I am more in tune, I find these thieves everywhere. Now I buy from reputable companies and have no fear of even coming within a 100' of a fake. Karma is a ###. That is all I can say...

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  • No
    Nofakesform Jan 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have they ever ripped you guys off??? Or, let you get ripped off?

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rip off purchase not sent

I buy electronics like TV's computer also tools from liquidation.com. They have been using the strangest tactics to scam money from me.
After I pay for merchandise, they withhold it without sending. Then they say that they are going to charge me for Item not picked up. They cancel the transaction.
They keep the merchandise, keep the money and charge me a fee for not picking up. Understood the shipping is on me, but I send UPS and they do not give the merchandise to UPS, which they are supposed to do.

  • Jo
    John Honest Jun 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liquidation.com is a fraud and I say we should unite in a class action lawsuit against them. I´m truly surprised that the FBI lets them get away with all the scams, but then again, maybe people only complain here and online instead of where it counts (FBI office).

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beware of this company-

The products that I purchased was listed as shelf pulls. The items that I received were salvage or return...

defective and missing product

I registered, bid and won an auction at Liquidation.com. The items were delivered Friday the 27Th of February, 2009. I disputed the transaction on the 28Th of February, 2009. I sent documentation and photos. My dispute was received, reviewed and honored. I received that conformation, and was told to send dresses back with return labels. Email conformation below. I requested return labels as they were not sent to me, I then received an email asking if I wanted the seller to send additional dresses as replacement for defective ones, I replied no thank you, I would return the dresses. Emails below. All communication from liquidation.com stopped at that point, I have sent at least 20 emails, I have read receipts but no response. I called liquidation.com only to get a message machine. I left message and have not received a call back. I also need to clarify that my account was closed as soon as the dispute was filed. I am left with no other recourse but to file a dispute of transaction with my credit card company. I am also going to post and file a complaint wherever it is possible to do so~

----- Original Message ----- From: Paula~ To: [protected]@liquidation.com Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:33 PM Subject:SAMPLES PICS FOR DISPUTE TRANSACTION # 1491923

First, I only received 116 of the 121 dresses stated for receipt in auction, I do not know which I did not receive since it was not stated as to how many of each there were. Second there are black spots on some of the dresses and flower attachments, as shown in photos, 1 has a tear of the zipper seam, 1 is coming apart at collar line of ornamentation, and 9 of the 10 dresses with flower ornamentation are smashed beyond repair, the pic to show flower ornamentation in the auction does not represent what was sent. Clearly the boxes were over packed for shipment, I don't know if the flowers were as I received them because of over stuffing the boxes or if they were are sent in this condition, but they are not resalable. I am not sure weather this is standard for this company, but all of the wholesale orders that I have received up to this point have been absolutely great. I also need to state that I thought that I was going to receive good quality dresses, these are not to say the least. I have disputed this transaction thru PayPal until we can get this resolved. Thank you.

paula eckstine to disputes show details Feb 28 (6 days ago) Reply Hi, I have sent pics for the dispute, can you please confirm that you received them? Thank you. Paula Eckstine

via RT to peckstine Mar 2 -- Yes, we received the photos for the dispute, and the dispute has been honored. please return the units back using the labels that we sent. Thank You, Buyer Relations

Paula~ to support show details Mar 4 (2 days ago) Reply I need to have return labels sent so that I may get this resolved. Thank you Paul Eckstine

via RT to peckstine Mar 2 -- I'm so sorry for the confusion, we are not ready to return the units yet. The seller states that he Seller is willing send 24 dresses to compensate for the 10 dresses with issues. 1491923 Any styles and sizes 4 to 6x (Sizes) 7 to 14 (Sizes). Would you like to receive the dresses? Please let us know. Thank You, Buyer Relations

peckstine to via show details Mar 2 (4 days ago) Reply No thank you, I will return the dresses. Paula Eckstine -

Show quoted text - Read: SAMPLES PICS FOR DISPUTE TRANSACTION # 1491923Reply Derek Birt

defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product

fraud and cheating

Liquidation.com an internet auction site is a scam let me tell you about my experience. I won 2 auctions from the company. One was for 24 Karat Gold Bangles and 24 Karat White Gold Bracelets. The second auction was for 2008 Geneva His and Hers matching watches that showed in the advertising that MSRP is $149.99 for each pair.

Liquidation.com is a scam. The 24 Karat Gold Bangles and 24 Karat White Gold Bracelets are not gold. Every Jewelry store I went to has told me it is not Gold and especially not 24 Karats.

Liquidation.com is a scam. The Geneva watches was advertised as MSRP $149.99 per pair the watches I received also have these same tags. This is a gross misrepresentation the watches are clearly not worth more than $5.

The company is a total fraud I was charged $190 for logistics and shipping for a 20lb item and charged separately for each auction. So in total I was charged $380 for logistics and shipping for items that weigh no more than 35lb. Once the items arrived at my house I was then again charged $80 via COD for each item so approx $190 for both auctions. I was charged twice for shipping and logistics for both auctions.

The company I believe is fully responsible for this fraud because I did not pay the seller. I had to wire the funds directly into Liquidity Services Inc's bank account. I am not allowed to contact the seller. The company is the only point of contact. I believe this is an issue of fraud as well their practice of charging twice for shipping and logistics is unbelievable.

  • Jo
    John Honest Jun 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liquidation.com is a fraud and I say we should unite in a class action lawsuit against them. I´m truly surprised that the FBI lets them get away with all the scams, but then again, maybe people only complain here and online instead of where it counts (FBI office).

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