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Sears is a completely disgusting company to work for! Not only are their employees REQUIRED to sign up a certain amount of "members" for credit cards each day but their jobs are threatened if they don't! Not only is this disgusting but when an Assistant Manager of a Sears store (Tacoma Mall in Tacoma, WA) was told by an employee that trying to force people to sign up for credit (especially poorer people or people who don't speak english well) went againt that employee's moral code the ASM informed that employee that they needed to change their morals. Another issue with this store's ASM is that he seems to have no morals or integrity to speak of. He shows favoritism, he doesn't take responsibility for his own actions and blams his employees instead, and last but not least he has shown himself as believing he is always right and will NOT take what his employees say as correct or as the truth if it goes against what he is saying (even if he knows they are telling the truth). He is so concerned with how he looks that he is absolutely incappable of giving credit where credit is due or take responsibility for his own actions. Telling his employees they can approach him about anything or come to him with any ideas they have but then takes credit if it's a good idea and blames/punishes the employee if he is caught or questioned about a descrepency. DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! DO NOT SUPPORT THIS LOCATIONS CHOICE TO EMPLOY AN ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER (ASM) THAT WOULD TREAT HIS EMPLOYEES THIS WAY!!!

Jan 29, 2015
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      30th of Jan, 2015

    The company is run by ### from the top all the way down to low level management. They signed their own death warrant 5 years ago. If Sears is even around in 2017, I'll be amazed. They're going down like a ton of bricks.

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